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Name: Botagoz Satbekova
Age: 39
City: Aktau, Kazakhstan
Emails: <>, <>, <>

Hello! I did not immediately see your email ((((your letter came to me in
the spam folder. Only now I discovered it and I am very glad that you wrote to me.
You may be surprised by my letter, but I really want to communicate
with someone ................. I'm very lonely ................ Briefly I
will  tell  you  about you: My name is Botagoz. Nationality Cossack. I
have 39 years old. My height is 168 cm. Weight 57 kg. Although age has no meaning
for me. The important is the type of person and not their age. I was born and raised
in Kazakhstan, in the city of Astana. But now I live and work in a small town on the
coast of the Caspian Sea. I work in a cafe by the sea.
It has 182,000 inhabitants. I currently work in a cafe in the coast as administrator.
but now I am looking
for a man for whom I will be the wife of his dreams and with whom We will
have a very good family. I am an adult girl and I do not want to waste time
with empty games. I want a relationship It would be lasting all of life.
Everything in my life is fine. But I'm lonely. I do not have boyfriend. I'm
beautiful, But here in Kazakhstan there are no normal men. All men think that
a woman is his property. I want a normal human relationship.
Most men are pretty brutal and do not respect women. That's why I decided to
go to an online dating agency. I'm not very skilled with computers. I speak
English very well, but it is difficult for me to write. That's why I'm writing
to you using the internet translator. And I'm practicing writing, do you help
me with practice in your language?) I hope you understand what I write. And I
think the language barrier is not a problem for us. I work in a cafe, and I
often communicate with foreigners. And we always find a common language. So I
learn quickly. If you want to communicate with me on the internet and then find
me in reality, please Write me an answer. I can not write every day, there is
a lot of work, I hope you understand. But I will write to you as often as I can.
I do not have a computer at home. I live in a rented flat, so I do not have a
Facebook or tweeter, Whatsapp. He went to an online dating agency. There are
many profiles of different men. I do not know the name of the website where I
saw your profile. But I really liked your profile and I really wanted to write
to you. I will send you my photos. I think my first photo does not show my face
well. But now I would like to send you a close-up of my face. I hope you like it?!
Send me more of your photos when you can. I await your next answer!
Your Botagoz.

Hey  .
I have a break from work, so my letter will not be long.
I will tell a little about me and ask a couple of questions. OK?
In my country, the family try to marry a woman as early as possible. and often it happens that a woman does not even know her future husband.
when I was 17 years old my stepfather had a contract with a rich family! and marry me.
  I was married 15 years for a man who did not love me and always treated me like an animal!
and I think that’s why we don’t have a relationship! My husband could come home from work at 2 am and wake me up so that I could undress him.
One day my husband went fishing with his friends and they consumed a lot of alcohol and my husband fell asleep on the cold ground and freeze.
 And I become a widow in 32 years. I start a new life in 32 years!
In Kazakhstan, if a woman was married or she is a widow! be related to the woman. which was used. And all try to find a young wife.
In my country, a man can discern a woman as a commodity and must work hard in order to respect you in society!
I start working at the Cafe as a simple waiter. and it took a lot of time when I became a cafe administrator.
I have a lot of responsibilities and need to do a lot of work! so that my cafe would be profitable and people would come to the cafe so that the owner of the cafe would not close us.
In the past year was difficult for me. because I was tired of being alone and I wanted to find a person to whom I can give my heart! and whom i can trust.
I can not say that I have a lot of relationships in the past with a man! but all the relationships that I have ended for me are sad! so I ask you to understand me !!!
That I am anxious to any man and I need time for me to start trusting you.
But I think that you will also need time to start trusting me!
That's why I am writing to you now. I can not offer you yet nothing more than communication
through the Internet. Let's get to know each other. We will see later. OK?
Do you agree to communicate with me?
I am very interested in everything about you. And I'm interested in everything about your country. And about your image
of life.
That's why I decided to find a friend in another country. Therefore, I am writing to you.
I want to know about you as much as possible. Write me everything. I am interested in everything.
Do you like traveling? Go to the forest? On the river? In a hike.
I like to go camping on the lake. Where I live with my parents in Kazakhstan, There is
the forest around with very wonderful nature. And I love mountains very much!
 I can look at the snowy peaks of the mountains for a very long time and it is comforting me!
 I also like staying at home, spending time reading books. My favorite
writers are Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov. I love artists, my favorite - Aivazovsky.
I like to listen to the music of Madonna, Michael Jackson and more. My favorite movies -
Shrek and the Lord of the Rings. I like cartoon and fantasy. I also like black and white movies.
Once I generally liked to watch only films with Charlie Chaplin. He is very
funny! Being at home, I really like to cook. Cooking is my hobby.
I love cooking for everyone, especially I like to experience with food. It brings me
great pleasure when it turns into our delicious and beautiful. My favorite dishes with
mushrooms. I like chicken and chickens, I enjoy salads. I love Japanese cuisine because
that she has a lot of pepper. In general, I am a gourmet of Oriental cuisine. I also love Mexican food.
Perhaps I'm already tired of this letter?
I really want to tell you a lot of things. I hope you will not be bored to read everything that is written
until the end and you will be open.
I send you a photo. In the photo I and two of my colleagues are from the kitchen of the cafe. I also decided to send you my photo
from my mom's house! I sometimes visit their home and yesterday we take a photo.
And I hope to see more of your photos.
I will wait for your answer. I need to go back to work. Botagoz

Hello ******.
How are you? Nice to have your message back. It filled me with joy.
Now I feel like I'm not alone in this world. I found you a great conversationalist, and a very good friend.
I wish to continue our correspondence and get to know each other better. This will allow us to understand each of us.
I have a short break from my work so I went straight to the Internet cafe. I don't know where to start.
message? Maybe because I really missed your messages. It's the truth. Only with you I can
to speak on such themes. I can't tell anyone else about my lifestyle, my need for a man
affection and understanding. When I come home in the evening, I often listen to beautiful music. I have a small
CD player that allows me to enjoy playing different styles of music. At all in my city of there is
many stores that sell domestic and foreign music. During the Soviet Union, we
not had so much music. Now I can buy a CD with any artist. It makes me happy that we
we have such changes in our country. In General, I have always noticed that after the destruction of the Soviet Union, Russia and
Kazakhstan has always focused its views on America and Europe. I think Kazakhstan is more
wants to be like America. Not long ago on TV, I was watching a political program. In this program
it was said that Kazakhstan is developing on the right course. Our economy is progressing. Although the pace of development and
not very large, but by 2025, Kazakhstan will be a developed country, as is now Germany or France. I think that
this is a good result. It also said that Kazakhstan and the US and Europe will always be strategic partners
in all respects. I think this is a good period for relations between our countries. I am very glad of that.
In General, the economic condition of my country is not yet perfect, many people do not have a well-paid job.
Some don't have a job at all because these people just don't want to work. These are lazy people. So I do not
long ago in the news, it was said that Western scientists and politicians conducted their investigation regarding Kazakhstan.
They concluded that Kazakhstan citizens have a small income, not because they are lazy, but because
the management of the companies pays a small salary at which it is not possible to live well. I have to
be happy with your salary. The average salary in my city is three times less than I do myself. I
earn 10,000 Tenge in one month. This is about 300 euros in one month. Many people refer me to the average
class of citizens. Although I am not. 50 euros per month I pay for renting an apartment. 20 euros I pay
for electricity. If it is winter time, then I pay another 30 euros for heating my apartment. By
I only have 200 euros left. With this money I buy food for myself. Sometimes save money to
buy new clothes. I think I should be happy with my salary. I can live in plenty.
As I wrote to you in my last letter, I am saving some money. If to speak about Kazakhstan , Nursultan, Nursultan it
in General, there is a separate state in Kazakhstan . Nur-Sultan has a different salary. If I worked at Nur-Sultan, I would
I would get at least 1500 euros, but I would also pay for rent several times more. How much
I know that in Nur-Sultan people are paid a large salary for the danger of living in this city. Danger
being a victim of a terrorist attack in Nur-Sultan is very great. Therefore, wages are high there. Well, I'll finish
this letter. I think you'll be interested in learning some things about my country.
Next week, I plan to return to Nur-Sultan. As a cafe then terminates.
And I decided to try to move to my parents, they live in the suburbs And maybe go to Nur-Sultan
I'll give you the exact news in my next letter.
If I miss some of your questions, it's because I'm a little distracted. I'm tired of my job, and I can.
forget about some things. Just don't think I'm an absent-minded woman . I'm not. I have a very good memory.
It's just that my work takes up most of my time.
I will reply to your next message.
Write to me... Respect questions that you are interested in ?????

Hello ****** how are you??? I hope that you fully understand my messages, and it is interesting for you to study
my country I am also very happy when I receive your messages. I only wish I could immediately
answer that. In any case, I will try to answer you as soon as I can do it.
Work really takes up most of my time. My work day usually starts.
at 8 am and ends at 7:30 pm Our director strictly follows our work day.
We should not overwork, so that it does not interfere with our performance. The next day i have to
be fully energetic to work. In the middle of the day, I also have a lunch break. it
one hour of my personal time. I usually work until 19:00, after which I have 30 minutes to change clothes
and pack up. I wonder what your work day is?
Is it really the same as mine?
When I do not work, usually I am in my apartment. I read books, I dream, I clean my apartment.
By the way, since I do not travel, I buy some books about the culture of the countries of the world. Books in which I
I can look at cultural values ​​all over the world. For example, a book with works of famous artists.
In general, my favorite artists are Repin, Ayvazovskiy. They drew a lot of successful
pictures. I especially like the work of Ayvazovskiy. He loved to draw the sea, the ships. This is one of
favorite artists of Kazakhstan.
As I wrote to you, tomorrow I will move to Nur-Sultan the capital of Kazakhstan. My aunt lives there and I have many friends!
By the same contract for work here expired. Tomorrow morning, I am going to the airport and leaving Aktau. Therefore, I will write you the next
Email from Capital my country Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan. I decided to start a new life in the capital.
Spring is in my country and the best time of the year! and once I wake up and decided that I want a change in my life.
I don’t have many friends in Nur-Sultan. In our free time, in summer, my friends and I visit nature, relax with
some forest lakes. In general, the nature of my city is very different. We have our hilly landscape
terrain We have a lot of fields, we also have a forest. Our forest is mixed. It is usually leafy
and coniferous trees. We have many different kind of colors. I will not name it,
because it is a lot. Interestingly, we have a similar nature?
It is a pity, but I can not tell my friends that I meet you.
I really like your letters, and I want to learn more and more interesting things about you. For example,
I would like to know what was your first love? What type of women do you prefer? For me
the main thing is that my partner will respect me first, then I will be very
love, will take care of me, will be faithful to me. This is one of the main things. I in turn
I will answer him in the same way, I will give him a lot of love, a lot of caresse, my best qualities that are in me,
will be just for him. My intentions are very serious, and just as honest, and I expect to have very
friendly and happy family. What about you? I am pleased to
was writing to you again. I am glad you!
I will write to you as soon as I arrive at Nur-Sultan.
Sincerely yours Botagoz

Hello my dear. How are you?
I am glad to receive your message again. You can not imagine how much fun
I feel when I see what you wrote to me! My day is really better when I have
have your message. I am pleased to know that I am interesting to someone. It gives me
self-confidence! I think that after meeting you, I changed. My mood
good every day I keep thinking about you.
By the way, I came to Nur-Sultan. To my parents. I really missed them. And very happy
see my parents.
While I was on the road, I thought a lot about us. I thought a lot. You're special. I'm feeling it.
I think life is too short to think. Need to act. And I decided.
I decided to take this step. Yes. This is true. Maybe you say I'm crazy?!?!
I want to come to you!!! I want to meet you face to face !!! I want it very much.
I learned everything. In order to come to you, I need to do a visa. I need
Almaty Kazakhstan. To the embassy. I was told that there would be no problem. I have some time
set aside money. And now I have enough money to come to you.
This is a huge step. I have never been abroad. But I decided. I will do everything to come
to you. Tomorrow I will go to the clinic. I need to do some medical inquiries.
You also need to collect some documents. And as soon as everything is ready, I will go to Almaty.
And as soon as I get a visa, I will buy a plane ticket and come to you !!! OK?
Are you glad
I am very happy.
Thank you for being there. I am very happy that I will meet you soon. You changed my life.
Now I need to go to make medicine help.
I will write to you and report the news.
I don't know why, but I have such a strange feeling inside. It seems to me as if I am starting
to love you!!! I do not know what it is, but I feel it!
I can not explain.
I will be waiting for your next email
Thank. You make me happy!!!
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day! in my town ! and I decided to get a little sun tan!
My girlfriend had a camera! and I asked to take some photos! I believe that my photos do not offend you!
Botagoz in spring Kazakhstan

How are you? I am very glad to read your letter. It was so interesting to find out
your life You really are a very interesting guy for me. When I read your posts, I
it seems that we are very similar to each other: on the qualities of our character, in relation to life, on
relation to people. I think that when we meet in reality, we could be good partners.
You are the only man with whom I can speak frankly. And it really attracts me to you.
I think you could be the perfect partner for me in life !!! And I for you !!!
Today I made all the information for traveling to the clinic and documents for arrival to you. And now I
must go to Almaty, to the embassy, ​​to get a visa. I decided everything! I am ready to take this step! I decided!!!
This is a big change in my life!
And I feel that this is a change in a better life !!! I want to meet you in person !!! Anyway!!!
I think you could be the “perfect partner” for any guy! Never lose your temper.
You're an attractive guy you can really be happy with! Always stay the same responsive.
and gentle man!
Tomorrow I will go to Almaty. I will go to the embassy and apply for a visa. I did all the paperwork for this. And i have
have money to come to you. I will get a visa and come to you for a month. And after we communicate it
time, maybe i will stay with you forever !!! We both decide this after our communication! OK???
In any case, tomorrow I will sit on the plane and go to Almaty. I want to meet you in person!
I will write to you when I arrive in Almaty!
Thank you for appearing in my life. Thank you for changing my life. I really want to hug you soon.
And my desire will soon become real! I'm very happy. I have never been so happy !!!
I am sure that life with you is truly a miracle! Sex with you is truly a heavenly delight!
I will find out soon!
I will be arriving in Almaty at 10 o'clock on Monday! the 13 th of May  ! And I will apply to the embassy!
I decided to take the most desperate step in my life! And I decided to change my life drastically!

And your exact address and phone number (with country code, zip code, and city code)
I will wait for your answer when I come to Almaty!
I love you.Botagoz  in Kazakhstan

Good day !!!
Today is not a good day for me. And I have no good news for you (((
But I did my best!
Let me start at the beginning. I arrived at the embassy before 10 am To obtain a visa.
I paid 170 euro and got a visa. Everything went smoothly.
Then I went to another office. They told me that as a tourist I have to buy a plane ticket.
I bought a plane ticket on Thursday  , May 16 th!
After that I returned to the visa department and received medical insurance, paid money for it.
My visa and insurance for a period of 30 days. They told me that as a tourist I need to demonstrate
that I have enough money to cover my expenses during this trip.
They told me that I needed 50 euro for 1 day in your country. I have to introduce you
1500 euro, I have to show that I have this money with me !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was surprised
news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a new law at Kazakstan airport !!!!!!!!!!! Money to show at the airport
at the customs terminal before boarding the plane. I was hoping to show some money at the airport,
but not so much! So much money I do not have!
I  have  250 euro with me. They are in the bag, but this is not enough
... And I still need to look for 1,250 euro.
Then I told them that I would visit my boyfriend, a man who was in love with me, that I was going to live in his house and
that this person is going to buy me food during this trip. But I was told that I am applying for a visa
As a simple tourist, I do not apply for a visa for the bride, which allows you to travel without money. This visa will take half a year.
wait and obviously we don’t want to wait that long. In addition, you cannot apply for this visa if you did not know
personally. You must show the pictures together. At the moment I can only make a tourist visa.
I  left the embassy department in a bad mood! It's really hard to find
1250 euro so fast!
I do not know where to get all this money. I did not want to ask you for help. But I have no choice. Please help me
Please send me 1250 euro to make this trip. These funds are intended only so that I can leave Kazakhstan.
I will not spend this money. I will show them only at customs.
Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!! If you help me now, on May 16 I will return all the money.
I wrote to you immediately, because I am completely open to you! I have no secrets or secret thoughts!
They told me that you can send me money through a money transfer system like Moneygram.
This is the best way to transfer money. You just need to find a Moneygram office.
And send the money to my name, as written in the passport.
First name: Botagoz
Last name: Satbekova
Country: Kazakhstan
City: Almaaty
No need to provide them with any other information.
They will give you a secret password that you must send me. It is safe and fast. So, I ask you to send money today
or tomorrow morning. I need time to prepare the documents for the flight. I already have a ticket
the plane on May 16, I trust you! I have no one to ask for money. I know my parents
They have no money. And my mother has a bad heart, I do not want to disappoint her! Such a situation may be harmful to your health!
I do not know you personally, but I feel very close to you! Today is a very nervous day. I want to relax a little.
I am waiting for your letter tonight with great hope! Great hope just for you!
Your Botagoz !!!!!!!!!!

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