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Anna <>
« on: April 15, 2019, 08:51:40 AM »
Name: Anna
Age: 29
City: Omsk, Russia

Hey there friend now I am I'm sure for 100% that first of all you looked at my foto and only after you noticed my message :laugh To tell the truth, I did not expect so soon received a message from you!!! This is a nice surprise! I apologize for the delay my back email to you, I do not often check my email. But I promise that now I will check it more often :) I do not think it will be right to give my phone number after the first letter. for starters, let's get to know each other better... OK?

I'm just tired of the mentality of Russian men and would like to meet with someone outside of my country :) Why do not we get to know each other better? I've heard a lot that such online dating is now popular in the world. My native language - Russian and I speak English quite well.

OK, allow me tell you a bit about me. As you already know from my 1st letter, I am Anna, my friends call me Anuta. I am 29yo, but I'm still bachelor girl, never married. By temper, I am kind, pretty girl ha-ha Right now I work and live in Omsk, Russia, notwithstanding I was born in a small town. There live my brother and mom, I am doing my best as often as possible to visit them. Now I have friends, hobbies, nice job, and I am not just wasting my time.

So, I'm trying to find a loved one, for creation a serious relationship. This is the goal that I pursue. Age and the difference of nationalities - not a problem for me at all, if I'll be with my special man. I'm care about what's in his heart, what is in his mind. I need only one person who is my best friend & reliable partner, with whom I will share all the joys and sorrows and I will love. Maybe that I am looking for you and you're the only one I need - who who can know in advance? I'm interested only in a strong relationship, for a good man, much more than just a penpal friend. I have hopes that you are looking for the same thing.

Maybe you want to ask me why in the internet? So there are several reasons. In our time with all our twists and turns of life, figuratively speaking, of today's world, we often forget about the meaning of life. We think so much in our mind about the something distantly future that we often stop thinking about what is around us now. Consequently, we are not living in the future as well as in the present. We follow various labels, which were invented long before us, which we have never chosen. Perhaps no one can say for sure why it should be only this way and nothing else. I'm not sure yet if the internet is a good way to find the second half of my heart, but nothing will stop me to try. What do I lose?? Every single moment we dream about happy future will undoubtedly be beautiful and full of enjoyment, but not right now. Certainly, if someone says that nobody can force us to live like this, in any case he will be completely right. In other words I'm wanted to say that our life is in our hands.

It is my 1st message and hope a lot that it will not be the last and unanswered. Write me back, I'm not asking the impossible. Let me a chance to become to be a friend. Let it be as it will be... Do not stop and expect for a wonderwork, and know that everything that fate gives us does not happen by accident. Tell me about yourself, where are you from? What do you do for a living? What kind of girl are you looking for and what are your goals?

I'll wait for your quick reply ******. Sending you a BIG hello from Russian Federation!
PS : I hope you will not be disappointed by my letter :)) Please send me some of your pics from your life.