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Natalia <>
« on: April 10, 2019, 06:53:44 AM »
Name: Natalia
Age: 30
City: Kursk, Russia

Hello ******! I was very glad that you have found the time and have answered. It will be interesting to me to learn you more close. I very much waited for your answer, only I do not know from what to begin the letter. As I told you earlier my name Natalia and me of 30 years. Date of my birth of 6/6/1988 and on zodiac sign I the twin! Tell to me who on a sign you? I never got acquainted with the man on the Internet, I the modest girl and I have not got used to get dialogue in such a way. I have dared at this step because in the past I had unsuccessful experiences with Russian men.
Answering your question I want to tell to you that I cannot communicate with you through skype, I write from the working computer and to me will not allow to use it in such purposes. As to phone, please leave to me the phone number with all codes of your country. My own phone does not accept the international calls, but I can call you from telephone exchange as soon as I will have such possibility!
I was born and I live in Russia in the city of Kursk is very beautiful, silent and quiet city it is on distance of 450 kilometres from the city of Moscow. Life outside of the country was always interesting to me and I will be happy if we have dialogue, because distance now at all a problem. I start to reflect on the present adult life and have decided to try to find the man by means of the Internet. I am am visited very often by thoughts on family creation, I want will always have the man which near to me and will support me.
As taking an opportunity I you would like to thank you for your photos which send to me in the today's letter. I will tell to you fairly you very beautiful man and I would like to ask you that you sent me the photos as it is possible is more often.
I have no children and never was married, it for me very serious step! As I want to say to you that I do not have any relations with the man at present. Probably after perusal of my letter you will have questions to me. I ask you, ask me about everything that you interests. I will be glad to answer any your question Well and now I will finish the today's letter! I need to return to work. (By the way, in the following letter I will tell more in detail about the work if to you interesting)
I wish you good day! Natalia!!!

Hello my new friend ******! You know to me it was valid to see very pleasantly your new letter and today as soon as I had a free time I at once has sat down for the working computer to read your new letter for me! ****** excuse, but at present I can communicate with you only on means of letters. I understand that you want closer dialogue, but to me do not allow to use skype on my work, more low I will tell to you about it. I very much hope for your understanding and if in the future our correspondence proceeds I I think that I can find a way for dialogue with you in a mode of real time.
Today I have woken up at 5:00 to make for myself a breakfast and to prepare by my forthcoming working day. Now I would like to tell to you a little about the work. ****** I work as the trainer of dances in fitness the centre of our city. Every day to me some which groups of girls I come to be engaged I learn to a plasticity and dances. I work 6 days in a week from 8:00 till, on Sunday for me the day off. You know ****** I very much I love the work, I think, what each work should it is pleasant to the person which carries out it that it could carry out it on all of 100 %, you agree with me? As it would be very interesting to me if you tell to me more about the work and the life! On my work many my friends with which to us not so boringly together in working everyday life work. As I would like to inform you that I write you the letters to the lunch break and this time just suffices me on writing you the letter and to have dinner.
I as want to tell to you that it was very interesting to me to learn more about you and your life. I want to tell that I am very interested in acquaintance to you. And consequently it is interesting to me to learn about your life. Please tell to me more about you. As today I would like to express again to you the admiration concerning your new photos!!! You really very much are pleasant to me and I will be very glad to receive your photos with each your letter!
I very much liked your letter and I understand you as the person. But nevertheless we from the different countries and I know about culture of your people a little. It will be very interesting to me, you will tell fur-trees to me more about your country?
Excuse, but now I am compelled to come back to the work. I with the big desire will wait for your following answer!!!
With best regards Natalia!!!

Hello my friend ******!!! I have received your letter which I waited with the big impatience!!! I will tell to you fairly, I already start to get used a little to you and your letters!
This morning I on work had very intensive day, at me was three groups of girls and with each group I was engaged on half-container of hour. Fairly I will tell to you I was very tired also with the big impatience waited for a lunch break to write you the letter! I madly liked your photos, ****** at you a remarkable smile and I will be very glad to receive your photos every day!!!
In the today's letter I would like to tell to you about my family. I the girl from a usual family, mine mum and the father good people and I very much love them and I appreciate everything that they have made for me and our family. A name of my father Yurii, to it of 60 years. To my mum of 55 years, her name Marina. My father works as the driver of the truck. He is engaged in transportation of cargoes across Russia. My mum works as the bookkeeper in firm on furniture manufacture.
In our family very warm mutual relation, I very well understand my parents. I always share all with my family, sad and joyful events. My parents always give me the support if it is necessary, and I am ready to give them my help at any time. Unfortunately I have no brothers and sisters, I the only child in a family. Possibly from for it from time to time I feel lonely and devastated. In the childhood I always dreamt to have the big family. We mark holidays in the bosom of the family. Though our family small, but we very amicable and always try to understand and give necessary support each other. Parents the relatives for me people. But nevertheless I know that once it will be necessary for me to leave them and to start to create the private life. But they always will be for me native people. It is necessary for me will learn to live separately from them and I have already taken the first step and I live in the separate apartment, one. I any more the little girl also think that I am completely ready to home life.
As it would be very interesting to me to learn your life, than you are engaged at leisure? Whether it is a lot of at you friends? You know ****** to me very interesting to communicate with you and me it will be madly pleasant to learn your life. As I want to tell to you that unfortunately I cannot communicate with you through skype because I write you the letters from the working computer, but I have an account skype and if you name me (login) I will try to add you in the list of the contacts that we have communicated in a mode of real time.
****** on it I want to finish the today's letter!
I with the big impatience will wait for your answer!
With best regards, Natalia!!!

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