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Gulnur Zhakupova <>
« on: April 08, 2019, 06:59:20 AM »
Name: Gulnur Zhakupova
Age: 30
City: Astana, street Garden, 25, Osakarovka, Kazachstan
( 642026 )
Emails: <>, <>

Name of bank: Fortebank Almaty KZ
THE ACCOUNT HOLDER'S NAME(first and last): Gulnur Zhakupova
IBAN(EURO): KZ5496502F0009760858

Hey , how was your day? do you have a few minutes for me?
I am so happy to receive your letter!
thank you for the photo , you're a nice man!
I am very pleased to receive your answer. how did you past the end
week? I am very pleased to write a letter. With the m
all is well. In general I am very happy that now we are friends .
I hope you don't mind being my friend ? I apologize for the fact
that I could not write before . I have only worked . Now I have the time
free and I've decided to tell more about you . Now a little about me : my
name is Gulnur . Are 30 years old . I live in Kazahstan. Currently
engaged in the research of happiness in his private life on the Internet
. Because in real life I had some bad experiences
construction of relations . The men around me was not suitable for me
. Only that doesn't want a serious relationship . I really want to create
a married couple hot to have a child with my beloved man . There are
the other reasons that I do not want to marry a man Kazakhstan . A lot
men Kazahstan drink alcohol in a large quantity , do not comply with the
women who do not treat women seriously, afraid of responsibility
. It's not for me . I want to find a man who will love my children
with respect and understanding . I'll be very glad if you find yourself in a
a man like that . I am currently working in the "house of elders ".
I help people that need my help . My work is not
that is too rich . But I do not complain of this. Can I take
financially themselves and to help their parents . My father and my
the mother did not work . Are on the provision of State (retired)
. The State pays my parents a certain amount of money per month ,
for which they must live . I live with my parents in a
two-bedroom apartment . Relationships with parents are very
good . We understood each other very well . I always listen to the opinion of my
parents , since they are very wise people . I love them!!! The
solution to get acquainted with a man from another country , I
came very seriously . I understand that there are differences of culture ,
language . And I am not afraid . Are you well enough to know the language
English . I can read , understand and speak a little language
English . I went to a marriage agency . I said that
I want to meet a man . I was given a lot of photos . I
chosen a long period of time and you has chosen . For a fee , mi
have given your e - sweats . So I decided to write to you
. The difference of age, and so does not scare me . I believe that the most important thing
important in a person - the soul, the inner world . The rest is
very important!!! I'm ready to radically change his life and
start a new life . The changes do not scare me . I understand
also, there is a problem in the fact that we live far from one
other . I am aware of all the difficulties . I have long been
put aside a small sum of money . I think that will help me
make an appointment with a man with whom will be the ratio .
But talking about it is still very early . I think that you understand what they are
human , and my purpose in life . If you are interested in you , then
I have great pleasure I want to wait for the answer. I told them
me . Now I wanted to know more about you and your life . Tell me.
I'm curious to know all of you .

P.S. I've attached two of his photos, want them to like you!! Now I
I am sending this letter to my photo that has been made in our park
leisure of the city . I hope that you like it. I would like you to know
in my country, the social network is not so developed as in other
so I don't have a profile on Facebook.

Hello my dear.
cool photo! I'm glad!
I am very glad that you responded to my letter. It's really nice
they know that our goals in life are similar , and we have little in common.
After reading your letter , I thought that you are an interesting
person . But you need more open , not afraid of anything . when they are
write a letter to you , and then open your soul . I have never cheated . I write
just what is really going on in my life . I don't want to hide
any thing , and try to please you "strength" . I want to remain itself ,
and try to build your future with a man who respects and
I appreciate it . Love to talk about still . I think the word "love" -
this word is very useful . And I will say the word "love" only when they are
fully confident in the man , and when one really feels there will be
real! And now I have a couple of questions for you that I want to feel
the answer ( honest answer ) . I hope that it will not be difficult to give
me the answers.
1 . please , write me the full name?
2 . Place of birth and residence ?
3 . how do you like to spend your free time?
4 . You are married ?
5 . Your hobby ?
6 . Do you have children?
7 . Would you like to have more children ?
8 . On how serious your intentions to build a relationship with me ?
9 . You will be able to come to Kazahstan to meet with me ?
10 . Who in your family should be the leader , and under what conditions ?
I would be interested to know the answers to these questions. For
these questions , I can understand how much we have in common! I do
Not that people should be absolutely similar with each other and with
similar interests . I believe that everyone should complement each other
other . This relationship, I believe, an ideal . Since these
the relationships are interesting and durable . This is the type of
relationship I want to build !
A little bit about yourself : my day begins with the fact that I get up at 0600 hours for a morning
jog . I run in the circle of our park , which is located not far from
my house . I think it is very important for health . And health -
this is very important , because I am a girl and I need to have a child.
I want my son to be the baby more healthy and beautiful in the
world . I think that is a dream of every girl who is about to give birth !
And for this , I'm doing a sport to maintain a state of health . after
breakfast, a morning run , I take a shower , eat , go to work ! My
the working day starts at 08.00 and ends at 17.00 . As I said in my
the previous letter , I work in the "house of elders ". I help them
in their life . I like my job . Every day I go to work in a flash.
After work, I go home , take a shower , dinner . The rest of the
now I'm making holiday useful . Tuesday and Friday - the days in which
I go to the gym ( I do gymnastics ) . My free day on Sunday . On this day,
I usually meet with my friends and we go to the theater or to the cinema
, Or simply walk along the beautiful park of culture and recreation . Is
you probably think that I have a wonderful life that has already
all? ? But it is not so ! All my friends already have the other
half , that love , and I'm not. But now I have a friend who is
away from me - that is YOU! And I want that each letter more and I learn
more about you ! I am a girl very energetic , with a good sense of
humor . And inside , I am full of tenderness that would never be
able to give your loved one . I want to love and be loved ! Write to me
more about myself , I want to get to know you better . Ask me the
the questions that you want to know you . I'm happy to answer them . this
I point out, I'm going to end my letter , and I'll be looking forward to a

Gulnur ...

Good afternoon, my dear ******.
Thank you so much for answering my questions!
Makes me very happy to get, especially to read your letters.
With each new letter we know each other more and more.
I like it very much and you are more and more attracted to you as me a man!!!!!
I love this event. I think that we should begin more and
more confidence. I think that will be a big step in our
relationships. In this letter I will tell you something about my city and I want to give you an idea of
the our future relations which I want that developed in good
side!!!! My city of Astana is not very big, but very small. The population
our city is about 1047966 people. We have a lot
attractions - beautiful streets, squares, parks, squares, and many
other. I do not like the vanity of the big city and live in a suburb deep. The most famous attractions
our city includes: attractions
the famous people, wars, and writers as famous. In any case, there are churches, museums.
I can say a very long time, and that of its centre of Astana. But it is time
and go to our relationship with you. Because it is the most important thing that I'm interested in.
Our city is very good, but it is not a decent person. All kazakhstan men
respect the women who believe that the woman has not the right, and all kazakhstan
men are basically alcoholics. And I need a man with a rich inner world,
that will love me and I will comply with it. I went to the internet agency, and I met
with you, and I think you are such a person. Because men from abroad
respect the women. Am I right??? And 'so'??? Must respect women???? I am 30 years old and I
I think that it is time to begin to create your own family, home, fireplace, to give birth
baby!!! I put aside the money for a long time and now I've had enough
will come to you in the future. I don't want to run, but I think I know.
another it is better to do so you need to meet face-to-face. But it only happens then,
when all of us win we want this!!! If we decide, I will arrive to you, or you can
arrival in Kazakhstan. This will be a step very serious in our relationship, we
we'll talk about it after!!!!! I believe that not only the love and trust is important in relationships
and understanding. The head of the family should be a man, but should consult
woman, take her advice, criticism, discuss the problem everyone wins. I know
completely take over all the tasks themselves. I like to cook a lot, I will
cook these dishes that you forget to eat, single for men. Then I will work for
save our budget. And as soon as we are ready for the birth of a child, then
we'll do that! I hope you P, do these questions so quickly. Still
is what I need, I hope for reciprocity. But, of course, this
and this is only my opinion about you. But time will tell. We will have a lot of time to learn one
a friend in our letters. On this I will finish my letter and will wait for a response with a great
we can't wait! I am sending you this letter-my Friendly kisses. Gulnur

P.s. I am sending you this letter, the photo, hope you like it. I'd like to know as well
on your city'. It would be nice if you send some photos of your
city. I'll be happy to see your city, your home.

Hello my favorite man ******.
I finally got the chance to come into an internet cafe to communicate with you. They are very kind.
I am happy to have your beautiful letter that makes me happy. To me all of your
letters uplifting. We seem to know very little, but they are already very strong
I am very fond of her. It scares me at the same time, and at the same time I like it. Scares
because I have a lot of fear of falling in love with you and my love will not
divided. Sometimes I can not understand you until the end. I can not understand your feelings.,
that you are living from me. I ask you to be completely open to me, and
say only what you truly feel to me. It will be much easier for me.
to communicate with you. I hope that you will use my advice and you'll be more confident
and open to me!!!??? I sure hope so! I am very happy to have you! She is very
are close to me spiritually. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. I said to my friends.,
I found a very interesting man, I have a great sympathy. Their
I was happy to hear it, since my friends want to happiness for me. By the way, my friends
salute you. I also told my parents of our relationship with you.,
our virtual relationship with you. I told him that you are a wonderful man.
I showed them the letters that you write to me. I told them that our sympathy for a friend
a friend of mine is very big and can turn into a love great and pure. I hope you are.
remember what I said in the previous letters on the word "I love you"??? You know.,
how to take seriously this word!!! And I think I can say very soon
it is for you. I don't want to "look" very far in our relationship with you, because I fear
"Jynx" is all that is going on between us. But I really want that our sympathy for
the other turned to love!!!
The time on the road is good, the sun is shining. Today, when I went to an internet cafe and then on my
for the eyes I saw the machine break down, the grandmother, the elderly on the pedestrian crossing. People who
have seen this incident immediately came to the grandmother and began to help her. But the grandmother had
a broken leg and could not move independently. Who called the ambulance?
assistance. When the doctor arrived, the grandmother loaded into a car and taken to the hospital.
But the man who has invested his grandmother in the car, not even out of the car. Their
fall asleep. As it turned out that the driver was drunk at the wheel. I was very sorry for the elderly
grandmother, but I'm happy, and I can't ruin the mood because I
you!!! I have a dream that I want to do. I want to go with you my
holidays. I think that we should meet, rather than share many letters. Still
I believe that if we hold together, none of us can ever separate us. Also
our love will be eternal!!!! If all this will happen in real life, and we
there will be an opportunity to meet, then I decided to buy a computer for my parents. This
there will be a better way to communicate with them through the Internet. I will do my best
it's up to me. I will do all the travel documents in the fastest time possible just for the sake
to be with you!!! But I need to go too far. I like to dream. So
as in dreams you can do anything you want and there are no obstacles!!! I finished it.
this is your dream. And you like to dream??? Or are you used to living the real life???
I'm saying more about me. I like to listen to everything you say!!!
How are you? What do you do in your free time? How is your mood? I hope so.,
that you are well and you often think about me!!!??? Today at work I saw
the man who brought my mother to work. I asked him Why.
it does, but not me. It seemed to me that he did not love his mother, and
I decided to get rid of her for not taking care of her. Since I have to work in
basically only older people, who do not have relatives who would have cared
them. I spoke with my grandmother. It is a very open and interesting. Are not.
I understand where are these people like his son. She has given all his youth, his
health, love for his son, when he grew up. And he has done so. Still
I invoke these people. I love my parents and I will never, in this way, with my parents.
A lot of interesting things to know about my work.
I enjoy my work very much. I'm sorry for my work, if I
I will never get to you. But for you I am ready for anything!!! I have not noticed as
the time passed, I have to go. And when I return home, I will try to go to sleep in a hurry.,
to see you in a dream.
Your Gulnur...
P.S. I send you my photo that has been done on the way home from the Internet Cafe.
I hope you like it.

Hello my darling ******.
Finally I found free time to go to the Internet cafe and write to you
a big letter and also get your letter. Today the weather is cloudy. On the street no
suns. But any kind of weather I can't ruin my mood. Gives me a
I am in a good mood every day because I have a man in this world. Like you.
you know that man is you! My friend had a tragedy last night.
I don't know how to explain it to you. I want to tell you about it. To me yesterday
came on the evening my girlfriend Olga. I was cooking dinner at home. When I opened
the door, I saw that my friend is all upset and her tears flowed. My
girlfriend was the entire in tears. I was very frightened, and could not understand what had happened! I still
asked Olga, that happened? I gave my friend a cure so she could.
calm. My friend told me that her man injured her heart and she gave up
him! Actually, I couldn't believe what I told a friend. At all my girlfriend
for a long time lived with her man and they were all good. I already thought
they will be happy forever. I was always proud of my friend for what she could do.
build a relationship with a man in Kazakhstan. When my friend came home from work,
then she saw her man in bed with another woman. I couldn't believe it.
according to my friend. Because her man seemed to me wonderful, and I was always proud of
to my friend. When my friend saw a man with another girl in bed,
she began to pack her things to get away from the man. Even the man did not even
apologize and ask for forgiveness. He just pushed her out and my girlfriend fell off
landing. Olga hurt her leg badly when she fell in the stairwell
sites. When my friend's man changed Olga, he did not even try
to explain that may be. He pushed her down the stairs like it was her fault.
she noticed her man in bed with another woman. Here is another case,
which happened to my friend. In Kazakhstan men only pretend that they love
his woman, and take care of her. At any time a man can make his woman
bad and injure the heart. That's why I don't want to look for a man in Kazakhstan . I just don't
I don't want to be happy in this world. I've had a heart injury before, and I'm not anymore.
I want to suffer and not live happy in this world. I started looking for a man in your country.,
to find a decent man to spend the rest of my life with.
happily. In Kazakhstan, men do not respect women, they only use them. After
this my girlfriend made a decision and said that she would never be with
a man from Kazahstan . At all we decided with girlfriend, that when I arrive to you in your
country, then we could pick up a man or your friend so they could
meet on the Internet and began to develop their relationship. My friend will have to wait
in Kazakhstan, when we could find a decent man for her. Time will pass and
perhaps your friend will be with my friend. That would be great! As
are you thinking about that option???? Yesterday when we dined in the kitchen with my
my parents, I told them I was getting ready to visit you. My parents immediately became
against. But I started to tell you that you were a great man. I convinced my parents that you
not a man like the men in Kazakhstan . I told you how much I knew you. But I
I always feel your heart and soul in your letters and I can appreciate a person
immediately. But of course we need to spend time together so we can accurately understand our
feelings. But my mom and dad remembered that after we started writing to each other,
there was a smile on my face and my days were happy. My mom thinks we'll be
happy together. In General, my parents want me to be happy in this life, and
they're afraid you'll only play with me. But I convinced them it wasn't! They're mine
my parents are ready to let me go into your hands. My mother only asks and hopes that you
you'll have to take care of me. When I go to you, I will buy
computer their parents. I have money saved. I will also write
application to the parents ' house could install the phone and Internet.
When I'm with you, I'll write to my parents on the Internet as well. And already my parents will
to write me out of the house. And when the phone will be installed at home parents, I could
to just call them and talk! I believe that the computer I should buy my
parents as a gift from me. My friend stayed at my house last night. Her
nowhere to go. But I understand my friend because she was just like me.
the problem is when a man injured my heart. I couldn't get much sleep last night.
I was lying in bed thinking only of you. I pictured you and me doing
together time. It's beautiful! Now I have even more dreams about us with you. I am very
I hope that at the meeting we will make our dreams come true! Yesterday
at approximately 02:00 a.m. I couldn't sleep. I had a good dream I almost forgot.
say Hello to you from my parents and a friend. I'll finish my letter here.
I gotta go!!! I'll wait for your letter.
PS. I send you my photo with my friend Olga. I hope you like it.

Hello, my favorite ****** .
I am very glad to receive your letter . Your letters , I
they give confidence about the development of our relations . And they are always
most eager to write to you . But most of all I can't wait to
our meeting , when I can see , pressed against the chest ,
feel your kisses soft , and, finally, make love with you ! Yes , I
I want it all . We waited a very long time , and it is now
the time in which you can start to take the first step towards our
further future , new life will be just you and me ! I want to tell you
that I have done all the formalities to get the passport and start
do seen. I waited for the moment in which we make the first steps for the
our meeting . I also want to tell you that I do not have the money for a visa and
a ticket , so that there is no need to waste your money
on me, because I don't have the money. I had been saving money for
a long time, and now I have enough to come to you . I knew that
I was going away, I knew that I needed money . And I don't want to
in no way to take money from the man with whom I
to build relationships . So I knew that the meeting could change
all. And also, our relationship with the other. But I'm sure
100 that our feelings will only become stronger when
we are together ! I started to talk about money now , because in a
former life I've broken your heart is because of the money . And 'success
about 1 year ago . It was very painful , and for a long time
he managed to survive. I have not touched a computer , 1-year of age ,
because he was afraid that could happen again . I don't want to tell you about
of it , as it was in the past , and I remember badly . But I don't
I want to have secrets between us , that we would not know . So I decided to
to tell you about it ! 1 year ago , I have corresponded with a man from the United
United states . Everything went well and we were thinking of marriage. Me
invited to his house in the United States. At that time I had the money
for a trip like that , and I asked for his help . After that I
asked for help , I have received no letter from him 5 days. The fifth
day , I received a letter from which I felt very bad .
All these days I thought. That something has happened that has
had a few problems and he can not write . But the content of the
the letter was very short . He started to say all the time that I
betrayed , that I only needed his money , and at the end of the
letter he called me - SCAMMER . I cried for a long time , and not
couldn't figure out why it did it for me . I still do not understand
why he left me. I realized that this man the most
important in life - it is their money . And I said I was not
necessary, and he didn't like me, he loved only his money . The
my heart was broken and I wanted to die . But my parents have
supported , I calmed down and I started a new life . I want that
you to promise me that you will not leave me ever and will love me for all the
life . I don't want to have my heart broken again . I have from time
stopped believing in true love . But after I met you , a
feeling that is called love , it came towards me ! Thank you
for this. I have learned that it is very difficult to get a visa ,
especially after the terrorist operations that take place in this
world . But I have the opportunity to get a visa to "work" . Are
went to the agency . The agency does not work in the first year and a lot
girls left abroad through this agency . They ,
through them to find a job in your country , and I
sent the quality of the worker . After the arrival to you , let's take a
look more closely , and if we decide for a serious relationship , then there
gather together all the paperwork for a fiancee visa
for me , then I could stay with you forever . If all goes as
expected , we will be together very soon! This is my biggest
dream ! I'll give you all my love ! This will be the best time
of my life , and I think that your too! What do you think of this? ?
I know what you want to know how I feel about sex? ! I have not had
sexual intercourse for a long time . But I will do to thee all that
do you want to , why the woman should do everything for her man . I like to do
sex , but for me the most important thing is that I loved her
partner. And if I don't love the person , then I don't want to have sex with
him . Perhaps it is for this reason that I have not had sex for a long time ,
because I didn't like . I conclude my letter to you on this . You look
for the answer tomorrow morning .
PS . I want to send my sweet
kiss in this letter to my kiss make your day more bright
and that you became a big smile .
Il tuo Gulnur ...

Hello my favorite ******.
How are things? I hope everything is fine. Today I will write a short letter because I
I write to you at lunchtime from my work. I have 45 minutes I want
to tell you only good news. First, I love you, I feel it, I don't
I can explain that because I haven't even met you. But it really is. I
LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! You will soon see this…
Secondly, I want to inform you that my passport is ready, it will stay
at the Agency until I get my visa. The Agency told me there was nothing left.
a little time before I get a "work" visa. This news is very strong
made me happy. Because there's less and less time before we're together.
After I get my visa, they'll let me know. I will need to go to Astana
in order to get to the interview, where the question will be decided-whether to issue a visa
or not. The Agency told me not to worry. I will be issued a visa without
problems'. I thought about it and offer you the following-after obtaining a visa, I will not
return home. I want to stay in Astana, book tickets, and the earliest flight
fly to you! What do you think about that???? I hope you're as happy as I am???
The weather is cold today. On the street the sun is shining but the North wind and on the street long
you can wear light clothes, but I don't care, because pretty soon, I
I'll be in your warm embrace. We will enjoy with you every moment
our life. We'll walk together, hold each other's hands. I'll cook for
you dinner, on the table will stand candles. After dinner we will spend an unforgettable night…
I can dream about it for a long time, but I have to run to work. I love you and
I hope that you are not offended that I sometimes do not have time to answer all your questions.
Soon I will come to you and we will have much more time to get to know each other
friend's. I believe that it is better to meet once than to write many letters for a long time.
It's the only way we can know exactly how we feel. I await your letter. I send
you one million the most gentle kisses!!!
I hope you enjoy my video.
I love you!!! In this letter I want to give you my home address,
because I want to be more open to you. I was told that it is better not to give
information on the Internet. But I trust you and I have nothing to hide from you.
street Garden, 25
Osakarovka, Kazachstan
( 642026 )
First name: Gulnur
Last name: Zhakupova

Hello my favorite ******.
Every letter you write to me is like a drink of fresh air. And people can't
alive without air like I can't live without you!!! I'm happy to
receive your letter. There's nothing wrong with me. As your mood? I hope You like
strongly wait for the moment when our
hearts connect. I'm thinking about the day we'll be together.
every minute. It adds energy to me and I like to do things like
soon as possible!!! I love You with all my heart, a pure heart!!!!
I very much want to start a new life with you. In which will
only love and understanding is self-control. I'm really looking forward to the minute I can see
You. I love You very much ******!
And I feel, and I know there wasn't enough time before I was.
are in your warm embrace. It will be the most beautiful thing in my life. I
I thought and dreamt as it happens. I have a lot of dreams as we will
spend time together and it will be great!!!
Today I went to the Agency and found out about my documents.
The managers of the Agency said, just a few days later, I have to go to Astana
for a visa. When I heard the news, I was very pleased. I started crying.
with happiness. Every minute of the day we can
will be together approaches and it is very much like me, regarding me have
said that in Astana I will pass on interviews that define
possible or impossible to give me a visa. I very strongly
worry in this case. But I think everything will be fine. And
the Agency Manager said it was just a formality. I will be asked
some questions I have to answer. At the end they will check
questionnaire survey, and if all is well, to me, will be given a visa. And
this means that we are one step closer to each other!!! After my visa
approve, I'll buy tickets For you. It's all
closely. It was a few days before we were together. I'm very
happy. I didn't think the paperwork would go so fast. In the agency
to me explained it to which Agency works on a direct line with
Astana Embassy. And all the documents are very fast. I also paid myself
extra money to get my documents done faster. It's very
good for us as I am and you would love to see each other as
soon as possible!!! When I come to You, I will be the happiest woman on earth.
light, in fact I must be close to my beloved ******, I am very in love with
You!!!!!!! You are in another country, but I feel that You-
my other half, and I should be close to you for the rest of our lives.
I felt it as soon as we met. In me as
it's like something's upside down. I still thought You were
my other half. But the first impression can be misleading. But in
our case this, it turns out, not true. You really seemed like a man to
which I will give to my heart and soul with great pleasure!!!!!!!!
I'm really happy that I've finished looking for a man. I
really happy that I found a man. I'm really happy that I
found YOU!!!! As soon as I get off the plane and see you, I'll rush to meet you and
I'll hug you and kiss you. I'm sure it will be the most
a gentle kiss all over the world that remain in our memory for all of our
life, as it will be our first KISS!!! Then I guess we'll go to your house,
I can have a rest a little off the road. Then we will have
dinner, and then I have a long time to caress you, kissing your whole body,
I will give you all my tenderness, which was so for a long time kept
in me. I can dream very much for a long time of this but it's time for me to
go. I love You!!! I'll wait for your letter!!! I often think of You!!!!
100000000000000000 kisses.
PS. I attached a photo of myself.
With love your Gulnur…

Hello my favorite ******!
I am very happy to receive your letters. But every day, I'm more and more
I think about our meeting, about the moment when we can become a love couple in
realities. All these e-mails-it's certainly good, they are very close to us,
we got to know each other very well. But they will cost nothing without a real meeting,
that will connect our hearts that are filled with our love for each other. I am very
I love you so much, I'm ready to repeat it every second. I live with thoughts every day
about you, dreams of our first meeting, and our future life. It complements me. So
I can't live without you anymore!!! My parents send their regards. They are.
I'm happy for me that I found the man of my life and my dream. I have a lot of
talking to them about you, they're as happy as I am that I'm in love. I talked to my
friends about you, and they are also very happy, even a little jealous of me. But it's not bad
envy!!! They're really happy for me from the bottom of their hearts. I talked to
parents about how, that can be I'm going to leave forever, and we, can be, not see you very
long time. They understand and bless me!!! I'm gonna miss them, but we're
we can communicate via e-mail. This makes me very happy. And someday, many years from now,,
we will travel with you to Kazakhstan so that you can get acquainted with my
parents, and I'll introduce my friends to you. What do you think about it???
It is already the height of winter and very cold! At all more just I love when on the street
summer. I like when it's warm outside, I like light things-skirts, dresses, light
blouses and many other things. I was doing aerobics and I realized that I should more often
do sports to be always slim for you. I went to the Agency today.
Agency managers said that the other day, I will have to go to Astana on
an interview to get a visa. Here is and it is a timely that day, when us separates only
little time. I am very glad that our meeting will be very soon!!! I every night
I dream we're having sex. We are on a big bed and you kiss
me all over my body. It very much excites me and brings huge
pleasure. Then I start to give you a massage with aromatic oil. Our caresses
smoothly into sexy games. Massage slowly moves in to caress language, I
I start to lick your neck, chest, then I go below and start to kiss your
stomach. But this is only the development of our pleasures. Then I go down and start
caress you with my mouth. I caress you until you reach pleasure. Then you
take me with your strong hands and start caressing me until your
the power does not recover, then you fulfill your wildest erotic fantasies, and
do with me whatever you want until you get to the fun again. I love
you, with you I will be able to realize all my erotic fantasies, you will be able to do everything about
what you only dreamed of. This morning I woke up and started eating with my parents. I
I thought about you as soon as I woke up. When I Wake up and think of you and me
is rising mood. I feel better every day. At the table we
talking about you, I can't talk about anything else but you. You're in
head 24 hours a day. My parents are happy to see my smile and happy face on me.
My parents are already grateful to you for making me happy, even if only by
Internet. At work, I told all the old people that I was going to visit very soon
another country to a beloved man. All people were happy for me, and even some
grandma blew tears from his eyes. It felt like they were already me.
escort. I told them that I will not go right now, I will go in the next few days, only
after these words they calmed down. It will be very difficult for me to leave my job and everyone
old man. I've been working in an old people's house for years. I already know everyone and everything
know me. Today I remembered that I need to buy tomorrow the computer to
parents'. Will also have to go to the Internet company and write a statement to
put the phone and Internet home. When the Internet is installed at home, my parents
they can write to me anytime. This is going to be very good. That way I can keep in touch with my parents.
Darling, I have to go now. I have a hard day tomorrow.
it will be necessary to go to work, buy a computer, write a statement. As soon as I
if I'm free tomorrow, I'll text you right away. OK? I'll miss your letters.
I'll finish my letter here and wait for your kind words and yours
precious letter!!! I love you. We'll be together soon.
PS. I attached photos. I hope you will like it. I will send my other photos to
next letter.

Hello my future husband ******!
I am very pleased to receive your warm letter. So it's nice for me
to receive your letters, I feel your heart and your soul in the letters. I
not know as you explain, but such feelings in me!!!!!
I couldn't believe I was leaving my job, my friends, my family, just for you and ours.
future's. I went with my parents to the computer firm today and
bought a computer. I don't understand the characteristics of the computer, but when we arrived
the store Manager came up to us and began to explain everything about computers. I bought
my parents computer for their money. At the firm I was told that tomorrow night to
we will bring home a computer and install at home. I'm so happy I'm in the house now.
parents' will computer. After the shop, I went to write a statement in
a telephone company to have a telephone installed at our home and also
Internet. My statement was accepted and said that
within 3 months will be installed dedicated Internet and telephone. Explain to us
that it will be possible to install the phone and the Internet even tomorrow. Just now a lot
applications and the person who performs this work is busy. As soon as possible then
within 3 months in the house of my parents will be Internet and phone. But I hope to
we will install already very soon. My parents were just so happy that I was taking care of them. It
it will be very pleasant for me, which I can write and call at any time
from You my parents. My parents will also be very happy.
I am the happiest woman in the world!!! Tomorrow I will go to (Nur-sultan) Astana. I
very afraid of it. I heard that the city of Astana is not
a friendly city and there it is a lot of crime. All this is very
terrible. But you know You're very important to me, and I
ready to do everything for You and our future!!! when
I will arrive in Astana, I will immediately look for an Internet cafe and inform you. as soon as I
when I arrive in Astana, I will go to the Embassy for an interview. I'm so excited!!!! Though to me
the Agency said it was just
formality, and do not be so frightened and worried, I still suffer very much
and I'm scared. If all goes well, I will be very happy!!! After I get my visa
I'm not going back home anymore. I will already buy tickets to you in your country!!! It
so beautiful. I didn't think it would go so fast. But still the process of obtaining a visa
it'll probably take a long time. when I arrive in your country, You will meet
me!!! I'm so happy I can't sleep tonight. I have great
emotion. I can't believe I'm going to leave my favorite job, my family and
girlfriends'. For You my darling I'm ready for anything. I will go to You
so that You and I can be happy for the rest of our lives. My mom gives me
gift for you, when I arrive to you, you will be surprised by this gift. She wants
save us from all the obstacles that can happen to
us in our lives. I've had such a strange feeling inside since tomorrow.
day  in me will start a new life, and in this new life there is I have
you, my be loved ******.
Now I will live for you. I will meet You from work, I will cook delicious food, I will
take care of the comfort of our home. I
will love you. I will live for You. When I arrive
to You, you will learn how strongly my feeling is to you.
Darling, I have to go to prepare for my trip to Astana. Nevertheless, I must say
goodbye friends, although we'll be in touch via email, but I will
miss them anyway. I'll still write to you before just me
will go to Astana. Now I don't have enough time to write to you because
I have to prepare for my trip to Astana. I love you.
PS. I'm sending you my photo now. I hope you will like it. Please don't worry.
if I can't write to you. My train to Astana will go the whole day. I will write to you
as soon as I arrive. I hope I find your letter.

Hello my favorite ******.
I'm fine, my mood is so beautiful!!! I'm very happy that
I'm coming. Finally we can see each other after such a long time. In
I opened my heart and soul with letters. I feel the happiest right now.
a woman in this world. And after a while you'll know what
I'm a person in real life. In me it is really a great love and
tenderness, which I want to present to you. Last night I collected
homes friends, relatives, parents, all people, who
to me really very expensive. It was a farewell dinner. All said goodbye to me and
we wished good luck in our new life, we exchanged e-mail addresses,
simple addresses and other information that will help us communicate. Yesterday I had good
mood. Everyone wished me luck in our new life. My parents blessed me and
our relationship. all had good wishes. However my parents are not much
upset that I'm leaving them and going to another country.. I never before
leaving her parents. But my parents are happy for me! They inform You
Hello, and told You to love and care for me!!! my parents hope that
You won't ever hurt my heart.
my father said that if I was happy with You, I would meet you.
my father would be very proud to shake hands with you. My
father will be, proud of You, if you made me happy, and will
always love. ****** I can't believe it, for the sake of
You I leave my family and I come to You. This is a big step for me. I'll attend
bored and worried about my parents. But I'm ready to leave
just for You. I love you and I'm ready to continue
everything to be with you. You have no idea how worried I am.
that I can not give a visa!!! It will be a great blow to my heart. It
hurts my heart. But I don't want to think
now about bad. But I try to think only good and that I will be given a visa for your
countries. . I can't write much right now. I only have 30 minutes left.
departure of the train to Astana. I have to be on time on my train. I
will write to You already from Astana. I'm done here
letter. I love you, my darling ******!!! I thank you for everything,
because you did.
me the HAPPIEST WOMAN IN the WORLD!!! I will write to you already from
as soon as I get to the ATO, I'll be looking for an Internet cafe to text you. I
love you!!!
PS. I'm sending some photos again. I hope you'll love them!
honey , I'll give you a phone number , you can write me on whatsapp ,
but I'll be roaming and I don't know how well it will work.
but I'll see what you write to me.
I'm asking you to write here in the mail , because my phone fell and barely works.
+7 747 405 5735

Hello my favorite ******!
I can't believe I'm already in Astana(nur-sultan)!!!!! There's nothing wrong with me. I
sorry for the delay in my letter to you. My train has been riding for a long time
to Astana, because the train made the same stops in the neighboring cities that are
on the way to Astana. But in spite of everything, I arrived in Astana. YES, I am.
strongly struck by the city of Astana. It's such a big city. I'm all
life live in Kazakhstan and I had no idea how beautiful
and the big city Astana. Astana is about 20 times bigger than mine
cities!!!! When I sit on the plane and I fly to You, I will be able to look at Astana with
skies. It's beautiful. My trip to Astana was not that good.
On the road to Astana, a woman who was traveling with me on the bus was robbed.
Two men began to molest, to say indecent things. When they
gone, the woman learned that no longer in the bag
documents and money. I checked my wallet, but it was still there.
I hate people who steal other people's money, things!!!
I feel sorry for that woman. The woman was very upset and did not know what to do. she
I was in a big city Astana all alone and had no money and even their own
documents'. Everything was stolen from that woman. But suddenly the woman remembered that in Astana
she has a friend, and she decided to go to her friend in Astana.
I only think about you every day. It's very
it's hard for me to be alone. I have a great desire to be with
you. As soon as I arrived in Astana, I began to look for an Internet cafe. I couldn't long
find an Internet cafe, but still I managed
immediately decided to write to you. I still haven't gone to the Embassy. I
very worried that I may not be given a visa. Now I'd like to hear your voice, I
I'm sure your voice will calm me down for sure. But currently I'm not
I have a phone from which I can call. I am first time in Astana, and
I can't navigate the neighborhoods. In Astana, I accidentally met my grandmother,
which I helped move
road. In Astana a very big movement and crossing the road on foot is very dangerous. Here
rides a lot of cars!!! We got to talking to this grandmother, and she asked.
for what purpose I came to Astana. Of course I told you all about you and ours.
relations. Grandma was just happy for You and me.
It turned out that this grandmother lives in a two-room apartment in Astana. She offered
I need to live with her in the apartment while I'm not getting a visa. I
I thought it turned out that it would be even better and cheaper. This option I really
like it. If I live in a hotel, I'll have to pay a lot of money. But
I talked to my grandmother about the price. I will now pay my grandmother for living in her
the apartment is $ 50 every week of my stay. So now I will stop at
grandmother's apartment while I'm in Astana . Now I'm in Astana and I'm not even close to
know where the Embassy is located. Now I have to look for where it is
embassy in Moscow. My interview
should be tomorrow. You have no idea how much I worry. I can just
refuse to give a visa and it will be the worst for me. But we will hope to
best.I so want to make my first kiss. Hold you tight, feel your hands, your
love and warmth. I really hope that I get a visa very soon. After I
get a visa then I'll go to the airport to buy tickets. After my interview at the Embassy, I'll write to you right away. I beg you.
check sweat a lot more often than you usually do. Our future life will be decided
tomorrow. I love you very much, my dear ******. I can't write much. I've got to go
go look for Embassy in Astana. I will write as soon as it is
opportunity. In this letter I send my tender kisses. Let my kisses
caress your body and always give a wonderful mood.
I will miss you and also wait for your warm letter.
write me your number where I can contact you at any time!
Love your Gulnur...

Hello my darling.
With me it's all right, my mood is just wonderful. I'm ready to scream
LOVE YOU.****** , I have some very good news. I passed my
the interview and now I will be given my visa. You have no idea how much I worried about
that I won't be able to pass the interview and I won't be given my visa. When I was asked
questions, I was very worried. But despite all these questions, I kept myself in
hands and answered all questions. After my interview, I was afraid to get an answer in that
whether or not I passed my interview. But then I heard the answer, that I has passed well and me
now give visa!!!!! You have no idea, I started to cry from such happiness. I couldn't
believe that I will be able to give my visa. I thanked these people that they
they let me get a visa for your country. After the interview, I went to grandma's house,
which I rent a room with. At my grandmother's house I could not eat, sleep, think, because
that I was so happy. Every day I asked God to help me give me
visa. God heard my prayers and I was able to get a visa. Now we with you already very
be together soon. The Embassy told me that my visa would be ready in about 20-
30 days. But I began to resent, but why my visa will be such a long time to prepare???
I was explained that the visa is necessary to do this time, as I do not get one
visa, there are many people who still also do different types of visas. I asked.,
is it possible to make it so that for an additional fee of money I will be able to make a visa without
queues??? YEAH, I'm told that works, too. I drew up the contract and paid
extra money to make me do my visa without waiting in line and early.
Now I was told to come to them tomorrow. As soon as my visa is ready, I immediately
I will buy tickets at the airport in your country. I am so happy that very soon we are with
you will be together. I dream about it every day. When I'm with you, it's mine.
my heart will burn with a fiery flame, and I will be just the happiest woman in all
world. We will definitely make all our dreams come true my favorite ******. Tomorrow
I'll go to the Embassy this afternoon. As soon as I have free time then I will definitely
I will write to you immediately. ****** I'll finish my letter on that. I'll attend
waiting for your reply as well. You have no idea how hard it is for me without you. I'm thinking
about you 24 hours a day. I still can't believe I did this for you. But
I would do anything for you, my love. I send you my million most tender
kiss. Let my gentle kisses caress your body, but soon you will not need
imagine my kisses because I will be able to make my kisses real!!!!!
I need to know the exact name of the airport where I'm supposed to go ,
as well as the phone number , I'm sorry to ask him again , but I'm very excited ,
I'm in this situation for the first time , I'm very happy , tomorrow I'll try to call you , I want to talk to you. In which you can me
meet. I'm sending you 1000000000000000000000000000000 kisses. I can not
wait for the day we're together.
Your Gulnur…

Hello my ******!
Darling, I finally found the time to write you. This morning I
woke up very early. I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about you and imagining
how we spend time together. I can't wait to be together.
I couldn't sleep for a long time last night either. I had a lot of emotions and
it kept me awake. But nothing terrible. I went to the Embassy today. I filled out and
I signed some documents. What I will tell you now, you will be just very
happy. I couldn't believe it myself!! I have very good news for you.
******, MY VISA IS READY AND NOW I CAN FLY TO YOU!!!!!!!! You don't
imagine how happy I am now that my visa is ready. When I was in
the Embassy said that my visa is ready and now I can buy tickets, then I became
cry. I didn't cry because I was hurt. I cried with happiness. V
I thanked the agents that they were able to quickly make me a visa. I
I feel like I'm in seventh heaven right now. I can't explain my feelings that I
have. It's just wonderful that you and I will be together this week. Presently
I also wrote a letter to my parents and told them all the news. My parents.
answered me at once, and I now read their letter. My parents were just surprised.,
that I got all the documents and now I'm going to take the next step to our meeting.
My parents say Hello. My parents have warned me many times in
that I should be very careful. I understand my parents because they are very
they're very worried about me. But as you know, I am in Astana very much
attentive. My parents have high hopes for you that you will never
hurt my heart. They hope that I will always be happy with you. My
dad said if you ever hurt my heart, I'd have to go.
conversely. I understand that my dad won't let anyone hurt my heart. But how
you remember, my dad promised that if I was happy with you, he would meet me.
shake your hand like a man to a man. My dad will be proud of you!!!! But I think,
that we're gonna be okay and we're just gonna be happy together. ******, tell me
to the Embassy that I would have to do my insurance. But I knew that before, but
now my visa is ready and I have to go to do insurance. Tomorrow I go to do
your insurance, and tomorrow we with the agent from the Embassy together will go to buy
tickets for the earliest departure of the plane to you. Thank you for telling me everything.
necessary information. I can tell you the time of my arrival tomorrow.
When I did the visa, I gave the money to the Embassy, for which I will buy tickets.
This money confirmed that I have money for tickets and will be able to buy your
ticket to you. I was told that as soon as I will have insurance, then immediately come to
embassy. I will. YES, I understand that it is very difficult for you to be without me now.
But my feelings are the same as yours. You probably also understand how difficult it is for me to be
now without you. But I hope I can come to you soon. This first weekend
we will spend our days together just happily!!! ******, I now finish on this its
letter. I won't waste any time because I have to go do my insurance. I
I'll write to you tomorrow and be sure to let you know all the news. I'll let you know what day I have
there will be tickets to you and what flight I will arrive to you. I have not yet
I can believe I got my visa!!!! I send you my tender kisses!!!
I love you ****** ! I'm proud of you. You're my Prince and I'm ready to spend the rest
his life only with you.
Your Gulnur…

Hello my favorite!
How are you? I'm asking you to believe me , I don't want to lie to you. I just want to be with you. I swear to you that I will not deceive you , I will return your money as soon as I am in your hands. please , just give me 1 chance to prove that I won't cheat you and come to you like I promised!
I think a lot about our meeting and you have become for me the closest person who understands and supports me. it's hard to find such a person in our life , but I'm glad that we met and will soon be together. thank you, honey, for not refusing to help me with the paperwork for our meeting. I just want to tell you that as soon as I get your money, I'm gonna go straight to the travel Agency and do the paperwork so I don't have to waste a minute. I feel that our meeting will be very soon , with my face does not go smile , I'm happy that we decided on such a serious step together and I know that we will be happy. reading your letters I realized that you like me want the same simple family happiness . honey , I want to tell you that family means a lot to me. to be with the person you love, to lie down and Wake up next to him. I believe that every girl is just a dream to be happy. I'm sure you and I will be happy.
honey I hope you find the MoneyGram item today and can make the money transfer. you'll need my full details. :
Gulnur Zhakupova

or bank account IBAN

Name of bank: Fortebank Almaty KZ
THE ACCOUNT HOLDER'S NAME(first and last): Gulnur Zhakupova
IBAN(EURO): KZ5496502F0009760858

I know that in order to get the money I need to know your full details , the exact amount of transfer and the city from where the money was sent. I hope that we will not have any problems about this and we will overcome all the difficulties together. my dear, you have no idea how good my mood is right now , I'm so happy . I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. I love you and will be waiting for your letter soon. Your Gulnur !

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