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Svitlana Bevtsyk <>
« on: April 01, 2019, 10:29:10 AM »
Name: Svitlana Bevtsyk
Age: 34
City: Kherson, Ukraine
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Bank addresses: MoneyGram,
Khreshchatyk Street, 28/2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
Bank address: Western Union,
Velyka Vasilkivska Street, 19, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

A pleasant surprise to hear you. Tell me how you live?
I hope you are not angry with me? I could not quickly respond to your answer.
Once I tried to chat on the Internet.
Do not think anything bad. I'm not seducing or something like that.
In general, it was a long time ago. At that time I was 23 years old.
I was a very young girl. I talked to a guy 29 years old from Russia. It turned out that he was just playing with me.
Yes, I realized that there are a lot of bad people on the net. After that, I never used social networks.
And in turn, I would like to ask you to be open with me. Good?
If you do not intend to communicate so well, please delete my mailing address.
Time flies quickly and unnoticed. I had to look back and I'm already 34 years old.
I am an ordinary woman who lives here in Ukraine, in a small town called Kherson.
I will be open in my letters. And I would like to hear about your life, about what is happening around you.
Now I am a free woman. The last relationship I had here in Kherson ended 1.5 years ago.
My boyfriend loved motorcycles, and got into an avar. Sorry. I do not want to remember and speak about it. It was a hard time for me to survive this.
Yes, he died. But now I try to live! I wish to find the other half. I am looking for a responsible person, with specific intentions.
Yes, you ask why outside the country? I can safely tell you. That the situation in the world is changing.
And the recent events that faced my country wants to be the best. The relationship of men has changed in general.
And I do not see in them seriousness in relation to life and to women.
My friend, let me call you that? Thank. I hope that you do not mind.
Thank you for your attention to me. I am very pleased . We'll talk later ?
Waiting for! Svitlana

Hello my dear friend ******! Nice to watch you. Thank you for another good photo.
I can not note that your answer gave me a pleasant surprise! I am pleased to receive your words.
I am at work now. Time 9:20 am. I was freed a little and decided that I could write to you.
I read your letter again at 8 in the morning when I came to work. I work in a marketing and advertising business.
My position is not so high, I make certain estimates and some course of advertising events.
I attached a photo from the workplace.
So you can see how all the information is here and the network is connected.
You know ******, I was surprised when I saw your address on my work computer.
I asked my colleagues if they were kidding me? They said no. I was a little afraid to write to an unfamiliar address.
But I decided and wrote. And now I understand that I did not regret that I did it.
******, have you familiarized with my city Kherson?
It is located on the high right bank of the Dnieper River. Approximate population of 290 thousand people. City Quiet and calm.
Located near hilly terrain. I live here from early childhood. My roots are Ukrainian.
During my years I was able to get a higher education.
I graduated from the National Aviation University (NAU). By specialty information and diagnostic systems of aerodynamics.
Literally two years ago. But I do not work in the profession and do not think that I will continue,
because during my studies I understood that this is a male profession.
I think you will be interested to learn more about me. My birthday is May 5th. I was born in 1985.I have never been married.
My height is 170 cm, my weight is 51 kg. As you saw my eyes are light blue. My hair is a little dyed.
My native color is chestnut. Now I mixed two tons, you can see in the photo. Do i go
******, I would like a pleasant dialogue between us. I see you as a pleasant person.
It is just as difficult to describe yourself in two words. Please say more about yourself and the place around you.
But I think that we can become pleasant conversationalists and get to know each other better.
My parents also live here in the city. They live in the private sector (village). I visit them when I have free time.
They also visit me. I live separately in a rented apartment. I have a cat named Nensiya. This is a girl.
I try to play sports. As for my English. I studied it at school and then at university.
I know him well enough, so I think there will be no problems in our conversation.
Hope to be interesting for you. Write me how you see my answer.
I would be glad to hear again.

******, good morning to you.
Thanks for replying again. I feel the importance of your letters.
I'm not intrusive, do not think. I just want to say thank you for your attention.
****** - your name sounds beautiful. Who called you that? Mama?
My mother gave me the name Svitlana. Speaking of my parents, my mother's name is Roza.
She is 66 years old. The name of the father of Kuzma, he is 71 years old.
Attached a photo with them. Now I'm at work, it's 8:15 in the morning. I mainly use internet at work.
I do not have an Internet provider in the apartment, so I am writing to you only from the workplace.
Reading your next letter, I am convinced that you are a pleasant and good person.
******, I have no sisters or brothers. I am the only child in the family. Mom and Dad conceived me late.
They could not have a child for a long time, but a miracle and I was born. I am grateful to them!
My childhood went well and was carefree. This is my life here in Ukraine. I try to open up to you my friend.
I take your desire and desire to talk with joy!
******, how do you like to spend time? I do aerobics and stretching. My favorite color is white, red and black.
Usually in my free time I read books or just relax at home enjoying music and movies.
I love different genres of music and movies. My good childhood friend comes to visit me. We spend time with her.
She is going to Japan now. Three to four days. It is sent from the experience sharing work.
She will spend there 1.5 months. I did not delve into the program for which she was going.
Her work is related to the industry for auto parts. She runs the transaction route apparently.
In winter, I ski. Now comes the spring and the cold recedes with the snow.
Sometimes it is so sunny that you can walk without outerwear.
I enjoy this weather. Spring is the time when everything starts to blossom and unfold.
By the way, this is my favorite time of year. The inner state of the soul is filled with warmth.
The temperature is constantly changing. From 8 to 11 degrees of heat.
At night, the temperature drops to 0 to - 3 degrees.
******, you are the man with whom I would like to talk and get closer.
I thought a lot and came to the conclusion that the age difference between us is irrelevant.
So I intend to continue our dialogue with you.
I send you my everyday photos in each letter. I am also always waiting for your photos.
Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have questions regarding me and my life. I will answer you with pleasure.
Need to work now. Sorry.
Regards Svitlana.

Hi ******! Thank you for your attention to me.
Usually my work day starts at 08:00 in the morning.
I wake up around 07:10 am in order to have time to shower and wash. Make it easy to charge.
Then have breakfast, pack up and run to work.
How is your morning ******? How is your day in general? Hope all is well. As I told you, I read and write to you from my office.
Today, as soon as I came to work, first of all I turned on my computer and checked my email.
And your letter raised my spirits. I read your letters with great interest.
I would like to communicate with you more, but unfortunately, our letters are all that we have now.
On the work computer, I do not have Skype and other chat programs.
I hope you understand me, I do not want to have problems with my leadership.
I was hoping to record another video. But my cat misunderstoodly dropped the phone.
And I understand that now the camera is not working. We'll have to take pictures on the camera.
******, I hope that soon there will be an Internet provider in my apartment. That way we can communicate more.
The line of communication was broken during the riots that took place throughout the country.
The political situation is not stable. And there is no definite good power to set up all communications in the city.
I also learn more about the phone provider that is set up on an international line to get in touch with you.
As far as I know that the code is +380 552. (2354724). Later I think I can find out and set up the connection while it is not working.
******, I live in Ukraine and the distance between us and I hope it will not be an obstacle to our communication with you.
I think it's worth trying to know each other. If our communication fails, then we lose nothing.
But if it works, we can become close in a relationship. I do not want to hurry and get ahead. Let's first recognize each other much better.
******, besides my favorite work I have a hobby. I told you about fitness, I also like to draw different cartoons.
I draw for myself and do not exhibit my artworks anywhere.
My favorite flowers are Lilies. I love different soft toys.
Yesterday I made myself interesting friends from the character "I am awake." Did you watch him? Funny cartoon.
******, I usually finish my working day at 18:00 PM.
Business days from Monday to Friday. But sometimes you have to work on weekends.
In 20 minutes I will go home. You must go to the store to purchase products.
I usually eat meat, fish, vegetables, greens, and different varieties of cereal, pasta. I also love sweets.
I'll come home to have dinner. How do you spend your evenings? I want to know about your life as much as possible.
Whatever you do during the day. Share with me. What do you usually prefer for dinner?
We are from different countries and we have different cultures. I am interested to learn about you new details.
******, with regard to travel, I was not outside of Ukraine.
And I have no idea how life goes in other countries.
Now I try to look more and learn more about your country.
******, I'm sorry, the letter turned out great. I hope not tired. Tomorrow I will try to write.
Your friend Svitlana.
P.s. also attached a photo of her childhood. How do you like me?:)
Jesus Christ I am Orthodox and I believe!

There was an interesting case with me. When I finished work, I went to the store.
And there, quite unexpectedly, she met her best friend Dariya. I was glad to see her.
About 4 days I have not seen her. We walked down the street.
******, she asked me about my work, about my personal life.
I said  that  a  man appeared in my life with whom I communicate, his name is ******.
She was surprised to hear that. And I talked a little about you.
My friend, I do not want to hide our communication. I am proud that i have such an interlocutor as you ******!
I said about your country, age, I did not go into details.
She responded positively and wished me a good development of relations.
She invited me to her place tomorrow morning to accompany her to Japan. I will try to do it before work tomorrow.
******, Ukraine has a rich culture and history. In Ukraine, the spiritual world of man is valued above all.
And I appreciate your inner qualities in you. I like your character, your life potential.
I communicate with you only in letters, but I saw in you a rich inner world. I think you are a good and fair person.
You are attentive, caring and I am pleased to understand this. I appreciate our conversation with you.
You are the only man with whom I will enter the conversation. I do not make up in other chat rooms. This is my only email address.
Yes, of course, every day I have to communicate with people at work.
But my heart is free, and I don’t give my preferences to anyone but you.
I cannot convey life in Ukraine and the internal society in a letter. You need to be and feel it.
I would also like to visit your country one day and know how much and how it lives there.
Learn culture, visit various traditional festivals. In short, feel the atmosphere of being your country.
In the meantime, tell me more about everything that surrounds you in life.
What qualities do you value in a person? And which do not approve?
I do not observe bad features. I never smoked cigarettes and drugs. I rarely drink.
And this alcohol is not more than 12. Such as champagne and wine (I prefer white). I am a healthy woman and look after myself.
******, I want you to know that I am very interested with you.
And I very much hope that our friendship has a chance to grow into something more.
******, as for friends, do you have a lot of them? Do you often meet with them and spend time?
I have to close my letter and continue to work. Have a nice day.
I do not have access facebook. Yes, I believe in God.
Svitlana  Bevtsyk

Good day dear ******. This early morning I came to my friend Dariya and woke her up.
She lives literally two blocks away. I got to her by public transport.
I do not know how to drive and I do not have my own transport.
I use buses to get around the city. Already at 7:50 was her. I had to work today by 9 o'clock.
With the permission of Dariya, I attached a photo with her at her home.
******, my friend gave me advice and said that you should see me more often.
I agree with her. I want you to see my daily life.
That is why I always try to attach more of my everyday photos. Write as often as possible to you.
And just to share with you about how my day was and what is happening around me.
Usually on weekdays I am busy with work, after work I go home to rest.
But sometimes I can afford to walk down the street. Just visit the cafe with friends. Trainings
******, I can answer you immediately, if I do not have urgent business. But sometimes I answer you later.
Therefore, if you do not receive my letter immediately, do not be angry, please do not worry.
Try to write yourself as much as you can. I want to write you a lot. I have a lot of thoughts about which I want to tell you.
But in the letter it is impossible to write everything that I think and everything that I feel.
If we could communicate in reality, it would be great.
I think there is nothing better than chatting live.
In reality, you can take a hand, look into your eyes, hug or kiss.
I hope  do not scare you with my desires.. Yes, you are more than just a pleasant companion to me.
I want to look into your eyes, see your look. Hear your breath and voice.
I would be very happy to walk with you in the park. I love nature, hiking in the mountains and beaches.
I would like to live with you on the same street and we could meet in a cafe, have dinner and talk.
Something I was fascinated by my letter, I'm sorry.
******, I spent a friend Dariya at the bus station closer to 8:40, she gets to Kiev now.
We sat in a cafe, I wished her a pleasant journey and we parted. Tonight my mom should arrive in the city. I have to meet her.
At lunchtime, I visited the gym. A run was scheduled.
Now is the time of 16:20 . I have to wrap it up. Waiting for your thoughts.
With your permission, I will hug you.

Good evening ******.
It is so romantic to read your letters.
Our life is changing in one movement. I am not in my world anymore, I am already before you!
I read  about you, your day, your friends, your mood. I have read and still study you. I am in your world ******.
My dear, your letters have become the most important part of my life. Not a day goes by, so I don’t think about you.
For a long time I did not feel the feeling that is now in my heart.
I am a little wary of this now. But I trust you! I think you are serious about me.
My worldview about love and happiness in general, I think that I love my parents, family, world, I respect the people around me, I love my life.
We live once, and I want to live my life happily and with dignity.
We should appreciate every moment in our life. And I am happy from our communication with you.
Everything depends on us. And if we want, we can meet. Yes, I want to meet you!
I do not want to hide my emotions. I have feelings for you!
Yes, we have never met, but I do have a feeling of attraction to you.
It is difficult to explain, it can be understood and felt.
You are far away, but I feel you. It seems to me that we are very close.
I have a feeling that we are near and there are no barriers between us.
My dear, if there is an opportunity to come to me in Ukraine. I will be glad to spend time with you!
Introduce you to my city, country, family and friends.
I promise I will be a good guide and show all the sights. Waiting for your thoughts on this.
******, last night I met my mother at the bus station. She rarely gets out into the city. And I decided to reduce it to a movie.
There was a premiere of the film T-34. The film is a military genre. We liked it.
Then we went to the store, my mother had to buy groceries. And this morning I spent it.
I shared with my mother about us. She responded positively to our communication.
More she did not specify. Only calls me to be careful.
******, I'm going home now, the day was tense and I want to rest.
I want you to have a warm, tender relationship.
I would like to open my eyes one day and see you next to me.
My dear, feel my kiss. Your Svitlana
p.s. I also attached a photo of the summer season.
I thought you would be interested to see these photos. Please keep them with you.
I do not want to embarrass you. If so, please let me leave such photos with me.

******, I am your woman bothering you. Hello!
How are you?
These sensations give me your letters, words and your attention.
Throughout the day, when I was at my job, I was pondering. I've been thinking about you ! My colleague called me, but I did not hear.
They called me again. Only on the third time I turned my head and heard.
Liza joked and said - "You probably fell in love, above heaven." I smiled.
I do not want and can not. A man cannot live only in letters.
Human life is unique and must be perfect. It is impossible to lose even the moment of this life.
My life is now in these letters. You are in letters. My life is you and our dream.
You are the most special person in my life ******.
My dear, I hope that one day you will be able to find a way to come to me.
One day we will be able to travel together.
******, I do not care in which country we will meet. The meeting with you is important.
Honey, I wanted to inform you that there is an international airport in my city
Kherson, (Chernobayevka Airport).
But I think that the main airport Kiev. Need to see the details of flights. I will find out in more detail.
My home address is: Ukrainian street 57 Kherson Kherson region, Ukraine, 73009
My dear, every word I say to you, I speak consciously and decisively.
******, I dare to suggest that you are the man with whom I would like to be.
I see you as a caring, open, kind and attractive man.
Dear, is there an international airport near your house?
I also find out if I can get rid of work and have a little vacation.
******, my full name is Svitlana Bevtsyk.
I would like to hear your thoughts and revelations. My day today was normal and calm.
I didn't do anything special. At lunchtime I walked down the street today.
The weather is now happy with its temperature and is beginning to increase. Today, plus 14 degrees.
I look forward to your letter.
Your girl Svitlana.

Good afternoon ******.
The time is now at 11:15. Soon the lunch break and go to lunch. How is your day ?
My dear, I have fully revealed my spiritual state to you. My heart is for you.
My dear ******, can you meet me if I come to you?
Hope you won't hurt it. I have been thinking about this for more than one day and night.
You have already considered this decision. I want to ask again, are you waiting for me?
I seriously began to think about it.
I understand that you have your privacy. And I do not want to be a hindrance.
I just want to be part of your life, get to know your country.
After all, I wonder what kind of life in another country. Your life and culture.
Therefore, I will review the necessary documents and find out how to travel to you.
It would be interesting to look at your place.
My favorite, when will you have free time? I mean, time to relax with me.
My dear ******, I think I will need to issue a visa and other documents for a trip to your country.
Recent events in Ukraine want to be the best. And it is necessary to understand what biometric passport I need for the flight.
I will find out more about everything.
I hope I can contact you and have a great time.
As for my vacation. I learned that today at work there will be a distribution for spring holidays.
I left the application. So it is worth hoping that they will approve the vacation.
And this will mean that we will be able to plan our meeting.
I feel that my heart is filled with you ******!
Today at work I have a busy day and it is necessary to work and fulfill the plan.
I don’t remember if I told you that I was working as a dog for a walk? They are good ladies.
Already for a year I have been doing it. My roommate often leaves on business trips.
And he asks me for a small fee to walk and follow them. Last night I did it.
I like animals and is not difficult to get involved in their upbringing.
Sorry dear, I will finish my letter now. Take my kisses and hugs.
With love your Svitlana

P.s. Please do not regard my open photo as a reason to seduce you.
I just wanted to make you a little nice by sending a photo of the bra.
Today I thought about going to a special photo center to make some open shots.
In the evening I will do this and also try to attach a photo.
What is your full name ?
Is there an international airport near your house?

Hello my favorite ******!
How nice to call you that. I get great pleasure from this.
Honey, the thought of wanting to visit you doesn’t bother me.
Yes! I would like to be there at this very moment.
******, I learned some requirements that document the situation to come to your country.
In my city there is no consulate of your country. I can not get a visa in my city.
My love is ******, I tried to contact Kiev today and find out the details.
I could not get. I left the application for the consideration of my visa application.
Kiev is about 560 kilometers from my city. It is more than 7 hours drive.
I was in Kiev, I went there to study. I have not been there for a long time. About 2 years.
******, I am pleased to know that you like the thoughts of our meeting with you.
Dear, I hope that you are interested in everything that I say and do.
And I hope that I will receive an immediate response about the consulate. I learned about the passport and some documents.
Such as references from work. Medical certificates. State fee for issuing a visa.
I think it is not difficult to assemble and organize all these details.
I think you ask me if there is money for all this?
I try to save every hryvnia to live here in Ukraine. And I have 14,700 hryvnia that I saved.
I'm not quite sure if this is enough. But I will see what can be done.
I would not want this to be our obstacle.
******, this is really a pleasant feeling, to know and feel that you are important to your man.
I want, make you the happiest in the world! It's my wish!
I wish to be with you, and have a wonderful walk in the park.
I wish to go to the cinema with you in order to consider a romantic movie.
I want to have dinner, lunch and breakfast with you. This is all really wonderful. Since we will be together.
With you, I will feel light and happy.
Cuddle for you my dear ******!
I attached photos from the photo center. I was met by a woman, her name was Valiya.
She took a few pictures, I hope you like it. Because of their work, I can not go on Skype.
But I'll see what I can do and I will tell you. Good?
I will keep you informed of all events related to the preparation of my documents.
Your girl Svitlana

******, good morning. It's not yet eight in the morning, and I'm already at work.
I wanted to finish working moments soon.
My dear, for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to radically change my life.
******, yesterday I learned a lot about my passport and departure from my city. Prepared all the necessary documents.
It turns out DNR - Donetsk People's Republic.
Does not recognize the authorities of Ukraine. And there are misunderstandings about this situation inside the country.
But given the domestic political opposition, you can expect anything.
I worry now, I hope that they will not stop me. I believe that everything should be fine!
Dear ******, I was pleasantly surprised when I received mail today from the consulate.
And the representative of the consulate appealed to me. Earlier I left the application.
I was informed that I must personally visit the visa center in Kiev for a specific interview.
I came to the conclusion that you should not hesitate, I do not want to be denied a tourist visa.
Therefore, I decided to move to Kiev.
I thought a lot about how I would manage while living in Kiev. And yet I have some kind of fear. But I do not want to postpone the meeting.
My dear, most likely, I will live in a hotel, because I have no friends in Kiev.
Soon we will be together favorite ******! Today I have already said goodbye to my colleagues.
Last night I was approved vacation. That is why I am at 07:30 this morning at work.
And also I was with my parents and reported on my trip, and left my cat to her. Parents wished me a pleasant stay.
You know, my dear, I close my eyes and imagine that you are there, I feel a strong hug of your hands on myself.
Then a hot kiss and tender passion of your body. Sorry. I'm sorry, I'm trying to control myself.
******, after about 3 hours I go to the station. To buy bus tickets.
All my belongings and documents have already been collected.
I would like to ask you for forgiveness for haste. But later I will not be able to get rid of work.
And in general, I believe that we deserve our meeting with you! The very way to the city of Kiev should take no more than 6-7 hours.
I'm waiting to hear from you when I’m already there ******!
My dear, I do not feel so comfortable now.
I am afraid that my funds will not be enough to completely overcome the path to you.
I trust you and I want us to be able to organize our meeting together.
I will find out the price of tickets when I get to Kiev. Then I will inform you and we can figure it out.
******, when I will be in Kiev, I will give you all the information in more detail.
Hugged! With love forever yours Svitlana

Favorite ****** hello!
The road to Kiev was not so easy. At 11:45 I left the bus from my city.
The journey was 6.5 hours. Even before I left my own city, I called up with a woman who rents an apartment.
I booked her lodging for a week. She asked for payment immediately in full.
I have the savings that I saved, this pay for housing.
Now the money is very important for our meeting, and I shore them.
I spent the money to prepare documents and trips to Kiev.
******, it was late yesterday and could not immediately find an Internet provider and write to you.
When I arrived in Kiev, I immediately went to the apartment. To rest after a tiring trip.
This morning I managed to contact the consulate of your country.
I was surprised by their friendliness.
I was asked the purpose of the trip. They asked to know your language, watched my speech and me.
I have provided all the necessary documents. And I was glad to see the consul's smile at the end of our conversation.
The visa process went into its own power and is being processed.
My love, I learned that I can buy tickets cheaper than before the flight itself.
My dear, at the airport examined the air tickets. Depending on the day of the flight. I watched cheap flights.
******, air tickets are 870 dollars Usd.
My dear, I had a lot of expenses today. I also need to save my money in order to live in Kiev in the coming days.
My dear, I can not independently buy tickets. Therefore, I asked you to facilitate my flight to you.
Once again, I hope that you will perceive my request well.
I am in great anticipation to hug you, feel and be near.
My dear, Kiev is a big city and takes a lot of time and effort.
It was important for me to learn how to deal with the translation of funds. And so I decided to find out about the situation in the bank.
I understood, according to the bank's employees, that we can use Money Gram, Western Union.
I have not come across this before and don’t know how it works.
An employee of the bank reported that the funds are received within 30 minutes. I ask you to find out about it.
I was informed that you need to specify my data when transferring.
Firstname: Svitlana
Surname: Bevtsyk
Bank addresses: MoneyGram,
Khreshchatyk Street, 28/2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001
Bank address: Western Union,
Velyka Vasilkivska Street, 19, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
******, today was a busy day and I was tired. So I will be sent to the room to rest.
I will answer you later. I ask you to write as soon as possible.
I look forward to our meeting!
Mentally, already with you. I hold you tight and kiss you.
With love, forever yours Svitlana

Hello cute ******
How are you?
Now I have just returned from the embassy.
Every day in Kiev for me is no different from the previous one.
I am applying for a visa now, and every day I spend at the embassy. Thank you for your letter.
Your letters really help me now. Today at the embassy I was told that I would soon be able to get a visa.
I am very glad that I have no problems in obtaining a visa. Not everyone is given a visa to travel to your country.
I was lucky and soon we will be together.
Are you in a good mood now? I read your letter. and was very surprised now.
You do not trust me? I can't believe your words.
******, we are already very close to our meeting, and now you are telling me about distrust. Why?
I do not need your money! I will not disappear with them! And buy tickets for them!
I have always been sincere with you. I am sincere with you now. I promise to be sincere with you always.
We managed to build our union with you. We love each other.
We have feelings despite the distance that is now between us. I always tried to answer your questions.
You know everything about me, you know about my work. My life is before you like an open book.
I have no secrets from you. Also, I always carefully read your letters.
Our letters have begun to our feelings. You are the only man in my life.
You are the closest man to me. I do not need anyone else. My feelings for you are sincere.
Dear ******, I love you! We have never met before.
During our communication with you, you never deceived me. Always in your letters I saw the answers to my questions.
I trust you. I trusted you all without a trace. I trusted you with my heart!
I left everything that surrounds me in Ukraine for the sake of our meeting with you.
Why are you talking to me about disbelief? I am applying for a visa now. ******, we are no longer children.
We decided to be together, and we should not stop now. Soon I will have a visa to travel to your country.
I need to buy tickets now so that the embassy staff are sure
on the dates of my departure to your country and returning to Ukraine. It is very important.
I am afraid that I will have problems with a visa. I spent now all my savings.
I paid for the hotel, I paid for a visa. I also spent money at the embassy to fill out forms.
Every day I spend money that I spend on food. I have no money to purchase tickets.
I already told you about it.
Your letter upset me. I do not have money now. If I had money, I would not ask you for help.
******, I am sincere with you, and do not deny my words. I spent now all my money for a visa.
I do not have money to buy tickets on my own.
I do not need your money. I asked you for help not for myself. Your help is needed for our meeting.
I will not spend a single euro for myself. I don't need your money at all.
Why do you say that I will disappear with your money? why do you think bad of me?
I was very upset. Do you think I'm a thief? You're wrong.
Now your mistake can cost us our happiness together. nobody ever accused me of stealing.
you are my favorite man, and I did not expect to hear such words from you.
Yesterday in the letter you said that you would help me. Today I was waiting for your help to buy tickets.
your letter upset me.
Dear ******, I'm waiting for your help. I need to purchase tickets.
As soon as I buy tickets, I will send you a list of my flight so that you can meet me at the airport.
Honey, for the first time I hear that it prohibits the transfer of funds. And even more so a passport. I think that the whole thing is in you now and in your distrust! You hurt me!
I love you. I trust my heart, and my heart tells me that we will be happy together.
Please listen to your heart. It already seems to me that our hearts are with you together.
I am waiting for your letter tomorrow.
yours, Svitlana

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