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on: March 26, 2019, 06:32:23 AM
Name: Tatyana
Age: 35
City: Zarechny, Russia

Hello ******. How are you?
I am glad of your reply to my letter. Your email was provided to me at a marriage agency.
I saw you, and my female intuition immediately told me to write to you, because you are a good man. I'm right?
Why I chose you! You seemed to me a serious and simple man. I’m only looking for a serious relationship, and you’re right for me!

My name is Tatyana. I am 35 years old. My height is 171 centimeters and weight 54 kilograms. I live in the city of Zarechny. This is a closed military city.
Here is the institute, producing security technical equipment.
My birthday is December 13, 1983. At university I learned English.

I've never been married. I have no children. I live alone in a one-room apartment.
I work as a multi-specialist in a beauty salon. What do you work? What do you do?
I am only interested in a serious relationship. I'm not interested in adventure. I want to find a relationship that will be based on understanding, trust, respect, and loyalty.
I was disappointed in men from Russia. Because they do not think about the family, only entertainment, sex, alcohol and much more.
This is not for me. So I decided to find a relationship on the Internet. I know English very well.

What kind of relationship do you need? What is important to you in a woman? I consider myself a sociable woman.
I like to spend time with my friends and family.
In my letter I will send you my last photos. Send me your photos in the next letter. You can ask me any questions.
I am happy to answer your questions. This is my first online dating experience. I think we can get to know each other well and develop our communication.
I will be waiting for your answer. Tatyana

Hello,******! Every time I get a response letter from you, I wonder how
much we have in common with you. How much our views are similar, you
can not even imagine! I want to tell you about every second of my
life, about every breath! ****** all I want in this life is to meet the
right loving man with whom I can build my relationship. I believe that
this man will love me and care. I am Christians and my mom always
tells me that love is the most powerful feeling that is always around,
we just do not notice it. I believe that everything will be fine.
****** why do you consider yourself old ??? These are just numbers. We
are all young at heart and want to live our life in happiness and in
love. Your letters make me smile. Today, I want to tell you about my
family, it will help you to get to know me better. I was born in the
family of a fireman and an ambulance paramedic. My father's name was
Andrew, and my mother, Maria. I am very grateful to them for the
education they gave me. They both dedicated their lives to society,
dad put out fires, and mom saved lives. I am proud of my parents. They
worked a lot, because state workers in Russia get not very large
salaries. Sometimes we had enough money. But we were happy - and this
is the most important thing. Dad always went to work, hugging my mom
and me tightly. We always waited for him with impatience. A fragrant
dinner was smoking on the table. And he opened the door and shouted
from the doorway: my girls, I'm home! He always came home from work at
eight o'clock in the evening. But once he was not at 9, and at 10
o'clock. Mom was very worried that he still did not come home. She
began to call the fire station, because then there were no cell
phones. The head of the department said that my father had died saving
a little girl from a burning apartment. Mom sat on the floor, with a
pipe in her hand, she began to cry silently. For a very long time, we
could not accept the death of my father. It seemed that all this is
someone's evil joke, a nightmare. I imagined that one evening the key
would turn in the door. And our dad will go home and say: My girls,
I'm back! But he did not come, neither in a week, nor in a month, nor
in a year, ever. It felt like time stopped at that moment. Mom kept
crying and asked God why he took such a person so dear to us. For a
long time I could not accept the fact that the next day life still
lasted. As if nothing had happened. Then the world did not stop. Even
for a brief moment. God did not notice anything again ... Now I do not
remember those moments very well. But those scars and wounds that seem
to remain forever in my heart remain in my memory. It was very
difficult for us to live like this. Constantly think about the fact
that the father is no more. But we were able to overcome these
difficulties, because life went on, the planet did not descend from
Mom worked very hard to feed our family. She always stayed on night
duty at the ambulance station. I was very lonely and scared without
her. I remember that I fell asleep at night and prayed that everything
would be fine with my mother. To the angels to protect her from the
dangers. I truly admire my mother and love her. She is not just my
mother. She is my best friend. After all, no one can love you more
than a woman who wore you for 9 months under her heart. Because the
mother's heart is an abyss, in the depth of which there is always
forgiveness. I think my mom is the best mom. Because she was able to
replace my father when he was gone.
Now my mother is 59 years old, and she retired a few years ago. Now
she gives a lot of time to home comfort. You know, sometimes it seems
to me that she cooks better than anyone in the world. Most recently,
she started a tiny kitten. Mom says that this ball of wool entertains
her when I'm not around. Do you like pets? I hope you read this letter
with interest. I look forward to your reply. Your distant and sincere
friend, Taisiya!

Hello ******.
I was waiting for your answer. I am pleased to see your letter. How do you? How's your day?
I want to thank you for your photo. I was interested to look at your photo. I think the photos will help us know each other better.
I understood that you want to talk via skype. I do not have a home computer. In the coming days I will try to install skype on my work computer.
I will report this. Now we can talk by email.
I just checked my email. I'm glad to receive your answer. I will continue to talk about myself. I think you will be interested to know me better.
I work as a multi-specialist in a beauty salon. I help our clients look better for holidays or important business meetings.
I do any cosmetic work in a beauty salon. I like my job.
I like to help people, I am pleased when people feel beautiful and joyful.
Tell me more about how you spend your day. Be sure to send you in the future photos from work. I like to run outdoors and play sports.
I want to ask you about your hobbies. Do you have any hobbies? What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? What films do you like to watch?
Today I want to write you in more detail about my family and people close to me. I live alone in a one-room apartment.
My mother's name is Natalya. Mom is 56 years old. My mother is a former retired military. I will send you a photo of my mom with me.
Mom is retired and she lives separately from me.
My mother lives in the village, which is located a few kilometers from my town. Sometimes I go to my mom. My mom has beautiful nature in the village.
I send a photo from the nature of my mother in the village. My father died of cancer when I was little. My mother did not meet another man.
My mother and I love my father so far. I love my mom. I spend my free time with my mom. I find it interesting and fun to communicate with my mother.
Tell me about your close relatives?! Now I will finish my letter. I do not want you to read it and do not want to tear you away from your affairs and concerns.
I will be waiting for your letter and your answers to the questions. Tatyana

Hello ******.
What is up today? How is the weather? I am pleased to see your new letter for me. I am interested in getting to know you.
Thank you for your photos. I liked the photo. I hope that in the future I will see more of your photos.
I also promise that I will also send my photos.
I understand that you adopted a girl from Russia. It's amazing. You are a kind person.
Today I will write more about myself. I think you will be interested. I feel myself good. The weather makes me happy today.
It is cold in winter in Russia, but I am used to such weather. What kind of weather do you like? I like good music.
I listen to different music: rock, foreign, pop music and a lot of different. I have no particular preferences in music.
It mainly depends on the mood.
I like to watch movies. I prefer to watch such movie genres as: fantasy, comedy and action movies. Sometimes I watch TV shows on TV.
What do you prefer to watch on TV or on the Internet?
The last few days have been difficult at work.
There were many customers, but everything went fine. I coped with this work.
Sometimes after work I meet with my friends, and we spend time in karaoke together. I like singing. My hobby is singing. I like to sing karaoke sometimes.
I send you a photo of karaoke. I enjoy spending time with my friends.
I also like in my free time to cook food for myself and my loved ones. My friends and relatives say that I cook delicious dishes perfectly.
I love to ride a bike. I ride my bike regularly. In winter I like skiing and ice skating.
I like to spend my free time with my friends. I have fun with them.
Do you like to spend time with friends? I would be interested to know about it. Probably, I will be finishing my letter today.
Tomorrow I will be waiting for your next letter for me. Write me.
I wish you a good day. Tatyana.

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