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Taisiya <>
« on: March 21, 2019, 07:30:50 AM »
Name: Taisiya
Age: 31
City: Urzhum, Russia

Hello ******!
It's great that you told me again, today it will be sunny! I am very
glad to your letter. I want to have a penpal. It seems to me that
there are many more topics in this world. And I would like to discuss
them with you. Tell me about yourself, your hobbies and your life.
What do you love most. What is the most important thing for you in
life? What qualities do you value in a girl? Thank you for your photo
I am pleased to see you. Tell me where you live and in what city ??? I
want to read about your city that I could know about it. Tell me when
is your birthday ?? I do not want to miss this day and how old you
are. Perhaps you want to know something about me? I was born on in the
small town of Urzhum. This town is located in the Kirov region. I am a
very calm and not conflicted person. I love to smile. It seems to me
that a smile is beautiful. In my life, I try to help everyone. Because
I really believe in karma. My mother told me that I was a very
obedient and wonderful baby. And how you were as a child, tell me.
Maybe your parents also told you about your childhood. As I said, I
love literature, philosophy. As well as painting, I also enjoy
cooking. Do you know anything about Russian national cuisine? I work
as a kindergarten teacher. I spend a lot of time with little children.
To be honest, I love my job. Seeing how your children are developing
and learning something new is priceless. Work for me is salvation from
insane melancholy and pain. This longing covers me when I'm at home.
By the way, before going to bed, I often think about something,
recently thought about love, what is it? Sometimes it seems to me that
I am extremely lonely in this vast world. The walls are compressed,
and the strength to scream is simply no more. There are such moments
when the pain from loneliness is so strong that it is impossible to
breathe. Loneliness is the worst kind of suffering! Is it not because
the Lord God created the world that he felt alone? Love - the main way
to escape from loneliness. It torments most men and women for almost
their entire lives. We can get rid of the disease with medication. But
the only cure for loneliness, despair and hopelessness is love. I
think that with our world there are a lot of people who are dying of
hunger. But even more are those who die from the fact that they lack
love. It seems to me that every person's heart is not just a muscle
that pushes blood through the veins. After all, when it hurts us - it
is not the leg or the arm that hurts, the heart aches. Because even
the strongest person in this life needs love. Remember the great John
Lennon: all you need is love. If you love or love, the sun always
shines in the sky. Even in the rainy weather. You know, I really love
Leonard Cohen. I recently saw his quote: I dont considermyself a
pessimist. I think of a pessimist. And I feel soaked to the skin.
Sometimes it seems to me too that it always rains in my heart. And
there is no person who would save me from this bad weather. I want a
man next to me. And he would protect me from this world, from troubles
and hardships. Such a man whom I could hug and forget about all the
problems, about my loneliness. Such that my heart no longer hurts from
the wounds of the past. I know that I will meet such a person. Perhaps
God wants us to meet the wrong people before we meet that one person.
So that when this happens we are grateful. Indeed, in life there is
only one happiness - to love and be loved. It is precisely for this
that it is worthwhile to overcome the trials that fall on our life
path. What do you think about it? ****** I want to apologize immediately
for my large letter and that I am taking up your time to read it. But
you understand me that I want to tell you so much about myself and
just my thoughts rush from my chest that I cannot stop them. If you
are not comfortable reading them, you tell me and I will try to write
less. I look forward to your reply, ******. Taisiya.
The photo that I send you today was made by my friend. She wants to
learn how to take pictures. I want to ask your opinion. Does she do it???

Hello, ******! You make me smile again and again.
****** I am very sorry but I am writing you from the Internet cafe and
there is no other communication service provided here. I can only
write you my letters. But I will find out from the administrator how
we can still communicate. I am pleased to see your photo and I will
wait for the following. ****** I want to ask you a question why are you
sending me the same letter several times ???? I would like to know
where you live and when you have a birthday that it would be much more
convenient for me to talk with you and see your city. Now that we can
just chat with someone like that. With someone who is located a
thousand kilometers away from you, on the other side of the globe, I
want to say thanks to Vinton Cerf, the father of the Internet. I will
tell you a little about my country. Sometimes it seems to me that men
in Russia do not want to do something for the family. They only think
about themselves, about their friends, about alcohol and food. They do
not want to develop, do not read newspapers, they are not interested
in politics or economics. They do not care about family, children,
home. This is due to the fact that in our country there are much more
women than men. I think that foreign men have not forgotten about this
yet. They can make a woman happy, they can love her with all their hot
hearts. Do you know what I dream about? About a happy and friendly
family. About a cozy “nest” where I really want to return after work.
About the place where a loving person will be waiting for you. No
problems are terrible if at home relatives and people close to you.
Dreams of family are the most important things, this is what makes my
heart beat. Happiness is the family, hot hands that will never let you
out, will not drop. Even if the whole world turns upside down.
Happiness can live everywhere and spit on his “predestination” and the
distance between people. Here in Russia, I feel like a little bird
locked in a cage of this cruel world. Only books save me. Sometimes it
seems to me that I am a hero of the legend of the great Russian writer
Maxim Gorky, Danko. Do you know this work? Danko saved hundreds of
people from death by shining a path in the dark forest with his heart,
which he tore out of his chest, and then he died. But I do not want to
die, I want to live, I want to soar in the sky, I want to love and be
loved. Tell me about the women in your country. Do they really care
only about themselves and do not think at all about creating a “home”?
I believe that we can talk about this in our next letters. Best
regards, your friend, Taisiya

Hi, my distant friend James! Today the sun shines brighter millions of
times, and what is the weather in your city? Today I woke up and
seemed to know that you would respond to my letter. Thank you for your
photo it decorated my day. James you had a very busy life. There were
many experiences and the loss of people close to you. I want to ask
the question at what age did you adopt a girl from Russia ??? And what
about her now ??? Is she leaving with her mom ??? You have written a
lot about me today. I will try to answer all your suggestions and ask
questions in your future letters. You seem to me a very interesting
conversationalist. I want to write you more letters. In them we could
talk more about each other. After all, there are millions of topics
that I would like to discuss with you. This time I want to tell you
about my life and family. As I wrote to you before, I was born and
raised in the city of Urzhum, I finished school with a gold medal.
Also then I studied piano at a music school. You know, in the yard
where I grew up, there were always a lot of little children. Perhaps
that is why I chose the profession of educator. It seems to me that
this is one of the noble and necessary professions for people all over
the world. The teacher is a teacher, that is, a person who teaches
helps to know the world around us. Because in children our future.
Together with my mother, we made a decision about which university I
would go to enroll. The choice fell on the pedagogical university in
the city of Kirov. After training, I returned to Urzhum to be closer
to my family. As I have already said, for me the family is the holiest
in this world. But, unfortunately, after a few months, I had to leave
my family, because I could not find work in my hometown. It was very
difficult for me to leave them again, but I understood that there was
no other way out, I had to go to Kirov. There was at least some chance
of getting a job. I rented a room with one woman, in the evenings I
nursed her children, and in the afternoon I was looking for work,
after about a month I found a suitable place. Now I still work there,
I already told you that I really love my job. To say that work is an
everyday holiday is difficult, yet we deal with different characters
every day. It can be very difficult. Sometimes they just give up, but
if the child is smiling at you and that’s it, you understand that you
simply can’t betray them. I think that young children in the modern
world need more care and attention. Because their parents devote all
their time to work and career. They completely forgot that the baby
needs parental warmth and caress. I hope that now you can know me a
little more. Can not wait for your reply!!! Be sure to tell me about
where you studied, where you work. Do you like your profession. I hold
you tight, Taisiya!
Today I send you my photo for many years. This photo was taken when I
finished my studies. I hope you like it.

Hello my dear friend ******
Wait and miss - not the same thing? When you wait, you do not wake up
at five in the morning, giving up the best dreams. When you wait, milk
does not lose its taste. When you miss, yes. I want to tell you that I
really miss your letters. They are for me like a ray of light in a
dark city. Sometimes it seems to me that in Russia there are very
cruel and callous people. They do not care about the problems of
others. This morning I was in a hurry to work, and I saw something.
One old woman stood on the street, in her eyes there was so much fear
and despair. And I felt uneasy. I went over and asked what happened.
She, holding back tears, told me that she had been robbed on the way
to the Pharmacy. I felt very sorry for her. And I, with the last
money, bought her the necessary medicines at the Pharmacy nearby. It
seems to me that I did the right thing. After all, if we do not help
someone in this life, then the whole world will sink in cruelty and
indifference. What do you think about this? ****** forgive me for not
being able to talk about my past relationships now. I'm not ready for
this conversation yet. But I promise that I will tell you about them.
My mom knows what we're talking about. She asks me to be cautious as
there is a lot of deception in the world and she does not want my
heart to be broken again. My friends at first treated this not well,
but over time when I tell them they understand and wish me happiness.
I do not know where our relationship will lead, but I dream to be
happy with my man. As I wrote before, I work as a kindergarten
teacher. I consider it my mission to find and develop abilities in
every child. They must be in every little man. I like to engage with
them, play, enjoy their successes, discover new things, grieve over
failures. What could be beautiful? It seems to me that in order to
become a true teacher of children, you must give them your heart. I
love my job very much because this experience will be useful to me in
raising my children Today I conducted a drawing lesson. We with kids
drew different birds: bullfinches, pigeons, crows and forty. I always
try to find a special approach with every kid. And I am so happy when
they get something a little better than last time. It seems to me that
they are future artists, composers and architects! The guys very often
ask me questions: “What are we going to do today? How are we going to
play? They are waiting for my answer, kind look, a kind word. Suddenly
you understand: they need you! You are the whole universe for them!
You are that bridge, on which they will walk the whole childhood. I
love my job, although sometimes it is very difficult for me. After
all, all children are different, someone is capricious, someone is too
impressionable. Love and kindness, patience and perseverance.
Demanding and creative approach - these are the qualities that
children need. I fully try to give it to them. It seems to me that now
you better understand what my job is. Waiting for your answer Taisiya!

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