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on: March 20, 2019, 07:23:42 AM
Name: Yuliya Maslova, Elena
Age: 32
City: Surgut, Russia
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Name and surname: Maslova Yuliya
Number of the account EUR: 40817978710084035341
VTB Bank
Branch N 3652 in Voronezh

Hello ******!
Dear ******, thanks you for your letter. I am glad to that you have
written to me. I shall hope that in the future, we shall be very good
friends, and can and more. I do not know what to tell in my first
letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. It
- something new and unusual to me. But I shall try, write good letters
to you. Please not be too strict to my mistakes in words, the English
language - not my native language. But I Assume, that I know it well.
Well, my name - Yuliya, as you to know. You can name me as
you like. I shall not be disappointed. To me of 32 years. My birthday
on October, 10th. My height 5,6 (169 sm). My weight 56 kg. I live in
city Surgut. Surgut known city of Russia. Surgut - very much beautiful
city but it is so cold. I have finished Surgut State Pedagogical
University. My formation consist of 3 levels: school, college,
university. I studied within 17 years. All 17 years I have studied the
English language also. I have finished university in age 24. How to me
gave with a medal for excellent results during my studying. First
three years after institute I worked as the teacher of Russian and the
literature in an elementary school. Now I also work as the teacher and
I teach Russian and literature at high school. It was very much
interesting and in the same time responsible. I was happy to give
education and support to small children. Many things depend on me
during training.
I live one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Sometimes I
feel like very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have
decided to get acquainted with you. I have the house, work, friends,
but I cannot tell that I am happy. Do you have any relatives? What is
your family? Do you have many friends? I hope, that we shall write
many letters to each other. I am very pleased and grateful, that you
have answered my letter, because I resolute to try to get acquainted
through the Internet only once. I never get acquainted before in such
a way. I cannot understand completely as it works because I have no
computer. I only beginner in work of the internet. I hope that you are
interested in our dialogue, as I. You can tell to me about all of you
that you want. I shall be pleased to know all about your life. I
understand that tastes differ, but I hope, that my image will be
pleasant for you. I hope, that you will write to me soon. I thank you
Beforehand. With the best regards.

Hello my dear ******! How you today? I hope that all is good. I also am
happy today because I have the letter from you. I very happy. I am
glad to receive your photo. It is very good that you do not forget to
share it with me. Thanks! Now I work, and I write the letter to you. I
wrote to you that badly I understand on the Internet. I try to study
it. You write about a skype. But I still study and I do not know as it
to make. I heard that it very easily than to write e-mail messages. I
too wish to communicate more often with you. But I am not able yet. I
hope you understand it. I have nobody to address for the help. You far
and only ask, and I here one and feel very silly. I hope you
understand me. And so, I did not write to you about my family. I think
that you should know about it. I have been given birth also grown in
Surgut. Now I live here. I do not remember my father because he did
not live with us. I was grown only by my mother. We were the best
friends, we were very much the friend close to the friend. But my mum
had a cancer of a stomach, and she has died when I was absolutely the
little girl. It was awful and incredible. I could not understand it
for long time. I was empty. Even now I remember my mum very much
frequently. You know, that I had very happy childhood. My mum and I
went in park together. We play together various games. We spoke much.
Only through several years I started to understand last, that she felt
because I had no father with me. But I have received news from other
people, that it was no mistake of my mother. My father (I cannot name
his "daddy") never loved my mum. Me has left her lonely when he has
learned, that my mum was the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for
her to bring up me. We lived only her tiny earnings. But we never
complained of our life we have solved all problems together. But we
were happy. My mum always spoke me, that I should marry the person
which I shall love. My mother died when I studied at institute. I was
18 years old. After death of my mum I feel very much alone because I
have no neither sisters, nor brothers. To be more exact, I no any
relatives. But I have best friends. Elena and Masha. They are
remarkable girls. We can name us sisters because we are friends more
than 15 years, and we help each other. I - confident absolutely, that
if I ask Elena, Masha to help me they will never refuse. Our attitudes
are very strong, time has checked up them. Recently, for entertainment
I am engaged in drawing. I remember the children's dreams as I wished
to become the artist. But, I did not begin to study at that time. Now
I wish to learn it. I am engaged in drawing at special art school. It
very much is pleasant to me. I hope, you can sometime see my pictures.
I send you photos with the best friends. That, which embraces me, she
is Masha. And near to her Elena. From other edge one more girl, but I
do not know who it. She is friend Elena. And a following photo from my
art school. During that moment I drew a woman's face. But at me not so
well it turns out. I hope to you these photos will like. I will wait
your photo in the following letter also. I hope, that you will answer
my letter. I also hope, that you are interested in our connection. I
shall tell to you more about my life in my next letters.

Sincerely yours Yuliya...

Hello my dear ******!
How you? Thanks for your photo. To you it is really so much years? I
do not trust in it. You are so young. I stare in disbelief. I
understood everything, you have a youth elixir? can you share (lough)
with me it? (smile) What is the weather today in your country? I hope
all is well. Today I have had a difficult day, but now I’m free and I
can write the letter you. I'm sorry for my previous letter. It was
sad. I did not want to make you disappointed. I hope you did not get
offended to my story about the mother.
Well, I want to tell you about my hobbies. I like listening to
different music. It depends on my mood and feelings. I like Joe
Satriane as well. I suppose he is a magnificent guitar player. I hope
you agree with me. I like the “C.C. Catch” very much. I like Elvis
Presley and Edith Piaf. They are not similar to any others. There are
a great number of popular musicians abroad. But I like Russians as
well. May be you heard about the Russian group "Spleen" or "Chaif."
But I think the most famous Russian group abroad is “Gorky Park”.
Probably you've heard about it. They had a great success at the
beginning of 90s. I like going to the cinema very much. Now days a lot
of foreign films are on the screen in Russia. Foreign cinema is widely
spread in Russia. I like such old American films as Braveheart and
Gladiator. Mel Gibson is a good actor.
My health is the most important thing for me. I do not boast. My
health is really good, and I always try to be in a good form. I wish
to tell, that I sometimes am engaged in sports aerobics, also I I like
to ski and Snowboarding. I not the professional because I tasted it
only recently, but was pleasant to me. Unfortunately mine work takes
away a lot of time, therefore I began to give not enough attention to
sports. I every morning, try to spend as much times as possible in the
open air. I have no car and I take a bus. I have been living in the
conditions of rather cold winters and damp autumn since my childhood.
Such of climate helps to toughen my health. I do not smoke and do not
take alcoholic drinks. I prefer a healthy way of life and I'm proud of
it. Sewing and knitting are my hobbies if it's possible to say so. To
draw. I spoke to you about it. That I only have started to be engaged
recently in drawing. I can speak about my hobbies for a long time. I
love sincere people, I love animals, I love when people are healthy
and happy. I like tasty meal, and I like to prepare different dishes.
But I also want to say that I do not like some things. I do not like
artful and envious people. I hate when somebody deceives. I do not
love cruelty and roughness. I'm not interested in people, who prefer
to spend their time drinking alcohol. I also do not like bad untasty
meal and cloudy days. I shall be glad, if you tell about you many
various things for me. I want to know about you more and more. Because
you my Friend. You agree? Friends always should know well each other.

Your Yuliya...

Hi my ******! The day is wonderful today and I’m in high spirits and
how are you? I hope all is well. I want to tell you, that I have very
rich life experience. I know that often happens so that the person has
good external data, and inside he is bad. I faced it in the life. I
drew a conclusion that it is necessary to pay attention to internal
beauty of the person, but not external. Therefore for me an age
difference it only number. You normal person. You good both outside,
and inside. I hope that we will develop our relations we will also not
be disappointed in each other. I the christian. I go to church, about
1 or 2 times per one month (unfortunately not so frequently as to me
it would like). It is pleasant to me is in church because there I feel
myself absolutely in the other world! Inside church alwaysso it is
quiet and silent. Creates such impression, that there absolutely
otherlife. Also my head becomes clear and it there leave superfluous
ideas, and problems disappear themselves. I like to talk mentally good
luck. I do not ask to help me in my life because I shall cope! I ask
to help his other people which really not may require his support.
Still I simply like to tell to him that occursin my life to that I am
glad and that offends me. The feeling also is pleasant for me, that to
me attentively listen and are pleased or regret me. It is valid with
anything incomparable sensation when so the strong personality as the
GOD, looks at you and listens to you attentively. I do not doubt of
his existence because it is simply impossible. . All people
irrespective of bad they or good, should be grateful to the GOD, that
he has created us and forgives us all bad and appreciates in us all
good. Now you know my opinion to the GOD. But I also want to know, how
you to concern to the GOD? And what you religions? Yesterday I was in
a bad mood. The whole day it was raining and wind. I already told you
that I live in my house. This is a beautiful and cozy place for me.
Yesterday there was a strong wind. A tall tree near the house could
not stand it and broke. The branch hit my roof and broke a hole in it.
It is small, but it's annoying. And it's good that it did not hit me.
Yesterday I thought that it needed to be urgently repaired so that the
next time the rain did not get inside. My best friend Masha promised
me to help. She always helps me. I’m very glad to have such a best
friend. She is very close to me and we often spend time together.
Masha says that I need a man who will help me and who will really love
me. You know I really feel lonely very often but I believe in god
luck. I believe in God, he always helps. I don’t remember if I told
you or not about my cat. Its name is Maks. He the boy. To him 2 years.
It is very kind. I like to play with it, I like to feed it, so I like
to take care of it. I Love Maks, and he loves me too. Every evening it
meets me the house. You will laugh at me, but I must be sure that
somebody or something waits for me in the house, no matter if it’s
just my cat. I heard if a person has a pet in a house and if he takes
a good care of it the person is a very good house keeper. Masha has a
dog at home, and when they see each other, they do not get on among
themselves. And sometimes fight. I pay too much attention to it in my
letters and may be you are not interested in it at all, but I want to
tell you about the dearest living being in my life. Not so long ago I
was in a cinema. Because this session began late. I and Masha looked
“The batterfly tree”. This very drama foreign movie. I like this
movie. Masha was delight also. After arrival from cinema I to cook my
favorite a dish - baked chicken feet from a broccoli. I have made it
with the special sauce of garlic. It is very tasty. It is a pity, that
I cannot treat you. Probably during week I will prepare for future
house repair. I’ll look for people who will help me with it. I’m
sorry, probably my letter is sad but I think you’ll be interested in
thoughts and feelings. I send you photos me with my favorite cat Maks.
You can send your photo with your animal? Tell me, if something will
be interesting for you. I’ll tell you it in detail. With best regards.


Hi my ******! Thank you very much for your letter. It brightens my day.
I hope that you have the same feeling when you receive my letter. And
of course, I enjoy our correspondence and I am serious. I consider you
to be my friend; I think that you understand me in lots of things it's
easy for me to talk to you on many topics. Do not you my letters read
that at all? I told you that I have no parents and relatives. I think
that trust is very important for the relationship, if both of the
partners want the relationship to grow. No relationship can be strong
without it. Thank you for being honest with me and from my side I can
say that I will be honest with you also. I think we should try to tell
each other as much as we can. I would like to know you better from
inside, because you seem very interesting to me, so I have a question
for you: What qualities do you appreciate in people the most? In my
opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincere and understanding
are very important in people. I also think that in every relationship
trust plays the main role. That's why I think that 100 trust should be
between man and woman, they should be able to say every single thing
to each other, share all their joys and sorrows. If they have a
problem they should try to find a salvation together. What do you
think? What is your opinion?

I will be looking forward to your letter!!!!
Sincerely Yuliya...

Hi my ******! Thank you very much for your letter and your tender
words. You are so sweet to me, it is so pleasant read your letters.
When I close my eyes I can see you saying this to me. It makes me feel
very good. Even though we are far from each other, in my dreams we
together. We are walking together at some nice place in and saying
tender and warm words to each other. I feel that you are very special
to me. I was christened when I was little. I do not remember this
moment. It was in church in Surgut. You know ******, I don't think that
the outside beauty is the most important thing, you can be beautiful
for some time, even the most beautiful. But in some years this beauty
will go away, there will be other people who will look better. I think
that the real beauty is inside your soul. The person should be
beautiful from inside, in my opinion. Don't you agree with me? ******,
I see in you the person who I can talk easily with, who is interesting
for me. I would like to know your soul, I would like to know
everything about you. I see that you are not playing with me or
joking. Many of our thoughts are the same, our values are very close
and we are looking for the same things. I see that I can establish the
emotional connection with you. I can talk to you on any topic. It's
very easy for me, it seems like I know you for a long time. I like
your thoughts about life and relationships between man and woman. By
your letters I can say that you are a decent man with serious
intentions. I like that in you. I think that we are even a little bit
alike in that. I am also serious about our correspondence. I like to
read your letters and I think that I will really like to talk to you
in person, you seem to be an intelligent and well educated person. OK
******, I am finishing my letter now and I hope that you are having a
great day. I am thinking about you and I am really happy that we've
met. This thought makes me smile. Hope to hear from you soon.

With hugs Yuliya...

Hi my ******!
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I am very happy
that I've got acquainted with you. We started our correspondence not
long time ago, but I like your letters so much, it seems to me like I
know you for a long time, your thoughts are so close to mine. I hope
that in the future we will become very good friends or even more.
You know ******, I was thinking a lot about my future life and I think
that I would like to move to another country to live, there are few
reasons for that. I can tell you why. First of all I should say that I
want stability in my life. I think that it’s very hard to get this
here in Russia. There are several reasons for that. I don’t have
anything against Russia. Russia is a wonderful country, that’s my
Motherland and I love it, but the economical situation here is very
bad, you can’t be sure in the next day, but I am thinking about my
future. And there is a second reason for my intention to move to live
to another country. I would like to find my soul mate, the person I
can trust completely, the person who is going to be near me all the
time, love me and take care of me. Russian men have lots of bad
habits, they drink a lot. My dad used to drink a lot. It gave my mom
much pain. I don’t want this to happen to me. So, I think now you
understand why I would like to move somewhere from Russia.
I would really like to have a good and strong family based on good
emotional connection first of all and understanding and surely love. I
think that these things are the most important. I would like to have
my second half near me to feel that I am safe, that I am loved and
that I have a person near me whom I can give all my tenderness and
care that is inside of me. I do have a lot to give, but for right now
there is no one special whom I can give it to and I don't want to
waste it just for someone, I want to meet my only one, my special one.

I am thinking a lot about you, and I would like to hear from you soon.
Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your
fast reply!
With warm hugs Yuliya...

Hi my ******!
I'm very glad that you have written to me. I need your letters more
and more often. They make me happy.
You remember, what I work as the teacher? Today to me declared, that
in two weeks I will receive the holiday. I was glad to this news.
Usually I have a rest once a year. My holiday will occupy 45 days. I
hope, what you are glad for me?
Today I have been late for work. When I woke up in the morning, my
neighbor came to me. She is an old woman and she is a very good and
king woman. We address each other when we need something. Today she
came to me because she had a problem. The door to her house has been
broken and she couldn’t close it. She lives alone as well, her husband
died 5 years ago and now nobody is ready to help her. So, I went to
have a look at the door. We tried to repair it but we could do
nothing. I am a bad carpenter (smile). As it turned out something was
wrong with a lock, it was necessary to ask a specialist’s help. Sofia
(this is my neighbor’s name) was very disappointed, what we could do,
we are women, and it was clear that a specialist’s help was necessary.
I tried to calm down my neighbor because she doesn’t feel well and
it’s very dangerous for her to be nervous. She had to be hospitalized,
but she refused to do it and now she has to take injections every day.
I promised to ask for a carpenter. In our school there is a man, who
is responsible for repair, if something is wrong with the school. He
drinks alcohol a lot, but he has “golden hands” (in Russia it means
that a person with “golden hands” can do all the things very good) I
want to ask him to help my neighbor with her door. I want that he
attempt to repair my roof. I do not know whether he will agree. I
shall hope for his help. I can’t find him now but as soon as I see him
I’ll ask. It is very important to help old people. More than it our
government doesn't treat old people well. Pensions are tiny. They
don’t get any social aid. Our medicine is not free of charge. Old
people have to spend all the money on medicines. Of course it is not
good, it’s unfair, unjust. But the economic situation in Russia is not
highly developed. Well I am not interested in politics but the
question about social aid is very important for me.

I wished to ask you, how many money the teacher in your country
receives? And still the question, whether is in your city of school of
Russian? Whether as you think there will be it popular in your city?
Your Yuliya…

Hi my ******! Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to
receive it as usual because your letters always put me in a good mood
and make me smile. Your information can be very useful to me. I am
grateful to you for it. Dear, thanks for the invitation me to you. I
am very grateful to you for your feelings and love which you feel to
me. Me interested your offer on visit you. I very much would like to
meet you. I very much would like to spend with you days of mine
holidays to test our relations in real time, to hold your hands... I
would like to do a lot of things with you. But you have to understand
that the trip to your country demands special preparation. To arrive
in your country, it is necessary to do the visa and other documents,
it is necessary to pass through a lot of things. To come to you - it
is not so simple how to arrive to the neighboring city. Do you
understand me? Most of all I am afraid of the fact that I will begin
to do all documents, which are necessary for arrival, and you will
tell that you will not be able to meet me and to spend time with me.
Also I am afraid of the fact that you can to cease to write me, and I
will do documents at this time for arrivals to you. Do you understand
it??? Arrival in your country are serious step which demands big
expenses and many considered decisions. I hope that we will develop
our ideas relatively meetings we will also be able to think up
something. I am thinking a lot about you and I like to read from you.
I am very glad that you understand me. You the unique person which to
worry about me. You know, I need to tell you something. I think that
friendship is very important in the relationships. Let me explain what
I mean here. I think that passion and affection are very good, but two
people that decide to be together need to know how deal with each
other in everyday life. You know what I mean? And I think that
friendship between them will help a lot. I would like to see a very
good, I can say the best friend in my soul mate. I think that
emotional connection is very important, so that two people will feel
very comfortable with each other. How do you think? When I am reading
your letters ******, I feel that you are honest and sincere with me,
you are telling me a lot about you, so I want to give you the same
thing. You know, I have a dream. I would like to find a true love, a
special person who is going to love and take care of me and I will do
the same for him. I want our love to be forever. I think that when I
meet that special one I will give him all of my tenderness, care and
love. And what is your dream? What do you want the most from life?
Please, tell me. It will be very interesting for me to know what you
are thinking and dreaming about. You know ******, I need to tell you
something. I have never thought before that this is possible to find a
very good friend, somebody special with the help of Internet. But now
I can say that this happened to me, I’ve met you and it seems to me
like I know you for a long time even though we exchanged only a few
letters. Now I can say that there is a person in the world who
understands me, my life position, whose dreams and intentions are
close to mine. You should know that you are dear to my heart, I am
always ready to listen, understand and try to help you if you need
that. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward
to your reply!!!

I am thinking about you!!!
With tender hugs and kisses

P.S. With repair of a roof of still any news. I hope that it will be
made soon. I will tell you.

Hi my ******! Now I'm writing to your letter and I'm happy. It's very
pleasant that I have such the close person as you are. It's a pity
that you are far from me. But I will hope that we will meet one day. I
think we will be glad to see each other when we know each other
better. Masha asks me about you every day. I say to her that I'm
constantly thinking about you. Tomorrow, I plan to visit some travel
agencies and it is detailed to learn about what is necessary for our
meeting. But for this purpose, that I could know all expenses, I need
to know, the airport the closest to you and your phone number.
Therefore I ask you to write me yours phone number and the closest to
you airport. I will call you, if I have questions. Earlier I didn't
manage to find the carpenter. But today I have seen him in the morning
and I asked him to repair the door in the Sofia house. In the
afternoon he came and said that he had done everything and changed the
lock. I thanked him but he said: "Never mind" because he is always
ready to help old people. My neighbor came a little bit later and told
me about the carpenter. It turned out that he refused to take money
for his work. Sofia tried to give him some money but he said that he
would be offended if she didn't stop doing it. Sofia said: "He has
gone with nothing". By the way he and his partner will repair my roof
in the house. You know many people in Russia help other people and
don't take money for it, if they know that the people have to money. I
think it's the only good feature of character of the Russian people
which roots go to the old far USSR. It's a pity that many Russian men
became alcoholics. I remember that many-many years ago my mum and I
had to make a fence around our house. But what could we do? Mum and I?
When my mother came to a shop to buy nails, three men asked her what
for she needed nails. She told they and they began laughing, when
learnt that a young lady and her little daughter wanted to do. They
came to our house together with my mom and everything was ready in the
evening. They refused to take money. The only thing we could do for
them just to feed them with pancakes after their work. Since that
moment, to one of a favourite dish I had pancakes. One of the man
asked if the had something to paint the fence. My mum answered that
she would buy paint a little bit later. Next day in the morning the 2
men came and they brought their own paint and painted the fence. We
wanted to pay them for it some money, but they refused. They said that
the paint was left after the painting of their fence. Yesterday in the
evening I was thinking of my future. I'm happy that I have my favorite
job. I would like to develop in the area and to make successful
career. I don't know how to spend this month my holiday, I don't want
to waste my time useless. I must think it over. Of course I will write
letters to you. But it will take only the part of my day. What to do
in the rest? I must find a decision. I hope, you are not sick and
tired of my letter. But I want to tell you much. I think you are not
against of it, because I suppose you are my closest the man of my
heart. Don't forget to write letters to me. Your Yuliya.

Hi my dear ******!
How are you doing today? What’s new? I am fine over here and I was
very glad to hear from you because I miss you very very much!!! I am
thinking about you all the time, you are very dear to me.
******, you know, today I woke up with sun beams that were coming out
of my window and my first thought was about you! I was laying in my
bed and thinking, imagining that may be some wonderful day we’ll be
waking up together like this and the first thing you will do when you
wake up is kissing me and wishing me a good morning and I will do the
same for you. You know, I liked that thought. Who knows, may be some
day it will be the reality? How do you think? Would you like that,

OK my dear, I am finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to
your reply!!!
I miss you!
With sweet thoughts about you,

Hi my ******! How are you? Today I've the big desire to write to you.
Hope you don't object? Thanks for honesty. I also despise lie,
swindle, Criminality... I very much wish to develop with you
relations, because you The good and fair person. I also when whom did
not deceive and I am not going to make it. It is a pity to me, that in
the past you were Are injured. It is a pity to me, that you had
unsuccessful relations. I also It has been strongly injured by last
relations, but I do not mix these Relations with ours, that as I very
strongly trust you. But me very much It is pleasant, that in last
letter you have told to me about your last Relations. Thanks you for
it. I know a problem with finance. Last year I wanted to visit Turkey,
but the prices sharply grew and I could not pay for tickets. Therefore
I saved means within a year. I have means to come to you. But whether
really you want it? Tell me. I suppose I can tell you about my bad
experience in relations. If you are not interested in it you may stop
reading the letter. I won't be offended. I think I can tell you the
story because you have become very very close to me recently. I hope
you have an idea of the problem with alcohol in Russia and I suppose
you understand why I don't want to look for a husband in Russia. Let's
begin since the very first day of the acquaintance. I worked in the
school as teacher of an elementary school. I was going home after my
work but it began raining and I could not go because I had left my
umbrella at home. It was summer but never the less I didn't want to
get wet and to take a cold. I was standing under the roof of the
building waiting till the rain would stop. But the rain was not going
to stop and I wanted to go home in the rain. But a young man was going
in my direction with an umbrella. He saw that I couldn't go with an
umbrella and offered me to take his one. I asked him: "And what about
you?" He said that he would spend some time in the cafe and may be the
rain would stop soon. I asked how I would be able to return him the
umbrella. He said his address to me and his name. His name is
Konstantine. It was not far from the school. I wrote down his address
and promised to give him the umbrella the next day in the evening. On
my home I thanked the young man and asked the God to stop the rain.
But it was raining the whole night. I cursed myself that I had taken
the umbrella and that he was wet to the skin because of me. I didn't
sleep a wink at night. The next day in the school was so long for me.
I was looking forward to finishing my work to give the umbrella back
to Konstantine. I wanted to learn how he was. As soon as my working
day was ending I see that Konstantine was standing at the door
smiling. It turned out that he remembered the time when my work was
over. He came to meet me. I asked about his health at once. He said
that everything was all right. He didn't get too wet because he was
running home. Then we walked for a long time. We talked a lot. My mum
had died already and I was alone. He was the dearest and the closest
man in the world for me at that time. He saw much of each other at
time. But i didn't invite him my house I wanted to check him. Once we
were invited to a Birthday party of his friend. I agreed to go to see
his friends, as i wanted to know more about him. Konstantine didn't
drink even champagne. I thought it was because of me, because I didn't
drink as well. But his friends told me that Konstantine really didn't
drink alcohol. I liked Konstantine. I think so did he. We became more
than friends and he began to live in my house. First 2 months we were
very happy, we were on the seventh heaven. But then he got a very good
job. He became a lawyer. He made much money. But he began drinking
alcohol. At first a little bit - then more and more. He didn't sleep
at home at night. When he was drunk he began beating me. I thought he
change for the better, that he would the same he had been before. But
nothing changed. Once I was beaten by him bitterly and left my house.
He didn't come back 9 days. Our friends told me that they had seen
Konstantine with other girls. I came to the conclusion that it was
enough to bear it. When he came back he even wasn't sorry and didn't
apologize. I don't think that he had forgotten that he had beaten me.
I didn't say a word in the evening. I started the talk in the morning
when he was sober. So I made him leave my house forever. He was
shouting, screaming and he even broke a photo in the frame where my
mom and I were. I said to him that I would call a police, well he had
gone. Forever. Now I am happy that I didn't marry him. Don’t want such
relations once again. Almost all Russian men drink alcohol a lot
that's why I don't want to have any relations with them. I suppose you
understand me. I'm sorry my letter is too long. But I wanted to show
you what I am feeling.

I am very happy that I got acquainted with you. I hope our
communication will never stop. Masha has told to you "Hi". I have to
finish me letter. Thanks that you write me.
With all my heart, your Yuliya.
PS. By the way, I have overlooked to tell to you. Today carpenters
have repaired my roof. I am happy! It is very little necessary for the
lonely woman for happiness!!! (Smile) My roof was repaired by the same
carpenter who repaired Sofia door.

Hello my dear ******! I would like to tell you that your letters bring
me much joy and make me happier day by day! You are the dearest man to
my heart, I am always looking forward to your letters. When I received
your letter today, I was very happy. Tomorrow, I plan to visit some
travel agencies and it is detailed to learn about what is necessary
for our meeting. But for this purpose, that I could know all expenses,
I need to know, the airport the closest to you and your phone number.
Therefore I ask you to write me yours phone number and the closest to
you airport. I will call you, if I have questions.

We are far away from each other now, but I am sure that we need each
other, I am sure that the fact that we’ve met was meant to be. Who
knows, maybe we are two halves of one? I can’t find words that can
describe my feelings to you, you are making me the happiest woman in
the world! I would like to thank you for your love and care, I know
that you are serious and sincere with me, from my side I’ll try to do
my best to make you happy. Because deep in my heart I feel that you
are a very special man who is dear to my heart so much!

I am finishing my letter to you and I will be looking forward to your
With hugs Yuliya...

Hello my dear ******!
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter as usual. I always
think about you, I need you a lot, you are always in my thoughts. The
first thing that I do when I come internet cafe I check my e-mail and
hope to receive a letter from you. I like your letters very much, I
feel how sincere and serious you are to me. I can’t express my
feelings to you, but if we meet you’ll see everything in my eyes, my
joy, my happiness. Honey, when I look at your photos I imagine our
meeting, I would like you to know how much you mean to me, I am really
happy that I’ve met you.
My sunshine, you know, I’d like to tell you that you’ve changed my
life a lot, you are always in my thoughts. I am sure that we’ve met
because God helped us, this is His present for us. You know, I am
already afraid to lose you, lose our special connection that we have
for now, I don’t know how my life is going to be without you, I can’t
imagine it now. You’ve brought me so much joy and happiness, I trust
you completely! I opened my heart to you and I would really like our
relationships to be forever like it is now, like we are in the
wonderful sweet dream!

I am finishing my letter to you now and I am waiting for your reply
now! With hugs,

Hello my dear ******!
How are you today? What is new with you? I am doing fine over here,
thinking about you a lot. I was very glad to receive a letter from
you. You know, that your letters always bring me joy. So I decided to
come internet cafe and write you a letter right away, now I have a
little bit more free time, so I can write you almost every day or
every two days! This makes me feel better because I have got used to
your letters and I miss you if I don’t hear from you, you know?
Today I went for a walk with my best friend Masha. We’ve been walking
in the park and you know I always had a thought how nice it could be
if we (you and I) were walking together. How do you think, wouldn’t it
be nice?
You know ******, I’ve told you before that I wanted to find my true
love, my soul mate, I think that I am very close to it now. I am very
serious about you, there is only one thing left. Our meeting. This is
very important, in my opinion. And this is the best way to learn much
more about each other. I am dreaming about it, about the time we can
see each other for the first time, look into each others eyes… It’s
only my dreams for now, but I want all this to come true?

OK, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking for your next
letter very impatiently!!!
Have a great day and write back soon!
I miss you!

Hi my dear ******!
Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. I
am always very happy when I get a letter from you. You know that you
are very important to me and I am thinking about you all the time.
Yesterday when I went to bed I was thinking about you, about us,
remembering how we’ve met, remembering our first letters when we
didn’t know each other at all and comparing to what we have now and
this comparison made me smile. Because now I feel that I have the
person in the world that cares about me, who I can talk to about
everything, the one who is very interesting for me. Honey, you know, I
am very glad that we have each other. I think that the worst thing in
the world is when you are alone, when nobody is near you, when there
is no person who is close to your heart and soul. I think that even
though we are apart from each other now, we are still happy, happy
with the thought that we are in each other’s life. Happy to think
about us, to dream about our meeting that is going to happen some
time, about our future, happy future if everything goes right.
My dear ******, all above is said honestly, from the bottom of my
heart. This is how I feel, this is what inside of me, deep in my soul.
I think that you are that special one who I can share it with. I
wanted you to know how I feel and what I am thinking about. Honey,
please, tell me what are you thinking about and what is in your mind?
I would really like to know that, this is important for me. Important
to know what are your joys and sorrows.

Bye for now, my sunshine!
Remember I am thinking about you!!!
Have a great day!
With tender hugs and kisses,

P.S  My bank account:
Name and surname: Maslova Yuliya
Number of the account EUR: 40817978710084035341
VTB Bank
Branch N 3652 in Voronezh

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