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Natalya <>
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:17:40 AM »
Name: Natalya
Age: 28
City: Bogatoe, Russia

Hello ******, how are you today? I am glad, that you have answered. I hoped  for it. I would want that we have started to learn each other.
To begin with, I would want that you have told to me as you would like that I named you? ****** your real name? Whether is at you nick name? You can name me Natalya. This my real name.
I certainly will tell a little about myself, that you would know about me. To me of 28 years. My growth - 172 centimeters. Weight - 47 kg. My favorite color - green. Eyes - blue. My natural hair color - the brunette. I live in the central part of Russia, in Village - Bogatoe. It is small, but beautiful Village. And you can tell to me a little about that place where you live? I work in a beauty salon. The hairdresser. I cheerful, modest, hardworking and responsible.
I understand, that it is difficult to you to recollect me because our first acquaintance was several years ago. Then I was frightened of dialogue through the Internet. But now it seems to me it is good idea. Besides it was limited only to pair letters. We had not time to learn anything about each other. But I hope, that we will correct it.
You probably wish to know, what I try to find here? I certainly will tell to you. The main search in my life is a love. I try to find the love but while I had no success in it. As, I will tell to you, that for me the most important thing in the man - sincerity, honesty and kindness. Most of all I do not like in people falsity and meanness. For me has no value appearance of the person. For me the soul matters only. As, for me the age difference has no value. Age - only numeral for me.
****** I have told to you a little about myself. I think, that to start it to you would will be enough for this purpose that you had a first impression about me. I hope, that you as will give me the good story about yourself. I would want that you have told, that is important for you in this life, that you search, what plans have. In general, I wish to know about you as much as possible. I hope for your sincerity and honesty. I wish to tell in advance to you thanks for the story about you. I hope, that my letter has not tired you. And I hope, that you liked my photos.
Sincerely Natalya.

Hi ******!!! Nice that you write to me. I very much would want that we have continued our dialogue. I hope, that we with you have the identical purposes.
****** I am grateful to you that you have told to me a little about yourself. It was very interesting to me. I hope, that you will continue to tell every day about you that that new. So we can learn each other better.
I understand, that you would like to communicate in other ways besides email. But unfortunately it now the only way to communicate for me. I hope, that you understand it.Unfortunately I cannot use skype. The Internet which I use very weak for video of calls. I hope, that you understand it. And I am grateful to you that you too have sent me the photo. It was pleasant to me. I hope, that you can send more.
Today I would like to tell to you little bit more about myself. Also I will begin that I never was married. I have no children. I have no mum and the daddy. But I have an aunt. She is sister of my mum. She lives in another Village. She of 57 years. Mum and the daddy died in accident when I was small. The aunt brought up me after death of parents. It is very sick theme for me. To me painfully to recollect it. I hope, that you understand. I live one in small one-room apartment. In my life me all suffices. But I wish to find love. I already said to you about it, that it is my purpose. I had here some relations, but nothing serious. Here it is difficult to find the good man, because Village the small. Here the man's alcoholism is very developed. Then my familiar girl has advised me the Internet. She has allowed to use to me its computer and the Internet as I do not have house computer.
****** I hope, that you are not has got tired of my letter. I have decided to send you a photo me, my aunt and my friends from Village aunt. Also I send you a summer photo of that place where there lives my aunt. I hope, that you as will tell about the family. I would like the detailed story if you are can. I very much wish to learn more about you. I do not know why, but I feel to you such feeling because of which I am ready to open to you a soul. I very much hope, that you will write to me tomorrow. I will wait.
Sincerely Natalya.

Hi ******!!! Thanks for your e-mail. I believed and felt, that you will write to me today. I like to receive the letter from you.
I will try to explain ****** to you why I (and not only I) I cannot find to myself the man here. Our men having drunk a vodka bottle since morning, the first half of day are still similar to the person, but having drunk the second bottle after a lunch they are already similar to animals more. In the rural area so everywhere. Here actually and all arithmetics. You understand having read your letter, I only according to its contents understand how big abyss between our men. Our men so are not capable to express the thoughts. Thank you for a photo. Very much it was pleasant to me. You look good also a tree very beautiful, at us such is not present. Also thanks for your story about family.
In the today's letter, I would like to tell to you about the friends. You have many friends? How you like to spend time? Whether you have friends to the childhood with whom till now you communicate? In general, tell to me all that you wish to tell to me about the friends. And I will tell to you about the friends. I think, that in a life of each person there can not be many real friends. Can be a lot of familiar. But true friends can be only units. You agree? And me has lucky. I have 2 best friends. Their names - Tatyana and Elena. By the way, I will send you their photo today. On first photo Elena, and on the second Tatyana. With Tatyana we are familiar since the childhood. We together with it grew, went together to a kindergarten. Then, when there was a tragedy with my parents, I had to move to the grandmother, to another Village. Then we with Tatyana had no possibility on dialogue. But when we have grown, we have continued to communicate. With Elena we are familiar as very much for a long time and now we together with it work in one beauty salon. She the master of manicure. And we see it every day. We like to laugh and joke. All of us very cheerful girls. I as have many other familiar girls. But true friends only 2. And I am successful to have Tatyana and Elena. we never failed each other.
****** I hope, that it was interesting to you to hear about my friends and to see their photo together with me. I as hope that you too will tell about the friends as I have asked you about it. I will wait tomorrow to see your letter. I am glad, that we have met again and we communicate now.
Sincerely Natalya.

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