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Samanta Kotelnikov <>
« on: March 14, 2019, 07:26:34 AM »
Name: Samanta
Age: 34
City: Yaransk, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Bank address:

I am grateful to you ******, that you have written to me the answer. To
me 34 years, but I have life experience. I before have been deceived
by men. But I have hope, that I shall find real the man of my dream.
To me always liked older man because mature men and have the big life
experience. I am here because of my search for real love. I have a
good sense of humor, I adore life and I know how to live life,
enjoying it! I like adventures and travel with pleasure, I am not
afraid of changes and new, exciting and breathtaking experiences I
want to find my happiness in caring man's arms. He should be reliable,
caring, loving, honest, serious, decent, gentle, romantic and
passionate person, who will give me everything I deserve. ******, also I
want him to be loyal and trust-worthy, my future husband should be my
best friend, companion and, of course, tender lover. I need real man,
who is responsible and keeps his words. I need to feel that my man is
mine and only mine. I want to build my future family only with such
man. And I will make him the happiest man in the world in return. I
like to travel, fish, go to a camping. I like everything, that is
close to the nature. I like to look at a fire and on the star sky. I
wish to tell fairly and at once. I search only for serious relations.
I have no time for empty chatter. I have no time for games. If I shall
play, in volleyball. Tell me more about yourself and your dreams. Take
care ******!! I wait your letter. Manager in the Internet of cafe has
told that speed the Internet of connection very weak and will not be
loaded Skype, Also he has told that next year we shall be replacement
of all equipment and a broadband line and then there will be an
opportunity to use Skype. Samanta

Hi again from Samanta, How are you ****** ???? I live in the city of
Yaransk, Russia. It is far from Moscow, about 800 kilometers. Here in
winter it is very cold and the summer is cool. I am very grateful to
you for your photos. They very much have liked to me. I studied
accounting in college. I work in a bar waiter, because here the
problem is finding a good job. I used to have a good job. I worked as
an administrator in a home appliance store. But then there was a
crisis in the country and the store was bankrupt. My favorite color is
purple. I live with my parents in an apartment. I do not have brothers
and sisters. I am a very communicative woman, friendly, sportive,
sincere, Enterprising, have a good sense of humor, beautiful, charming
and sexy, Open-minded and easy going lady. I know what I want and I
know how to Achieve it. I am ready for creating a family, I feel with
all my heart That I know how to make my beloved man Dreams come true.
I really enjoy dancing, cooking and traveling. I Like to spend my free
time working out at the gym. I think it is Important to keep my body
in perfect shape. ******, I would like to find a Kind and loving man who
will care about me and love me deeply. I am Looking for a man to
cherish. I Would like to have a man who will be my second half to love
Respect him. I want my partner to be loyal, loving and reliable. I
Want to become my closest friend in everything. ******, I am an
independent woman, but as all women in this world i am weak And need
somebody whol ... Create my own family. I adore discovering and
learning, meeting new People, new places, cultures, traditions. I am
fond of traveling. I was in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, I was in
many places in Russia. I Love this world, but i am sure that the man i
am searching for will Make it even better! Life is too short to be
alone ... let`s share Warmth of our hearts! My future man. He Should
be honest and the main Life =) I want we will fall in love and live
together till our last Day ... Take care for now. Samanta

I'm glad to receive your letter ******, Here in Russia men are very rude
and drink a lot of alcohol. Also, men here often insult and humiliate
women. I'm glad that we met. I am grateful to you, for your beautiful
and good words. Here it is really difficult to find the good man in
Russia. Therefore I decided to look for love on the Internet. I am
glad that you wrote me the letter. I am also glad to see your fine
photos. You are a handsome man. I also see that you have very
beautiful wood and the nature. Thanks to you that told me about
himself. I am very sorry what your father died from cancer in 2003. I
understand you that you wanted to study music and art, but you had no
time. Now you have time to be engaged in art? Please tell me why you
got divorced from the wife??? If I correctly understand you, then you
established the girl from Russia?? I also look for the real man with
whom I am ready to live the life without looking on any difficulties.
My friend Katy first met a man from America. Then Katy went to America
and there they got married. They lived in California. Then they went
to live in Chicago and I do not know the address. I hope that they are
doing well. My friends and parents call me "fire"! I always make
everything warm and bright, nobody feels boring with me!! And Im also
very sexy) Always smiling, always happy, always brining my energy to
the others. I`m a serious and sincere young lady with traditional
values. I never get offended. I try to see only good in people. I am
full of energy and life and like to smile and laugh. I wish to find a
man who I will fall in love, can rely on in any situation, I wish to
make a happy family where the main attributes will be love, respect,
understanding and trust. I think any relations are not possible
without these four attributes. Are you agree with me? What do you
think about the following observation "Actions Always Speak Louder
Then Words"? And I 'd like to ask you what are you ready to do for
your woman, for your love? ******, tell to me about your city??? You
have a photo your city??? I would like to see much your photos. Tell
to me about you?? You liked your work??? I very much wait your
letters. Your letters always bring is glad for me. Samanta

I came to the Internet cafe with the hope that you wrote to me. And I
am very very glad to receive your letter ******. How were you? How was
your day ???? I understand you that we talk to you only through our
letters. I hope that we will be able to talk with each other via
phone. I was in the relations more than a year ago. I will speak about
my relations later. My parents normally treats that I want to find
future husband from other country. My next purpose on the future it to
start the happy or loving family. I'm interested in everything that
happens to you. I keep thinking about you. I think that you are a good
person. I think that if we were together once, we could be a wonderful
couple. Of course it's too early to talk about relationships. For me,
relations are primarily honesty and trust. There is no boss in the
relationship. You can not abuse the trust of a loved one. Need support
in difficult times. There are always difficult times and good times.
You must always support your second half. This is the truth of good
relations. If a man smiles and everything is fine, then the mood is
also good. It is always necessary to show care and love. ******, I'm
very lonely here and need someone wholl support and take care about
me...I am ready to create my own family. I adore discovering and
learning, meeting new people, new places, cultures, traditions.I am
fond of travelling. I love this world, but i am sure that the man i am
searching for will make it even better! Life is too short to be
alone...let`s share warmth of our hearts! my future man should know
what he wants. He should be honest and the main for me is heart and
his thoughts about life =) I want we will fall in love and live
together till our last day... Life is too short to be alone...let`s
share warmth of our hearts! Your Samanta

Hello my dear ******! How are you??? I understand you that you work
much. If I it is correct to understand you, then you to buy the house?
Now it is necessary to do repair in the house? I am also glad that you
are Orthodox Christians. I am glad that you are in choir of orthodox
church. I sometimes to go to church. I like to go to church. Because
you leave church other person. To give me blessing that I to find
another the man. My parents and the grandmother to call me by Sammy.
You are pleasant to me very much. I can look at YouTube. Only do not
forget to send me your photos. Forgive me for the long response. I
could not write to you before, because I had a lot of pain in my leg.
I now visited the hospital and came to the Internet cafe. The day
before yesterday I was robbed and my foot was hurt. I could not visit
the internet cafe. I'll write you a big letter tomorrow. I keep
thinking about you. you are always in my thoughts. I have to go to the
pharmacy and buy an ointment. I'm sorry, I'll write you tomorrow. Your

Hello my dear ****!!! How are you today? Of course you can call me by
the road. I ask you, do not think of other girls. I do not want that
you compared me to other girls. I never thought to take someone else's
money. I ask you that you trusted me. I am glad that you wrote me your
address. I am ready to learn a modern language. I already have the
higher education. I am ready to work and help you with everything.
Just understand me that I need no lovers. I am that woman who is ready
to have only one man. Well I am a one-woman man and I want I want to
be only with one man. Of course my parents worry concerning me a
little. But my parents understand me that I am an adult girl and it is
time for me to have the family and the happiness. I have news
concerning my arrival to you. In travel agency I was told that I need
to have 865 euros. As I said to you that I need to have 245 euros for
my documents. Also I have to buy the ticket with Moscow to Trondheim.
My plane ticket will cost 620 euros. Forgive, but I cannot find such
money. For me it is big money and I not to have such money. I spoke
with my parents and my parents are ready to help me. My parents told
me that they can give me 100 more euros. I already said to you that my
parents gave me 245 euros for my documents. Now my parents gave me 345
euros. Therefore I need to have for my arrival to you 520 euros now.
Please tell me, you can help me?? I cannot find such a large sum of
money here in Russia. I do not know what now to do to me. I am afraid
that we should leave because I will not find such money. Nothing
really special in my life here. As always I go to work and stay home.
Just an average routine. I want to be with you so much………… I often
thought what we could do together. I have so pleasant dreams about
us…. I talked to my mother and told her about us. She is not against.
She wants me to be happy and I have read her some of your letters. She
says you a very nice and honest person. She wished us good-luck in
what we do now. And now I wish you too success in everything you do. I
kiss you tightly. Love Samanta.

My beloved one *****!! I miss you so much. Every day without you is
like a year for me. I am so tired to be here without you. I am glad
that you are ready to dement me when we with you are in a bed. Do you
want that I on the beach to dress the smallest bikini? It is not
necessary to stop, I like to hear about what you tell me. I am glad
that you to learn about how you can send me your help. I also to learn
about money gram. Now I know how you can send me your help.
Bank address:
You should know my full name Samanta Kotelnikov.
I want to tell you that I cannot receive your help on my name.
All my documents are in travel agency.
Without identity card (ID) I will not be given your help.
Therefore I want that you to send to me your help addressed to my father.
Name of my father of Vladimir Kotelnikov.
Also to me have told, that I should know
1. your full name
2. your full address
3. Control number which you will be told in bank.
I also to learn in tourist the agency about whether it is necessary to
have money to arrive in your country. Then I was told that I am
obliged to have 50 euros a day. Therefore I think that it will be
better for me if I to arrive to you for one month. Therefore I need to
have 1500 euros. But I will not spend this money. I will return this
money to you as soon as I arrive. I liked your dream which dreamed
you. I hope that this dream will be a reality soon. I want that all
this occurred. I want to make love to you as soon as possible. We in
Russia had a holiday yesterday. In Russia to celebrate Easter. I to
paint eggs and to bake an Easter cake. I also went to church. My
friends already say that I am crazy as sometimes I begin to talk to
you. You can't imagine how hard it is to be without you here. I want
always to be with you. In addition, I do not want ever lose you. Life
without you will have no sense for me. I love you so much.Thank you
for responding to me, I hope everytime I received a letter from you
that we will get closer and closer. I have been thinking about you a
lot, everyday I come internet cafe from work I turn on the computer to
see if I received anything from you. Just thinking about you makes me
happy, I think a lot about the day that we can be together, I truly
think a lot about us having a life together. I know that I can make
you very happy, and I know in my heart that you can make me very happy
also, my intentions are very serious about you. My intentions is to
make a life with you, I want to be the woman that kisses you good
night, ( every night ) I want to be the man that kisses you every
morning. I truly believe once we get to that certain point of our
corresponding will be ready to move to the next level. I'm looking
forward to that man magic I can't wait to see it, to feel it, to touch
it, our cultures are so much different but that's what makes us
unique, we could truly learn so much from each other. That is why it
would be so romantic. I will always be faithful and true to you I will
never leave your side, I will do my best to make you the happiest man
in the world, all I ask is be true to me, always be honest with me,
and love me, if you can promise me that, I can promise you a very
happy and healthy life together. I am very serious about us I want to
give us and our relationship 110 which means, their is no need for me
to be going elsewhere to try to find my better half, I truly believe
in my heart that you are the one for me, so as I write this letter to
you I am committed to you totally. Love Samanta.

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