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on: March 07, 2019, 11:34:50 AM
Name: Nigora Nurmatova
Age: 29
City: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Hello!!! I am happy to see your answer)
I'm glad you wrote to me.
What is your correct name?
My name Nigora !
I want to find a serious relationship and want to start a family.
I have many years! For me it is more important to create a happy family.
I'm searching for a serious relationship.
My new friend, I want to ask you what city you live in ????. What is the name of your city?
I was born on April 9, 1990 in the city of Karaganda, a beautiful country of Kazakhstan.
Have you ever heard of my country Kazakhstan?
Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country.
This is my first time using internet dating. I think that this will not prevent us from continuing to communicate with each other.
I live alone in a small apartment.
My mother lives not far from me. She lives in the village.
I graduated from university and now I work as a salesman in a store.
I sell sportswear. I like my work very much. I work 6 days a week.
I have a hobby: doing sports, cycling, chatting with colleagues, walking in the fresh air and hearing birds singing)
My friend, I want to ask you, what movies do you like?
What books do you like to read?
I love to read fantastic stories And books about love.
My favorite authors are: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Jane Austen, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Charles Dickens.
I want to know more about you.
Tell me about yourself and send your photos.
I send my photos and I think you will like them.

Hello ****** !!! Thank you for writing me.
I was thinking about you ****** !
I knew that you would write to me and it is very interesting for me to receive your letter.
****** , I hope you are just as interested to talk with me!
I believe that there should be an understanding between a man and a woman.
It also follows the confidence and physical inclination!
A man and a woman must first be friends.
Love begins with friendship and trust.
Do you understand what I am talking about?
Thank you very much for your photos! You are a very handsome man!!!
My friend, of course we can talk to you on Skype, but it will be in a few days.
I want to warn you right away that I am not sending my naked photos,
because I was raised in a decent family and I am only looking for a serious relationship !!!
If you need only my bare photos, then we should not write to me. Do you agree with me?
I told you that I work as a shop assistant.
I sell clothes. I like my job.
I work 5 days a week.
I am writing you letters from my house, but I have a computer at work and sometimes I can write you letters from my work.
****** tell me about your hobbies and your work.
What do you work? I'm curious to hear about this.
Do you like your job ****** ?
I will be waiting for your letter and your photos. Nigora.

Hello ****** !!
How is the weather there ****** ?
today the sun is shining in our city and that's why my mood is good.
I am very glad to communicate with you.
I am very interested to learn more about you.
****** , I want to ask you what you don't like about a woman?
Do you want to have a wife in the future? Maybe it will be me?))))
Should she be educated? Smart? Funny?
I do not have my children.
I want to have my children, but only after I have a happy marriage and
my husband will love me.
****** , I now have some time and I am writing you a letter.
****** , I like to listen to different kinds of music: from classical and pop music.
My favourite groups:
Qween, Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue, Enigma!
My favorite singers are:
Sandra, Madonna, Whitney Houston, C.C.Catch!
When I have a rest, I listen to calm music.
****** , what music do you like?
I would be very interested to hear about this.
I also want to send you a video that I recorded for you.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Your new friend Nigora!

Hello ******!!!!
I am glad to receive your letter.
I feel that we have a very good relationship.
I am very glad to your letters ******.
******, I want us to write more letters to each other.
My dear friend, my religion is Christian.
I have not told anyone about you before meeting. we need to know each other better.
******, tell me about the culture in your country.
I would be very interested to hear about it.
I understand that we have different cultures.
There are many monuments in Kazakhstan, many rivers and lakes.
My city Karaganda is a large economic, transport and logistics,
political and cultural center.
Railway transport in Karaganda is very developed.
Karaganda has a great cultural heritage.
It is rich, diverse, reflects wide regional differences.
On the territory of our city preserved monuments of architecture.
******, I was thinking about you.
I am pleased to send you my photos.
I also wanted to ask, did you get my video? Did you like it?
I think distance does not exist for love.
Now I have to finish the letter.
I'll be waiting for your letter.

Hello ****** !!!!!!!!!!!
I am happy that I met you and I want to know you more and more.
I want to talk to you more often.
This is the first time I've met such a good person like you, and I really like you.
I am not afraid of trials and I want to find a faithful and reliable husband.
My husband will never be disappointed in me because I love the warmth and comfort in the house.
My dear friend, I had relationships before, but I will tell you about them a little later.
I think my mother will be glad that I met you.
Do you have Skype? Do you want to see me on Skype ???
Yesterday after work, I decided to cook a meal.
I went to the store and bought some groceries.
I made a very tasty salad.
I like to cook various dishes.
My favorite dish is salad.
****** tell me you like to cook food?
Or do you buy ready-made products ???
Perhaps in the future we will meet and we will cook together different dishes,
but it's still too early to talk about it.
We need to know each other better.
I have long wanted to find a serious and intelligent person.
Who understood me and treated me with kindness and tenderness.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Your Nigora!

Hello ****** !!!!!!!!!!
****** , your letter as a ray of sunshine warms my heart and elevates my mood.
****** , do you like my photos? Do you like me?
What do you like most about me?
****** when I'm at work, I think about you.
I am happy to have met you.
At night I fell asleep and had a dream. In this dream I was on the seashore and sunbathed.
I lay on my back and read some book.
And  then  the  shadow covered the sun and I turned around. It was you
You said that such skin as mine does not burn, you must use a sunblock.
I said that I have a tanning cream.
But I can't put it on my back.
you said you would help me.
****** , you have such nice and soft hands and I enjoyed it when you used tanning cream.
I woke up and did not know how it all ended.
But I think that I can see the continuation of this dream.
Dear my friend, do you even read my letters? I do not live in Russia, I have never been to Russia.
I live and give birth in Kazakhstan. This is a completely different country.
****** , I want to ask you about your past relationships with girls.
How long was your last relationship?
I think this is not such a frank question.
If it hurts you to remember this, then tell me so.
I won't ask you about this anymore.
I will talk about my past relationships in the following letters.
Would you be interested to hear about this ******?
I send you a photo. I look forward to your letters.
See you.
On this I will finish my letter.
Nigora !!!!

Hello my dear ****** !!!!!!!!!!!
Your letter again brings joy and happiness to me.
I'm glad you didn't forget about me and wrote to me.
I was waiting for your letter.
****** , I learned a lot about you.
I like you. Do you have secrets from me?
are you hiding something from me? Tell me please.
****** , I have no secrets from you.
I can talk to you about what I want. I think you understand me.
I do not like people who lie.
Since my childhood I was raised so as not to lie.
My mother said that in order to lie - it is necessary to have a very good memory so as not to get confused.
I think it's better not to lie at all. And then everything will be fine.
I wanted to ask you if you have Skype? Do you want to see me on Skype?
If you want to talk with me on Skype, please write me your Skype. Good???
I am not afraid of trials and I want a faithful and reliable husband who will love me.
Probably affects the education, which gave me my mother, and she I was very strict.
****** , you know, when I walked from work I saw an accident.
Faced two cars. Many people gathered to look at the accident.
One of the drivers was drunk. Because of him an accident occurred.
He drove through a red light and crashed into another car.
in Kazakhstan, it happens that some people drive by car drunk.
A lot of people die because of drunk drivers.
I believe that you need to take a driver's license from such drivers.
****** , do you have a lot of drunk people driving the wheel ???
****** , can you drive a car?
I have never been driving a car and can’t drive.
I do not have a driver's license.
I think it is very difficult to learn how to drive a car.
****** , I will finish my letter and will wait for your letter.
I will write you more in the next letter.

Hello, beautiful ****** !!
****** , your letters bring me a lot of joy.
Do you like my photos?
Do you like me?
I am glad that we know each other and have become so close to each other.
****** , I promised to tell you about my past relationships.
We lived and talked on any topics.
He knew all my secrets.
I did not hide anything from my ex-boyfriend and trusted him.
At that time, I did not know what a really bad guy he was.
He borrowed $ 1000 from me.
I gave it to him and when the time came to return, he did not give it away.
One day, he again asked for money.
I learned that all the money I gave to my ex-boyfriend, he spent it on another girl.
I was shocked. He was cheating on me.
After that, I left him and never again communicated with him.
My heart was broken !!!
I could not accept this for 1 year.
I was sick and bad.
That is why I am looking for a person from another country through the Internet.
I want to find a person for a serious relationship.
I want to create a happy marriage and have children.
In Kazakhstan, there are no favorable conditions for this purpose.
In our country, people use alcohol, they drink a lot and do not care about their family and even cheat on girls. I came across this.
A person must be kind, gentle, able to love.
Why did you write me Skype? You do not want to talk with me on Skype?
****** , I think that we will not have problems with trust.
I trust you and want you to trust me.
I don't want such a bad story to happen to me again.
Do you agree with this?
****** , it's more important for me to create a happy family than to see how much money a person has.
For me, money is not the main thing in life. I have many years and I want to have a happy marriage.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Nigora !!!

Hello my dear  ****** !!
****** , your letter again bring joy and happiness.
****** , you quickly hooked my heart with your sincerity and honesty.
I am writing to you and I am glad that you will soon read my letter.
My dear, I have not learned anything yet to come to you.
****** , all my friends and relatives say that I have changed a lot.
They are surprised to me and my happiness.
I want to thank you for making me happy.
at my job they know that I met you.
Everyone reacts differently. I do not know why.
I told you that I write you letters from home and sometimes use a computer at work.
To get online from my work, I need to pay $ 5.
I will pay any money to write you ****** .
****** , With a man like you, we will be a beautiful couple.
****** , I want to know how is your day.
What are you doing? What time do you wake up?
How do you think your day would change if I came to you and was with you?
We would be together.
I want us to spend time together, to enjoy our love and passion, kisses. I want us to wake up every day in our arms.
****** , what do you think our first kiss will be like.
I think it will be fine. I can feel your love and your tenderness and passion.
I really want to try your kiss. I'm sure he is beautiful.
****** I don't know why, but after meeting you, I feel very good.
I have a lot of strength, I want to do something.
I'm happy. Because I have you.
How do you like my photos? I send you my photos.
Say, do you like it?
Now I have to go.
Your friend Nigora !!!

Hi ****** , my very best, very good.
****** , I'm glad to your letter.
I really miss you and I think about you all the time.
You are always in my heart.
I feel like my heart is beating when I think of you and I feel very good.
I want you and me to be happy, so that our happiness never ends.
I want to be with you ****** , I want our dreams to become a reality forever.
I used to write little about your feelings.
It was only because I wanted to understand my feelings and thoughts.
I needed time to get to know you more and see how you would treat me.
I like your attitude to me ****** .
****** , I will do everything to make you happy.
****** , I want to feel your hands, your kisses, the warmth of your lips and the sweetness of the kiss.
I want to feel your breath.
You are my prince and I will do everything so that you and I will be happy forever.
I want to be only with you. ****** ,  I'll be with you.
With you forever. We will be happy.
I promise you that very soon I will be in your arms, and I promise that I will be with you forever.
Write me your address.
Write me:
Your name, your last name, your country, your city, the zip code of your city, your street and your house number.
I want to know everything about you! I also want to send you a gift, if you certainly do not mind.
you are the only ****** who could kindle the fire of love in my heart.
It is a hot, raging flame that burns me from head to foot and penetrates all my body particles.
I have not felt the warmth of male hands for a long time.
Forgive me for my feelings, but this is true ****** .
I melt from your every letter and it's true!
I have no words. Some emotions after I see your letter.
Every night I fall asleep thinking about you ****** .
I have beautiful dreams in which we walk with us and hold each other's hands, saying gentle words to each other.
I look forward to this moment when it happens.
I probably will soon go crazy with such dreams.
I now think that after all the time that you and I wrote to each other,
I could understand that you are the person with whom I can continue to live my life.
I love you.
I will be waiting for your letter.
Your friend Nigora!

Hello my dear ****** !!
I am glad to receive your letter.
Your letter warmed my heart. I'm glad I know you.
****** , thank you for your compliments.
I consider myself an ordinary woman like everyone else.
I think I was very lucky that we found each other ****** .
I very much understand and accept your thought positively.
I think my future is you ****** !!!
Your letters give me the strength to live and I feel better.
****** , you know, I had a dream tonight.
It was wonderful because I saw you.
you and I were on the island and the whole world belonged only to us two.
The sun was so bright that it blinded and burned with its rays.
the water was blue and clear, and we lay on the sand.
There were no worries and we enjoyed each other and made love over and over again,
opened the most intimate places to deliver pleasure.
It was a wonderful dream !!!!!
I know that if something is a dream it is because you strongly want it.
I understand that I really want this very much.
I believe that this will happen soon and happiness overwhelms me when I imagine it.
I want to be with you and hope you feel the same way.
****** , you know, soon I have a vacation at work and we can meet.
I want to come to you and stay with you.
****** Please tell me in detail what you think about our meeting?
****** how do you think our meeting will be?
How will she be? What do we do?
I really want to know your opinion.
I will be sure that I will be safe with you and you will take care of me.
I am very interested to see how you live in your country.
I think that in order to get to know each other better you need to meet in person.
I had never felt anything like this after my ex-man deceived me and took the money from me.
I feel an indescribable feeling that covers a person when his dearest wish is fulfilled.
Maybe I am fantasizing a little more, but I cannot refuse myself.
I met you ****** and the emptiness was replaced by a lot of different feelings and sensations.
I feel attracted to you and really want the friendship and love between us to unite.
****** , you woke up feelings in me that I thought were long gone.
I love you ****** just because you are.
I want you to hug me !!!
Your Nigora !!!

Hi my love ****** !!
****** , do you mind if I call you that?
My chest has such a fluffy feeling from the fact that there is a loved one.
Sometimes I almost physically feel your presence.
My dear, I will find out all the information to come to you.
****** , do you write to other women besides me?
Just tell me honestly. I do not write to anyone except you.
I don't want you lying to me. Tell me honestly.
I am very pleased to communicate only with you.
I want you to communicate only with me and not write to other women.
If you write to other women, then I will be offended by it (((
You understand me?
****** , I want to be in your city with you now!
I really want to meet you. Will you invite me to your place?
We could get to know each other better.
If you want me to come to you, then tell me ****** .
****** , I hope that you do not mind me coming.
I need to learn more about how to visit you.
I love you ****** !!!!!!!!!!
For your sake, I will do everything and our love will be with us forever.
I am ready to change my life for the better.
I want to start building my happiness. ****** , I miss you.
I kiss you as many times as I can and hold to my heart with infinite love and tenderness.
How passionately I love you ****** , as if the flame burns and consumes me,
and I feel that this love is mutual.
I am madly in love with you ****** , but my character, prudence,
do not always give a complete way out of these feelings, hold back so as not to squander them right away for you,
but to keep and give them to you throughout your life.
I don't need anyone but you ****** .
You are more precious than anything in the world.
Your Nigora!

Hello my beloved and my beautiful ****** !!!
You are my dearest.
I had a good mood when I read your letter.
I  miss  you very much and I cannot fall asleep at night right away, I
think of you ****** .
I want to feel you. How I caress you. We groan with pleasure and love.
The good news is that I can get your letters that soothe me and give me strength and hope for our meeting.
I love you more than life ****** !!!
I love you very very very much. I can not imagine a day without your love.
You really are very important to me ****** .
I really want love and warm feelings between us.
I want confidence and mutual understanding between us.
You, the man I was looking for.
Tell me please, how do you view your future with me?
I want to marry you. Yesterday I went to bed late and I thought about you.
****** , I really want to meet you as soon as possible.
Really look at things and I think you need to prepare for this.
I think everything will be fine. Then I have to determine the time when I will be ready for the meeting.
I am ready to meet you. I will go to the agency.
I will inform you later how I will have everything to prepare to come to you. Ok?
****** , write me the city in which we will meet and the name of the airport.
It is very important.
I can stay at your home while you are at work, and then in the evening we can be together!
I want to kiss you every day when you come home!
I will then begin to take some steps for our meeting.
I want you to write to me every day, and also inspire me!
I think our meeting is necessary for us!
****** , my dear, every night I have thoughts of you,
like a star-fall, stars fall and burn in darkness.
I love, I love, and I want to love you and only you ****** !
I have to finish my letter.
Your Nigora.

Hello my beautiful man ****** !!!
****** , I am very glad to receive your letter.
Thank you for writing to me from the heart.
I receive such letters from you, full of warmth and kindness.
I am overwhelmed with love for you ****** .
If earlier I wrote you little about my feelings,
it was only because I wanted to understand my feelings and thoughts.
I  needed time to get to know you more and see how you would treat me.
I very love you ****** .
I want to be with you and only with you.
I have the most wonderful feelings for you ****** .
I’ve been looking for someone like you ****** ,
I am very glad that you appeared in my life ****** !!!!!!
For me, you have become a loved one and I am glad that we trust each other.
It is very important that we trust each other.
****** , you know, I have already begun to take some measures for our meeting.
I can go to a travel agency and find out all the details to go to you.
I plan to go to a travel agency and I will write all the details as soon as I find out.
You are the only one who could kindle the fire of love in my heart.
It is a hot, raging flame that burns me from head to foot and penetrates all my body particles.
I melt from your every letter and it's true!
I have no words, some emotions after I see your newly arrived letter.
Every night I fall asleep thinking about you ****** .
I have beautiful dreams in which we walk, holding each other's hands and saying gentle words to each other.
I look forward to this moment when this happens.
I probably will soon go crazy with such dreams.
I look forward to your reply.
Your love Nigora !!!!

Hi dear ****** !!!
My dear ****** , I hope that when you read this letter, you arrive in a great mood! I have a great mood.
I learned everything about coming to you.
I must apply for a visa, passport and medical insurance policy.
The visa will be ready one week after the submission of documents and payment.
I can be in your country for 3 months, but if it is more convenient for you, then I can stay to live with you.
Yes, my dear, if we decide that we are suited to each other, I will stay with you for life if you want it!
This possibility probably happens only once in a lifetime!
And we can feel our breath and heartbeat.
Everything we wanted, my dear.
I love you very much ****** , and I dream of our meeting.
I want to see you soon, feel the touch of your hands and feel your love.
You are the best ****** !
I will need to apply for a visa, passport and medical insurance
about 350 dollars, I’ll find this money without any problems, since I’ve been saving money a little from my
salary. I will gladly spend this money on my journey to you.
Also at a travel agency I was told that in order to get a visa I need to buy two air tickets.
That is, in my case, I need to buy tickets. This is one of the main conditions for obtaining a visa.
to your country Flights cost about 550 dollars in both directions.
There is a good news that if we don’t need a second air ticket, we can return it to your country and we will get the money back.
I still have money for flights but only about 150 dollars.
I am ready to invest everything that I have in my meeting with you, but without your help I cannot cope. Now I miss about 400 dollars.
And for me now it is a very large amount. The money that I put in a visa and a part of the airline tickets I saved for a long time, but I don’t have it anymore.
If I have the whole amount of money tomorrow, I can apply for all documents and a visa at once, buy tickets and fly to you in about 8-10 days.
I think this is great news because we can see each other and look into our eyes.
These days I will have a lot to do as I need to get ready for my main journey in life, this is a trip to you.
I will need to collect a lot of documents and do a lot of things.
But all this is doable and I will try to do it as soon as possible.
My dear ****** , it is not very convenient for me to ask for your help, but I have no one else to rely on and therefore I have to do it.
After all, we must do all this for our future.
My beloved ****** , we love each other very much and will be together in a short time.
Every day I dream of meeting us at the airport, and you can’t imagine how much I miss you!
It is worth even for a moment that I close my eyes, as I imagine the whole picture and happiness penetrates me to my fingertips.
I love you ****** ! I trust you and have already entrusted the most important thing - this is my heart.
And I believe in you, I believe that you will treat him with care, because it is so easy to break.
And I believe with all my heart and soul that you can handle it.
I dream of how we will live together, we will go for a walk in the park, holding hands, and meet numerous sunrises.
I want you to show me all the most beautiful places in your city, places where you like to walk and where you like to spend your time.
More  than  anything,  I want to be with you, you are my greatest love
****** !
I love you ****** , and every day I miss you very much my dear!
My ****** , I want to say that I discussed our meeting with my mother, because this is now the main topic.
My mother is very happy for you and me.
She approves of our close feelings with you, she is so happy because she sees how much we love each other.
My mother told me that we will definitely be happy with you!
She sees my feelings for you, my happiness and she understands me,
My mother sees that you and I cannot be without each other and wishes us great love!
Big congratulations to you from my mom.
she really believes in you!
My beloved ****** , let me finish my letter and remember that you are always in my thoughts, and even more so in my heart.
I am very glad that you are such a good man. My heart is in real male hands.
Take care of him, because I love you very much!
My dear ****** .
I love you and count on your help!
Your forever Nigora !!!

Hi my ******!!!
My ******, I am very glad to receive your answer. You make me the happiest in the world. I am very glad that you will help me
with money for our meeting. I think it will be the most beautiful day when you will meet me at the airport. I really hope,
that this will happen very soon. My dear, I can stay with you for 90 days, we can make the meeting bigger, and we can reduce it.
I think it all depends on how well we are together. But in order to understand this, I must come to you,
my dear, and then we will decide what I will do, as far as I arrived. Of course, all this time
I want to spend time with you my dear and I hope that this will be a wonderful time.
Today I went to the bank and found out how it would be easier to send your help.
The lady in the bank advised me a fast reliable money transfer system MoneyGram or Western Union. I can get your help in 15 minutes.
My dear, in order to send money you will need information about me.
First Name: Nigora
Last Name: Nurmatova
Country: Kazakhstan.
City: Karaganda
My beloved ******, I hope you can send this money for my tickets, tomorrow!
After you send me the money, you will have to write me all your data and money transfer data:
your full name, surname, address, city of sending money, the exact amount of money and the MTCN code.
I will need all these data so that I can receive your money. Do you understand me?
Dear, I hope you are fine, and your mood just rolls over. Because my mood is just beautiful and it seems to me
that my heart will jump out of my chest soon. I love you very much and most of all I want to rather be with you ******.
The main thing is never to give up, no matter what difficulties arise. I am sure that we will succeed, because we have to believe a friend in
friend I have already entrusted my heart to you, my beloved ******, and I want to believe that when you do not break it, I want that we were the most
happy in the world.
You are the dearest to me and I want to be with you and only with you, my prince. I want to make you the happiest! I want us to
walked around the city and kissed each other, went to the cinema and most of all I want to wake you up every morning with my most tender kisses.
I am confident that we will succeed.
Now the most important thing is to start making a passport and a visa, so that later I can fly to you at any time.
And I think it will be right, because then there will be no unnecessary problems.
I really want this, my dear ******, and with all my heart and soul, I hope for your help and support. My dear, I look forward to your letter. Your Nigora !!!

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