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Olga <>
« on: March 06, 2019, 07:01:08 AM »
Name: Olga
Age: 34
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Hi ******. It is pleasant to me to receive your answer. I received your
email from marriage agency. They help people to find the soulmate in
the Internet. Recently I was written by the manager of the agency and
told that by criteria of my search they found to me the man.
You were him. They gave me your email and therefore I wrote to you.
I want to explain to you why I look for the man on the Internet and
what aims I pursue. I do not manage to find the soulmate where I live.
And as we live in the modern world, I decided to expand the radius of
my search, having used marriage agency on the Internet.
My purposes are to find the love, to create the serious and long
relations or even to start a family. To me 34 years. And I even was
never married and I have no children. I worry because of it. I very
much am afraid that I in general will remain one and I will not meet
the man with whom I could create the long and serious relations.
I hope that you look for the girl for creation of the serious and
long relations. If it quite so, then I think that we need to get acquainted
and recognize each other. I send you my photos. I expect that you will
also send me the photos. If you answer me and will send me the photos,
then I will know that I was pleasant to you, and our purposes of
acquaintance coincide. I will be glad if tomorrow I see your answer.

Hi ******! I am glad, to see your answer. I hoped that you will
answer me. And you equaled my hopes. I hope that we have really
identical purposes, to find the soulmate for creation of the serious
and long relations.
I very much liked your photo. You look on it remarkably and
attractively. I with big pleasure would would like to have further
with you correspondence and of course to see from you as much as
possible new photos.
I will a little tell about myself. I live in the city - Arti. It is
the town with the population more than 12000 people. I lived all my
life here. I was born here and studied. And now I live and I work in
the same city. Earlier I lived together with the mother in the
private house. But a few years ago I moved to the small apartment and now
I live alone. I independent also live for a long time as I want. I work
in shop of cosmetics and perfumery. My profession selling assistant.
I get paid small. But is enough for me for life. Therefore I'm fine.
I have no reasons to complain of life except that I have no beloved.
In the city where I live, many men who are not brought up, drinking
alcohol swear also eternally. Among such men I do not even want to
look for the soulmate more. Especially I many times was already
disappointed with the relations with men in my city. Men betrayed me
and deceived. Therefore I decided to look for the man in other place
on the Internet. I hope that you understand me and you are not condemned.
I just want to find the love and the happiness. And I think
what is not important as well as where I will be able to find it.
Important when I will be able to find it. Because years go, and I want
to find the soulmate quicker. I want to find the man with whom I will
create the long and happy relations. Perhaps, you are that man.
Time and our communication will help us to understand it. Therefore let's
continue to communicate. I will only be glad to it. I will answer all
your questions.
I will finish my letter now. As I have a lot of work. Write me at
any time. Ask questions and to tell me about itself. As I will have
an opportunity, I will answer you with great pleasure.
Your new familiar Olga.

Hi ******. I am glad to see your answer again. I read what you wrote
to me. And now I had time to answer you. As always it is pleasant to
me to tell you more about himself and about my life.
It is pleasant to me to know that you adopted the girl from Russia.
I very much appreciate such acts.
As you have to know already to me 34 years. Because I wrote you my age.
My birthday will be on October 25. My zodiac sign – the Scorpion.
I do not know whether you trust in a horoscope. If you trust, then you
can look as far as we are compatible on astrology. I trust in
astrology and horoscopes a little. I prefer to look at the person and
his attitudes towards me, than at its zodiac sign. My character quiet.
I seldom swear and seldom I condemn someone. I cheerful and open with
all people. I do not love big and noisy parties where there are a lot
of drunk people. Most often I have a rest at home or outdoors.
I love animals. To be pleasant to me the sport. I keep the figure and
I eat properly. My growth is 165 centimeters. My weight is 52 kilograms.
I not bad ride a bicycle. Especially in the summer I like to ride near
the rivers or forests. In the winter I prefer to ski. Or I just stay
at home, I watch TV. Sometimes I go with friends to movie theater.
I like to watch movies about history, the nature, and love. I like
direction pop music. And what you like to do? What can you tell about
yourself still? As always it will be interesting to me to learn
slightly more about you.
I already said to you that I live separately from my mother. From my
family I have only her. My father died long ago. He had heart troubles.
And when he drank a lot of alcohol once, his heart did not sustain it.
I grew up almost without my father. Mother brought up me. Her name Irina.
She is a good and wise woman. I love my mother. It for me the only
native person. It would be interesting to learn about your dear
people who surround you now now. Tell me more about the family if
you want it. I will wait for your new letter. I hope that you will
like my photo which I send you. Olga.

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