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Tatyana <>
« on: March 06, 2019, 06:44:38 AM »
Name: Tatyana
Age: 35
City: Novosibirsk, Russia

Hello ******!!!  How are you? My name Tatyana and i'm from Russia.Some  dating  agency was gave to me your e-mail address and say that i
must  write  to  you.  I hope this is not mistake. Write to me, if i'm wrong.
Soo  i'm  from  Russia! My birthday January 15th  and now i'm 35 years old.  I'm single lady, never married and i dont have kids.
I  want to find man from another country. I want to find pure man with big heart!
I  dont  have  time  to game and pen pall. I dotn want to exchange with make  and intimate photo. If you interesting in serious relationship and
you  like my photo . E-mail me! I will answer to you! Have a good day, Tatyana.

Hello  dear  ******!!!!!!! How is your Thursday?I hope well. Today we  have nice weather. -6 not too cold for this time. Oh i forgot say,
that  i  live  at  Siberia,  city Novosibirsk. Its around 3500 km from Moscow.
Thank you so much for your photo. I like them so much!
I  dont  have skype and another programme. Because i write to you from my work and here i cant use it.
Today i was work. And i was have not too much clients. Just 5! Usually i have 7 or 8 at one day. I  work at beauty center. I'm cosmetologist.
And my clients most time only woman. Most of them want have clean skin, they want look more younger. And i try to do every thing what i can.
Some time woman dont understand nothing and ask me, make them duck lips. This is looking so funny. I work 5 days at week and i have 2 free
days when i relax!I was study at medical college. And now 2 times at year i have courses to know more about medicine and about beauty industry.
So sorry, i think i talk to much about my work. Now i want to know all about your work! What is business technology? And may be some photo?
Its possible? I'm wait your letter. Wish you good day! Tatyana from Russia

Hello  dear  ******!!!!!!! I"m really sorry that i was not able write to
you!  I  was think about this. But i really cant. In Russia we was had
holiday  here.  March  8th in my country holiday its Woman's day here.
I  write  to you from my work. And this is why i not e-mail you. I was
have few free days. And i was go to my parents to village.
Any  i  need  return to work now. I will write to you later again long
e-mail. Have a good day! Many kisses. Tatyana

Hello  ******!!!! How  is your day? With me every thing good. And i have    very  good  mood.  I  little  not understand why i need go to Internet
cafe? I write to you from my work and i can use it when i want.
I want say that i'm serious in my wish to find man. May be you can ask me why from another country? No man at Russia?
Of  course  a lot of man at Russia. But i think the same with you. You also  alone.  And why? Because some thing not so good happen with both
if  us  and  we  are  single  now.  I belive you, like me want to find special   person.  Right  now  at Russia not this special man. Because
most  of  them want clever princess with very good job. What they do? Just  love  drink  and sat at sofa. This is happen after Second world
war.  A  lot of man was died at this war. And after was 10 woman and 2 man. Of course this is was already war for men))))
And  now  a  lot  of man here think the same. That woman most take him attention. And do all work.
May  be this is normal 60 years ago. But now now. I'm woman and i want
be just woman.
I  want  love,  i want give my love, i want feelings. For me important have  common  interests.  I want walk together. Have camping. Watch TV
together. I love romantic at simple things. I'm simple person and you can ask me
every  thing!  For  me important to have communication and talk with my partner. May be will better say have union.
I   can   say  to  you  thing  witch  important  for  me  -  feelings,trust,honest,humor  and  support. This is my base. This is was give to
me my parents. They living together more than 30 years together.
I  ready  for  new relationship. I'm open for you. I finish my letter. And  at end i will put some information. I was already say to you that
i want that you will know me more. I send to you kisses Tatyata
My  favorite color white, black, red, blue, pink, grey. May be will be
easy say all colors.
I  love  to  listen  classic music. I love Bah, Chopin, Mozart. I love
some pop music. I like Selena Gomez,Katy Perry, The Weekend.

Hello  dear  ******!!!  Nice to hear from you again! Thank you for your letter. I like and it make my mood much better!
You ask me what think my natives about my wish to find man from another country? I still not talk abut this with them. I think this is my life
and  my  choice.  I  think they will understand and support me in this
Today  with  my girlfriend we was go to Ukraine restaurant. And what i was  eat  there?  Of course national soup borsch. A lot of people think
that  this is Russian dishes. But this is mistake, because its came to us from Ukraine. And this is very and very tasty. I also can to cook good
borsch. I love to cook. I live alone and i don’t like to cook for myself only.
But i dream about day when my day will start from 2 cup pf coffee and 4 eggs for me and my man)
I  prefer  eat  healthy  food.  And  i  love  eat  a  lot of fruit and vegetables.  I  love  all sea food!!!! Different kind of fish. This is
what i really love))) Here where i live its so difficult to find fresh seafood. Every thing freeze.And of course i love Italian food. Pasta and pizza!
I  don’t  smoke  and i don’t drink alcohol. If we have some party i have just cup of vine and for me this is enough. But i see to other Russian
woman,  and  i  not understand what happen. Because most of them smoke and drink, like man. This is so strange. They not care about them self. How then
plan to have family? This is really what i cant explain. This  is not my type of live and wishes. I dont want that my live will
spend for cigarets, alcohol and party.
I  love  to know every thing new. I love read books, i love walk. I go to museum and theater. I love go to forest and have camping there.
And  i  have feel that i help to people with my work. My clients happy what i do for them.What  you think if i will arrive to your country. Its will be possible
for  me to find job? I think may be Russian education will not enough. Soo  i  already  a lot of write to you again) I wish you very and very
good day. Send you kisses! Tatyana
I  was  already say to you that i love read. And my favorite Bulgakov. This is great man and he was write great story!
Also i love to read Tolstoy, Tolkien, Jain Ostin.I love to read different magazine about fashion, culture and science
I attach some photo. Some man also want have good skin))))

Hello  dear  ******!!!!!  I hope your day much better than mine! Because i was so tired today. I was have so much work, a lot of clients. Some time i
think that i spend a lot of time with woman. Because most of them talk a  lot  of. And i just set, work and talk with them. I want say that not all
woman  clever))) But this is my work. And i must be delicate with each of  them. I'm happy to reed your letter. And thank you so much for your
words. For me important your opinion and you letter!
Soo  you  ask  me  about  religion.  I want tell you i'm Orthodox. I'm religion  woman.  With  my  mother 2 times at Month we go to church. I
belive  this  is  make  our  more strong! But at the same time i'm not fanatic.  I mean that of course i belive  in God, but htis is not main
in my life.
I'm  really so tired today. And not i want relax. When i dont have any power  i  prefer  have hot bath. This is really relax me. Or if I’m at
village  my  parents  we  go  to banya. This is like sauna, but little different. May be more hot and steam more wet.
At Russia a lot of people who live at village they don’t have shower or bath.  They have only banya. And i think i can make surprise you, some
villages don’t have any gas and electric. Yes this is so funny)))
A  lot  of  people  older  45 years they afraid use computer and smart phone.  They afraid to do something wrong. For example my parents they
have just simple telephone. And they can only call) They don’t know how send  text message. Some time i think Russian people not so clever and
i  don’t  understand  why.  They afraid or they don’t want? I guess they don’t want. And for this is Russian lazy))))
My dear, i think our country so different. But like i was write to you already  that  i  love  to  know  every  thing  new.  And  i  love our
communication.  Right  now  this  is  most interesting for me. And you like  a  book for me. I want read more and more. And i don’t know final.
This  is  make me nervous and  exited. I love your letter. I love your personality. I love your character.I finish my letter, and i send to you many sweet kisses. Tatyana
Before  i was wrote to you what i love. Now i want write to you what i don’t  love.  I  don’t  love  smoke,  i  don’t love lied, i don’t love
bureaucracy this is make me angry. I dont love to wait)

Hello  dear ******!!  How are you today? I have good day! I was talk with my mum at this morning, then i was have cup of coffee and came to
work.  I have only 4 clients today. And i will end my work much early, then  usually.  And  this  is also make me happy))) But of course your
letter  make  my  day  much better and now i have very big smile at my  face.  I  belive that when you will read my letter, you will also have
big smile. I want that my letter make you happy!
This  is  really  interesting that we are so far away from each other. Different  time,  country,  culture. But our letter   help to us. With
each  letter i know something new about you. I want that you will send  to  me photo! This is will make me happy! Because your photo also show
to me you and your life.  I  want  to know every thing about you. At what time you wake up, what  is  your  favorite  dishes, what make you angry! Really i want to know
all this things!
I  also  tell you about me!!! Because i want that you will know better me.  I  have  many  different interests. I love pets. But they like my
friends!  I  love  read  books.  Watch TV. I love listen music, i love  swim.  3  times at week i go to gym. I love be at good shape! What you
think about this? I want that my man will love my shape too!   I think God create woman for beauty. But dont worry i not only in good
shape,  i'm  clever  woman)
Also   i  have  a  question? Do you want that i will call you? I think  this  is  will  be  so great, right? I want to hear your voice! If you
also want it, just send to me your number.Soo  i  need end my letter. I wish you very good day! And already wait your answer! Tatyana from Russia

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