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Katya <>
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:26:25 AM »
Name: Katya
Age: 31
City: Tuma, Russia

Good day!
How are you?
My name is Katyusha. My age 31 year. I live in a small city Russia Tuma. I single. I focused on serious relationship. In a man for me important reliability and, of course, know that you will always give a shoulder. The main thing in life for me is family. Also for me main in a relationship understanding each other and comfort.
I will write a little about myself. I do in my free time I study fitness, read books, listening to music. I love to dance;)
Probably you ask yourself how did I find you? I found your mailbox address through a dating agency. Most likely, you ask where did they get your mailbox address? I do not know, how a dating site found your mailbox address. After registering on the site, I filled out a questionnaire, what criteria in a man I am interested in to the agency selected a man who will suit me. Agency provided your mailbox address. But there is one problem in that my subscription is free, so I do not know anything about you. I do not have your photo, I do not know your country, in your city and what the most important, how old are you. Nothing I do not know about you. Therefore, if you want to continue further communication, please tell us about yourself. Later, when we get to know each other better, we can see each other and chat via Skype.
I in search of love and friendship. Write me to my mailbox address , if I interested you.
Best regards, Katia!

Hello ******.
Today i opened an email and was pleasantly surprised.
Sorry for waiting for a response, I didn’t expect you to answer so quickly.
In my post I wrote that I am looking for a serious relationship for a future meeting.
My plan is to create acquaintance on the Internet and in the near future to make the first meeting.
At the moment I want to know you better, I must understand what kind of man you are.
It is important to understand your character and your desire to develop communication and relationships.
I understand that there is an age difference between us and that does not frighten me.
The character and inner world of a man is important to me, these are important qualities for me.
Age gives a lot of experience in life, and I love experienced men who know what they need in life.
Unfortunately, my home computer broke down and the master took it for inspection.
Maybe soon I will have a computer repaired, but for now I will use a working computer.
It is a pity, but on the work computer there are no devices for online communication.
And we will have to use the communication in the e-mail, this romantic communication as in former times.
Now there is a long distance between us, but thanks to this communication we will become closer.
At the moment we can communicate via e-mail and then make a meeting.
I want to tell why I decided to look for a man in another country.
My previous experience was sad and my man died in an accident.
I was depressed, but now I have gathered strength and decided to meet again.
I hope that our communication will have a great development.
At this point I will finish the message and wait for your answers.
Best regards Katya!

Hello ******!
Thank you for your reply, I thought that you would answer much later.
I expected to open the e-mail later, but today I have free time and I can read your answer.
I learned a lot from your first posts and I understand where you live and your views on life and our communication.
In the last letters I wrote only superficial information so that you understand me and my views.
Today I want to write a great message so that you understand me better.
I wrote to you that I live in a small town Tuma, the population of 6000 people.
She studied at the Ryazan University of Culture and Art.
I work as a dance and choreography teacher. I teach children and adults dancing and choreography.
On weekends I do additional work, I gather a group for an excursion to the theaters.
I like to attend theaters and look at the play of actors and their plastic in dances.
In the last post I wrote you why I started looking for a man.
My experience allowed me to look at the world with another look and I understand that experienced men are my ideal.
I am not looking for a man in Russia, because basically all men are rude and irresponsible and are looking only for easy sex.
I am looking for serious intentions for creating a happy future with my partner.
I am looking for a man who has a noble character who will not offend his woman.
Character traits: kind, intelligent, cheerful, calm, generous, brave, straightforward.
These qualities are important to me and I want you to understand me from the first letters.
At the moment I want to know you better, to understand your character, to see you as a person.
My character: calm, judicious, straightforward, trusting, faithful, well-mannered.
My parents raised me well and I can be proud of my parents.
Thanks to our communication, you will know me better and it will be very interesting for you to communicate with me.
Sorry if I can not answer you instantly, I do not have such an opportunity because
access to the Internet is only on the working computer.
And I began to approach the computer only from the moment of our acquaintance.
I can only read your messages during my working hours and reply to you immediately.
In the future we may use other methods of communication.
I have a simple mobile phone, without the Internet and a video camera.
Calls and SMS are very expensive and we can use it only in a very important case.
I live a quiet modest life, I have a favorite job and enough money to live in Russia.
I am not looking for wealth or luxury, I am satisfied with a quiet life without sudden shocks.
The foundation of communication and trust is being built between us now.
I understand that now on the Internet a lot of cheaters and people who spoil the opinion of others.
I am clean and open to you, I do not hide my thoughts from you and I am writing directly.
We are adults and we understand what we want from this communication.
We are both looking for partners for our happy life, you have already started to learn a lot about me and understand that I am open.
I like your communication and you and I can have a good future.
The main thing is to understand each other from the first messages and learn a lot of new things.
In this message I wrote you a lot of information about yourself.
I will wait for a mutual big answer and I can know you better.
In the application, I will send new photos for you to see how I look.
Sincerely, Katya.   

Hello my new friend ******! How are you? What's new?
Sorry for the late reply, I did not have time to read your answer earlier.
Now I have free time and I can read your message.
We begin to write each other messages and learn new facts. I love it!!!
I wish to develop our acquaintance better with each new day. Do you think so too?
In the last post I wrote a very large message.
Very pleased that you carefully read my message and wrote the answer.
It is important for me that our communication develops, and does not stand at one point.
Movement contributes to development, stopping is regress and reverse.
Time is ticking and I want to use the maximum of opportunities.
I like my job and I feel that this is my job. It is important to enjoy the work and bring pleasure.
In the last post I wrote that I have additional work and I am going on excursions to a major city to visit the theater.
Last weekend we went to the Ryazan Theater to the show "Eight Loving Women."
This is an interesting presentation and my students enjoyed it.
In the application, I will send you a photo from the theater. I want you to see our Russian theaters =)
In the future, I want to see how other theaters in the world look and understand how culture has developed.
I am very pleased to communicate with you and I feel our friendship even through a computer and keyboard.
Today I can’t write a big message because I need to train a new group.
I want to write a big message, but I understand that time does not stretch.
I need to finish the job and go home.
I will be pleased to read your next post.
Sincerely, Katya!

Hello my friend ******.
Over the past few days, we exchanged a few letters with you and it was a pleasant time.
I try to open incoming e-mail more often in order to read your answer and understand you better.
The first messages seemed to me an interesting experience, but now I understand that this is more than just an acquaintance.
We become for each other interesting interlocutors and good friends.
I am embarrassed by new acquaintances, and with you I want to open up and communicate more than usual.
This is strange for me, perhaps it is the availability of the Internet and my complexes.
After my past experience, I forgot how to communicate with men, with you I remember this experience again.
I am pleased that our communication changes me and I become feminine and I understand that the world is moving forward.
Thank you for your answers and thoughts about my past message. I understand that this is important and interesting for you.
I hope that I am opening for you and you will recognize me from different sides. I want to be an open book for you so that you understand me.
I believe that openness and sincerity provide a great advantage when meeting.
You begin to understand what kind of girl I am and that I also have problems like all people.
Perhaps only in fairy tales princesses are fine and they live a beautiful life.
Nowadays, we can understand that real life is much more severe and difficult.
The age difference doesn't matter to me and I like you.
I am Orthodox, I go to church for holidays. My parents are not against our communication.
I haven't talked about you yet, but they know that I started talking to a man from another country.
My friend ******, I sent you a photo of the theater and I hope that you understand what I see and what my life is.
I am interested in sharing my life with you and showing sincere moments.
During our communication, I have not written about my family and how I live.
I must fill this moment for you to understand me and perceive me in reality.
I have a mom, dad, grandmother and sister, start talking about all in order.
I live alone, my parents live in another part of the city in their home.
Mom works as a seller in a clothing store, in 8 months she will retire.
Dad is now retired, all his life he worked as a builder and was a foreman.
Now he has a bad illness and my mother and I are trying to support and help him.
I love my parents very much and wish a lot of health.
Grandma is 83 years old and she lives in a nearby village. Sister already has a family and lives with her husband for 3 years.
In the application, I send a photo of my family and also send a photo of my one-room apartment.
I live modestly and I am not used to wealth. I think that wealth greatly changes a person and makes him greedy and evil.
A person feels life and understands people when he is part of society.
I wrote a great message to you today and I will be glad to receive an answer from you.
I am interested to write you a lot of information and share with you my thoughts.
I hope that you are interested in communication with me and you do not feel bored when you read my messages.
Most of all I fear if our communication will be boring and we will lose interest in each other.
I want to strive to improve our communication and be a good partner for you in this life.
Now I will finish the message and continue my work.
Sincerely, Katya. 

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