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on: February 13, 2019, 09:17:56 AM
Name: Anastasiia
Age: 36
City: Saratov, Russia

Hello ******! Thank you for your answer. I am pleased with your attention to
my person. I'm sorry I didn't answer you right away. I do not know
why, but I could not access my email. And I decided to create another
email address so that we could get to know you. I hope that this will
not be a problem for you. Frankly, you are interested in me and I
would like to meet you. I received your email dating site.
Unfortunately, I did not remember his name, I do not have much
knowledge on the Internet :) I will tell you about myself. I live in
the city of Saratov. Have you heard of this? This is far from you, but
I think that this will not be a problem for our acquaintance. I work
as an insurance agent in a firm. I am 36 years old, I was born on
September 12, 1982. I've never been married. No kids. In the future I
plan to have a family. I want to tell you that I do not want to find
just a friend for correspondence. My goal is a serious relationship. I
hope it does not scare you :) do not worry, in fact I'm a very kind
and cheerful girl. :) Together with the letter, I send you my photo
and ask you to send me your photo too. and I will be glad if you tell
me a little about yourself. I will look forward to your reply.

Hello ******! I am glad to see your letter, I hasten to reply. I am
very glad that you sent me your photo. You are a beautiful man :) I
really liked them and I hope that you will send me new photos. I want
to tell you more about myself. As you already know, I live in the city
- Saratov. this is Russia. Saratov is located 700 km from Moscow. I
live alone, have no children and never been married. I work as an
insurance agent. I want to change my job. Still, I got an education as
a financier. But so far I can not find a job that corresponds to my
education. I also like to actively spend my free time. I like to go to
the pool to swim. I also attend German language courses, and I can
speak German well :) I also know English. I love animals, especially
cats. I have a cat at home. Do you like animals? My parents live in
the village, near Saratov. I also have a younger sister. She has been
married for a long time, she has her own family. Husband and two
wonderful children - a boy and a girl. I love my nephews very much.
And I have a goal - to find a man with whom I can create a serious
relationship and just be happy with my man. I want to find not just a
friend. I want to find a man with whom I live all my life. You think
why I cannot find a man in Russia, because this is a huge country and
there are many men here. All this is true, but ... I had one man with
whom I lived and we even wanted to get married, but then we broke up.
He deceived me a lot, cheated on me and even beat me. We parted with
him and I am very happy about that. 2 years have passed since then and
I am all alone. In Russia, all men are the same. They drink a lot of
alcohol and do not respect women. And in online dating, I decided to
turn to the example of a friend. She found a man on the Internet. So I
decided to try :) And while I like this way of dating. Communication
with you is interesting to me. Please ask me what interests you and I
will answer. I want to ask you to tell a little about yourself, about
your city. I'm very interested. So I will wait for your letter with
impatience. Anastasiia.

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