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on: February 04, 2019, 07:37:30 AM
Name: Yuliya Maslova, Mariya
Age: 34
City: Samara, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>

Beneficiary’s complete name: Surname - Maslova , Name - Yuliya.
Beneficiary's Address: Street Sapfirovaya 42, City of Volgodonsk , Russia.Post code 347375.
Beneficiary’s account number: IBAN: 40817840610084035582.
Swift Code: VTBRRUMM
Beneficiary's Bank Name: VTB
Bank Address: boulevard Velikoy Pobedy, 38, Volgodonsk,Russia. Post code 347371.

Hi there!
I will be very excited if you read a letter from me up to the end cos I couldn't make up my mind to send you a message a very long time. Honestly speaking I never send messages to the man first.
My name is Mariya. I am 34 and I am from Russia. I am a honest and kind-hearted girl. I look for only the mutual relationships based on feelings and trust.
I am a medical dental assistant of the highest category and I have 2 higher education diplomas in the sphere of dental surgery. I work in a one of the best clinics in my native city. I also got some experience in several foreign dental clinics.
I spent a plenty of time for work and the creation of my career, but now I know that I do not want to stay single anymore and I wish to find a kind-hearted and faithful man with whom we could start a family and to be happy. If you would like to have a sincere and nice girl, then to build serious relations. I show you my picture:)))) Hope that it will be pleasant to you and you will send me the reply. 
If you find me an interesting person, I will be very pleased to read your reply. Please tell me some facts about yourself, your hobbies and your life goals.
I would like to get acquainted with you closer!! I want to tell that I do not like to play any games, I do not understand requests to send my intimate pictures or to continue communication in this direction  If you don't have the same intentions as I have, I ask you not to answer this e-mail. But if you are a lonely man who is ready to the true relations, so I will be very glad to start our communication! I will be looking forward for your answer this is my adress  Mashynya

Hi, ******!
Again, I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. Perhaps our correspondence will make our relations closer.
I do not use social networks and mobile applications. I think it's stupid and primitive.
I like writing letters because it's so romantic and nowadays it is so difficult to find romantic atmosphere in everyday life.
I want to tell you that I write my letters from the work computer.
Thank you, I really liked your photo. Now I want to meet you even more.
I also love animals, I dream about it all my life. But, unfortunately, because of my work, I won't be able to give the animals much care and attention.
I work really hard and I spend most of my time at office, so I have no need to have a computer at home.
Don't think that I will only answer your questions. I will tell you a lot of things about my life.
In the morning, when I was going to work, I thought, will I get your answer today or not… I wonder whether you liked my e-mail it or not… Did you like my photos?
Only last night, when I returned home, I realized that I had told you very little about myself. Therefore, I was very glad to see your letter))))
Today I will try to give as much information about myself and about my life. I am the only and late child in the family.
My father left the family when I was 7 years old. My mom passed away 2 years ago. All these circumstances made me strong.
But I don’t want to talk about sad things now....
After my mother’s death I feel so lonely, because I do not have any closest person beside me. ******, but I have a best friend Anna.
Do you have such a good friend with whom you spend your free time and feel comfortable? My last relationships with a man came to the end six months ago.
Unfortunately most men wanted just have sexual relations with me...
I consider a man should be not only a good lover, but also a friend with whom we will have no secrets and just mutual understanding. Do you agree with me?
Today I told Anna that I met you in the internet, she looked at me with surprise and couldn’t even say a word.
Then she admitted that it was great, but she advised me to be careful because there are a lot of perverts and gigolo in the websites...
Do you correspond with many girls?? You can answer honestly and I will understand everything correctly, I really hope we will be honest and open to each other.
****** for me age is not a problem at all, because I prefer to meet a person with some life experience, his personal way of thinking, his attitude to life, values, and the main thing for me is that the person was kind, sympathetic and had a big heart to create there love))) Love is vital between the two…  I have a good job and I support myself without any problems. As for me, money is a means for making or life brighter, bringing us joy and happiness .
What do you think of my way of thinking? Do you like my personality? Hope you do not bored to read my letters)))
Online dating is the first experience for me and therefore I would like our conversation to be built as an interactive dialogue.
So I kindly ask you to ask any questions you want to know about me))) I hope that you will reply me as quickly as possible.
Sincerely, Masha

Hello my dear ******, I am really happy to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention to me, I am very pleased with it.
How are you today? How is your mood? I hope everything is great.

Frankly speaking today I had a very busy day, I had a lot of different thoughts and I'm overwhelmed with hundreds dreams and emotions.
And I would like to share some of them with you))) Today I woke up early in the morning.
The bright rays of the sun made me open my eyes. They easily penetrated into my room and made me wake up, because my bed is located near the window.
I got up, took a shower, went to the kitchen, cooked a breakfast of eggs, a salad and a cup of coffee.
During my meal I realized that I was worried about something. In fact, everything turned out to be simple, I think you have already guesses what it was…
Yesterday, in my letter, I told you again about my idea of relationships and about my personal life. Perhaps you decided that I have illusions about my life??))))
I wanted just to come to work earlier and to check my mailbox. I was very frightened by the thought that there could be no answer from you.
I go to work by public transport, but in the mornings it is really a challenge to get on the bus - so many people, the traffic is overcrowded and everyone is in a hurry.
Today at work I got to know that I will soon have an important event in my life.
Tomorrow in our city there will be a competition and several personal grants for training and professional development will be given to the best of the best)))
Such events take place in our country every year. Every year several promising medical workers are selected among others.
Such grants give the opportunity to get a free training abroad in order to get a new experience.
I have already told you that I had got such a grant for several times and had an internship in Israel, US and Europe.
So today I tried to finish my work as soon as possible. I plan to go to the gym now, it helps me to concentrate and streamline my thoughts.
In the evening I am going to make an excellent presentation so that I can get a new grant.
The owner of such a grant has the right to choose the country and clinic, where he or she will be trained and work.
I will finish my letter, I hope that you won’t to be upset, you understand that tomorrow I’ll have an extremely difficult and important day.
I hope that tomorrow morning will bring me a new letter from you)))
With my all respect, yours Masha.

Hello my dear ******, I am so excited to get your new e-mail. Thank you for your attention. How was your day today?

I would like to hear your voice. Could you give me a phone number that I can call you?
Even on such a responsible day I woke up thinking about you. I think I'm starting to get used to reading your letters every day))))
They became something important for me. As always, I quickly prepared my breakfast.
I keep thinking about you… I think you are that very person about whom I was dreaming and finally I found you and now I don't want to lose my chance…
I want to get to know you as much as better and it's very easy and great to exchange thought with you.
I found a ray of light in your letters. And with every letter we become closer and closer, I think it's amazing!
Do you think so? My day was well today, but it happened that I got tired on work,
because almost I had no free time even to sit for a while and to have a cup of tea.
We have a lot of clients, and all of them have their own problems, but when I start thinking about you I forget about everything.
I often think about the future and I am happy that in my life I have a person and it is you, a person whom I can trust.
I think without trust and understanding it is impossible to create a real love. This is the background of long-term relations.
My vital principle is to be very honest and open with the person who will be my life partner. I trust you my dear, and I hope you trust me too.
If we want to be related with each other, then we should be honest not only in letters but in the hearts too.
I appreciate and respect a man who keeps his word, and does not simply mouth empty words.
****** I hope that you are not such a person who just says and does nothing. I’m sure you are the person of deeds!
It's very important for me that the man is self-confident and not a coward.
I want to be behind this person like behind a stone wall and I don't want to be afraid of the world around me.
My darling, if I didn't answer some of your questions, it means that I maybe didn't understand them, could you send them one more time please,
because it is very important to me.
******, do you have your life goal?  What do you want to achieve? Can you describe your dreams if it is not a big secret?
My big dream is to create a friendly and happy family and to have a lot of plans for the further life. I do hope that our hearts will come across.
Please give your reply soon because your letters are melting ice in my heart))) Looking forward to a new letter from you! From all my heart, yours Masha.

Hello, my darling, my Colin!
How are you doing? How was your day?
I asked you to give me your phone number. You missed it?? Why???
I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top. Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better)))))))))
Last night I had a dream about our first meeting…
It was very romantic and beautiful. We had a picnic by the sea and enjoyed the sunset... Colin, I begin to miss you and your letters.
You have become very close person for me, but I would like to be much closer. I think that our letters can grow into real and valuable feelings.
Sometimes I regret that we have not met before. Of course, I understand that we live in different countries, and it was impossible for us to meet earlier.
Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together.
My heart is now open to you. I hope that you will not break it, as I endlessly trust you.
I dream that our relations will develop and grow into true love. I promise you that I am always sincere and frank with you.
I will not play with you, because serious relationships are important to me.
I think that I have feelings to you, but so far I can’t correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl ...)
Now I have such feelings, that turn everything in my head upside down and I have a storm of emotions in my soul. All this is connected with you Colin...
I am reading your letters, and it's always interesting for me to finish reading them to the end, that I read them for several times)))
I almost forgot to tell you my good news. One of the members of the jury told me that I my project was excellent and I have very good chances to get a grant.
I was among the finalists. I am very nervous and worried, but thoughts about you do not give me rest.
Colin, in my head there is only you, our communication and our letters. It seems to me that something very important and vital is coming to my life.
I can hardly explain it, but I think that a new stage is beginning in my life..... What do you think about it?
Now I need to go home to cook a dinner and I want to watch a good and kind movie. I wish you a wonderful day and looking forward to your e-mail.
I kiss you, yours Masha

Hello my sweetheart!! May I call you so?
How are you? How is your health? I'm very happy to see your letter.

****** I always think about you no matter what I do. I'm very happy and feel that our letters are very important to you too.
I want to say thank you for all your concern for me.
Your letters have already become a part of my life and I want to say you that all my everyday thoughts are about you: your mood, health and plans for the day.
I am very pleased that now I have you ******. The connection between a man and a woman is very important.
A man should treat a woman politely, with love and respect. He should be next to her in bad and good times and take care of her.
A man should give her woman all the love and care. He should do everything that his woman feels the happiest woman in the world next to him. Am I right?
Also a woman should do the same for her man. I mean always give him support in everything, to be with him when he needs it.
And I think that love is very important in the relationship between a man and a woman.
This kind of relationship I am looking for. How do you find - my ideas and thoughts are close to yours?
Today I have great news. I was among the 3 winners of a grant to get a practice abroad.
According to the rules of this grant program all expenses will be paid for. I'm just overwhelmed with emotions!!!!!!!! I'm ready to jump from happiness!!)))))))))
Tomorrow I need to give an answer in which country I want to get practice and work.
I decided come to you because I think we are ready for our meeting!!)))
I think that we are ready to build our relations not only virtually but personally.
I am also sure that in your country I will be able to receive a decent salary and my work will be paid very well. What do you think about all this????
Tomorrow I have to give the final answer about my decision.
I think that I must ask you first. It seems to me that this night will be sleepless because I will wait for your answer)))
Your answer will show your attitude to me. I ask to think about it very seriously and give me an honest answer.
Kisses and hugs to you, yours Masha

Hello my darling, my ******.

I couldn’t sleep at all this night because I was wondering about your decision…
I woke up earlier than usual and did not even have breakfast, ran to work to check my email.
I opened the mailbox and saw your letter. My hands were shaking and I was worried and afraid to open it . 
For a few minutes I was afraid to open your letter… When I read it and realized that I was not mistaken in you!!!
****** I want you allow me to call you in letters my Love? I think you will like it)))
But I think that we can overcome all obstacles with the help of our feelings. Some time ago I could not believe that love exists.
But then you appeared in my life, and the world turned over. I waited for you. I waited all my life. I knew that one day it would happen.
You are that one whom I was looking for a long time. You are the man of my dreams.
You turned into the meaning of my life, you fill my soul with air…
You allowed my wings to be opened and fly over the earth noticing nothing but you. You gave me a dream, a hope for real happiness...
And I do not need much, just to know that you are some where in this world... In fact, I would give everything to be always near you.
Now I need to contact my supervisor and tell him that I'm really going to fly to you.
I need to collect some important documents.
Today my supervisor will tell me what kind of documents they need. My dear, I will have a very important request to you.
I ask you to find in the internet several dental clinics that are situated as close as possible to you in your city.
It is necessary for me to sign a contract with the International Medical Association. ****** I am glad that our life paths met.
Let them burn as a bright star of our amazing love. I will wait for your reply. Love and kisses.
Best regards, Masha

Hello my beloved ******,
I am very pleased to receive a letter from you. I was waiting for it with great impatience!!!
******, your letters always bring me joy and good mood :) I'm very glad that we have met.
I'm really happy that you appeared in my life and I dream about you every day!))))
I just came back from the meeting with my supervisor. She explained me the requirements and gave the list of everything necessary.
In fact, I will have to do a lot. But I really enjoy all the preparations for this trip!!! So, I will need:
- Visa (my tourist visa is still valid. I will be able to get a work visa when I will come to my place of practice)
- Expected work place
- Medical reference
- Diplomas and certificates from all places where I have been trained in recent years.
- Place of residence according to the grant program
- Some accompanying documents and recommendations from my employer.

As you see, the next few days will be very busy and stressful for me. I hope you will forgive me such a short letter.
I hope you understand that I need to do all this in a short period of time. I want to do all this as quickly as possible, because I really want to see you!!!!
Today I still need to do my basic work. In the evening Anna should come to me. I'm impatient to share such joyful news with her.
I send you my tender kiss and will wait for your letter, Masha

Hello my ******,
How was your day? How is your mood?

As you know, my friend Anna came to me in the evening. We talked a lot. I showed her your photos. She is very happy for us and wishes us only happiness))
I know her from school time. She is the person whom I can tell everything and she knows all my secrets.
We understand each other without words. When she was looking at me, I saw that she was more than happy for us and she noticed the light in my eyes.
I'm very pleased that my close friend supports me in everything. For a long time she worried about me that I do not have any personal life.
Anna sends you a big greeting!! She asked me how this will all work and how I will go to your country, because it is very expensive.
I told her that medical association and I have signed a contract for which I will be given the amount of 3000 Euro.
This is the first part of my grant. This is money for movement and all the necessary expenses to find a new place of residence.
Under the terms of this grant, my employer, as one of the sponsors of this organization, is obliged to contribute 1500 euro.
This is a mandatory sponsorship fee, which is required to do the participants of these international programs.
After that the representative of this organization pays all my expenses connected with the transfer to your country.
As soon as I arrive at my new place of work, within 2-3 days I will meet with a representative of the medical association.
Anna said that it's great that I do not need to pay anything myself and just collect some documents.
I do not need to worry about anything and representatives of medical association are in charge to organize all the movement.
With such a long conversations our evening had passed so quickly. She even stayed for a night at my place, because it was already late to go home alone.
Today, as usual in the morning, I came to work to check the mail and write you a letter.
I'm overwhelmed with emotions and I can’t keep them inside and I constantly want to tell you more about my results.
I wish you a good day and I'm waiting for your letter!!!
With all my love, yours Masha!

Hello, my love ******,
I'm glad to get your new letter!

I'm grateful again to you for all your love and sweet attitude to me. I want so much to be your woman and your princess in life))))
I do not imagine my day without your attention. I can hardly even imagine my life without you.
Since today I come to work just to read your letters and write a reply to you. Our letters have become something important in my life.
I don't do my main job and I am only engaged in organization of my trip. So as I have already collected all the necessary documents, I have more free time.
Today I went to the exhibition of a French artist. I saw a very beautiful picture where a girl kisses a man.
I looked on this picture for about half an hour and imagined us together. I closed my eyes and dreamed that we would be on the river bank.
We are sitting on the dock and feel that we are both very happy. How I want to be in your arms! It will be so fantastic.
We feel that we have already found everything in the life and we are ready to spend all the time just together.
Our first kiss and we can not control our desires…
We will make love. I could not watch anymore on this picture. All these thoughts were very pleasant to me.
I must believe that you want me and you will do everything so that we will be together. I send my passionate hugs and kisses to you, Masha

Hello my darling, my ******,

I am writing you a letter and I know that my heart and thoughts are with you. I would like to see you every minute and keep talking and talking about everything)))
Now your support is very important for me. I always imagine our first meeting, and how you became so close for me during this time.
I imagine your face, I want to see you very much, hug you so tight and never leave you anymore. I feel attraction, want to see your happy eyes.
I want to live with thoughts of the happy future, with thoughts about you and my new job...
I believe that I will succeed in everything and I can organize our meeting very soon. I will be for you the most necessary, desired and beloved woman!
I want to support you in everything. I will be gentle, wise and understanding! I feel as we get closer and closer.
I think about you every day, every minute ... You are the air without which I can’t live even a second. I want to make you the happiest man on this earth.
You melted my heart, my heart was a cold ice. You are my whole life!
Love creates wonders with people, it gives them wings and makes them fly towards each other. Now I will tell you the most important news.
Today I was on meeting with my supervisor. I gave her the last part of all necessary documents.
Now I have absolutely everything ready to start my grant program. I feel like the happiest woman on the earth because I'm flying to you!)))
Since all the documents are collected it means that approximately I can fly to you in 10-12 days.
In order to book the tickets, I have to know the nearest airport to you. Could you please send me this information in the next letter?
Now I will explain you one more time how this system of international education works, so that you do not have questions and doubts.
Major employers are part of the board of trustees of the international medical organization.
They are interested in having their employees constantly improve their qualifications and study in other countries, exchange experiences.
Ultimately, this increases the clinic's rating and brings profit. Therefore, all of them constantly contribute to the general fund.
This money comprises salary for the employees who won the grant.
As I told you earlier this year the working conditions of the grants have been changed.
The association allocates the first tranche, which is intended for the trip expenses and arranging a new place of work.
This employee receives the money in the form of a certificate when he arrives at a new job.
To do this, the employer of this worker is obliged to contribute 1500 euro.
This is a sponsorship fee. All further costs are paid from the general fund in the country where the work and training will take place.
This means that as soon as I come to a new place of job, I will receive my certificate.
And the supervisor will give me all the necessary documents and a bank card to get my salary.
I remind you not forget to tell me the nearest airport to you. I need to know this information tomorrow.
I'll give this information to my supervisor and my employer to start all financial procedures.
I'm waiting for your answer as soon as possible and don’t forget to give me answers to all the important questions))))
I think that you understand that now everything turns into the final stage.  Now everything depends on us, we can’t waste time.
As sooner we will do everything, so faster we will meet!!! Kiss you tender, yours Masha.

Hello ******!

Today I have a letter from you!!! I think, we are familiar now?
Hihihihihihih... I am glad, that we can continue our dialogue. To me
It is very pleasant, that you have found time and have written me the
answer. You know, it was interesting to me to read your letter. I
absolutely almost do not know you, but today within day I thought of
you."I thought You will answer me or will not answer? "Uraaaa." I see
your answer! Now I feel easier. Now I know, that at you serious
Intentions. I had a small experience of acquaintance on this site the
Internet. I will be opened and I admit, that to you I tried To write
to several men. But it was unsuccessfully.... One man wanted only sex.
Another wished to see my erotic photos. Certainly, I have stopped at
once dialogue with them to that-that my intentions are serious. Now I
know that you the serious man. Now I know, that you have a desire to
communicate with me. It is very good!!! I with pleasure will be To
tell about itself... I do not think, that it is necessary to hasten. I
think, that it is necessary to go slow but true steps. Truly? You do
not owe me To hesitate. I the simple girl. Okey, now I will tell to
you about me directly. My name is - Yuliya. My age of 29 years. My
birthday - on May, 28th . I have been born in 1989. Washing growth -
168 My weight - 47 kg see. I Live in the city of Volgodonsk.
Volgodonsk - very much A lot of a beautiful city. I work the art
director over restaurant of my city, Restaurant name "Ginza". I have
finished university. My formation Will consist of 3 levels: school,
college, university. I Studied Within 18 years. All 18 years I have
studied English language Also. I have finished university at the age
of 25. At me is собственый the house with a small garden. I very
strongly like to grow up flowers. Mine The garden is very beautiful
and pleasant. I live One in the house, at me is not present not either
children, or the young man (man). I am very glad and It is grateful,
that you have answered my letter, because I am resolute to try To get
acquainted through the Internet. And it was a miracle For me when you
have written me the letter. I do not have personal computer, But I can
write to you from my working computer. I use the Internet, only for my
work. But I hope, that we will write each other Constantly. I hope,
that you are interested in our dialogue. I hope, that you soon will
write me the letter. Kind regards.

For today I will finish my letter,Yuliya.

Hello my gentle ******!!!

You do not represent, as I am glad to see your letter. Today all the
day long I did not find to myself a place... I was disseminated... And
how you think why? All is simple. You do not leave my head. All my
thoughts are occupied by ours with you a meeting. I scroll them in a
head of thousand times and each time I test a lot of excitement. With
the big excitement I waited for the moment when I will open my mail
and I will see your letter.

The darling, I first about what think waking up every morning, It
you!!! My dear, the last about what I think, falling asleep every
night is you. You in each my thought, in each movement and breath.
With each new day my feelings to you become more and more strong. You
have changed my life. ******, I so am glad, that you have written to
me, and have stated the thoughts concerning our meeting. I think day
of our first meeting remains in our memory for all life. It will be
the most good day in my life.

I feel, that every day our meeting becomes closer. Today there was
already a first precondition to it. In the morning I have come for
work, I have gone to a bulletin board and have seen there the schedule
of holidays. Today I have learnt an exact date started of my vacation.
My vacation will begin with will begin in weeks. At us in a stock is
couple of weeks. I think that for this time I will have time to
prepare my documents for travel.

******, I will not shelve all. If tomorrow after work I have time, I
descend in travel agency and I receive all particulars for travel to
you. Certainly I will keep you informed all affairs. Uhhhhhhhh........
As though I would like to accelerate time and to be with you as soon
as possible.

On this note I wish to finish the letter. For ever yours Yuliya.

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