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Bryony Wayne <>
« on: January 31, 2019, 06:52:35 AM »
Name: Bryony Wayne
Age: 32
City: Togo, Lome
Phone: +22891420425

Hi good morning, how are you doing. Is nice reading your Email,well am 32 years of age and am from Togo i lives in its capital in Lome and i never been married nor children,am a hair dresser by profession so tell me more about you and what kind of relationship you are looking for? i dont have skype i only use Email or hangout you can download hangout on your phone and use it with your gmail because is easier to communicate over their.Here is my mobile number in case if you will like to call +22891420425. I hope to read back from you very soon

Good morning dear, how are you today? i already wrote you on hangout for easy communication so that we can chat over there. Do you have children and do you live alone,what kind of job do you because it seems you take a long time before replying an Email. I hope to read from you soonest

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