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on: January 24, 2019, 08:55:06 AM
Name: Oksana
Age: 34
City: Novopskov, Ukraine

Hello, it is me, Oksana
I am going to continue our conversation,  if you do not mind.
Dear ******, I am very interesting person and if you will show me your sincerity and kindness you will be pleased with my attention,
I can be very faithful and wonderful woman for real and true man!
I am not running after men, but I am open and ready for new relations and hope to be lucky to meet real and serious man, is that you?))
We will not hurry up, but step by step build something between us, agree? Tell me what you want and what is your plan for nearest future?
I am waiting for your letter, ask what you want to know about me. Let’s go!!)))))))))

Privet, ******, hello!
This is still me, Oksana! I still want to continue our acquaintance !! Please treat me and our communication with complete seriousness! I am an adult woman, I am not a girl for games, so only a serious relationship! It is extremely difficult for me to open up to a new person, I am like the closed bud of a tulip, I can only open up in the reliable and caring hands of a real man, is that you?
A little about myself - I am 34 years old, I was married two years, I divorced four years ago, since then I have not had other men, have no children!
I was born in the city of Kharkov, Ukraine! I graduated from Kharkov Pedagogical University, I am a bachelor, specialty - an English teacher! Two years ago I was forced to come to the urban-type settlement of Novopskov, 30 kilometers from Russian border))! Unfortunately, my parents died a long time ago, after their death I had to look after my grandmother! She has heart problems, she practically does not walk! I came to her to take her  to Kharkov, but her condition became worse and now she needs a mobile resuscitation vehicle for her transportation, this is an unaffordable luxury for me! Therefore, I look after my grandmother here in Novopskov! I work as an English tutor! I have a crazy schedule because of classes with children and care for grandmother, so be patient if you really want to know me better, because I never sit on one place and always in rush, so I can not stare in my computer or mobile phone all the time, hope you understand that! I am looking for a real man, a man who is able to take care of his woman, a man with whom I will cease to be sullen and allow myself to become that tender, soft, affectionate and loving woman! I do not like men who are not able to solve the problems of their women, if with the appearance of a man in my life nothing changes, then what is the point in such a relationship! Forgive me if I sounded rude or harsh, I’m just at that age when there’s no point in hiding the truth, so I prefer to set everything right away and hide nothing about myself or my plans for life!
I have already told too much about myself, I hope you read everything to the end! Tell me more about yourself, and I give my viber number! Ask me what you want to know more.
Talk soon,

P.S. my skype and number will give when know you more)

Wow, you're here, ******
I'm glad to see your letter, it means that you accept me and you want to know me better, right ??
Dear, I want to tell more about myself! I am very simple and honest girl! I have the most ordinary hobbies: I love fishing and cooking! I love to fish and I even have my own set of spinning rods and hooks! Fishing calms me down and helps me cope with constant stress. As well as cooking, if you become my husband you will always hurry home to the table to try my next culinary masterpiece! Believe me, I am a goddess in the kitchen!)) I am not a very creative person, I do not know how to draw or cross-stitch, but I have a good sense of humor and a developed sense of self-irony, this is very important, agree?
I am not a model and not a beauty queen, but I love myself and my body, I love to wriggle in the camera, I'm not afraid to be funny! Do you consider yourself a perfect person ?? What are the disadvantages of your character you can highlight?
Oh yeah, very important information, I had a hard relationship with men in the past, because not all people love straightforward and honest women! I hope that you can appreciate my openness and honesty! If I see that you are honest and fair to me - I will make you a very happy person!
In the meantime, I give you my word that I will give my phone number tomorrow and wait for the answer to my letter and questions!
don't miss my dear friend

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