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on: January 15, 2019, 09:22:17 AM
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 29
City: Kazan, Russia
Emails: <>, <>

I am very pleased that you responded to my letter, because I am for the first time in
I met a man on the Internet. I can not even find words
, because for me it's the first and it's so unusual. I really would like to
get to know you better and get to know you better. I think that you are very
an interesting man!
Now I want to tell you not much about myself.
My name is Ekaterina, I'm 29 years old, my birthday is November 28, my height
168 centimeters, my weight is 56 kilograms.
I live with my parents and my older brother in a separate apartment in
one of the most beautiful cities in Russia is the city of Kazan You
probably heard about Kazan?
I want to tell you right away that when I was not married and I do not have
children. Now I'm looking for a beloved man.
I am a sincere and open person and never hide anything from
his family and his beloved! I do not like lies and liars, I hope
that you support me in this? I trust very few people, trust for
it is very important for me, especially in a relationship.
I work as a dance teacher. I love my work! I finished dancing
as a professional and now I have dedicated. all my time to children!
I often go to various competitions with my students and we often
We take prizes! I learn to dance classical, ballroom and
modern dances!
I appreciate my parents and I am proud of them, I try to support and
help always and in everything! This is actually the most important and expensive thing that
we have to value and respect our parents. I
I think that you agree with me?
When I have free time developing my creative
potential: I love to draw, just like to visit the gym
- to keep yourself in good physical condition. I also like to go to
I also like jogging in the mornings on days off from work.
And so, I introduced you to myself and my hobbies a little.
and if you have any questions, you can ask me and I
with pleasure I will answer them.
I hope that you understand everything I write to you?
I really would like to know more about you and your life ... Unless, of course,
you have a desire, could you tell me about you
directly? It's very interesting for me.
I believe that we should not hide anything from each other, we need
talk about us more to be fair to each of us and
time will show what will come of it all ...
I hope that you liked my letter, as I told you about myself,
and I hope to continue our correspondence and get to know each other.
With best wishes, Ekaterina

Hello dear ******!
I'm so glad to hear from you. it
means that I'm interested in you. It's very nice for me! Now I
confident that we will be able to get to know each other better.
I want to say that I do not have facebook and other different social networks,
because I do not communicate with people on the Internet. I like living communication, when
I see a man.
I really like writing letters to you. I think it's very romantic!
I like waiting for your answer and I have excitement when I read your letter.
I want to tell you about another reason that made me
write to you ... How do you know me 29 years and I do not have my own family. On
In fact, I really want to have my happy family, a loving husband and
children. But it's not really possible to find a good husband in Russia.
I had a friend, but we broke up a year ago ... It's hard for me to say,
all these things. But I feel that I need to tell you everything,
so that you understand better than me ... And so in the beginning everything was fine with my
friend, we were the happiest couple in the world. At the time when we
lived together he did not work, he always promised me that he would find a job
and will earn and support a family.
I paid all our bills, I bought food, paid for the apartment
went to work, in one word did everything that a loving person should do
Somehow my friends told me that they saw my boyfriend with
another girl in the street, they kissed.
We had a serious conversation and he confessed to me that he has
other girl! I could not believe it ... I still do not understand,
How could he hurt me so much ... My heart was broken in
for a long time!
For some time he came to me after all this saying that he loves
me and wants to be with me. I told him that I'm sorry, but I do not
I want to be with the person who deceived me.
Russian men do not respect women, they do not appreciate anything for them
you do, some men abuse alcohol or drugs.
You probably know about this? I tell you all this to you, because
that I want to be honest with you!
Let's not talk much about sad, now I'm going to tell
you about my interests and interests. I like a lot of things. My
favorite color blue. I like to read stories about love. I'm pretty
a romantic girl, you probably already noticed this. I listen to different
music. It does not matter to me. But the music should be
Unfortunately, I have never been in other countries. I hope that
whenever I could see interesting and beautiful places!
I love children very much and because of this I dreamed of becoming a teacher,
when I was a little girl. When I have free time, I
I like to read. I like different books.
My favorite authors are from Russian literature, Chekhov, Turgenev, Tolstoy.
I told you about my hobbies and interests. I want to tell you that I am
I want to love and be loved. I want attention from men
whom I will love! I will give him all the tenderness and love. I want to share
thoughts with your loved one. I would like to
to share all my personal secrets with my beloved man.
At the end of my letter, I would like to ask you
several questions, and I hope that you will answer them, this is
will allow me to know you not much better.
Have you ever had a serious relationship? If there were some why,
parted or divorced? Have you been married? What do you dream about? What are you
do you expect from our relationship? I would be very happy if you answer me.
I would like to ask you to send me your photo. I'm interested
see you what you are.
I'm finishing my letter I hope to get your answer soon.
Your new friend Ekaterina

Hello my dear ******!
I hope I can call you a friend, because it seems to me that
you are a very good person.
I'm very glad that you answered me! I want to thank you for
the interest shown to me. Thanks for your understanding. I feel ,
that I made the right choice when I wrote you the first time. I
I feel that our friendship is getting stronger every day and I'm
In this letter, I want to tell you about my family. My family is
the biggest and most important place in my life!
My father's name is Vladimir. He is 55 years old. My father works for the FSA,
more about the work of my father, I can not even say how it is even for
I have a big secret. My father resigns this year.
My mother is 52 years old and she worked as a doctor. Her
work is very difficult, sometimes mom comes home even at night.
This is a very important job - to treat people, but it does it.
My brother works as a carpenter. His name is Andrew. He is 31 years old. is he
collects furniture in a furniture factory.
I also have a grandmother, she is 85 years old. My grandmother lives in the village. Her
house is 100 kilometers from my city.
When I was a little girl, I came to her in the summer. To me
I liked to stay with her, and my grandfather. He was 5 years older than mine
grandmothers. After the death of my grandfather, my grandmother's health deteriorated.
We tried to convince the grandmother to move to our apartment, she does not want.
Grandma says that she will stay where she was happy
with your beloved. We respect her feelings, and we do not insist on it, but we
just worried about our grandmother.
I like to cook! When I was a little girl, and my dad and mom
I worked cooking for them. I found different recipes myself and
tried to surprise them every day.
I guess all foreigners think that all Russians drink
vodka. But this is not so. Of course, there are a lot of alcoholics in Russia. I
almost do not drink alcoholic drinks, I can drink only in a festive
day and only a glass of wine or champagne.
Now when I have a job, I always try to help my
In this letter, I told you about the most important part of my life.
This is my family. I hope it was not boring for you.
Tell me please about your family? What are you keen on? To me
interesting to know about everything! I look forward to your next letter!
I want to know more about you. I really like talking to you!
DOSVIDANIYA. That's how we say "goodbye" in Russian!
Your friend Ekaterina

Hello my best friend ******!
Thank you for the letter and for the interest shown to me.
It's very nice for me that you do not forget about me.
I think that we become good friends. I feel that our
friendship becomes stronger every day. I understand that I recognize you
it is better with every letter. And with each new letter you attract me
more and more.
You know, during this short period of our correspondence, you
became a part of my life. When I get new letters from you, it's
makes my day more colorful and interesting.
I'm sure that you did not forget about me for a minute. I also think about
you. I think, "What are you doing now? How was your day?"
Today we all family went to my grandmother in the village. We told
my grandmother that I correspond with you. My grandmother wished me
to us of success and happiness! My grandmother and my family tell you hello! She is
was so glad that I found a man who appreciates and respects me! I
I talked a lot about you to my mother and my father. My dad is sure,
that we will be close friends, and we must trust each other. I
I try not to think about the big distance between us. But with everyone
written letter I feel that this distance is getting smaller.
My parents consider you a worthy man and you deserve trust
and respect.
I'm very glad that I met you, I want you to understand,
that I'm starting to enjoy my life. It's true. ****** Everything I Am
I want to tell you - this is what I'm more and more interested in
and I would very much like to become that person to whom you could
trust and support. I am a person who makes their choice only
once in your life and always!
In each of my letters I open to you a part of my soul for you.
I hope that you will never lie to me and betray ...
I think about you more and more! I hope that you feel then
Same thing !!! =) I think that we really understand each other! I
I think that our relations can become really serious, and who
knows, perhaps forever. It's time for me to finish my letter.
I will look forward to receiving a letter from you. Every your letter is very
it is important for me.
Yours Ekaterina

Hi, my lovely ******.
I want you to know ****** that you have become very close to me. When
we just started our correspondence, I could not even dream about that
meeting a man like you!
I know that we have not talked for so long, but deep inside I'm convinced
that you are the person with whom I want to live.
I talked about you to my mom. My mother is my best friend, and I
told her everything that is important to me, because I know that she
can give me wise advice if I need it.
I told her that you are a decent man. And I told her how much
I need you so much! Now I understand that I have deep
feelings and I do not want to hide them! My mother is very happy for us. Mama
I saw my last relationship with a Russian man and she was afraid for
me and worried for me every day!
She was afraid that I would never meet a man of my life. My mum
no matter when I do not want it to happen a second time. Now she
really happy. And she is grateful to you because you are the one
the man who makes me feel happy!
My mother is very emotional, and I can not describe all my feelings and
emotions, when I told her about you.
My father was happy too! I know that he does not care about me
less than my mom. My parents' opinion is very important for me,
because my family plays a big role in my life !!! I think that
you understand me...
The only thing I ask you not to play with my feelings! If
someone will hurt me again, I probably will not when I can not
recover from this injury!
I want you to be always honest with me. And I promise you that I will
always be honest with you! From that moment on and, when I confessed to
I want my feelings to be honest. I want
tell you that now you mean a lot to me! I feel that
we are not just friends. We have a deep connection, even though we are so
long away! I believe that 2 people who are so far apart
from a friend can fall deeply in love! Of course it's better,
when people can talk face to face!
I hope that this will happen.

I will look forward to hearing from you. Kiss, your Ekaterina.

Hi my tiger ******!
As usual, I was looking forward to hearing from you and I'm happy
get it from you! My friends at work say that I have become
scattered, as if I fell in love ... I do not know what to say to my
friends, because I do not quite understand myself.
I can not think of anything else than you. ****** did you really become
part of my life and I can not imagine my life without you in
present time!
My feelings for you are actually very strong and I want you to
knew about this. I would be very happy if we met and
talked face to face, because this meeting is not a correspondence.
My brother always asks about you. He knows that I want to be with you.
My brother is very happy for us, he wants us happiness. He says that
you are a reliable and honest person, and I can be happy next to you.
In your letters I see that you are a very serious and reliable man, I neither
when I did not notice it in other men. Every time I get
from you letter, I feel much happier.
I can not help thinking about you, because you are so kind, intelligent and understanding
man ... I admire you! I have to ask you one question. We can
Do we create a serious relationship? I want this very much! I want you to
I realized that I'm not playing games with you ... For me, everything is very serious.
When I think about you, my heart starts to beat faster.
At first I was afraid to admit it to you. I thought you'd be
laugh at me ... You certainly can tell me that we do not know
each other is good enough, but during our correspondence I started
trust you.
I believe in our beautiful future. When I'm with you, we have
there will be a lot of happiness. I'm sure that we will be the happiest people
in the world. I really want to feel your kisses, also I want
feel your touch. I want to spend a lot of time with
you. I can not imagine what my life would be if I did not
I met you. I guess I would not know what the real thing is.
happiness. I am very grateful to fate that I met you.
I do not keep my feelings inside, because I see that you are not
you're fooling me. Now I'm not ashamed to admit - I'm in love with you
******, and I would like to spend my life with you.
I hope that my feelings are reciprocal.
I'll be waiting for your answer soon!
Your Ekaterina

Hello my precious ******! Send photo
I just read a letter from you. More and more I understand
, that I can not live without you! I can not breathe without you! You and only
you, that's all I want in my life! It's not just words! So they say
my feelings! I'm a very open girl, and I can not keep my emotions
in relation to you inside yourself!
I want you to know what feelings I feel for you! I dont know ,
how to tell you about it, but I look like a little girl,
who fell in love with a prince on a white horse. I was afraid that you did not
you will understand me ... I have never felt this way before.
I think that God created you specially for me, you're the only one
to whom I want to belong!

When I read your letters, it seems to me that you are next to me. I
I am sure that I will always be with you in a warm or cold
pagoda. I'm so lonely here without you, I miss you! Sometimes I think
If we meet sometime then we will stay together, even if
we will meet in a few minutes, it will be the happiest
day in my life. It makes me a little happier. it
the only thing I want. I would really like to come and visit you
in your country. What do you think of my trip to you?

I would like to visit you in your country! But I think that it is not so
just! When I have free time, I go to the tourist
agency and learn in detail about the trip to your country. Every day I
I dream of meeting you, every night I dream of you. I represent
how do you hold me to your strong hand, kiss me gently and I
too, I kiss you on your lips!

I fully understand your character and this makes it very easy for
me to open all my heart and thoughts to you! I believe in that,
that love depends on four sources: trust, understanding,
honesty and respect. In my opinion these are the main principles of love, and
I think that no one can create love without them. Maybe I am
I'll write you too much about my thoughts, but I want you to know
all about me and my thoughts. Of course, when two people love each other
friend, they face some problems, misunderstandings and
disappointment. But when people who love each other come to a compromise
then love will win! If you doubt that I wrote to you, then
you must tell me at once. Maybe you do not like the fact that I
I say: "It's important to be honest with each other" I want to confess to me
there is no reason to doubt you. Your letters are filled with tenderness and
love, I can not not trust you!

Every thought about you makes my life full of love and happiness! I believe
that we will meet one day and we will be the happiest
a couple in the whole world! We should be together, because we both love
each other!

I'm waiting for your letter with impatience.
Tell me about your emotions.
With the greatest tenderness,

******, I'm so glad to see your letter!  Send your photo
And I think it's nice to see my letter, too.
I am very grateful to you for your letters. Your feelings for me are very
are important. I'm glad that we both feel each other. This makes sense in
my life and hope for better times. I always check my mail
box waiting for a new letter from you. I live every day in anticipation!
I dream of you very much.
I am sure that you are honest with me and open! And if you think and
feel how you wrote to me in your letter, I understand that you
wonderful, kind, loving man, to whom I am able to give in
future your heart and soul without a trace! You understand me, darling
I imagined that I was talking to you holding hands with you and looking
in your eyes. I like to dream very much. I do not know, maybe ,
it's not good, but I'm a romantic person who likes to dream. AT
I loved to dream a lot.
I remember well how our teacher told us at school: "Forget about
dreams, because they do not bring any benefit to us. Our
the teacher said:
"Dreams bring only pain and frustration when you realize that
they are not reality, "maybe she was right?
always come true in reality. Even if you do everything possible,
to reach it. But I think that this is not so. If you try
achieve your dream, it gives you a goal in your life. It is important! Not
everything depends on us in this world for success! I think that
there is some kind of invisible force that enables events
occur or not occur.
But I think that in any case you must live with a dream. This gives
hope. You know, if there is a will, then there is a way to achieve your dream!
This is one of the principles of my life.
In addition, dreams will help you understand what you want from your life.
Each step is a great success that brings you satisfaction, it
helps you live on and enjoy life, even if it's small
step to your dream. and in the end your heart is filled with joy, faith
and hope. I'm surprised that I'm writing to you about all this. These are my
internal thoughts. I think it's because I can trust you. Have
I've never had a person to whom I could open my own
heart and share your feelings! But now you have appeared in my
life ****** and I feel that you understand me! I'm completely open
for you, and I want to repeat to you that you are a part of my life.
I'll be waiting for your letter. I can not wait for the day of our meeting.
In a couple of days I'll go to a travel agency to find out how
to organize a trip to your country.
I will wait for your reply with great excitement and impatience !!! ,
I hope for your prompt reply and a detailed letter!
Only yours, Ekaterina

Hello  my love ******! How are you today? Thanks for your photo. I like it.
I hope that you have everything in your
order. I think that all people are crazy in love. They are given
completely second half. Love makes people behave like
crazy. Perhaps this is not a bad thing. This causes strange actions
sometimes. If love is poison, then I would prefer to drink this poison every day.
Only a person who likes can fill a bath with champagne for
loved one, only he can give his beloved hundreds of roses and
spend all night on a flight with your beloved! This is the most beautiful thing that
there is in the world. To feel it you need someone so much
love that you could not help thinking about your beloved every minute! I can not
do not think about it every minute. To feel that someone needs
to be able to breathe. Your letters are so tender and warm! I
never heard such a word from anyone except you. I think that
Russian men simply do not know these words. I'm so pleased to read
your letters, that it takes me to heaven! Sometimes I feel so
lonely here on weekends. I have friends and girlfriends, but they do not
equal to you. Since I met you and I miss you for
full of happiness. I can not imagine how I will live without you. You
showed me what a real life is, full of emotions and
expectations. I'm so happy that I found you ******! I thought that
a person can live without love, as I did before. I thought that it was better not to
love than feel pain and humiliation every day. But now I know
that love can heal frustration. You taught me how to be
pleased with his life, to be satisfied every day.
Every morning when I wake up, I think of you ******. And I know that
no one can hurt me, because you are in my life! I
I was looking for someone who would trust me. And I found you! I want
fill the void in in my heart and my soul soul. One person
you need a few things to be happy, and now I know that
love is the most important component of happiness.
Tomorrow I will learn the details of the trip to your country and write you everything.
ok? I'm waiting for your answer. Many kisses for you!

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