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Anastasiya <>
« on: January 10, 2019, 11:05:39 AM »
Name: Anastasiya
Age: 28
City: Penza, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>

Good day ******, thanks a lot for your personal message. And also very sorry for my own
delayed message, I’m totally occupied with my employment and new year preparations. It’s
me Anastasiya from russia. We're from different parts of the world, but many thanks to the
web we could talk and swap photographs. Dating online and going out in the park can be
basically the same. -)
You pic so cute, if you can send me more your pic’s.
I registered on virtual dating webpage, paid up membership and received your email. Motive
of my conversation is connection, become familiar with new friends and option to have real
romance in the future. I don’t mail bare pics.
I'm just 28 years now, was given birth on the 5th of oct, nineteen ninety. Was not ever
gotten married and don't have any babies or kids. I had former relationships - but these
were not really successful. I think that i am social and pleasant person, i really like
athletics as well as cooking food. I am 5.7 ft. tall in height and also my weight is 49
kilogram. if you're attracted, please make sure to answer me. I would like to wish you
a good rest of the day.

Your letter is a great joy. Sorry, good day ******. :) when I came to work - immediately
checked the mail. It's nice that you want continue communication.
Yesterday was a difficult day and I could not answer. Sorry to keep you waiting my letter.
How was your weekend? I'm fine, I spent these days at home. I cleaned, washed clothes,
went to the grocery store. In the evening I met with friends, we went to a cafe - ate
pizza and coffee. I had a great time. I wish you a good start week.
I am writing to you from work and can not use skype. I will try to find a day that would
have to talk to you via skype. and now I ask to continue our relationship through letters.
Now there are many social networks and different programs for communication, but I do not
use it. social networks take a lot of time, communication through any program loses its
meaning. communication with letters adds a bit of romance, there is a feeling that we are
back for several years and receive a regular letter through the mail. I hope we continue
communicate through letters.
I live in the city of Penza, was born and always lived here. It is a city with a
population of 500 thousand people. I have two higher education - economic and education
in personnel management. I studied at the institute in two faculties at once. I work in
a firm for the manufacture of interior doors. I'm manager of sales, I'm signing contracts
with companies and shops. I like this job, I always have contact with people.
I am not married and have no relationship, I live alone, apart from my parents. I have my
own apartment, I try not to depend on my parents, and I do everything myself. I have
wonderful relatives. My family - mother, father and younger brother, I try to see my
relatives as often as possible. they live 50 km from me.
I hope my words are not boring. I first talk with a man from another country, and I try
to tell more about myself, I'm a open book - you can ask any question. tell about your
life. be sincere with me. honesty and truth - a pledge of good relations. I'm waiting
your news. with respect Anastasiya.

Hi ******, how are you? I'am fine. how is your mood? when I see your letter, the mood
gets better. I'm happier with your words. Thank you. =) Sorry for the long answer. I
write from work, and the beginning of the year - I am very busy and do not have time to
answer you. But I promise to write as soon as a free minute appears. You are really
interesting to me, but the work takes time. and I do not have a computer at home.
I was a little late for work, usually I go by bus. But on streets of the city there are
a lot of cars and morning traffic jams - this is the problem of each city.
In my city weather is cold, temperature is -10C in day and -15C in night. Every day the
sun shines and it pleases. Every season is beautiful in its own way. What is the weather
in your city?
send your picture. I want to have your picture. I hope in next letter you send it.
I did not have time to tell about my family. I am from an ordinary middle-class family,
parents gave a good upbringing with the right outlook on life. mom's name is Ludmila,
father's name is Evgeniy and young brother Konstantin. Mom is 51 years, she works as a
music teacher in the school, my mother is a creative person and I already know from
childhood about Mozart, Beethoven, Bach. :) Dad is 57 years, he works at the plant for
the production of metal structures for buildings. younger brother study in high school,
and wants to become a lawyer in the future. =) he is 14 years old and he lives with
parents. Of course I have friends with whom
I spend my free time, there are not many of them, 5-6 people, to whom I can tell the
most intimate things, spend the weekend together or just talk.
******, I'm sorry that you have to wait for my messages. I promise to deal with the
work in the near future and write to you every day. Perhaps this is the reason for my
loneliness. Not enough time for privacy. =) I hope on your answer. wish a good mood.

Hello hello hello *****. :) your message and words really pleased me. I'm looking
forward to a new day - come to work and read your letter. I use a computer just for work,
well now to communicate with you. I do everything that is necessary at work, and at home
I rest. if I do not have time to do all the work, I will be late. working and home
atmosphere should not overlap. what do you think?
I like your beautiful picture. how are you always look great. I ask you to send a photo
where I can see your beautiful smile.
my favorite pizza peperoni 4 cheese.
Today I woke up on 30 minutes before the alarm. it's a wonderful feeling when you wake
up yourself and not with an alarm. such a day begins with a charge of vigor and energy.
Today is exactly this day, I slept well, took a shower, ate breakfast. I watch my health
and eat right. I do not have bad habits, I do not drink and do not smoke. on holidays
or when meeting with friends, I can drink one-two glass wine or beer. I wake up at 7
am, have breakfast - my breakfast consists of oatmeal, a cup of coffee and a fruit - apple,
pear or banana. The working day starts at 8 am and ends at 6 pm. I visit fitness hall twice
a week, and once a week I ride a bicycle or go to the pool. Sport is the source of strength,
health and beauty. It's a part of my life.
******, what music you like? Preferences in the movie? I like pop, classic and rock music.
I'm happy to listen, music 70,80,90s, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Armin Van Buren, Pink Floyd,
Creedence. my favourite group is ABBA, and loved song happy new year - she is beautiful from
beginning to end. it all depends on my mood, you can pick up music for any mood, well as a
movie. I love movies on real events, comedies, action and science fiction. my favourite
movie 5 element. in university I have nick name Leeloo because of my hair. =) There are very
few good films in cinema. I have not seen this for a long time. I watched only one series
Game of Thrones. And I'm waiting the last season. =)
In my spare time I am engaged in drawing pictures. I recently started to do this and
send some photos. Sometimes I meet with friends, we go to a cafe or have a walk in the
fresh air. I like active rest, I like a dance. But not like clubs and noisy places. I love
the atmosphere of coziness and tranquility. In my head thoughts of going with you to the
cinema. I finish my message on this good thought. =)

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