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Tatyana Nazmova <>
« on: January 10, 2019, 10:57:31 AM »
Name: Tatyana Nazmova
Age: 33
City: Russia, Samara, Karl Marks Avenue 124A. Postal Code: 443016

Beneficiary: Nazmova Tatyana Yurevna
Beneficiary's account number(IBAN): 40817 84050 95300 00009
Adress Beneficiary's bank: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078

Western Union:
Name: Tatyana
Last Name: Nazmova
Country: Russia
Postal code: 443016
Home address: Russia, Samara city, Karl Marks Avenue 124A.

Hey ******. How are you? Are you okay?
Is the search for a woman still going on? =)
I found your email at a dating agency. I would love to meet you.
I'm are very interested in you. And if you do not mind, then we could start an acquaintance and see what we can do. =)
I will send you a photo so you can see me. If you have an interest, write me.
I hope that your heart is not yet occupied, and soon you will write to me! I will wait for your answer.

Thank you for your photo. Very nice to see you. =)
I am very glad that you answered me.
If you do not mind, we will begin our acquaintance. =)
My name is Tatiana!
Perhaps from my letter you already knew that I was not from your country. Is this a problem for you?
I think that the distance in the modern world is just numbers. What do you think?
I am 33 years old. I'm not a little girl anymore, so I'm looking for a serious relationship.
I'm not here to play games or to flirt. I hope you understand me!
I need a responsible man who is ready for a serious relationship.
I hope that I did not scare you with my purpose and you will reciprocate me. =)
I look forward to your letter.
I think that in the next letter we will tell more about each other. =)

Hello ******
I am very glad that you answered my letter.
Woo what a photo. You yourself killed this deer. Horn you took as a trophy? =)
How is your father? Is he better? I can not believe that you work on several jobs.
How many do you have? Three or four? It's very hard.
It's great that you want to communicate with me and learn more about me.
I want to know everything about you in order to make some plans for the future, so I will try to write to you often.
Now I will tell you more about me. I hope you will be interested.
I work and live in Russia. Samara city. Have you heard of such a city?
In 2018, there was the World Cup in Russia and several matches took place in my city.
I was on one of these matches. It was a great event. =)
I liked the fans from different countries. They are very friendly and funny.
Perhaps this factor has pushed me to meet a man from another country.
What do you think about sport? Do you practice any kind of sport or just keep your body fit?
I love fitness, go to the gym in my free time! It distracts me well from difficult and tedious work. =)
I work on the mail in the department where the parcels are sorted. Work is not physical, but very hard.
I have a tight schedule. I work from 09:00 to 20:00! But I have already got used to it and am calm about long hours of work.
I am 33 years old. My height is 167 centimeters. Weight 55 kg.
I am divorced and I have no children. I had a long break and I did not want an attitude.
Because deception and betrayal is very difficult to forgive. Therefore, I divorced my ex-husband.
But now I am ready and decided to start dating with a man, but only on the Internet.
Because at first I have to find out all about the man from the letters, and only then meet him and make plans for the future.
I hope that my plan fits you and you are not against our communication on the Internet?
After all, if desired, the distance can be overcome. Right?
Of course, it would be easier to communicate by phone.
But I want to immediately tell you that I do not give my number to a person whom I do not know well.
I will give you my number when I myself am ready for such communication with you. Agreed?
I really wonder which girls do you like? What are your main qualities in girls?
What else do you want to know about me? I hope that the conversation with me does not bore you? =)
For today I will finish my letter to you and will wait for an answer from you.
I will send you some photos from the gym, as well as with the mascot of the world championship "Zabivaka".
Hope you like my photos. =)
My kiss for you. Tatiana.

Hello ******
How are you? How are you feeling?
I am doing well, apart from the fact that today I had to get up early again and go to work.
I have to be at work before 09:00 to have time to sort the arriving packages.
Parcels, as well as letters come not only from various organizations, but also from different cities!
I sort them by the streets and districts of our city.
And then several postmen take away a certain folder and spread it to a certain area or street.
But still I am pleased that you wrote to me. Did you ask about Jesus Christ? Yes, I believe in God. What else do you want to hear?
You asked me about Facebook. I understand that now is the age of technology and progress
and it would be easier for us to communicate through social networks, as many do.
But, I am not registered on social networks. It's hard to believe, but true.
I believe that social networks make people renounce society.
Therefore, I prefer to communicate with people, I like to walk, read books. Anything that can help you grow. =)
But, I hope that we will continue to communicate and it will not be a big problem for you?
I can speak English. I taught him at the university, and then supported knowledge from dictionaries.
But still I am writing to you with a translator, so as not to be mistaken in writing.
I also became interested in the culture of your country. It would be great to visit your country in the future. =)
I have never been abroad. Even from the city of Samara, I rarely went anywhere.
It was only in nearby cities and was in Moscow a couple of times. This does not mean that I do not like to travel.
I just did not have the opportunity to visit anywhere except Russia. =) Did you travel a lot? Have you been to many countries?
What languages ​​do you know? Do you know Russian culture?
Most likely you wonder why I divorced my ex-husband.
I thought that everything was fine with us, I thought that we were already thinking about children, because I love children and I want children.
But my ex-husband was not decisive, after the wedding, which was 2 years ago, he became cold to me.
Did not show feelings to me, did not give gifts, our intimate life has decreased to a minimum.
And then, at one point, I saw in his phone a correspondence with my girlfriend, which I had known for a long time.
I was shocked. Because there were very intimate photos, as well as conversations about secret meetings.
Then my husband confessed to me, and I didn’t even talk to my girlfriend.
It was deception and betrayal from two people close to me. After that, I divorced my husband.
Therefore, I am looking for a man who will always be honest with me. Which will not hide anything from me.
A man who will take care of me will show feelings to me and will be faithful only to me.
Appearance is not so important to me as the inner world of my man is important. Do you understand?
I believe that you are such a man. I still believe that I can still love and be happy.
Even if a man is from another country, I am ready to move in with him. But only if I understand that this is the man I am looking for.
I hope you understand me? I am a girl and I love affection, I love when they give me time and make pleasant.
I love gentle hugs and kisses. Of course, like any girl, I love intimacy.
But while it is too early to speak on this topic. Therefore, I ask you not to raise this question for the time being. OK? =)
I opened my soul to you and could write to you until the evening, but unfortunately the time goes quickly and I need to finish my letter.
I hope that you will think about my past and understand what kind of man I need.
I do not want to go back to the past, we should think only about the future. I will believe that I am also a girl who suits you. =)
I send you my photos from work where I am alone and with my colleague.
I will be waiting for your photos. Kisses. Tatyana

Hi ******!
How are you? What is your mood? What kind of weather do you have over there today?
I think you don’t need to talk about the Russian climate? Have you heard of him? =)
I'm at work now and I have time to write to you.
I also have a desktop computer at home! True, he is completely "ancient computer" and there is no Internet. =)
I will write to you from work, there is internet here, and when time appears I will answer you.
It seems you misunderstood my past letter. Because I do not have skype. Sorry.
I am glad to continue communicating with you. Slow time goes forward. We know each other more.
I am glad that the Internet gives us this opportunity when there is such a distance between us.
We must pass the line of mutual understanding and trust so that we have strong relations.
We must be sincere in everything. Do you agree with me?
As promised, now I want to tell you about my family. I have a mother, her name is Natalia she is 56 years old.
She is now retired and does household chores. This is the most dear person for me on earth.
My father died 5 years ago. He had heart problems, so my father fell asleep and did not wake up anymore ...
The hardest thing was my mother, since she continued to live alone. Therefore, I tried to support her and always be near.
I am the only child in the family. I do not have brothers and sisters.
My family lived in a village near Samara, where my mother still remains, and I live in Samara.
I moved to Samara when I entered Samara State University.
I had to grow up quickly, and I had many trials in my life. I started working after graduation at the age of 24.
Later, with the help of my parents, I bought an apartment in Samara where I live now.
I live in an apartment alone. I used to have a cat, but she died of old age. Therefore, since then I have no pets.
I have friends and acquaintances. But the best friend is her name - Elena. She looks a bit like me, but only by the color of her hair. =)
We often spend time together. We always share with each other problems and experiences.
I do not have any secrets from her, she is almost like a sister to me.
I would also like to know from you. Do you live alone? Do you have pets?
Could you tell me about your family, relatives and friends? I would be very interested to know about it. =)
Every time I want to know about you as much as possible. Communicating with you delays me. =)
Send you photos with my mom. This is us near "FIFA FAN FEST". And also photos with my friend Elena!
I will also send you a funny photo with a man who is now warming me up at night in bed.
His name is "Misha" and he is a teddy bear. =)
Good luck. Do not forget about me. =)

Hello ******
How glad I am that you wrote to me. =)
Your letters make my day better. I am glad that we learn more about each other. Are you happy about it?
We have a lot in common, we both want to find our other half and be happy.
And I hope that we are on the right track. I am pleased to communicate with you and I do not want to lose it all.
Now I understand your question. Yes, I accepted Christ. I am a baptized and believing person. And you?
It seems I have already told you that we should not hurry.
You ask me if I can come to you. Of course I plan to meet you, but now we just met.
And first we must get to know each other better. And only then can talk about the meeting. Good?
I also wrote about social networks to you. I don't have a facebook. I'm not registered there. Sorry.
In the last letter I told you about my family, about mom and my father, who died. Why didn't you tell me about your family?
I love my mother very much and cherish her. I try to visit her as often as possible.
I come to her at the weekend. Usually on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when I have a day off.
Sometimes I can rest on Saturday and Sunday, and sometimes I work on one of these days.
Today, after work, I will go to visit my friend Elena. I told her a little about you and she was very curious. =)
I will tell you a little about my daily routine. I usually get up at 06:30 in the morning.
I wash my hair, wash my hair, then do my hair and a little makeup on my face.
Then I have breakfast and go to work. I usually take food with me to eat at lunchtime and not spend money on cafes or canteens.
I do not have any special dishes or products. I love to eat whatever you like.
Not long ago, I began to eat Japanese food, namely sushi and rolls. And also I love salads, for example Caesar.
I really like to cook dishes from different countries. I had a good teacher - this is my mom.
She taught me to cook well, and I am very grateful to her for these lessons in childhood.
And what do you like to eat? What are your preferences in the kitchen? Have you ever tried Russian borscht? =)
Most journalists ask foreigners on TV when interviewing. =)
I come home usually at 20:30 or 21:00. To avoid being bored, I include some comedy or film.
I like the movie "Classmates", both parts. The other day I watched him, even though he was an old film.
This is a very funny movie with a lot of humor. The main actor is Adam Sandler!
I like to listen to music when I go in for sports, some kind of motivating. =)
And also I listen to music at home when I clean up or cook food. I have no specific tastes.
I listen to both Russian and foreign music. And how do you like music and movies?
And generally, how do you spend your day? What do you spend more time on? Tell me about this.
As always I finish writing a letter with some photos for you.
Send you a photo from the cafe where I usually eat rolls. And also a couple of photos from the house with my culinary masterpieces. =)
In one photo - belyashi (pies), on the other - pancakes. I would gladly feed you them, or cooked borscht. =)
Have a nice day or evening. Tatyana

Hi ******!
How's your day? What news? Did you miss me? =)
It's nice that you told about yourself and what you love.
It is interesting to learn more about you with each new letter. =)
Do you know what I want? I wish a relationship with a man with whom I will be happy and in which I will be 100% sure.
I would really like someone next to me. Alas, I have no such man yet.
I think the most important thing is that the relationship be sincere.
Hopefully, over time, our relationship will grow into something more than just a virtual friendship. Do you agree?
It seems that we do not communicate so long, but thanks to your letters you are getting closer and closer to me, like a loved one. =)
I hope you are not tired of reading my experiences and my fantasies? =)
I am writing this to you only because I feel that you also, like me, are sincere with me.
It is very important for me that our communication and our interests be mutual. I hope you understand me!
Yesterday I called my mother. I told her that I met a man on the Internet, said that you were from another country.
She was very surprised, but did not say anything against it. She asked me to treat such communication with caution.
Because the Internet is now a lot of deception and lies.
But I am sure that your intentions are serious and you did not get to know me for the sake of games or entertainment.
I can also promise you that my intentions are clean and all I want is to find a man with whom I will be happy.
I do not need wealth, I do not want someone to cheat or hurt. I just want to be happy.
What do your loved ones think about our acquaintance? Did you tell them about me?
They have nothing against the fact that you met a girl from Russia?
I think that they will understand that distance is not a problem for us, the main thing is to have a desire and you can meet. I'm right? =)
Today I send you some photos from the performance of the famous organist Jean-Baptiste Dupont!
I went to his performance when he came to our city.
The performance took place at the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.
How do you like my evening dress? Do you like? =)
I will wait for your letter and your new photos.

Hi ******. How are you? How are you feeling?
I'm fine today. Only positive emotions are in my heart now.
I begin to write this letter to you, and I understand that soon you will read my lines. =)
I want my letter to also warm your lonely heart. Although you are not alone, now you have me. =)
I will definitely tell you when I know the date of my vacation myself. =)
By the way, I completely forgot to say that my mother conveyed greetings to you. She is glad that I have such a person like you. =)
My mother wishes me only happiness. She wants me to find a man with whom I will live a long life.
She has long said that she wants grandchildren. =) Besides, I also love children and would like me to have children, a boy and a girl. Do you want children?
She wanted to see your photo. What do you think about this? =)
And anyway, I would like to know what you think about our future? We have a lot in common, we both want the same thing!
Therefore, I think that the time has come for important questions that have arisen to me. =)
******, do you take our communication seriously?
Do you think we have a future together?
Have you thought about our meeting in the future?
These questions are important to me. Therefore, I will ask you to answer me honestly.
******, you have changed my life for the better. If you ask me: What are my feelings for you? I will answer you without hesitation.
You brought a bright sun to my life. You showed me that I am worthy, to be happy. I understand that together we can achieve big goals.
Only it should take some time, so that I could trust you, like you me. Do you agree?
I want to be sure of your feelings completely. I do not want you to think that I play with you.
Every time I put my heart into every word of my letter. I want you to understand as much as possible what kind of person I am inside.
I no longer imagine the day when I do not think about you. I think all the time about how you are doing, what you are doing, how your day has gone.
So many thoughts, and they are all about you. Even my colleagues began to notice that I am very happy at work.
They ask me: why am I so joyful? And I think about you, but I don’t say anything to them. =)
Therefore, I would like to know your thoughts about our communication and our possible future. Answer my questions. Good?
So that you do not get bored and laugh a little, I will send you funny photos.
I went to trainings several times, where they learn pole dancing (pole).
I did not work well, so I stopped going there. Only these photos are left. =)
I will be waiting for your answer. Have a nice day.

Hello ******!
How are you? How are you feeling? Did you miss me? =)
I'm all good. I'm at work. While there was free time, I decided to write to you.
I read your letter. You said you sent me pictures? But they are not in the letter. Strange!
I read your letter and wondered how you manage to be at all the jobs. You must be very tired.
You have every job is very responsible and requires a great return.
You are a very active man, you are well done. Even at university you were a sought-after student. =)
I am very glad that you answered my questions. It's nice to know that our communication means a lot to you as it does to me.
I think that if we have a desire, then no one and nothing can prevent us from being together in the future. Do you agree?
I am always pleased when you sincerely answer my letters and tell me about everything that you feel.
We are getting closer to each other. It is a pity that so far only emotionally.
Perhaps we will have a great future. I am sure of this and would do everything to see your smile every day. =)
I am also very pleased to know your life, how you spend your day, what you do, what you think and dream about.
Thank you for telling me about this. =)
I like chatting with you. I feel that you are the man I was looking for.
I do not want to speculate and rush things, but I would really like to see you in reality, to talk with you personally. =)
Yes, I know you already want to meet now, but for now I don’t even know when exactly my vacation will be. =)
I even have dreams where we are with you. We walk there by the hand, attend various events, attend various sights.
True, I do not have such beautiful places in the city, so I think it all happened in your city. =)
Of course in dreams we kiss and hug. =)
I have never felt so good, imagine what will happen when we meet in reality. I think we will be fine together. =)
And you think about me, see dreams with me? What thoughts come to you when you think about me?
I am already an adult girl and I want to have a man who will support me and understand. I want to be a woman that a man appreciates.
I believe you can give me real male warmth. I want to trust you. I hope you understand me ...
Today I talked about my feelings. I hope that you will also tell about your feelings, about your experiences.
I am sending you my letter with the great hope that you will soon write the answer. I'll wait.
And a couple more photos. One from work, and the other from the square where the Monument of Glory is installed. This is a landmark of Samara.
Your Tatyana.

Hello my dear ******.
Can I call you that? You have become a close friend to me. =)
So I think that now you are only my ******. =)
So nice that you are already waiting and planning our meeting, but still need to wait a bit. =)
I am very sorry that girls deceived you in the past. I would never dare to deceive you or hurt you.
I am very glad that you wrote me a letter. The letter at the moment is the only thread that connects us.
Thousands of kilometers of thread between our countries. I am very glad that there is Internet and e-mail.
If there were no Internet and e-mail, we would not meet. Right?
Of the million people I wrote to you, and you answered me. Maybe it's fate? Did you think about that?
****** darling, I can’t imagine the day when I don’t think about you, because I think about you all the time. =)
I am ready to give you my phone number. Only I will ask you not to call me on this number.
Because my tariff is connected to which calls from abroad or vice versa to other foreign countries are prohibited.
You will not be able to reach me, the voice of the operator will greet you. =)
It will be better if you will write me "good old" sms messages. Ok?
And if we want to talk on the phone, then I will go to a special negotiation point, from where people call to other countries and call you from there.
Are you satisfied with this? Write me your phone number, then I will send you an sms and you will write down my number. Agreed?
Today my mom called me and asked about you. I said that I will tell her everything about you when I see her in person.
I'm going to go to her village on a day off. I think she will have many questions concerning our future.
I'll also show her your photo. I think she will like you. =)
******, I want to ask you about our meeting. Would you like to meet me? How do you imagine our meeting?
And where do you want us to meet? In my country or in yours?
The fact is that soon I will have a vacation. I think that in the next letter I can tell you the exact date of my vacation.
I have long dreamed of flying abroad on my vacation. I was in different parts of Russia, but from outside the country I had never traveled.
Therefore, I would like to visit your country to see you. What do you think about it? I want to know your thoughts. It is very important for me.
Today I will send you my photo from the cafe, where we go to eat with colleagues or friends. The name of the cafe "USSR" =)
And also my home photo from bed. I hope, you like it. So you want to wake up with you, and not alone in bed.
I give you my kiss. Imagine that we are together and I kiss you on the lips. =)
I hope that you will not delay with the answer. Your Tatyana.

Hello my dear ******.
How are you? How is your day going? I'm at work.
Tell me why you didn't leave me your phone number.
I wanted to try talking to you on the phone. I wanted to try to write you sms. Don't you want it?
Write me your number in the next letter. Good?
I reread your past letters. I'm so glad I found you ******! =)
I could not even imagine that with the help of the Internet you can find a serious man. But I dreamed and believed in it. My faith was justified.
Now between us already had a real loving relationship. Relationships men and women.
This is a very romantic relationship. Time has shown that we are created to be together (I think so).
We are on the right track. On the way to our happiness, to our dreams, to our future.
Soon our dreams will become reality. The most real reality. Fate has long prescribed us a shared future. =)
I have good news for you. I agreed with my boss about the vacation.
I took leave from February 11 to March 10. I will have 30 days of rest.
And I want to meet you on my vacation. I noticed that our feelings are mutual, so we can move to a new stage of relations.
Do you agree with me? In any case, we must meet and spend time together to decide our future.
But I really hope that my future is connected only with you. As I wrote, I would like to visit your country to see you.
Therefore, I could come to your vacation. Besides, in any case, I need to make travel documents so that I can have them.
Yes, I understand that all this will take time, you need to do documents and buy tickets. I understand that all this is very expensive, but I think I have enough money.
I saved and saved money on my vacation to go somewhere on my vacation. And I think that I met you not by chance. =)
After all, our meeting can make us happy forever. Do you agree with my words?
I want to spend all the time just with you. I want to wake up, I want to walk with you and fall asleep.
I want you and me to be the happiest man and woman in this world.
If we are together, there will be no deception between us, no secrets.
Because it is very painful when you find out that you have been deceived. I think you will agree with me.
We both had bad memories of the past. But I think that now it’s time for us to build our happy future. =)
I will send you my photos in a bikini. I think you wanted to see them. =)
I trust you, so I don’t want you to show them to anyone else. Good? Did you like it?
I hope that when you read my letter, it will warm your heart.
I miss. I miss you very much! Waiting for your letter and your new photos.
I kiss you. Your Tatyana.

Hello dear ******.
How are you? Are you all right?
I want to ask you about one thing. Do you like archery? Are you a shooter? =)
Because right now you shot an arrow of love in my heart! =)
Did you miss me? I missed you very much and thought about you day and night.
I have so many dreams and fantasies that I would like to embody with you in reality.
I think that if we meet, we need a fireman to put out our flame of love. haha =)
I'm at work. My colleagues asked again about you, asked when we would meet.
Just about that I wanted to talk to you. I told my colleagues that I plan to go to your country and meet with you.
They advised me to contact a travel company. Because travel with a tour operator is much cheaper and faster.
Doing documents alone is very difficult and it will take a lot of time, about three months.
In addition, it will be necessary to go to Moscow for an interview, because I am going abroad for the first time.
Why to Moscow? because only in Moscow is the main office of the embassy of your country.
And if you do everything through a travel company, then you do not need to go there.
They advised me to apply to one travel agency, to which they themselves applied. I want to go there and find out about everything.
I hope you have not changed your mind to meet with me ??? =)
But first I need to know some information from you.
Tell me which airport to fly to? It will be easier if you write another airport code.
Then, I want to know your full name and your exact address. If I get lost at the airport, then I need to know this information in order to find you. =)
And yet, how will your loved ones relate to the fact that I come to you? They will not mind?
Can I live with you? Or do I need to rent a hotel?
I really want to visit your country. Learn better your culture, get used to life in Europe, in your locality, in your home.
After all, if I do not experience this, then I can not make a decision about our future.
But in the future, if everything works out, I would like to stay with my man. So in your country. Do you understand?
And then we could go to Russia together to meet my mother and friends. =)
That is why I must come to you now and live with you these 30 days to make a decision.
But, I am sure that everything will be fine with us. I really want us to succeed.
I have to finish the letter. Send you my photo from work. Sometimes it is boring when there is no work. =)
******, I already miss ..... Your Tatyana.

Hello my dear ******
How glad I am that you wrote to me.
Are you ready to meet me? Are you waiting for me in your arms? =)
I hope that soon I will be able to see you live and talk to you, and not write letters.
I am so pleased that for me you want to forget about your principles.
You're right, love is more important than money. It always has been. You are a very kind and caring man.
I can't even believe that we decided to meet and very soon we can be together.
My vacation will start from February 11 and I think I will have time to prepare the documents before this time.
Because in a travel company it will take about 2 weeks, and if you pay more money, it will be even faster. =)
Why did not you tell me the name of the airport, and also did not write your complete data?
I will not be able to learn about the trip if I do not know this data. You understand?
I will also write you my full details.
My full name: Tatyana Nazmova
My home address: Russia, Samara, Karl Marks Avenue 124A. Postal Code: 443016
It would be great if we live with you in the same house, in the same room. =)
I hope that your relatives will not be against my arrival to you.
I can go to a travel company and find out about everything, but first you have to write me the data I asked for from you. The main airport.
As for the tickets. You will not be able to buy tickets for me online.
After all, to buy tickets you need a foreign passport, but I do not have it.
I have no documents for the trip. After all, I have never been abroad. Do you understand?
I will be waiting for your answer. Do not forget to write me what I asked.
Do not miss me. Soon we will be together. =)
I kiss you! Your Tatyana

Hello my dear ******
I was shocked when I read your letter.
I just don't understand what you are saying to me.
You write me huge sums and I do not understand where you get them from.
You write that I need to have $ 7,000 to fly to your country. It is not true.
I was also in the travel company yesterday. I found out about going to the USA.
Yes, I did not think that the trip would be so expensive, it is a little more than I have money.
The total amount of the trip is 95,000 rubles. (1400 dollar)
I was able to save only 50,000 rubles. That is, now I have only 750 dollar.
It turns out that I miss another 650 dollar.
If you could help me with this amount, we would be together in 2 weeks. Do you understand?
Do you now refuse from our meeting?
I thought that I would go to Europe, so my savings were less than necessary. Do you understand?
But I have most of the money, can you help me with the rest of the money?
You do not need to have 7,000 or 10,000 dollars. After all, I will go to you as a tourist, I will issue a tourist visa.
Your name will not be in any documents, so no amount will be required from you.
My visa will be calculated for 3 months. First I will come to you for one month and live with you.
I want to get used to life in your country, in your home. And then we will draw conclusions about our future. Ok?
Only after our meeting can we talk about our future. Do you understand?
But if you want to surrender now, it means that you did not want to be with me.
Was it really just a game for you? I just don't get it ******.
I am very sad now. I thought I would make you happy with the news and we can be together very soon.
But most likely you don’t want to see me anymore ...

Hello my dear ******
Thank you for writing me. I was waiting for your letter.
I was very sad.
I was very upset about this problem.
I thought I could lose you because of that damned money.
After all, I just now met my happiness and I do not want to lose it.
Your words cheered me up. Thank you for your support of ******.
You really are a very caring man. I am very glad that I met you.
You wrote that you want to help me. Can you really find a 650 dollar ???
Did you say this seriously? Can you really help me?
If you really can send me this amount, then I can make the documents and come to you.
But first, I wanted to ask you. I will not make you difficulties? You will not have problems if you help me?
I do not want to create difficulties for you. I do not want you to have problems because of me.
I hope you give me an honest answer. I really wanna be with you.
I need a caring, loyal and loving man. How nice that such a man you are.
If we solve the problem we will be together very soon.
You could send money to my bank account. I did not use the services of Western Union. It's safe?
I'll go to the bank and find out about everything. Good?
Please write me what you think. I will wait for your answer.
I will pray that we will succeed.
Kisses. Waiting for your answer.

Hello my dear ******
How are you? Everything is good?
I am very glad that you wrote to me. Are you all right?
I read your letter. For me there is no difference in what currency I get the money.
Since when receiving, in any case, I need to convert the currency.
But if you send money in Russian rubles, then I will not need to convert money. That is so easy.
I do not understand why you say that sending money to Russia is difficult?
My dear, today I went to the bank, as promised.
I learned about everything that is required to transfer funds.
I found out exactly what data you need for this.
But I was offered two options. Now I will write to you about them.
1. Transfer funds to a bank account.
In this case, you will need my bank account details.
And if you send me your help, the transfer will take about 4-5 days.
But there is also another option.
2. Transfer funds using WesternUnion.
In this case, you will need some other my complete data.
If you send me your help in this way, I can get the money in 15 minutes.
It is much faster than a bank account.
You will have to tell you the secret code that will be given to you during the transfer.
And I will go to the bank with my passport and I can get your money.
I think it would be wiser to do that.
Because you will make a transfer and I can receive your money on the same day.
And on the same day I can pay the travel agency all the money and conclude a contract.
And I will start to make out my trip! What do you say, my dear?
I think that if we do everything quickly, I will come to you very soon. =)
I want you to think and decide how you feel comfortable.
I do not want you to have difficulties.
Therefore, if you are really ready to help me, tell me how you will do it and I will send you the relevant data.
I now believe that we will soon decide everything and be together. All thoughts are just about this!
I will be waiting for your answer.
I kiss you. Your Tatyana

Hello my dear Colin
I am very glad that you wrote to me.
I was missing you a lot. I was constantly thinking about you and our meeting.
I hope that we will be able to solve the problem as soon as possible and then we will be together.
In the last letter I wanted you to choose how it would be convenient for you to send money through a bank account or WesternUnion!
But you did not choose. I think that through WesternUnion will be much faster. Do you agree with me.
But I will give you the bank account details, as well as the data for WesternUnion, and then you will choose what is best for you. Ok?

1) Here is my data for WesternUnion:

Name: Tatyana
Last Name: Nazmova
Country: Russia
Postal code: 443016
Home address: Russia, Samara city, Karl Marks Avenue 124A.

2) My bank account:

Beneficiary: Nazmova Tatyana Yurevna
Beneficiary's account number(IBAN): 40817 84050 95300 00009
Adress Beneficiary's bank: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078

All data is correct. You have to choose the option with which you send money.
When can you send money? If you have time to do it today or tomorrow, then I will have time to do everything before the weekend.
In any case, I will wait for your good news. I really miss.
I believe you Colin. I believe that you are a man - a word and you will do everything right. =)
You gave me hope for happiness and I promise I will not let you down.
If we are together, I will do everything to make you happy.
Now I have to go. But I will wait for your news.
Your Tatyana

Hello my dear ******
I'm glad you wrote to me. I was waiting for your news.
Do you write that you went to the bank and you were warned about fraud?
Yes that's right. This is a standard procedure. I was told about this in the bank when I collected complete data.
In any bank, when you send money to another country, they warn of a large number of scammers.
No problem, this is a standard procedure. But they have no right to forbid you to send your money.
Are you saying they asked for my passport? Strange ... but this is no problem, I will send you my passport.
I hope that after this there will be no more problems.
If you tell them that you are doing this intentionally, then they cannot forbid you to fix the money. Do you understand?
When can you go to the bank again now? I hope that you will succeed.
Then do not forget to attach a copy of the payment to me so that I can verify all the data.
Be careful when entering data. Do not make a mistake.
I'll be waiting for your news. I kiss you.
Your Tatyana

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