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Yamschikova Elena Gennadevna <>
« on: December 20, 2018, 06:55:38 AM »
Name: Yamschikova Elena Gennadevna
Age: 38
City: Chapaev Street, 16, apt. 12 Sarov town, Nizhegorodskaya Region, Russia, zip-code 607188.
Emails: <>, <>

BENEFICIARY: Yamschikova Elena Gennadevna
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817840111094005860
Bank's address: Vorontsovskaya, 43, building 1, Moscow, Russia
zip-code: 109147
BIC: 044525187


Hello ******,
I decided to write you and I am glad that you answered me.
Thank you for the photo! You are such a handsome man!
And your son is adorable.
As you know my name is Elena. People call me Lena.
I live in Russia, in the town Sarov.
I am 38. I am an accountant in the construction company.
I am divorced and have no children.
Tell me where you live, your age, occupation.
I hope you are a serious man.

Hi ******!
Great to hear from you. Thank you for such nice photos.
I like your smile! The dog is adorable. What is his/her name?
How are you doing? How is the weather?
Here it is a bit cold, have to wear warm clothes.
I don't have children but I have my pet Charley, a cute dog.
He is my little baby) I live alone. My mum live outs of town in her house.
My friends play a great role in my life too.
What I can tell you more now - I am very good at cooking.
I do not know what to write you else, I will try next time.
Have a good day!

P.S. On the pic you can see my pelmeni, famous Russian food.

Hi again ******!
I am very happy to receive the letter from you again!
I wrote you before that I work as an accountant
in the construction company.
I work as usual. How was your day?
My friend will come to visit me tonight. She works at school.
Do your friends often visit you?
I don't have much free time. I go to the gym 3 times a week,
go to my mum. I like going to the cinema and theatre.
I am sure partners should be firstly friends and of course lovers and soulmates.
I am interested to know more about you.
Tell me more about your character. Mine is emotional but easy-going.
I am open with people but sometimes it hurts.
I'd like to draw your full image, to penetrate into your inner world.
I want to create a strong union of our hearts, blossoming into true love!
Have a good day! Elena.

Hi ******!
I was in a good expectation of your letter today!
I would like to live in your country because
it is more developed than Russia.
My biggest wish now is to have a good family with a right man.
You may ask me, why I can not meet a man in my country?
It's well-known that in Russia we have 9 men for 10 women.
That's why it is very difficult to meet single family-oriented, reliable man here.
And they drink too much. I am not looking for a foreign man on purpose:
for me it isn't important where a person lives and what language he speaks...
I see what he has in his heart. He must be caring, loving and tender to me...
Life is too short to be lonely, I think we need to be grateful for every moment.
And Love is a very funny thing you never know where it waits for you..
I feel that you and me have very much in common and though we
know each other for a short period of time I feel close to you...
But it is too early to talk about something
Let's go on and we will see what it will lead us to, ok?

P.S. I have never hunted. It is just my friend's husband's gun.

Hello darling ******,
Again your letter makes my day. I am grateful to you for it.
I belive in god but I belive it in my soul and don't show it off.
I don't go to the church.
My grandparents are all died. My dad is died. I have only my mum.
I told you before about her.
I have only one name Elena, when I was baptized it is the same.
I like you a lot, not a little.
Today I thought about you a lot. I see that my trust to you gradually increases.
I hope that you feel the same. Anyhow, I know that you are a fair and kind man.
And our meeting isn't at random. I think that it is destiny that acquainted me and you.
Well what else to write you...
My usual day begins with shower, coffee.
Then I dress up and go to work. I work for 7-8 hours.
After I go to the supermarket to buy products and go home to cook something.
I go to the gym or can stay in.
At home I watch TV, do some yoga exercises, read books or magazines.
So in general I can say that I am happy but I want to have my man.
I want to feel that somebody needs me and waits for me every day...
I hope god made us meet not as a joke. I want to believe this.
I kiss you. Lena.

Good afternoon dear ******,
I hope now I can address to you as "dear"
because I feel we have some connection in spite of
the fact that we are far from each other.
I would like to know what you are doing at this very moment.
Today it's hard working day because I need to prepare
many papers for which I am responsible. But I don't complain)
I like my job though sometimes it's stressful.
What about you? Do you like what you do in this life?
What is the profession of your dream? Mine was to be a doctor
but then mathematics attracted me in senior school.
That's why I decided to enter the faculty of Economics
and graduated from it with the excellent diploma.
I feel that I begin thinking of you more and more.
I like this fact. I hope our interest is mutual.
I have decided for myself that in my new relationship
I will try to be wise and patient.
Have a sunny day,

Hello dear ******!
How is your day? You know probably it sounds unusual
but I open your letters with a smile on my face.
I already like you and I know that when I see you, I won't be disappointed!
It is nice to learn more and more about you in emails.
I also try to be honest with you and write what I have in my mind.
I understand that it is difficult to realise exactly
whom you write on the other part of the world by inet but
I can make some conclusions by your words.
I can say that you meet my requirements in a man.
I don't say that I have an ideal man in my head I just mean that
I want to see some treats which I consider to be very important for a man.
I found you intelligent, bright and strong.
I can judge by your words in emails I remind you.

Hello dear ******,
Nice to read from you as usual.
It has become my habit to check letters from you)
I can be free from the 11th of Feb until the 11th of ******h.
I haven't learnt about tickets and visas yet.
One thing which confuses me is the money question.
I am not sure that I can afford such a trip.
I totally support you in your thoughts that
we found common language. But it is only a small part of good relationship
which can lead to making a real family. Do you agree?
I am an ordinary woman. I want to open my heart and should for you
but I am afraid a little bit... This distance scares me.
On the other hand letters from you give me some ideas about you.
You are honest, caring, responsible and serious.
This is what I look for in my partner. If we both work hard
I guess we can build relationship, especially when we meet each other in future.
I am at work, finishing. Soon will go to the supermarket to buy products
and will cook something.
I kiss you, Lena.

Hello my treasure ******,
Now I want to be the part of your world my love.
I want to share everything with you and make you happier now.
Will I be able to live in your place? Won't I bother you?
Please tell me everything exactly. I want you to give me the nearest airport
where you will meet me. Can you write me your address and full name?
This information is only for me.
I can go to the travel-agency to learn the details about the trip.
What do you think about this?
I love you so much and want to be with you...

Hello ******,
I appreciate the fact that you shared your personal life with me.
And I am sure we can be a nice couple
who can develop the relationship which will lead to a family.
Do you agree? I want to be positive about it.
So I called my friend in the agency today.
She told me that I need to have visa, insurance,
train tickets to Moscow, tickets to the USA.
Visa + insurance will be 80 USD.
Train tickets from Sarov to Moscow will be 6600 rubles
because it is necessary to go for almost 42 hours.
Return tickets to Portland cost 698 USD.
So totally it will be 878 USD dear.
Well what can I say. I don't have much savings dear
and maximum I can afford 150 dollars.
Kiss you, Lena.

Hello, my ******!
I appreciate the fact that you can support me with the funds for the trip!
I think it's easier to do it by western union because it is necessary 3-4 working days
to get the transaction here. I know it well because I work with bank accounts.
For western union you need my name and address right?
My full name is Yamschikova Elena Gennadevna
My address is Chapaev Street, 16, apt. 12
Sarov town, Nizhegorodskaya Region, Russia,
zip-code 607188.
In life we both received a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love.
My feelings for you are growing.
And sometimes I am so much afraid to lose you and miss such a great chance.
Honey, I put these thoughts away.
I know that our love keep us till the day we be together.
I do want to explore a future with you. You seem to be the man that completes me.
The man that I have been waiting for. The one that will be my friend, my partner and lover.

Hello ******,
Yes there are a lot of bad things happening in inet
and innocent people suffer from it too. It is not fair.
I asked in the bank, they say there are other ways to send money:
RIA Transfers, Money Gram and World Remit.
These systems are like western union.
Can you try them?

Or I can give you my bank account.
BENEFICIARY: Yamschikova Elena Gennadevna
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 40817840111094005860
Bank's address: Vorontsovskaya, 43, building 1, Moscow, Russia
zip-code: 109147
BIC: 044525187

I love you,

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