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Svetlana Aklanova <>
« on: December 19, 2018, 10:13:26 AM »
Name: Svetlana Aklanova
Age: 28
City: Khabarovsk, Russia
Emails: <>, <>

Hello my dear friend ******!
Thank you for answering my letter back)) Seeing today, your reply
letter, I was very happy. I hope your interest is, indeed, true and
sincere. Now I will tell you a little about myself. As you know my
name Svetlana. I am 28 years old. I live in Russia, in the city of
Khabarovsk. It is located almost on the border with China. But despite
that I've never been to China. I have many hobbies. I love life in all
its manifestations. Every day is an opportunity for me to become
better and to learn something new. I learned the value of each moment
in early childhood. Since then I enjoy every breath. I'm actually a
very cheerful person. Jokes and anecdotes elevate mood and sincere
smile is the best indicator of friendliness. For example, I now write
to you these lines and smile! I smile at the fact that I was very
pleased to get the opportunity to get to know you. Well... it was a
small digression from my story. That is to say, the expression of my
emotions) Despite my ease, I'm a very serious person. The order should
be in everything: in business and in the head. Such a principle I
adhere to in all that relates to achieving goals. It helped me finish
school with a gold medal and the Medical Academy with honors. At the
moment, my studies at the Academy are over and I received a diploma in
the specialty of Dentistry. In the near future I will become a
full-fledged dentist. Tell me about yourself, about the country, about
city where you live. About your hobbies, about your work, what
attracts you in people. Thus we can learn if we have something in
common. I would also like to touch on a delicate subject. I dance a
striptease. This is what allows me to feel, to feel my sexuality and
beauty. I just say to you about it, because I don't not want in the
future to meet a misunderstanding on your part. If it's contrary to
your moral and ethical principles, we can save time to each other and
to stop communicating. I can take criticism in my address. I can only
hope that this is not a problem for you. In any case, write me about
everything that is bothering you. If you decide to continue our
communication, then I would like to ask for your telephone number.
This will give us the opportunity to hear each other and I will be
sure of your sincere intentions. On this I finish my letter with hope
for your answer. Thank you for read my words until the end! Don't
forget me, please as soon as possible to write.
Gentle embrace...
Your new friend Svetlana.

Hello my dear ******!
How nice to get your letter)) I am very grateful that you were
understanding to my fascination with striptease. I am confident in
myself and I'm not ashamed of this occupation. I do not engage in
prostitution and do not sell myself for money. I know my own worth and
it is not measured in material wealth. I have nothing to hide and so I
at once decided to tell you everything. Honesty is a very important
aspect in any relationship between people. In our world a lot of lies
and misunderstandings. I have experienced this many times. Several
times I have experienced emotional pain and suffering. For this reason
I always try to be honest to myself and to other people. I hate liars!
In the past I communicated with a man via the Internet, but it didn't
end well(( In the end it turned out that he needed from me only my
photos of an intimate nature. I felt great pain knowing that I was
just a toy in someone else's hands(( I'm asking you to be honest with
me and answer my question. You only want my photo or relationships
with me??? Your answer is very important to me! As for me, I want our
communication continued and developed. Something I too delved into
self-torture)) Most correct will be all the bad leave behind and live
in today! If you don't mind, send me some your photos. You're very
nice to me and our communication gives me great pleasure.
Unfortunately, I am unable to use modern means of communication such
as Skype, Facebook, and various types of messengers, while I can only
dream about them. Simple E-mail for me the most acceptable and
convenient option. I use a USB ADSL modem. This system does not work
well, and it is extremely expensive. I pay for every downloaded
megabyte. And when downloading a large number of megabytes, the cost
skyrockets. If you're not tired to read my letter, I'd like to give
you more details about me) My height is 171 cm, weight 59 kg. my date
of birth 18 March 1990. My childhood was different from most children.
I was in the orphanage and it was the saddest chapter of my life. I
have lots of different experiences during the time spent at the
shelter. I can say only one thing - Children are sometimes very cruel.
Maybe someday I will be able to tell you more about my childhood, but
not now. Excuse me, but it's too personal and painful memories. When I
turned 18, I was so insanely happy!!!! I finally became free!!! The
government gave me an apartment on the outskirts of Khabarovsk. At
that moment I felt like a HUMAN! From that moment began my new life))
You're probably wondering why I wrote a man from another country?! In
fact, everything is simple. I got a grant for international internship
in your country. I graduated from Medical Academy with honors and I
was offered an internship abroad. 6 months I'm doing my internship. If
all goes well, I will have the opportunity to continue working in your
country. In the following letter I will write you more about this, ok?;)
I thought that in a foreign country, I want a friend or beloved?!)
That's how lucky)) However, if you have no objection, then soon we
will be able to see each other face to face. How do you feel about
music? For me music has always been a salvation in difficult periods
of life. Playing the piano is a part of me and music of my soul. I am
doing this for myself and I would be interested to hear your opinion.
I hope that you won't be too strict to me))) If you don't it will be
difficult, I would like to know about your preferences in music. Write
me more about yourself, about the most important moments of your life.
I want to believe that you read my letter till the end, never not
fallen asleep from boredom. In any case, I thank you for the time you
spend on me.
Gentle hugs and kisses...
Your Svetlana

Hello my friend ******!
Have you not noticed that between us there is some connection?? I dont
know if you felt the same, but I definitely have a craving for you.
Every night I remember your letter, and try to imagine your way of
life, to feel your perception of the world. I understand that nothing
can replace real communication, visual and tactile contact. Touch,
glances, touches, voice. Without this it is impossible to obtain real
pleasure from communication. Any one fulfilling relationship are
impossible without physical sensations, without sex. As corny as it
may sound. Sex allows you to feel the partner, to experience an
emotional connection. I love sex! Rare to meet people who wouldn't
love sex)) I hope that soon we will have the opportunity to see each
other)) And we don't miss this chance! I hope my candor is not too
embarrassing. Sometimes I think I'm too openly express my emotions and
feelings. If it's for you is a problem, then immediately tell me about
it. Now I would like to return to my internship program. You
probably have a misunderstanding about this issue. Firstly, very soon
I will be in your country) For me it's all very thrillingly, as I
never was in other places, in addition to Khabarovsk. I was a little
scared of the language barrier, but I think my English is not so bad.
Although... maybe only I think so)) Each year the government of Russia
gives the opportunity to the best students to obtain international
practice. During the study I was the exemplary student at the
Department of Dentistry, in relation to learning and attendance. As
I said earlier the result of all this was the Diploma with Honors and
internship program abroad. I chose your country for the internship not
by chance. You have a very high rate of professionalism in this field
and use the most advanced technologies. While in Russia, people are
still afraid to visit the dentist because it is pure sadism, not a
comfortable treatment. This is the paradox of Russia. There is
knowledge, but there is no possibility of applying them in practice
due to the lack of modern equipment. The duration of the internship is
6 months. The first 2 weeks I will be in the capital, to listen to the
course of lectures. Next, I will have to choose the city in which my
entire practice will take place. In the event that I dont have certain
preferences, then the place of my practice will be chosen by
management. Even now I am writing to you and my heart is racing with
joy. I am madly looking forward to this trip! Such a chance comes once
in a lifetime! I think you agree with me. Under the agreement, the
whole trip paid by my government. A complete package that includes
accommodation, food and clothing (if necessary). I have another
delicate question for you. How do you feel about more intimate photos?
If you don't mind, I'd like to send you more sexy photos. I must know
your decision. I believe that we can achieve a closer relationship
than just friends. You're very very attractive) We need to trust each
other 100. The more we communicate, the more understanding there will
be between us. With great trembling waiting for your letter.
Your Svetlana!

Hello my sweet ******!
I congratulate you on Christmas! Let this holiday bring you warmth
from the smiles of your family. I really want you to experience a lot
of positive emotions today. Christmas is a holiday that warms with
warmth. I hope that today will be filled with sincere smiles and joy.
More and more I become addicted to your letters.When I don't see a new
letter from you, I open the previous letters and reread them. If a
year ago someone told me what lies ahead of me, so many highlights, I
would have just laughed and not believed it. I never was reaching for
the stars and always tried to feel the ground under my feet. But now
I'm so happy that everything seems a particularly beautiful and
harmonious. Perhaps this is the so-called "white stripe" in my life.
Despite all the turmoil and anxiety of the trip, I feel calm. I know
that "There" in a unfamiliar country, I have a friend is You! Thank
you for reading my letters and answering them. I believe that soon our
acquaintance will become closer and closer. How cool would it be to
talk on the phone, but lately I'm a little scattered. I don't know
what happened to my phone, all day can't find him. This morning I got
up from the phone alarm clock and went out for my daily jog. Then I
packed my clothes and prepared to eat and remembered about the phone
only closer to the dinner. I tried to call my number, but it looks
like it's battery is flat. The most important thing is that it's not
lost(( There's a lot of personal information including photos(( I hope
that it will be found. Something thoughts on the phone haunt me(( Now
is not the time! Need to switch attention to something else. Dear
******, today I will show you my immodest photos) Tell me if you like
it! It is very important to me! I need to know am I attracting you as
a woman, physically? May my photos bring you only positive emotions
and a little passion;) In fact I try to keep my body and figure.
Almost every day I run, 3 times a week doing home workouts + mandatory
stretching exercises. I believe that grace and plasticity adorn a
woman. Sometimes I compare myself with a cat. Soft, flexible, graceful
cat that sometimes can scratch the offender)) I Almost forgot to ask
you how you feel about Smoking? I don't smoke and think it's a very
bad habit! I can afford a little bit of alcohol. I love red wine or
some champagne to relax, but no cigarettes! Don't know why, but now I
want to share with you something very personal. I tried to hide it
from everyone and never talk about it( But I think I can be honest
with you. In my childhood I was a very notorious child and the
children mocked me as I could. From all the bullying I received
emotional trauma and closed from all ceasing to talk. I spent the
whole year was silent and suffered all the attacks from the children
from the orphanage. But thanks to the psychologist that was there for
me all this time, I slowly began to recover. This woman taught me to
fight back, learned to love myself. I still consider her as the main
person in my life. Unfortunately, it is no longer in this world(( But
I'll always remember her! I really wish we had something personal that
connects us to each other. Please keep my secret and open your heart
to me. Looking forward to your answer.
Gently embrace...
Your Svetlana

Hello dear ******!
How's your life? I hope you are all well.
I have great news, all my travel documents ready. Tomorrow I will go
to Moscow to be more in the place of my internship. Literally as soon
as I heard the news, I immediately wrote to you about it. Each time
sitting at the computer, I'm waiting for your letter. I feel that I
miss you already. If I say in a few words my feelings- when I read
your letters my heart starts to beat faster. It is a pleasant and
sweet feeling! I feel a warm feeling and I am very glad that our
communication with you continues. I think that you very good and kind
person. I have a very long time not been in a serious relationship and
in my heart there was an emptiness. Maybe I'm naive, but deep down I
believe that I will meet my only man, ****** I'm a little embarrassed to
write about this, but I hope you're not afraid of me. I don't think
I'm doing something unnatural. I just want sex and I want it with you.
I think it's a natural need of the body. I see that our relations are
developing very well, and we can study each other. I want to tell you
that I am very sexy girl and inside me is burning bright the fire of
passion. When I come to your country and we meet, you will be able to
make me very happy. Men in our country, a very modest, shy and
insecure. I love sex, I love to try everything new and unexplored;) I
love the new poses, role play and new places for sex. I like oral sex.
I think this is one of the most beautiful types of sex is an intimate
moment of intimacy between a man and a woman. I want you to cum on my
face. I have never felt this great feeling. But I really want to
experience it with you ******. Psychology russian men are very
conservative. I think that sex in the missionary position can very
quickly become bored. It is very monotonous. I want something new, I
have many ideas and I love to experiment! I need a partner to explore
my sexuality. I also want to ask you, what do you think about oral
sex? We will deal with it? But please don't think I'm perverse. You
really make me very hot! I have a strong desire to you! To me this is
the first time! I just can't control myself! If I see attention, care
and love from my men, I will give all of myself without reserve to our
relationship. I hope that person is you! I want to meet a man who is
worthy my pure and sincere love. I want to send in this letter a more
intimate photo. I'm a little embarrassed... I hope you enjoy my
pictures. I also hope that these photos will not be seen by anybody
except you. These pictures are only for you and not for anybody else.
I also hope that you correctly understood me. I'm freedom woman! I
love sex and want to explore it with you. If something is confusing
just tell me and I stopped doing it. If you want further
communication, I want to see the picture that you end up with my
photos. I think it's very exciting;) But it's just thoughts. I want to
see the cum on my body and face! I love sex and I will tell you
honestly, I really want you ******! I conclude my letter, and I feel a
lot of excitement. Between my feet very wet and I urgently need to
find my toy!!!!!! I hope this letter brings a smile to your face and
warmth in your heart and pants:)))) I really hope to see Your new
letter soon!
Hot kisses and hugs!!!!!!!!!!
Your Svetlana!

Hello my dear ******!
It is very nice to feel some reciprocal interest from you in my
direction. I try to reveal myself as much as possible in front of you
in every next letter. The bond that has formed between us, with each
passing day, becomes stronger and more stronger. I'm extremely glad
that was not mistaken in you. You're very sexy and charismatic man. I
can feel it in your manner of writing. From you comes the confidence
and manliness! I have rarely met people with such a strong inner core!
Now I'm even more excited to meet you. I want to read you like a book,
chapter by chapter. Now I have so many thoughts and emotions in my
head that I can not concentrate on any one thought. Actually
discipline for me is very important. But I will get myself together
and everything will be fine;) do you love discipline? Or don't attach
much importance? I almost forgot to tell you important news. Tomorrow
I'm going to Moscow!!! This is my first flight and I have a little
nervousness. Although airplanes are considered one of the safest modes
of transport. Maybe you flew on a plane and can reassure me a bit) I
would be very happy for your concern) ******, as soon as I get
settled in Moscow, I will try to write to you from the nearest
Internet cafe. For me it will be the most viable option, as I'm not
very good situations with money. But as soon as I'm on the place
internship, then everything would be fine. Unfortunately, I do not
know the cost of living in your country, but I hope that 2900$ will be
enough? This will be my salar y as an assistant dentist during the
internship. For Russia, this is unreal money, but I do not know the
value of money in your country. I even could not dream about such
salaries. Probably, the first time, I would be hard, because you have
a different behavior rules,different mentality, different traditions
different from our own. I can only hope for your help! If you support
me, I will certainly succeed. As I told you earlier, I will have to
spend 2 weeks in the capital of your country to listen to the course
of lectures. I would really like to see you at the airport on my
arrival. I don't know if you can meet me, but I madly want it! We
could have a place to have lunch, then walk around a bit and talk. And
then, I'd like to get to know each other better! I hope you understand
what I mean?;) If you don't mind, I can dance for you a lap dance! You
will veeerrrryyyy hot! I will drive you crazy from desire!!! Get
ready, I'm coming, you get hot, wild sex, sex that you never had
before! And please don't masturbate until I came, I want you to be all
mine!;) Perhaps my words made you excited? After 2 weeks of lectures I
would like to come to your city for further practice. Please write to
me, exactly your city, and what the nearest airport is to you. Dear
******, I'm happy from these thoughts about you! Now this is only a
dream, but I believe that soon they will be realized. As much as I
wanted to finish this letter, but I need to pack. Tomorrow will start
my journey. Even if I don't see your letter at home, I'll read it upon
arrival in Moscow. I'm asking you to answer my questions and write me
something sweet.
Miss you already...((
Your Svetlana

******, my sun! Hello honey!
I'm glad to see again your new letter. Thank you for your words and
kindness. Your concern gives me a fighting spirit and emotional
satisfaction. To be honest, I'm worried that you won't answer me(( I
always think about the worst, but hope for the best) You're always
beside me in my heart. In my thoughts you occupy an important place in
my life. Thank you for what you cheer me up. You are important to me
and at this stage of my life I live only dream of you. I hope that
soon our sexual desires will be satisfied. I want to feel your cock
inside me. I want you to take my ass. I've never tried this kind of
sex, but I think we both get the greatest pleasure. You'll be the
first man to whom I will allow to do it! Now I am in Moscow and I
write you from Internet cafe. I feel fever in my body. If you were
near me, I would have climbed into your lap and kissed you so
passionately that your cock was hard and ready for action. Oooo! These
sweet dreams!!! ******, what are you doing to me?! I'm a little better
translate the theme in another direction, to cool my ardor. This
morning I settled in a hostel at the Embassy. I have all the necessary
facilities, shower, stove to cook, a TV. by the Way, my flight went
well. Although, during takeoff and landing, my heart sank from fear
and my ears so hard that for a moment I thought I went deaf. But
despite all these nuances, I am happy with the flight. Never before
have I felt such adrenaline. The whole way I was thinking how
wonderful that is happening to me. It was like a fairytale! But
reality broke all my dreams into little pieces. As it turned out it's
not as simple as I thought. I had a problem where my internship is in
jeopardy(( very hard for Me to write to you about it, but I promised
to be honest to you. My difficulty is that I have an unsettled debt
for utilities. This debt is 32900 rubles. In us dollar terms this is $500.
I had no idea that this may affect my trip to Russia. However,
there is such a law, and I have to pay the debt in order to release me
from Russia. In recent years a lot of Russian citizens departed
abroad, leaving huge unpaid bills for utilities. Therefore, the
departure from Russia, in the presence of debts, canceled. I'm asking
you not to blame me for this!!! I don't want to hear the screams and
insults from the person to whom I have a warm, sincere feelings.
Please don't throw stones at me! My heart is broken! I'm totally
confused and somehow gathered all the strength to write to you about
everything. I barely restrained so as not to cry when visitors of the
Internet cafe. I feel absolutely crushed. I feel very bad((((( I'm
afraid you will abandon me and I lose you, never taken you! From the
realization that only my hands are shaking. I tried to solve the
problem yourself, but I have no such amount of money. In my wallet
was $100. I paid them all, but this is not enough(( I think it's a
shame to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. Perhaps you
refuse to help me. I understand very well! In General, I don't know
what to do!? I'm burning up with shame! Forgive me for making you read
this. But I really have no one to turn to. Understand me, please! I
have no acquaintances in Moscow. I tried to ask money from the
internship program, but I was refused. The state pays only those terms
that were included in the contract, and all the personal problems I
have to solve on their own! My dear ****** I do not know if I have the
right to ask for your help?! But you're my only hope! As I said, my
salary as assitant dentist will be enough to stay. As I understand it,
2900$ is good money and I will pay you for the debt. I will get the
money within 2 days after my arrival. I'll pay you back as soon as I
get paid. I'm sure it won't be too difficult! Please help me! I have
to pay the remaining of $400! I'll get them to you as soon as I get my
first paycheck. I have almost no time! I learned from employees of the
Bank on remittances Money Gram or riamoneytransfer. This is the safest
and fastest way of international money transfer. Dear ****** the sooner
you will be able to help me, the faster I can fly to you. This is
exactly what we need right now. At the end of this letter I will give
all the information needed for transmission. So you can only find the
nearest money gram, I'll give you a link to the official website - or I'm begging you don't leave
me in this terrible situation. I'm in a bind! Only you, my hero, can
save me. I'll wait good news from you impatience. Here's my data for
transfer of money:
Name - Svetlana
Lastname - Aklanova
City - Moscow
Country - Russia
Street - Vilisa Latsisa 18
Zip Code - 125480
When you can send money, give me all the information on money
transfers! The most sweet kisses to the most precious man in the world.
Your Svetlana.

Hello my sweet ******!
Here is and is coming to the end of this year. On the one hand I'm a
little sad, and on the other hand I'm waiting for a magical change.
This year has brought a lot of different events. It was filled with
emotions, feelings, fears and my personal victories. Of course, I
would like to celebrate the New Year surrounded by close friends and
people who care about me. But nevertheless I did not regret that I
will meet the coming year alone. This is a necessary step to achieve
my main dream. New year, a new Chapter of my life, a clean sheet,
which will be filled with beautiful and joyful events, positive
emotions and real women's happiness! I want to wish you in the coming
year the fulfillment of the most cherished dreams, success in all
areas of your life, good health and sincere love. After the chiming,
I'll go outside to watch the fireworks show and have a glass of
champagne. Then I'll go to bed to Wake up in the New year fresh and
rested. Write me how you're going to celebrate this holiday. I will
wait for your letter and your story about the celebration of the New
year. Happiness, love and success in the New year! HAPPY NEW YEAR, MY
DEAR ******!
Your Svetlana.

Hello, my favorite Prince ******!
It seems to me that you're not really my problem. I'm sorry, but I see
that you're not interested in our communication, and you do not want
to help. I am a bit 'sad to get data from your letter. I understand
that I have no right to demand from you financial aid. But I still
please, no, I beg you, please, find this amount of money. This is very
important for our future. We have built our relationship, he said to
each other many things that no one knows but us. You know me, even
more than many of my friends. I did everything for you, because you
like it and my heart is open for our love relationships. There's still
time. Please cherish every moment of our time, because affects our
future together. What's the real reason you do not want to help me?
Please tell me honestly? Maybe I do not deserve your trust in this, so
it does not help me? Maybe you really do not have the value of money?
Out of every situation and always a way out. The most important thing
we want to solve the problems. As the saying goes - "He who seeks will
find forever!" I believe that you do, and you can help me, my
brilliant tiger ******! As I promised, and before that as soon as
I come to your country, I will give you 400$ for 2-3 days, as soon as
I pay the first month's salary. The money will not fail to keep
waiting, but that our meeting and dreams for the future can be
destroyed in an instant and I do not want this! We walked for a long
time to set goals and not have to go through the course. Between us
there is a choice, or our problem will be solved and we will be able
to wear the "crown" on the head, or break our love, like a house of
cards and left only ruins and memories of our feelings and desires we
wanted to do. To you and now everything depends on you, my angel! I
will not insist that you should make that choice for themselves. I'm
just asking you to close your eyes and choose what and important to
you. The choice is yours. Help me and you will not regret it, because
he made the right choice. I think about you all the time, you do not
and never for a moment out of my head. I love you, ******! I am ready
to talk to you forever! I look forward to your new email for me. With
great respect, Your little Svetlana

Hello my Sweety ******!
I received your letter and I am very sorry to see that you write. I'm
sending you a document of my debt. I understand that it is in Russian,
I hope you can translate. Make sure you tell me this letter, and say
"yes" or "no." But before you answer read this letter carefully. She
really liked it, even now, I hope that between us we can get. And now
here in a foreign city, unfortunately, I can not find the money. If
you do not pay their debts to the apartment, I will be allowed to take
off from the country. I can not come to you, and then ask for your
help. I'm not asking for money for the ticket or something else. I
simply ask you to help with this problem with my debts if not now pay
the money, I can not come to you, I will not be able to go through
customs. I'm not asking for money for gifts or just for something
different, the only thing I ask - and to help me, and I give you this
money just in your country. I told you that just arrived in the
capital of your country, I'll have my first salary for the first month
of residence from the internship program of state government. To pay
me 2900$, and I can easily get back to you your 400$. But I have the
money just then, when they come to your country. Now I just need your
help, and of vital importance now, in this moment. I'm sorry, please
help me. But I simply have no choice. Without your help I can not come
to your country. I tried all ways to find the money, but I can not
find them, and ask for your help. All my tickets and visa ready, these
documents are from a representative national internship program. Now
there is only one problem, a problem of money. Now you only have 400$
and then this problem will be solved immediately. Just arrived in your
country, you can return the money, I can give even the 1000$, I do not
care about the money for you ******. But I have my salary only when
they come to your country. Please help or lost everything. Can you
take the money? Perhaps more than any option, I do not know? This is
not a large sum of money, I know you have the money, and just do not
want to help me, maybe you do not trust me. I need money tomorrow or
the next day. But better tomorrow, in order to avoid any problems. I
understand your concerns, but please, provide the necessary help for
me, I'm not asking for millions of people. I only ask very little
help. And I'll give you this money as soon as I come to you in the
country. Meditate ******, I know there are a lot of deception. I
understand everything, but you can be sure they are not so! I do not
want to make excuses and do not want to prove anything, and simply
humiliating. I do not want to start a relationship with confidence, I
do not love someone who does not trust me. I found it very humiliating
to ask for a little help, and I promise you all again in full. Please
think about yourself, you trust me or not, I do not insist on anything
and does not prove anything. But I think we've done for each other,
and we can be the fate of every other. Maybe you really love me, you
are to me like you! If we now reject me, and probably regret it all my
life, but all will be lost. Nothing will be returned, all would be
lost. The money really going to have a great deal? Not if you can
afford it? Are you afraid of the risks? Once again, and really like
me! Sorry I'm very disappointed, I feel that soon appear on my face
with tears. I was very hurt to ask your help, but I have no choice. Of
course, I can sell my body, but I do not want to engage in
prostitution. Well, if I have no choice so light. I do not want this.
But if I, as a beacon come to your country and if we meet, we will be
able to communicate? Do you want to communicate with a prostitute? I
think not. I also can not communicate with you, after that he could
not help me. If I had to make money, so our relationship will be
completed. I do not want this, I do not want you lost me, but I lost
you. Do not break our relationship, help us! Please say that you and
willing to help me, I do not want to exert any pressure on you. You
must decide all by yourself! Sorry if I was too rough, I'm just very
disappointed. I finished writing, I look forward to your response and
I hope for you! Please respond in the shortest possible time ******!
Your forever Svetlana!
Kisses for my passion TIGER!

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