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on: December 19, 2018, 10:09:14 AM
Name: Kamila Saitava
Age: 34
City: Georgia, Kutaisi-city, postal code GE4600, Tetri Bridge 19-street
Emails: <>, <>, <>

Name of bank: ALFA-BANK JSC
Address of bank: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, Russia 107078
The account number or IBAN: 40817840610060000934 (USD)
The account holder's name: Kurpunina Evgeniia
Address of holder's home: 121345, Moscow, st. Grishin 16-23, Russia
Swiftcode of Bank: ALFARUMM

Hello, my friend ******! How are you I'm sorry that you've been
waiting my letter. your answer is already a lot to me, and as I got it
in the folder SPAM and I watched all the settings. You have asked me
what I think of your age. Age it not a problem for me!Thus I advised
to create another e-mail. So you can always write to me and I I could
see your message right in the inbox. I am looking for a worthy man
who is responsible for his words and actions. I don’t like liers. I
don’t want to play the spin games. We both must understand that we are
not children any more. I am ready to dedicate my life to the man whom
I love with all heart. But he must be a serious man who precisely
knows what he wants to reach in life. Nowadays it’s not easy to find
someone whom you could trust fully. I want to tell you at once that
the age for me does not matter. age, these are just numbers. but the
most important thing is that this is a life experience. When I switch
TV, I see only horror happening everywhere, all around the world.
People start a war as they are not able to arrive to a common view and
they cannot live together in accordance and balance. I believe people
lack dialogue and all misunderstandings could be solved through
dialogue. Constant fight didn’t lead to anything good, only people’s
death and collateral damage. I read a lot of history books in order to
understand causes and consequences of war. Have you done your military
service It would be very interesting to know what the members of the
military think about it Probably I cannot make it out although I
graduated from Tbilisi University. Let me say a few words about me. My
name is Kamila. I can write you in English and I also know Georgian. I
am 34 and I live alone in the city Kutaisi,in country Georgia. I never
got married and never had children. After my father’s death I happened
to grow up and solve all problems by myself. Since I had my own
clothing trade, I established a small business. Mostly I was occupied
by managing it so I didn’t create my private life. I like sport and
activity leisure, I try to visit the swimming pool at least twice a
week. I also take yoga classes. And I like to listen to hip-hop and
R’n’B music. And now I would like to know more about you. What kind of
music do you like I am a realist and I realize that we live in real
world. So I don’t know if you are interested in me but I would like to
receive an answer. Kiss you, Kamila.

Hello ******. Today is the great day and I am in such a good mood. Your
e-mail message raised a bright smile as we can talk on different
subjects. Thanks for your photo. You very good looking!!My darling, I
congratulate you on Merry Christmas. unfortunately I do not have a
computer at home, I use a internet-cafe, when I have the time so I do
not have facebook and skype,wassap,Instagram. Tell me how is your day
today? Perhaps we might meet one day. If I set me a goal, I will
definitely achieve it. We just have to choose the right moment. To
begin with, we must know more about each other, and I believe the
disparity in years won’t embarrass us. I don’t use social networks
since I have no time for it. I spent the most time working and I have
to interact with clients very often. I also have a cell phone but I
cannot make international long distance calls. I used to go on
business trip in nearest countries and bought outdoor clothes and
keepsakes for sailing in Georgia. I had been in Turkey, Azerbaijan,
Israel… I spent so much time travelling. But now I have not so much
time for travelling. I even have to change my work graphic and modify
work flow because this affects my profit. We have to develop for
achieving success. Do you agree with my point of view? I have an open
heart, I live turning only myself in. I believe in changes and hope
for the best changes. I don’t smoke and don’t take alcoholic drinks. I
have never used drugs. And do you have any unhealthy habits? What
would you like to change in your lifestyle? I hope you do sport! I try
to alienate all bad feelings and to think only happy thoughts. Now you
studied up on me. Tell me please more about you? I am looking forward
to your answer excitedly, Kiss you, Kamila.

Hello ******. It’s such a perfect day!!! Thank you for your quick
reply, I am really absolutely happy to receive an e-mail from you. I
am glad to share with you my thoughts. What plans do you have today?
What are you going to do today? I would like to learn more and more
about your life and work. I am spending a larger part of my life
working in these latter days. thank you tell about yourself and your
life. I'm interested to know you more. Why I am lonely? I was not
ready to new relations earlier as men often deceived me in Georgia.
Now I wish to begin new relations with the decent man. I have chosen
you. At present, I am lonely and I am in searches. But I hope, that my
searches are finished, as I have met you!I have understood, that you
have adopted the girl from Russia. It is a strong act. I have
understood, that you in divorce. I miss love and understanding. It is
so difficult to convey my feelings and desires in words. I am
accustomed to communicate with people personally, sometimes after
working day we gather in a cafe to have a cup of tea and to have a
talk a little. I like green tea, and I very seldom take coffee as I
believe it is bad for the health. I like your company. I would be
happy to know your feelings and something new. Don’t you mind if I
tell a little about my country? I want you to know that it is a
developing country. Our president make attempts to rebuild country and
its manufacture. Georgia is a multi-ethnic, cosmopolitan country. The
great part of the population is Christians, and the least part
comprises Muslims and Jews. By the way, I prefer official style in
attire to look more serious. But if there is any celebration, of
course I wear evening gown. And what’s your style? How often do you go
on holiday with your friends or family? In our country, there are men
and women of different nationalities. Men usually tend to control all
and have the upper hand – I don’t like this. I hate a man who can
raise his hand to a woman. What is your opinion about it? I don’t want
to insult anyone, I still live alone as I cannot find my happiness. I
had past bad experience, perhaps I will have a chance to tell you
about it one day. And I hope we will be able to support, take care,
understand each other, forgive and think of each other, be happy or
upset together. Million scientists all over the world are exploring
the love feeling but no one have the same opinion! I have a lot of
friends who have been married for a long time and have happy family,
and vice versa: there are also some friends who are still alone. I
think neither country nor religion would affect me and my way of life.
I will never ask you something you don’t want to speak about. If you
want to share me something, you can do it only at your convenience. I
grow the flowers, my favourite ones are red roses. And as you know,
red and pink colours symbolize love. They are my favourite colours. I
would be very happy to receive an e-mail of response and some your
photos. Kiss you, Kamila.

Hello ******. Today I woke up in a good mood and full of energy. I even
visited swimming pool. I gave you a lot of thought and ready to speak
with you on different subjects. I am sorry you have been cheated. I
think these girls ashame the country! Yes, we need to be very cautious
on the internet, but,please do not think that all girls only cheat and
play!I am different,but only time can show you that! There are many
different situations in real life, both bad and good. I will never
betray a significant person for me and I don’t like argue without any
reason. It is very important for me to listen to the opponent before I
express my opinion on the subject matter. We must do our friends good
but not hurt them. I was brought up in intelligent family, I have no
brothers, no sisters. I like to give people gifts and I never visit
them empty-handed. Only our actions can characterize us. I need
meaningful relationship, I want to meet someone I would feel
comfortable with and I would take care of. I want to meet the person
who will love me with all heart. I will save the family hearth and
maintain warm relations. I like reading books and if the book turns to
be interesting one, I can read 300 pages a day – and there is more to
come! I guess if you could beat my record. Do you have any
achievements? Some years ago I successfully defended my graduation
project. I am proud of it since the education means much to me. I
often smile. The smile is a kind of our signature line, it always
helps me. I also love people with a good sense of humour, I like
jokes! I don’t have children. I wish I had them. Most of my friends
bring up children and I try gift them presents as often as possible.
Oh, and I forget to point that I have to go to visit my mother. She
lives just 40 kilometers away and I try to visit her at least once a
week to inquire about her health and buy some meal. Actually we love
to go shopping and choose some goods. I was always interested in
discounts as it is more profitable to purchase product for a reduced
cost. One can make money out of it, it could be quite good business. I
would like to live with a man who will make my days better. Feeling of
happiness and warm breath of my love. I hope it’s all ahead for us. If
the distance between us embarrasses you, we could talk about the
possible meeting in next e-mail. What do you expect from your
relationship? What kind of woman would you like to meet? Do you have
any ideal? Kiss you, Kamila.

I sincerely hope that everything is good with you,******. How was your
day? How is your health? As for me, it is too important to care your
health. I could make your day happier, when you come home after
working day. We might go to the restaurant or make a romantic dinner
at home, what would you like to choose? my dear, I want to wish you a
happy new year. honey, how can I wish that we were together at the end
of this year. honey, I'm leaving to my mom tonight and we will
celebrate the New Year. honey, I may not be able to write to you until
January 3, since all places will be closed and the Internet cafe will
also be closed. If I find access to the Internet, I will definitely
write to you. I beg you, do not forget me and do not throw. I will
definitely write to you as soon as you have access to the Internet.
yes I have had a relationship with a man for 1 year. but we have that
does not work out. he drank and cheated on me with another woman.
sometimes, when he was drunk he beat me. so I do not want now to have
a relationship with a Georgia man. I have from a family only mum. I
like to read your e-mails, you are so attentive to me. You have so
much attention and kindness, they are the most important human
qualities. I believe we will never disappoint each other. I think our
relationships will be constantly developing every day. We needn’t look
back at the past, we have to move on. I hope we will enjoy life
together. Our letter-writing means for me more than just friendship as
I opened you my inner thoughts and my heart. I feel kind of connection
between us, my heart begins to beat faster when I write you. And sure
I want to know about you more and more. I like to speak about life. I
am interested in building my private life, and I hope we will develop
our relationship. Unfortunately, I feel lonely when I go away from my
computer. I would like to be with my beloved, to speak with him
comfortably. And it doesn’t matter what is happening around us, I want
to enjoy being near my beloved. It is important for me to know: if you
would have met a girl whom you would love with all heart, would you
want to forget for a while what is happening around you? We shouldn’t
feel ashamed of our thoughts. Now I am going to have a cup of green
tea and it would be interesting to get your answer. Kamila.

Hi dear ******! I like that we share the same positive emotions. How
was your day? I hope you are ok. thank you tell about yourself and
your life. I'm interested to know you more. Yesterday evening I was
busy cleaning up my flat. After it I had little time left and decided
to watch TV. I watched old foreign film «1+1» with Francois Cluzet and
Omar Sy. It was very catching movie with an interesting plot based on
the real facts. I also watched a film which was called «The Great
Gatsby». I like spend time watching good movie and drinking hot
chocolate. Aren’t you bored with my letters? Sometimes I delete words
in the text of the letter and rewrite them in order to state the other
idea. Have you ever done it? Or you begin to write me and finish it in
one shot, don’t you? I told about you to my mother and she is eager
for things to be good. And by the way, she sent her regards. I imagine
you staying near with my head on your shoulder. I want to see your
smile and listen to your stories. What about romantic dinner? Do you
like it? Tell me about your desires? I would like to fill up the tube
with hot water adding sea salt. It helps me rejuvenate skin. I am not
much of a sauna goer as I don’t like to take a steam-bath. How often
do you visit a sauna? There are many unsolved problems in the point of
relationships between man and woman. However I think you are kind and
tender-hearted person. The most important is to know what you want to
gain in your life. I am curious about your most intimate thoughts.
Perhaps some feelings you don’t want to share. I spend a lot of time
thinking about my future. Maybe you will be with me. I am not
embarrassed with the big age difference, I don’t care about it. The
point is, person must be trustful, kind and responsible. I hope you
want meaningful relationship and we would continue this subject in the
next letter. I will be glad to know your opinion about all this.

Hi my beloved man ******!!! I hope we will continue writing letters to
each other. I like this wonderful feeling.I want to write you more and
more. I believe we will always keep in touch as I trust you. When I
check mail and see a new letter from you, my mood becomes good during
all day. The darling, is a pity to me that to you was necessary to
work much. Yes you wrote, that you a journeyman. thank you tell about
yourself and your life. I'm interested to know you more. Today I am
going to the nearest city to buy some goods namely woman clothes. I
came home very late and felt awfully tired. I open you my heart and
don’t keep you in the dark. I treat you as a meaningful person, and
our letters bring us together. I would like to point some qualities of
the good partner. I think that people show only their best side in any
kind of relations. But with the passage of time people change not
considering it. And here problems start. We always must be in good
relations in order to support family hearth. Different activities such
as walking together barefoot on the beach, doing sport or gymnastics
in the morning will help to keep family. You would come home in the
evening after long working day and I would fulfil you with positive
emotions. If you are very tired, maybe I could make you massage, or my
affection and caress would give you positive emotions. I need one who
would respect me, appreciate and protect me. The main is understanding
in a relationship, paying attention on such little things as
surprises, for instance a bouquet of flowers. All misunderstanding
could be avoided if we were in harmony with each other. Honesty,
sincerity and respect are the main qualities for me. And sure I
realize that we know each other only through Internet, but I won’t
stop. I write you with all my heart, and it is not just letters and
words. It is an entire page from the love story book with happy
ending. I always tell you the truth. I will never turn the evil like
disease foundation. When people save bad emotions trying to forget
them, not speaking with any person, all these feeling remain deep
inside their heart and then they develop into serious health
condition. One must not cause emotional pain since emotional wounds
take a long time to begin healing. I hope you understand the idea. I
am ready to meet with you. I would like to feel the sense of love. And
you know, we are women and we don’t open ourselves up at once. Each
woman has something special, some woman secrets….and I want to be the
most beautiful, most beloved and unique. Tell me, what are you going
to do in the evening? I hope we deserve happiness and caress. Kiss
your Kamila!!!

My love, I am writing a short letter, since I need to go to my mom.
Honey, she asked to come to her to help her fill out the papers for
the privatization of the house! Honey, I always think about you and
only you in my heart! You are very important to me and I need you. If
I have time, I will write to you tomorrow! really miss you and kiss
you tightly! Kamila

Hi, my lovely ******! How are you today? I am ok! Thanks for
compliments, to me are very pleasant. For me the main thing that was a
good man. I'm specifically looking for a man that he was older than
me, because I do not need a young guy who only thinks about sex. I
need a real man, so I chose you. I want trust and understanding
between us. I try to tell you more about my feelings, character, my
situation and my desires. I don’t seek to be better in these letters.
I am real. And if you don’t like something in the way I write you, let
me know, ok? I have some thoughts about our future, I begin to think
about you in my night dreams. I am ready to dedicated my life to
beloved till the end. Last night I was so much bored, I am so tired of
being alone. I want to feel care and love as well as authority so I
feel more protected. I am willing to provide a warm atmosphere and
love. I will cook dinner for you, after dinner we could watch DVD
together. But I can just imagine it. I want to see only joy in your
face. I wish we could speak on different subjects easily, to tell nice
words from all heart. I know you are a strong man. The point is, we
shouldn’t lose hope and we must have faith in the bright future. It is
necessary to achieve our goals. To care about each other. And this
caress manifests itself in all our actions. The point is, we didn’t
lose the link between us. This is very important for me. And we also
must not compare ourselves with other people since different people
live in different ways. Everyone should set well-defined goals, what
he wants to achieve in his life. The main thing is that we must choose
our way independently. Everyone builds his future on his own. Do you
agree? I hope you like my feelings described in the e-mail. I want to
make you happy always, like all women do. I seek to forget loneliness
and feel caress and love. I will be glad if our desires coincide. Kiss
your Kamila!!!

HI sweetie ******!How are you feeling? What plans have you today? I
spend a lot of time thinking about us and our future. I hope our
emotions will coincide. I enjoy reading your e-mails. Day after day,
we are getting closer. I hope I am not mistaken choosing a partner.I
live not in Russia. I live in Georgia. Thanks that you can accept me
in the house. The darling, I want, that we with you had one bedroom
for two. My darling, I trust you. It is a pity to me to hear about
Russian women, that they scam. I am glad, that I am not live in
Russia. I the Georgian girl, instead of Russian. I am ready to speak
with you on different subjects. I want to feel warmth and caress
between us. This is very important for me to trust each other. I am
ready to help and support you during tough times. We have a saying in
Georgia: “A friend in need is a friend indeed” Last night I imagined
us together. We should work on building our future together and not to
leave each other. And I don’t want to live on your salary. I am going
to visit our capital Tbilisi for getting more information about
documents for travelling in your country. What do you prefer about
meeting: will we stay in the airport, at your home or in a hotel. To
say the truth, some days ago hardly could I imagine it. I got
interested in meeting with you. But I have to manage some questions
about my work as I bought a lot of sale items. If the goods are not
sold in time, I will have to turn them back to the warehouse. I don’t
want to bear the loss and hope to manage it soon. I want us fully
trusting each other, we could learn about each other more when we
meet. I am not embarrassed with the distance and time difference. I
can overcome any distance. My favorite salad is Chicken Caesar. I
prefer pink fish with fried vegetables as a second meal. In fact, I
like a wide variety of different green salads. If I want I can add
there any sauce or relish as well. I think green onion is very good
for health. What food do you like? I wonder what your culture is like,
to have a look at attractions and landscapes of your city. I want to
feel new senses, but unfortunately I cannot do it alone. We have to
provide positive changes in our lives together. I hope we will be able
to perform it. I am looking forward to your answer! Kamila.

Hi my dear ******! I'm sorry that it's not always possible to write
every day. I now work very hard. I was looking forward to your answer,
my dear! It is such an unforgettable feeling, when my heart begins to
beat faster. I am willing to discuss my plans with you. I hope I
express my thoughts rightly. And I promise you, I will always support
you since I feel respect from you. Please trust me. I am happy to make
friends with you despite the age difference. I am sure I will feel on
top with you and I am convinced we will be proud of each other. You
must always please men to go through such life. I have been studied
about building good relations for a long time. I even read about it
during several days because I became interested in it. Relationship
between woman and man is really complicated matter. But I am sure
everything will be alright with you. I am a decent woman and I can’t
afford to write abusive words in the Internet. I know that some people
take too many liberties offending others through personal
correspondence and they can even send vulgar images! I cannot
understand these people as the sense of love is so much serious
feeling. It is important when people love each other, when there is a
lot of passion between them, when people can make love caring about
each other... Nothing happens by accident. I want to imagine you in a
romantic atmosphere, maybe in cafe or restaurant. We turn back home
after great evening. Your kiss was not long in coming. And finally we
are in bed together, under the same blanket, and I am willing to make
love with you… What do you think? I would be happy! I light special
aromatic candles, which smell magnificent. I take a hot bath and wait
for you ... do you like my thoughts? I begin to get bored when I think
about us and our future! I like to write letters to you. I like it! I
think I will be fascinated by you. Each person has his own advantages
and disadvantages, some downsides. Everyone can make a mistake. If
there were not downsides, it would be a robot. Am I right? I would
like to feel your breath. I hope there are not too much illusions?
What are you occupying with in the evenings? What are you going to do
today? I'm willing to know your thoughts. I'll be waiting for your
next letter. Kiss your Kamila!!!

Hey dear ******! Are you all right? I think you will do ok. My darling,
I know, that my travel to you will cost many money. But the darling,
we together with all will consult. I'm thinking about our meeting more
and more and I like it. We get to know each other through these
e-mails. It seems our letters are interesting and although we have
different lifestyle and a huge distance between us we still can unite
our lives into a coherent whole. You should know that every girl wants
to live with only one partner and give all her love and warmth, care
and bright moments, attention and respect. It is also important to
learn how to deal with difficulties together. I will tell you about
all my plans and goals in my life. It’s not necessary to pay attention
to other people or follow other people’s advices. Everyone should have
mind of their own. I promise never to compare you with other men. All
people are different, and everyone finds a partner according to his
preferences. Everyone must have his own opinion. Please, imagine our
life together for a while, I'm ready to discuss with you any plan for
the evening, and the decision on issues will be taken together. If you
have other plans, let me know not to worry. First of all, there must
be an understanding between us. I want to give you a big hug and kiss
you. I believe it will come true. I will give you all my love. Our bed
is a place of our dreams and feelings. We can do what we want and
there should be no restrictions. Our evenings and nights will be
magnificent, we will be able to enjoy each other. I hope you support
my attitude? I told you that I'm strong, but in a relationship I'm
quite weak and vulnerable. I lack care and affection. I imagine your
sweet lips. I want to love each other and never get sick. I hate it
when people betray their loved ones. It is so offensive! I hate to
even think about it. I have relatives in the USA. I planned to visit
them a few years ago but after my father died, everything changed. I
had not any thought or plan to travel since then. I had to help and
support my mother since she suffered intensely after father’s. I hope
you can imagine our meeting? I have quite serious intentions.

Hi my dear ******! I am happy, That in our relations there is a
development and we every day become Closer people. My darling, wait,
that I have learnt exact cost of travel to you. The darling,
personally from you money it is not necessary to me. I have addressed
in agency of travel and they will help us. I really appreciate your
words and all what you write me. I enjoy thinking that I will soon
embrace you. We will be able to realize whether we belong together or
not only after meeting. I guess you could never leave your duties and
concerns and come to me. I do not want our relationship to be
short-lived. I'm a girl, and I'm ready to risk going to you. I always
took the first step, for the sake of a better future. I will never
break the heart of my love. I'll never deceive you. As for me, I will
settle all points at work in the near future. I have a colleague who
could control the workflow while I’m away. I need to have time to pay
off the duties before the bank, before leaving my country. I will
solve all these problems in the near future. I always say what I
think. I want to meet you. For more information I'm ready to go to
Tbilisi, there are plenty of news agencies and Embassy. What way will
be the shortest? Which airport would be the closest to you? In my city
there is no airport but the closest one is Tbilisi International
Airport. My address: Georgia, Kutaisi-city, postal code GE4600, Tetri
Bridge 19-street. I will answer the questions in the Embassy. I don’t
know yet what documents are needed from you, but I'll know everything.
It will take about a week to solve the problems with my work. I was
very excited thinking about it. Are you sure you're up for our
meeting? I have only positive thoughts. I want to kiss and hug you. I
feel nervous a little bit... As if I were going to first class! I want
to spend more time with you to remember it later. I think about it all
the time. I need so much the atmosphere of domestic cosiness. Kiss
your Kamila!!

Hi my lovely Saint. How you feel yourself, dear? I am full of energy
and strength, good mood and full of positive.My darling, I can arrive
to you next week. The darling, contact my agency and all from them
learn. I have warned them, that you will write to them. My full name
Kamila Saitava. I feel we will be closer soon. Now I can only imagine
it. And I think about us all days long at work. Thoughts about you at
night… My feelings to you are growing every day. I hope together we
could organize my trip. I have to discuss the details with you. I want
to hug and kiss you so that no one can separate us. You can always
rely on me. I want to give you peace and harmony so that you could
smile every day. I have been in the city and found out about the trip
to you. I hope you can maintain a long-term relationship between us.
You are my attentive, caring and sexy man! I'm going to fly to you. I
know you quite well. I hope that we will speak like a couple at the
meeting. I really appreciate and respect you. Think about how we will
spend time together. I feel affection for you, and I like this
feeling. I want to kiss your lips. I imagine it now. I want to touch
you. I see a happy future only with you. I don’t need anyone except
you. Now as for trip, I told you that I applied to a travel agency and
got information about the trip to you. I really want to meet you and I
need to collect some documents to visit you. We have to agree the date
of the trip. When are you able to meet me? I found out at the agency
that my visa will be valid for 3 months. all this time I can be with
you if you want. This time must be enough to learn about each other
more. If I book a trip in advance, it will become much cheaper, and
you can save a good sum of money. The total value of the tour is 1950
USD. I can pay only a part of the whole sum about 300 USD. Now I can
afford only this. I have to solve some problems at work before I fly
to you, so that while I would be away everything would be in order. I
am going to take a vacation and spend time with you. I hope you're
ready to meet me? If you do not want me to fly to you, then tell me
about it. I'm not a rich girl, although I have my own business. It is
impossible to earn a lot of foreign exchange in my country. I invested
all my money in goods for trade. I know that I have no right to ask
you for financial help but there is no other choice. My dear Saint, I
personally do not need money from you. Honey, I do not want to have
any relation to them. My love, I do not want you to think about me,
that I play with you for money. This will never happen. If you are
serious about our meeting, then I will give you the information of my
agency and you will contact them and resolve the issue of payment. I
warn them that you will write to them. But this is only if you are
ready for our meeting, then I will give you the information of the
agency. There is a long distance between us, so we have to solve the
problem of payment together. I have an international passport and
experience of traveling to other countries. I was flying before so I'm
ready to fly to you overcoming a huge distance. I hope you can meet me
at your airport so that we can start a new life? I miss you very much,
I hope you will want to see me. We must do our utmost to overcome all
difficulties. Bye, dear! See you soon! Kiss your Kamila!!

P.S. The information of my agency "Easy Travel" and my personal agent!

Agency Easy Travel <>
Agent Mrs. Elnara Mahmedova of travel agency "Easy Travel".

Hi, my favorite ******! Today I woke up with the thought that I could not
live without you now! My desire to see you rather more and more every
day, I think about you all day and night and I am tormented by
separation from you. I feel very bad when I think that we are far from
each other and cannot be together right now. I really want to be with
you, tell me when we will be together, when can we enjoy our love? I
do not want to wait any longer for this day, I want you to be with me
now, talking to me about love, hugging and kissing me !!! I am very
happy when I see your photos !! you cannot imagine how I want to give
you all my caress and passion! I will do everything to be with you, I
will cope with all the difficulties and my reward will be you, my ******!
I always read your letters several times and try to answer all your
questions, but you cannot say everything in the letter. I think that
when we meet, we can talk about everything for a long time. I want to
ask you only one question: when will we be together? I think and dream
about it every minute !!! I am pleased that you like me and you want
to have a girl like me, walk with me, go to a cafe, kiss me and much
more. I want to ask you: what's the problem? If you really want to be
near me, then let us meet our wishes come true !!! Or you are not
ready to meet yet, you look at me, think about my character! Write me,
what stops you for meeting me? I really like you and I do not want to
correspond with you for six months and more !!! I want to see you
alive, to hear your voice, to smell your body, to enjoy you! I am a
very romantic girl and I love nature and enjoy each other in beautiful
places, but romance can be done at home, it depends only on two people
loving each other and their desire to make their lives more beautiful!
I am also realistic because I know that it is impossible to constantly
fly in the clouds! I know how difficult it is to live in this world, I
lost my parents at a very early age and I achieved everything in this
life myself, with my own work, overcoming all difficulties. My life
consists of black and white stripes and I never give up the work I
have started and cope with all the difficulties! Now in my life there
is a white stripe and I am happy, because I found you and I really
want to be with you together! I want you to think about my words and
write me an answer about our future! I love you!!! I want you!!! I can
not live without you!!! Forever your Kamila.

Hello my love ****** !!!! Thank you for writing me a wonderful letter
!!! You open up to me more and more and I rejoice that you and I
become even closer to each other !!!! My dear, today my illness has
receded and I can write to you. I want that there will never be
secrets between us and we can always talk on any topic !!! You are
very sweet to write about us and I also know that you represent me
nearby. And yet if we want so much to be next to each other, then why
are we not together yet? I want it so much and want us to have a full
understanding of what we are doing. and I really like it that you
write about love !!!! In love for me there is no border with a loved
one !!!! But I will not tell you about all my desires, because the
girl for a man must always remain a mystery !!!! Then the man will
experience even more interest and emotions !!!! I want to tell you
that at the meeting you will be able to see me and feel and enjoy me
!!!! We will enjoy each other and it will be a fairy tale !!!! I love
you and I want to give you all my feelings, all my passion and caress,
all my tenderness and love !!!! I think that we will be mad when we
are together and the whole world will exist only for you and me, my
love is ****** !!!! You may think that I'm in a hurry again for our
meeting !!! But I do not want to just write you letters !!! I am very
glad that you want to be with me together !!! I also really want it
and I understand that we only know each other in letters, but I feel
you, your love for me and my heart tells me that you are my happiness,
you are my love, you are my future !!!! I really want to see you, hug,
kiss you, talk with you about love and our future! Today shine the sun
and warm and I smile and enjoy this wonderful day! I get up in the
morning today with a dream about you and will be thinking about you
and me all day! You gave me a new feeling, a new happiness, and I
thank fate that he helped to find you in this world! I am all burning
hot fire from love for you. This fire is in my soul and in my heart,
and every day it flares up stronger and stronger. My love, I think
about you all day constantly. And at night, when I go to a cold bed, I
miss you especially. I trust you completely, and I know that you will
never make me ill and I can always be sincere with you !!! I am sure
that our love has a future !!! Our future is you and me, my ****** !!!!
****** is a part of my heart and soul, a part of my life and future
!!!! I have never been so happy before as now !!! You give me
happiness and joy, you give me warmth and love !!! Today I go to work
and smile a lot. I have a great mood and yet the weather is also
smiling. I would like to ask you. My ******, please tell me, my love
also give you a lot of happiness and joy ??? Do you change ??? Do you
love me very much ???? I will be pleased to hear about your feelings
for me !!! I want to talk more specifically about us now? Now I am
finishing my letter !!! I wish you a good day and wonderful dreams
about our future! I love you and kiss you very gently !!!! Your Kamila

Hello my beloved ******! Thanks for writing to me a letter, I am very
pleased to read this! Your letters are beautiful when I I read them I
want to fly. I feel like I'm starting to grow wings, as I would like
to fly to you on the wings of love. You are the most dear to me man. I
feel that I need you more of air. I dream of meeting you, I hope that
you and I will soon meet you I really want to meet you soon, but I can
not without your help fly to you. I save money for a trip to you, but
not good and I have very little money now. I want to go do visa and
passport, but I need your help. I am telling the truth. Exactly at
this is a problem. Since I have a great desire to meet and you are you
know. Can you help me about $ 1650 ??? So I can pay for the trip to
you. I know, that there is a lot of hype on the internet. We are shown
on TV that Do girls cheat on men for money? and then no longer write.
THIS HORROR, It should not be so !!! BUT I am not like that, I promise
you. What am I never deceive you. I never need money. This is not my
goal in of life. My goal is our meeting now !!!! And you can trust me.
I only tell you the truth. My dear, at the end of the letter I will
send the information of my agency and ask you to contact them and
resolve all issues with payment. Honey, I don’t need any money from
you personally. I need you to pay them immediately to the agency.
Honey, I warned them that you would write to them. Honey, please write
them and pay for it yourself. My full name is Kamila Saitava. We also
show on TV that girls are leaving for another country. And then no
more are returning. Since men make them prostitutes. This is very
scary, but I'm willing to take risks for our sake. Since I know you
good man. But you should know that my trip to you is very expensive.
And I can not pay everything myself. Do you understand this? You can
to help? do you want? or do you think that I am deceiving you? if you
don't will you write me more? or do you think i'm kidding you ?? Then
i will understand you darling Since I am very sorry that I am a poor
girl. I am very shame to tell you about the money, but without your
help I can not collect money for the trip! I love you, my ******, I
will try to do everything for our dreams, I will fight with everyone
difficulties, I will be with you near and no one can forbid me make my
dream come true !!!!! Waiting for a meeting with you is very difficult
because I want to see you now, but I understand that it takes time,
but I really hope that we will be together soon !!!! It's
fantastic!!!! A month ago, I did not know that my life would change so
much, I would love and be loved !!! That I will meet a real man who
will change my whole life! I'm just happy and fly in the clouds of
love !!! I found a man with whom I feel loved and desired a woman !!!
You are my love, my dream, my dreams !!!! I will not bored in your
house never, I will wait for you from work and cook you have good
food, I cook very well and I think you are very like it! Yesterday,
when I went to bed, I dreamed about you, I looked at the window and
looked at the stars that were in the sky, and I thought about you and
me, I imagined us together and very happy. You ****** is the one I've
been looking for all my life. You have a wonderful soul. I am very
happy that you are in my life now! I I finish my letter now, and I
send you all my tenderness and care that is in my heart! And always
remember that I yearn without you much and think about you! Hugs and
kisses for you beloved! Yours forever Kamila!

P.S. The information of my agency "Easy Travel" and my personal agent!

Agency Easy Travel <>
Agent Mrs. Elnara Mahmedova of travel agency "Easy Travel".

Hi, man of my life ******! Today I get up in the morning and in my
window shine bright sun !!! I wish you good morning and think that my
love is as bright and hot as the sun !!! I jump on a place when to see
a letter from you, and very happy when I read these tender, warm words
of love for me! Thank you for writing again and again. I have
wonderful letters !!! My love, thank you for contacting my agency and
deciding on our meeting. Today I go to the Internet cafe and I am sure
I will see your new letter !!!! I walk down the street and smile and
very happy life !!! People who meet me to notice my good mood and
smile at me too !!! You give me a lot strength and vigor and I can
easily cope with any business !!! You give me a new life, new
feelings, new love !!! You now appear part of my life, part of me and
I love you very much and I want you always knew it !!!! I thank god
that I found you and that you too love me and I promise never to
disappoint you never fool you, never hurt you or badly !!!!!! I always
I will help you, support you in difficult times, support you !!!! I I
want to give you all my love, caress, tenderness, kindness and care,
and i know you give me that too! When we meet, we will fly in the
clouds of love and happiness, enjoy our feelings and our happiness !!!
I want to be near you and I know that we strive for our dream together
and we overcome all difficulties and we Let's be happy together, my
favorite ****** !!! I often dream about meeting with you how are we
going to live together I really want fill your home with your love!
I'll be taking care of you day and night as well at night we will be
sweet together! We will warm our bodies with love and weasel, your bed
will never be cold because I will be in it wait for you your Kamila! I
want to talk a lot with you, no value on any topics i want to laugh
with you and talk about love you !!!! We will do everything !!!!!!!!
This is our happiness!!!!!!! My happiness is you, my love ******, my
dream - to be near you, my future - to create with you a friendly and
strong family !!!! And no one will ever separate us from you, I
promise you this!!!!! I want to share with you all the joys of life, I
want to enjoy life with you, I want to give you the whole world !!!!
Maybe you are a little fear my dreams and desires !!! But you make me
so happy and fun !!! I fly in the clouds of love and I can not stop my
flight!!! I am afraid of falling and breaking, but our love will not
let me fall from my cloud of love !!!! I feel your love and give it I
have a lot of happiness !!!! I hope we will be together soon !!!!! I
finish your letter and give you a million kisses !!!!

I want to be only with you!!!!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!
Your Kamila

Hello Mr.******. I have been informed that you can write to our agency. To me has informed on it Kamila Saitava. my name is Mrs. Elnara Mahmedova. I am an employee of agency of travel of "Easy Travel". our company for a long time in the market and at us very much the good reputation, all our clients are very happy with our services and use them. our offices of agency are in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Serbia and in Russia. The main office of our agency is in Russia. in all other countries we have branches. the client Kamila Saitаva from Georgia on purpose that we helped it to organise a travel in  USA. she asked that we wrote to you and resolved an issue with payment of its travel. we prepare all necessary documents for a travel. necessary documents for this purpose (the visa, return tickets, medical examination, life insurance, prolongation of the passport). the cost of a travel makes 1950 $ American dollars. she told that she wants to come to you and you are ready to pay.  now we expect payment from Kamila Saitava to confirm the reservation and continue work on its documents for travel to the USA. I once again remind you that we accept cash payment or on the bank account of the main office. if you are ready to pay then I can send you bank information of the account of the main office. unfortunately, I cannot tell more detailed information on a travel to you as this personal information of each client. if you are ready to pay for the bank account, then I will send you necessary details! with respect the agent Mrs. Elnara Mahmedova of travel agency "Easy Travel".

Hello Mr. ******. Mr. ****** I am glad to have travel agency "Easy Travel". Kamila Saitava, for her trip to the USA for March. Once again I’m remind you of 1950 dollars! Do you need a legal entity? You will be able to pay for it. We have previously sent all the details for Kamila. As I wrote to you earlier, I’ve got it. We will notify you of the United States. Mr. Kurpunina Evgeniia. It is due, since we pay taxes less. You need to go to your bank account. You have all the necessary information for payment. This is a list of the most reliable. You can expect the receipt. With respect the agent Mrs. Elnara Mahmedova of travel agency "Easy Travel".
P.S.Necessary bank details,
You need to make payment through bank remittance system Swift!
All banking information. If there is an error, the funds may not be credited!
Name of bank: ALFA-BANK JSC
Address of bank: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, Russia 107078
The account number or IBAN: 40817840610060000934 (USD)
The account holder's name: Kurpunina Evgeniia
Address of holder's home: 121345, Moscow, st. Grishin 16-23, Russia
Swiftcode of Bank: ALFARUMM

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