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Anna <>
« on: December 19, 2018, 10:06:03 AM »
Name: Anna, Marina
Age: 43
City: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Hello ******!
How have you been? How are you doing?
Thank you for your attention to my letter. I think that you are a good man!) I'm right ?
******,I'm very good-natured, sympathetic, kind, and modest.
I do not know what to write to you in this short letter.
I like when dialogue is fastened! I'm waiting for pictures and a letter.
Have a nice day or evening!

Hello ******!
I am very glad that I can have the opportunity to write you a letter.
My name is Anna and I'm 43 years old. You understand that I was born in the USSR, and when there was a breakdown, I was a young girl.
many Russians went abroad and started a new life. At that time I met a man and lived with him for many years. I have an 18 years daughter. Her name is Elena. She's in college. If I decide to leave Russia, then she will not mind,
do not worry about it! I  live at peninsula Kamchatka, in city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. You can read on the Internet about my city, if you are interested.
I talked to men on the Internet and I got a lot of negative.
I do not like talking about sex, because I'm a well-bred woman from a decent family. all intimate thoughts only with my man. I do not like arrogance and disrespect!
I am a very kind and gentle woman and I believe that I will have a decent and faithful man.
Many men write immediately about deception and ask for proof. I'm tired of taking these negative thoughts.
are all values ??lost and all bad people around? I am very positive and believe in a new love and a happy life. Maybe I'm naive, but I want to believe only in good!
I do not know what else to write in the first letter. I applied to the international dating agency of my city. and filed my questionnaire with the data. There I received your email address.
Tell me about yourself. Do you work ?
I would like to change my life and have a new job. Maybe it will be half a day.
But now it's too early to talk about it. I wanted you to know my thoughts. I do not want to be a burden for my man, I also want to help our future family.
I hope you understand me.
I am waiting for your letter.

Thanks a lot for the nice photo that you sent me, you are very handsome man! I like it very much. I like your eyes and smile.

My ****** !!! How are you ? I know the Christmas coming to you, and
I’m so lonely here, because I wish to be there with you… I and my
thoughts are near to you, and I hope you feel my warm and how my heart
booms near with you. I wish you only one, because I don’t want to tell
many nice and pathos words, I just want to wish you at this Christmas
from all my heart and soul, to love and care - I wish you in the next
year, that all your dreams will come true, and I wish you happiness!!!
I dream about our Christmas together, and I hope that next Christmas
we will be together.I’m with you in my though, I take you in my arms
and kiss you softly, I want to see your smile and hope I would see you
soon. What do you know about Christmas and New Year celebrations in
Russia? We have New Year at night from 31 of December to 1 of January,
and we celebrate Christmas at night from 6 to 7 of January. Usually,
people spend New Year and Christmas with family or friends, I think as
in your country too. I like to spend these days with my parents in the
village. We make with my father big Christmas tree, and decorate it.
We cook many tasty food, decorate big table and wait 12:00 pm, we
watch TV, because our president every year have speech, and after, at
12:00 pm, exactly in time, we put our goblet with Champaign and wish
each other “Happy New Year”. This is usual form of celebration New
Year in Russia. We spend Christmas at home too, but we visit church
and stay there for 1-2 hours, because there are special prayers. As
you know I’m Christian and this is important celebration for me.
******,I hope you spend this Christmas good, and you are not lonely.
Your Anna

Hello ******!
I am very glad to receive your letter today! How are you ?
I work as a travel agency. And I'm an accountant. I used to travel often. Before the crisis in 2014 in Russia, there were other prices for tours. Now everything has risen in price 2 times, and I already do not have such an opportunity.
Sorry, I forgot to write to you about my height and weight. My height is 169cm, weight 63.
I learned English at school and it was a compulsory subject, I do not understand much French, Italian, German, Spanish. I studied at the university at the Faculty of Economics. There I met my husband. I would not want to talk about it. He died 2 years ago. He drank a lot of alcohol.
and we did not live together the last few years.
This is a very difficult time and I do not know how I lived so many years in stress.
I did not feel any care, attention and support. I do not even want to talk about love.
I will not continue about this. The main thing is that now I'm ready for a new relationship and my daughter understands this.
She really wants me to leave Russia and find my happiness.
I have a mobile phone, but I'll tell you my number only when I realise that I know you well. please be patient, ok ?
I want understanding and respect between us. This is very important in communication and the future life.
I'm no longer a girl to play games. I am a grown woman and I want a quiet life. It is very important for me !
My parents live near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. My mom does not work anymore. she does household chores. And my father works on a tractor. He provides services to the local collective farm, but the tractor is his property. In winter and summer, he has a lot of work.
My parents are very nice people. in our village they are known and respected. because we have always been an exemplary family.
I think my parents raised me well. and I am grateful to them for that.
I told them that I want to find a serious relationship with a man from another country. My parents understand me very well.
The main thing is to be honest with each other and trust each other always. What do you think?
I'm sick of living alone. Every day I go to bed alone and I do not have enough male heat.
And if I feel protected, then I will make my man happy. I will always be a reliable and honest companion in life. Write me about your past relationship. what is important to you in a relationship?
Have a good day.

Hello ******.
I even do not know how to start my letter to you. I was waiting for that moment when I can sit at the table, turn on my computer and read your letter.
I am so glad to receive your letter. I was thinking and dreaming about you yesterday before going to bed.
I imagined how you often have a dinner and how you go to bed...
******, I'm a straight person and I always tell people the truth.
That is why I want you to write me only the truth also, to share your thoughts and problems with me.
I will always be able to understand you and support you when it’s necessary, ok?
I am writing to you from my work computer, I have an access to the Internet here too.
At home I also have a computer and 3G modem, but the speed is too slow, because this network is not so widespread here and not developed good.
I’m having a lunch time now and I have already went to the first floor and had lunch.
I was hurrying up to come back to computer and to write this letter.
Your letter is long-awaited for me, that’s why I’m reading it hungrily. Do you have such a feeling?
My friend and I went to the cinema last night.
The name "Trainer". I really liked it.
Moreover I also really love to skate! In summer I prefer an outdoor recreation, I like nature very much.
My friends and I often go to different lakes, put up a tent and bonfire.
Then, later In the evening we usually sing our favorite songs and tell interesting stories.
We always have a great and happy time on beautiful nature.
But I started to realise more often how time flies, and life passes... I’d like to be a weak woman and have a close loved one.
I want to trust, to wait, and love so much. You cannot even imagine how.
We live in this world only once, and I want to live a happy life. What plans do you have for the future?
How do you imagine your future life? 1 year later? Describe it for me, please...
I send you  photos. At the left my cousin, I, my girlfriend Polina, my girlfriend Aleksandra and her husband.
In other photo my fellow workers.
I’m looking forward to your reply.

Hello ******!
Winter has arrived in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
I imagined we are walking around together and talking about life...
I am sure one day we'll be able to walk along the streets in your or my city. It does not matter where.
The most important thing is possibility to be together, to feel each other, to talk with each other, understand each other. Do you agree with me?
My girlfriend Polina sends her best to you. I told her about you. Polina is a good girlfriend and she always helps me in difficult situations.
I am sure she is reliable person and she is ready to help me immediately, every moment when I need support.
She works as a journalist in a local newspaper named "Pro gorod"
******,do you have a reliable friend? I'll stay at home tonight, I need to work about the house. I hate disorder and dust.
******,how often do you work about the house? Can you cook? Do you like to do it? It's very interesting for me.
I love to cook, especially on traditional russian recipes. I learnt how to cook since my childhood when I went to my grandmother's village.
I always liked to watch closely how my grandmother was cooking. And now I prefer to cook light salads from vegetables and fish!
They are more useful. When I come to the village, I love fishing also.
Sometimes I ask my father to take me with him. We usually sit to the boat and swim away from the bank of the river or lake.
I can not describe how beautiful nature we have here! You can only see it with your eyes and enjoy.
I very much wish to change the life.
I imagine how I will choose the furniture and other things for my future home. I really want to have my own house or flat.
I will consider the house of my husband also as the. I not the proud. The main thing for me, understanding.
I hope you understand me very well. In Russia it is very difficult to buy your own accommodation.
It is possible if two people have a good wage only and can pay for the mortgage. I have to rent a flat and I need to pay per month for rent.
I hope now you understand the reasons why I want to have a warm corner, where I will not have to pay money for an overnight staying.
Well,I should not put my own problems on you. I believe everything will be fine!
I send you a photo of my childhood and a youth. And you have childhood photos?
I wait the answer!!!

Hello ******!!!
I am the happiest woman, because you think about me and write letters to me.
Your words and attention are invaluable for me, they give me strength for the future life.
I’d like to ask you if you are in correspondence with other women? It is very important to me because I do not want to waste my time.
I want to develop our relations and I want to be sure that you are ready fully devote yourself to our relationship.
I want to be sure that you are faithful to me even through a distance.
I consider myself a reliable person and you shouldn’t have any doubts in my honesty and faithfulness.
I don’t write to other men because I have chosen you out of 1000 men and I am not interested in somebody else.
I want our relationship to be beautiful without any misunderstandings.
Many russian sites notify that men may have a few more profiles on other sites.
But I don’t want to compromise you, searching for some discreditable information. I want to believe you. I want to trust you.
I know that you are worth and wise man and you won’t waste your time, looking at beautiful pictures or other women’s words.

I was thinking over a lot about the possibility to find a job in your country. What do you think?
Will I be able to find a job on my specialization? My speciality the manager in tourism sphere.
Or may be it’s I better to learn a new profession? When I imagine it, I covered excitement.
I imagine how I’ll communicate with people from your country. What can you tell me about the people in your country?
How can you characterize your nation? Do you think I will be able to feel myself like at home there?
Of course I'm always confident in my abilities. And I’m always ready to reach new goals, I go forward. I will not allow anyone to hurt myself.

Hello my Dear ******!
In the morning sunshine told me, that one person of this wonderful is waiting a letter from me!
Here was very marvellous morning.
It was so nice to awake and to feel, that man thinks about me somewhere...
******,today I have learnt date of the my holiday! The beginning of
my holiday on January,20, the termination on February,20. I work under
the contract. The contract with our firm, we sign for a year forward.
I invite you to Russia in date of my holiday. We should learn each
other at this time. If all is good, I will not sign the contract the
next year. You can arrive to Russia till on February,20? I need to know
your concrete answer. I should plan the holiday. If you can not
arrive, write at once. Following my holiday will be only in a year.
Think and write to me. I very much wish to meet you in Russia. The
closest international airport in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. name airport
Elizovo. Write me your mobile number. I'll try to write you sms, or you
can call me!
In the weekends I gone to the village and told to my parents about you, I told them very much about you and about you talk with you.
******,my father told me, that you are worthy man and he hopes, that everything will be good and one day we will talk in real.
Also, my father sent you “strong handshake” he would want to know you in real.
My parents asked me to tell you, that you are very good person and that they believe you and to your kind words, which you write me.
My mother wants very much, that our relation will be strong and good and to be us happy! She wishes us only well.
I walked on fresh air.
I want to tell you, that when I saw to the sky, there was so much stars, and this sky is also over you’re your head, my ******!
And sometimes I think, that if we will see to moon and to one star in one time, we could see reflect of each other.
I would see your smile. I would see brilliance of your eyes, it is not possible to see this through photos.
And may be start would can help us to see this. Oh, how much I would want to see this with my eyes.
I would want to see your sun smile, your gentle glance.
I would want to lay with you on soft grass, as blanket and to see to the sky.
And to hear wind, which would sing our his song. I would never forget this night.
I do not ask much, I want only one to be happy and loved...
Now I have to tell you bye for now.
Write as you spent weekend?

Hello my Dear ******!!!
How was your day? How is the weather? Health? Is everything ok?
I am very glad to get your letter.
Every time I am so exciting, when I open my mailbox. I want to tell you, that I am happy so much, that we found each other in internet and that we decided to write each other.
I am so thankful to my fate, which connected us!
My female intuition did not let me down, because I am sure, that you are the person, whom I wanted to meet always.
I searched the person, with whom I would want to spend happy and long life together...
You really tell me about much good thoughts in your letters and I am so thankful to you for warmth and enjoyment of dialogue, which you give me...
Always, when I read your letters, I feel, that you sit near to me and tell this words...
May be I have rich imagination...
I can imagine all your gestures and all your emotions, from which you pass me your ideas... it is very great for me!
 ******,have understood, that you can not visit Russia in my holiday. It is a pity. This my only thing, a free time.
The following holiday at me will be only in a year.
I work under the contract. And before holiday I always sign the contract the next year. Such rules in our organisation.
If I sign the contract the next year I can not have a free time, in a current of year.
I can think over my trip to your country! How you think? We should see each other.
If all is good, I will come back to Russia to take away all my things and to move on constant residences to you.
If it is fair, I do not wish to sign the contract the next year.
I very much wish to begin the new life, new work, to see you. I hope you you understand me.
This fast decision, but this decision I is possible has accepted, you to me like that-that also I wish to connect the life with you. You understand?
If you agree, I will learn all information. You know, I work as an accountant in the agency.
******,please write your full name, exact address, nearest airport.
The agency is in our structure, therefore I can solve all questions without problems.
Write, that you think of it. In my stomach now butterflies)))
I worked all year and was very tired. I need to plan a vacation. I do not have much time.
If you can not find me, I will plan a vacation without you.
My next vacation will be just one year. and I will not have no time for a year for a meeting.
I think this is a good chance to meet. I take the initiative now, why I want to be happy. why not ?
This night I had a dream.
I and my girlfriend Polina was walking at the park in city... it is very nice place, there are much green plants and flowers. (Summer) The weather was warm and sun.
I do not know how and why, but I saw you there... YOU - ******, you was sitting at the bench and was smiling.
You saw us and called us. I felt enthusiasm and joy...
you was smiling always and saw only to me. It was so delightfully...
We was sitting at the bench and was talking, talking, talking. all this time you eyes saw to my eyes and I thought, that you want to tell me something very important!
I awaked so sharply of an alarm-clock, but with big smile on my face. I was happy and I am still so happy!!!
I hurried to my work, but I wanted so much all day to write you about this nice dream.
You should know, that when I am at the work, you are always ion my mind. And we are always together on my dreams, thoughts.
It is so pity, that this is only at the dreams now.
But I know, that if we will want, our meeting will be obligatory, and there will not be any barriers... the most big distance cannot stop our wishes.
I will wait your letter, and remember, that I am always with you, in you thoughts and your life, as you are in me.
Your Anna

Good afternoon, my ******
I work in an agency and know all the prices and ways.
Tickets are not important! The main thing is to get a visa. If you get a visa yourself, then you need to go to Moscow to the Embassy. I do not want to go to Moscow myself and waste time.
The agency draws up a full package of documents. Visa, Insurance, tickets!
If you make out everything in the agency, it's faster and cheaper.

1) visa cost 150 $
2) medicine insurance; $ 300
3) tickets 1800 $
4) passport. (I have)
5) medical examination 110 $
6) The commission of our agency is only $ 200.
The total cost is 2600 $.

I spoke with the parents, they also approve my decision. You understand, that I will go to other country and I have fears.
But for the sake of our happiness, I am ready to overcome in myself this fear.
I suggest you to pay half-and-half all expenses. I pay 1300 $.
It is very cheap, in comparison with other offers, and I hope that you have the opportunity to help me. I do not have the opportunity to pay all trip.

Do you realize that in Russia has risen very whole currency. And the ruble fell by 50 against the euro and the dollar.
So now for me it was expensive. I do not want our relationship depended on the money.
You know that I am an honest woman. I come from a good family.
But the most important thing is not money .... yes, i understand, that may be, but can not buy money, but not good, can buy Never love .... I hope, that you understand, and that you agree with me?

I am so upset all day. I thought, where can I get so much? But I could not find an answer ... but I still believe, that everything will be ok
And we will be together ....
Soon we can enjoy the sweetness of our lips and warmth of our gentle embraces ...
To be honest, I was at the shock, and now I do not know what to do. But I really need you so much ...
I can tell you safely to every body in this world, that I need you so much ...
Every time, when I go to bed, I have dreams only about you ...
I close my eyes and I see us together ...
I want to be close to you and enjoy of our relationship.
But it is not possible.
I really like so much our community ... but we should go farther and to develop our feelings ...

I will you honestly, I already think sometimes to collect all my things and small baggage .. and to go on foot to you ... in different weather ... collecting all
My power ...
But I want to meet you so soon !!!!!!
And I can not do anything with this.My heart forces to move and to take some decisions ...
I know that we have much distance ... when I think about this, I feel so big pain in my heart ...

I do not know what, what to think ...
******, please, answer me as soon as possible ....
I will have my next vacation only in a year. I wrote to you that I signed the contract for one year ahead.
I need to know whether to sign a contract or not. If we decide to meet on the date of my vacation, then I will not sign the contract. I can come to you myself.
I hope that you have understood my idea. I'm an honest decent woman. I want to change my life.
I met you and I think that this is fate. It's a pity that I myself can not do anything about paying a full ticket. Really for me it's expensive.
I need to know your specific answer. I need to plan my vacation.
I worked a lot the last year and I want to rest. But I do not want to stay in the four walls, in the apartment.
I know that we will be together so badly ...
Yours Anna

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