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Lyudmila <>
« on: December 02, 2018, 12:15:35 PM »
Name: Lyudmila
Age: 33
City: Lysva, Russia

Hi. Thank you for the photo. You are very beautiful.
******, hello.
Sorry  for the late reply. I was able to get your letter only today. I
am  very  happy  that you answered to my mail (smile). ****** , I
never met the man on the Internet! It is new for me. My friends warned
me  that there are a lot of men on the Internet - perverts who ask for
naked  photos. I hope that you are not such a man. I'm not looking for
a  man  to  exchange  bare  photos.  I'm  looking  for  a  man  for  a
relationship.  Now  I  will  try  to  tell  you about myself. Let's go
(smile)  I  never  married.  I  don’t  have  children.  It is possible
therefore  I  have  decided  to  meet  you.  I think that the distance
shouldn't  be  a  barrier to recognize each other. My name - Lyudmila.
I’m  from  Russia! My city name - Lysva I - 33 years. My birthday - on
June  6.  My height - 169 cm. My weight - 52 kg. ******, I have a
medical  degree.  I  am a cosmetologist. ****** what kind of work
are  you  doing?  I  have  a  small  family.My  family - its me and my
mother..  I have a dog (name - Layma). ****** do you have pets? I
live  in  the small house with a garden I have a house, work, friends,
but  I  can't to tell that I am happy. I have no second half. There is
no  happiness  without  love.  I have written you it because I want to
share my ideas and feelings with you. I hope that you won't laugh . We
will  write  many letters each other. I am very grateful that you have
responded to my letter. I never got acquainted in such a way. I do not
have  computer at home . I write you from work. I am a beginner on the
Internet.  I hope that I will be able to write you constantly. You are
interested in our dialogue, also as I? You can ask me any questions. I
will  also  be  glad  to  know  everything  about your life. It - only
women's curiosity . I hope that my images it will be pleasant for you.
******  I want to see your photos too. I hope that you will write
to me soon. Best regards. Lyudmila....

******  , how are you?
  Nice to see your photo! you looks nice! I am happy to receive your answer. Sorry, that
I  not  so  quickly responded to your letter. I did not have access to
the  Internet. let's learn more about each other. I would like to tell
more  about  myself. I love all types of music. Radio - my favorite. I
very  much  like foreign music because in songs of foreign contractors
it  is  possible to hear all feelings and emotions which the singer or
the singer wants to report. That concerning books that is my weakness.
I  like  to  read.  and you ****** ?I like to sit in the favorite chair
under  a  warm  plaid and to read any new detective story. Also I love
classical  literature.  As  for movies that comedies is my love. I can
sometimes  watch  any  psychological thriller or historical series. on
the  days  off  and  on holidays I like to walk with the girlfriend on
streets  or to come in some cafe to sit behind a cup of strong coffee,
to  talk  about  life.  The  sport  is life. The morning exercises are
necessary  for  me.  in  the evenings I come for jog. I do swimming on
days  off.  on  weekdays  I  visit  gym.  I support myself in shape. I
already  spoke  to you about it in my first letter. Health, it is very
important. I watch over health. And I constantly I go on doctors for a
research! I want to live 100 years :-) In the following letters I will
tell  you  about  myself  in  more detail and also wanted to hear more
about  you  ******  , I will look forward to hearing from you. your new
friend Ludmila

 p.s. I  do  not  have  Skype  because  I am writing to you from work and we
prohibit installing software.

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