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on: November 19, 2018, 08:10:05 AM
Name: Vasileva Anita Eduardovna
Age: 30
City: Postcode 403874, ulica Lenina, 12, apartment 53, Kamyshin, Russia
Emails: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>


Hello, my name is Anita!
I hope my letters will not be unexpectedness for you!?
I think to you interestingly why I write to you and where I have received yours e-mail ,
And first of all I wish to answer this question: I have chosen your profile in dating agency! dating agency called:  «Love Story»
The dating agency  «Love Story» is located in my hometown,
and to be honest I do not know how your profile appeared in this agency,
I know that you are not from Russia, but I think that this will not interfere with our correspondence !!
To tell the truth, I do not know from what to begin my letter!
For me it is a new way of dialogue! You had a similar experience?!
I was never interested in social media, and I never talked to people on the Internet!
My old friend has helped me to make this step!
My  friend have got acquainted with future the husband on the Internet! today she and her husband live in Singapore!
They are happy together and they are an example for me that it is possible to find happiness in the Internet!
My friend convinced me to contact a dating agency, she has convinced,
that presently the Internet is a place where many people find love and happiness!
I do not know, why in dating agency, I have chosen your profile, I think,
that it is my female intuition have prompted to me to make this choice!
And I hope for your decency and sincerity!? I'm looking for a serious relationship
and for me the most important thing in a relationship is honesty!
In my life was two men who have caused me a pain, deceiving me!
I was a toy in their hands! I do not want, that it has repeated again!
I am a decent woman and I'm looking for a decent man!
Now you know what I'm looking for a serious relationship based on honesty and understanding!
I want, a little in more details to tell about myself, I think to you it will be interesting!
My full name: Anita Vasileva
I was born, I live and I work in Russia. I think in our time the distance is not a problem!
I never been married and do not have kids!
I do not drink, I do not smoke!
I live one in my apartment!
I have  sister and a mother, father died!
I have green eyes!
My growth of 169 centimetres, weight of 55 kgs.
My age of 30 years! what do you think about my age? i think that in our time the age is just numbers!
I was born on January 20, 1988!
My zodiac sign Capricorn
My hobbies of a photo, sport and dance!
I like all new!
At me good sense of humour, I am an optimist in life!
I have told a little about myself, now your turn! I hope you understand my English?
I think at you there are questions to me, I with pleasure will answer all your questions!
I will be glad to answer any questions which you interest.
I wish to learn more about you, about your life, about your interests and about the country in which you live.
I do not know how your profile turned out to be in a dating agency! In your profile about you it has been written very little,
but you have interested me and I hope, you will tell about yourself a little more!
If to you interestingly our correspondence I wait for your letter and a photo :-)
your new friend Anita!

ps: What you think of my photos?!do you like my photos?!?!

Hello ******, you have a beautiful name!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter!
I love your photos, thank you for sending them to me.
I had no possibility to check up my mail till this moment, my personal laptop is faulty!
I write my letter to you from the working computer!
In the future I plan to buy the new laptop and we can communicate more often,
at present I have a possibility to write to you only from work! I hope it will not stop our correspondence!
Please forgive me for reminding you of your father. Losing parents is very hard. I know what it is, because my dad is also no longer alive. I remember him very often ...
I'm sure that your dad was a wonderful man, because he brought up such a decent man like you.
I am sure that you are a wonderful father! I respect men who care about their children. I would like to see your photos with your daughter!
As for religion ... My religion is Christianity. I believe in God, but I do not attend church often.
I believe that God is one, just the people of each religion call it differently.
I think that it is very important for a person to believe, because it helps a lot of people and gives a lot of good hopes to a person!
I really respect the faith of other nations. I respect other religions.
The most important thing in a person is his inner beauty and not his face. The most important kind character!
If you not against, I wish to tell to you about my work!
I am an office worker in a construction company! construction company in which I work is engaged in road works! I work with documents!
My duties include drawing up of schedules and work plans!
I work in my company 9 years! I like my work. You like your work?!
I work 6 days in a week, I work with Mondays till Saturday! My friends name me the workaholic:)
My working day begins at 09:00.
I work till 18:00.
I hope you are interested to hear about my life?!
I have a higher education!
After school I studied at university.
I have finished training at economy faculty.
As I already wrote  I was born, I live and I work in city Kamyshin, Volgograd region!
Kamyshin not the most known city of Russia, but my city very beautiful, I think you'll like it here!
I would like to see a photo of your city! To me it is really interesting where do you live!
I think a photo will help us to present our way of life and a place where we live!
I like to travel, alas to travel at me turns no out on so often as it would be desirable!
I some times was in Thailand, I travelled across Russia much!
You like to travel, in what countries you were?
I hope to you not boringly with me?
I want will get acquainted with you much better! Do not hesitate to tell about itself!
If you have questions to me, I will answer your questions!
I wish to know as much as possible about you and your way of life!
I think in the future we can speak by phone!
I have a simple phone without Internet access and I do not have special applications for free of communication,
but I will try to fix that in the future, and we will find a way to communicate in real-time! ok?!
I wish to ask you about sincerity and respect
I regret, but I have not enough free time, I will finish on it! I should return to work!
I will tell a little more about myself tomorrow!
I hope, that my letter was not boring for you.
I should finish my letter! I wish you good day!
And yes, If at you is Skype, write me the Skype, I plan to buy the new laptop and to make Skype,
to see each other face to face much better, I think live dialogue will help our acquaintance!
Alas, on work I cannot use skype, I can have problems, I think you me understand!?
Do not forget to write to me:)

Hello ******! How are you?
Please tell me what would be best for you if I called your name? How you want to be?
I am very glad that you have written to me!
I hope my answer didn't keep you waiting?
Please tell me what would be best for you if I called your name? How you want to be?
I write to you from work and I not always can quickly answer your letter from work.
Alas on work I can not use the computer to suit the own ends.
If I use the working laptop to suit the own ends, I can have problems.
Right now I have a free time and I can write you the letter!
I like to communicate with you! Our correspondence helps me to present your world.
You're a very nice man. You are strong and intelligent. you are a wise and kind.
The age difference does not bother me at all.
Why can the age difference interfere with just good communication between two adults and sharing knowledge?
I think that this does not interfere with friendship!
Perhaps there will be more than just friendship between us! I am ready for any relationship if it brings spiritual pleasure and joy!
For me the age difference does not play a big role.
For men the main thing not age, and the presence of mind, character and behavior.
I pay attention to intelligence, education, not on age.
I'm never going to lie to you. Even in this case, the
most important thing for me is honesty! Trust me please.
I'm not asking for children. I just want to find an adult,
mature, intelligent man with whom I would be interested in chat.
Age - is just a number! Please do not stop writing! I want to communicate!
I understand that we have an age difference. with you our age difference is not a problem for me.
My father was older than my mother for 19 years. Unfortunately he died due to an accident on the road.
My aunt lives in Israel. The husband of my aunt more than his 36 years and are very happy!
I am interested to receive your letters. I feel that your heart is young, and you want to love.
I'm also looking for the 'love, and they are well aware that our goals are the same for you!
I want you to know. I am not worried about your financial situation.
I am not worried about the size of your salary, I'm not interested in whether you have money in the bank,
and indifferently you live in a luxurious house or a small, dilapidated house.
Money does not interest me. I'm not looking for a sponsor for life, I want to meet a beloved man.
Happiness is not about money. I want to be loved, and I want to love.
I like to work and I can always work. I have a higher education
and I think that I will have no problem finding a job, even if I live in your country someday.
Hope you understand everything I tell you.
As for religion ... My religion is Christianity. I believe in God, but I do not attend church often.
I believe that God is one, just the people of each religion call it differently.
I think that it is very important for a person to believe, because it helps a lot of people and gives a lot of good hopes to a person!
I really respect the faith of other nations. I respect other religions.
The most important thing in a person is his inner beauty and not his face. The most important kind character!
Are you asking if I can leave Russia and live in your country !? I can live there if I find a beloved man.
I understand that I will miss very much without my family and it will be difficult for me to live without them,
but I am already an adult woman and I myself have to take care of my life. I need to create my family,
my house. Of course, I will call, write sometimes to my mom and I think everything will be fine between us!
if you do not mind, I will continue to talk about themselves and ask you  questions!
What season is pleasant to you? What your favourite colour?
I love summer! My city is located in the southern part of Russia, and so the summer lasts here 4 months!
I love bright colours, my favourite colour green, yellow,blue,red.
In the summer I like to spend time on a beach.I like to float.
My city is located near the Volga river.
You love rest on a beach?you like camping?
I love to ride a bicycle and roller skates!I like bowling. I like to sing in a karaoke. you sing in karaoke?
my  main  hobby  is fitness!Unfortunately at me not so it is a lot of time for my hobby. Basically I train on weekend or homes and on the street!
Do not hesitate to tell about itself. I want to learn more about you!
I communicate for the first time on the Internet, and to be honest I'm a little shy!
I do not know, that I can tell about myself, do not hesitate to set to me questions.
To me pleasantly our dialogue. I with the big interest wait your letter.
Words it is impossible to describe everything, that I wish to tell to you!
It is a pity, that between us the big distance.
If we lived nearby we could meet in cafe. What do you think of it? I think we will find common language!
I wonder in your town there are Russian restaurants?
I will be glad to acquaint you with a Russian cuisine in the future.
I very much like to prepare various dishes, I receive from it pleasure. The cookery is one of my hobbies!
I am assured, that you will not refuse my tasty dishes :-)
I give preference Italian and an European cuisine, I very much love seafood.
I think that today stories about me enough! and I hope you found it interesting?
I am very interested in a lively dialogue, but alas, at work I can't use skype or webcam.
I will try to buy a new laptop soon, and I hope we will have a lively dialogue!
I also wanted to ask, your phone can accept international calls?
My phone number +7 987 380-031-03 , as I learned from my operator,
my phone can not accept international calls! At me simple phone without access to the Internet,
and I do not have applications in the phone! but I think you can text me on the phone!
I should return to work.
I will wait, your letter.
I wish you good mood and  good day!

Hello ******!
How are you today? how is your mood? 
Finally I have free time from work, and I can answer you!
Today I want to tell you about my family!
To my  mum of 61 years. My mum all life worked as the teacher in high school!!
now my mum on pension, But, mum continues to work, she works in the library!! My mum was born In my hometown Kamyshin
The daddy was born in Volgograd! My dad was a doctor! My parents have got acquainted,
when the daddy was on business trip in  Kamyshin, after meeting with my mom, my dad moved to Kamyshin!
My daddy was more senior mum for 10 years!Despite an age difference my parents were happy together!
I have  sister, I and my sister a fruit of love of my parents!
My  younger sister  was married and has a daughter!My sister is my best friend!
I have a grandmother, my grandmother lives in Volgograd, we not often see, how it would be desirable, but I love the grandmother!
My daddy has died 1 years ago. It was very difficult to me to be measured with death of the father!
My daddy always supported me and helped me! It is always very difficult to lose the loved one!But, in due course I have reconciled!
I love the family. At me a small family and we help each other Also we care about each other!
I have to tell you that my last relationship with a man was three years ago!
He was a good man, but his money ruined him!
Every day he worked more and more and the business was in the first place for him.
He began to devote me little time, walked, drank alcohol, and he forgot about me.
I decided for me that I would no longer have any relationship with rich men, and I left him!
We lived together, but weren't married and we had no children.
you asked me about my goal in the future ... well, I can’t tell you that I have a specific goal ... I just live and try to do the very best that I can do in my life and everything flows from it my life.
I would really like to find a man and build a real and serious relationship with him!
if you do not mind, I want to know about your family!
what kind of books do you like? I love the Russian classics and fantastic!!
My favourite writer Lev  Tolstoy, Sergey Yesenin, Stephen King, Alexander Pushkin!
My favourite book "Eugene Onegin". I read this book some times! You heard about this book?
I heard that this book has been translated into many languages of the world And I think you could hear about this book!
my favorite films: (Vanilla Sky), (The Notebook), (The Wedding Planner),(Titanic),(Romeo and Juliet),( Three Meters Above Heaven).Have you seen these films?
I like classical, pop music and violin.
My favourite musical executor Shakira,  Jennifer  Lopez, Polina Gagarina, Sting, Rihanna!
But I also enjoy listening to classical music! I like the classics because it has a good effect on people.
As I already spoke I like to prepare!As to my preferences in food. I prefer Italian and a Russian cuisine!I love fruit,
seafood, italian pastes and pizza!
From drinks I like "kvass", this is a Russian drink, did you hear about kvass ??? I love green tea, freshly squeezed juices and sodas!
What is the most popular dish in your country?You prefer what cuisine?
Russia the huge country with various kitchen!have you tried Russian cuisine?
I am assured, that you will like dishes from a Russian cuisine.
I know you're a good man! I don't know why I have this feeling, but I know that it is so!
We with you speak in different languages in a daily life and our countries have different culture.
But I think that we have found a common language!
You agree with me?
Your life is very interesting to me.
Some things, I probably, do not know.
I will be very glad to hear it from you.
Your letters help me to present your world better.
Please, send the photos if you can.
I will finish my letter!I will wait for your letter!
I try to check e-mail every day.
Sometimes because of work I do not have time to check up e-mail, I hope you understand me.
if I don't write, it's probably because of the distance of the letters often do not reach or I just can't do it!
feel free to write me when I do not answer!
I will always answer your letters, Even, if it takes away time!
I wish you a good day!

Hello ******! how are you doing today??? I'm fine!
I was interested to read your letter!
I am glad, that at last I can write to you, I about much, wish to write to you!
I hope my letter will brighten up your day and will force you to smile!!
Today at me good mood :-)
As for religion ... My religion is Christianity. I believe in God, but I do not attend church often. sundays only
I believe that God is one, just the people of each religion call it differently.
I think that it is very important for a person to believe, because it helps a lot of people and gives a lot of good hopes to a person!
I really respect the faith of other nations. I respect other religions.
The most important thing in a person is his inner beauty and not his face. The most important kind character!
I was baptized at 5 years old when I was little and my godfather name was Anna.
Yes, I can use You Tube sometimes at work, but not often!
Yesterday  I met my sister and my mum! We had a family dinner!
We often meet behind a family dinner! The family is an integral part of my life!
We talked about you! Yes, I have told to my family about our correspondence!I hope you don't mind!
My sister , has told, that recently has noticed positive changes in me.
My mum has agreed with my sister, and has told, that I became cheerful and cheerful.
I told my mom and sister, how we met!
My family was surprised, but my mum , approves our dialogue, my mum is glad to see my good mood.
You know, I have understood, that is valid, my life has changed since I have started to communicate with you.
From recent time I began to smile often, in me that that has changed :-)
I am really happy, that have got acquainted with you!
Right now I wish to look in your eyes! In my country there is a saying, "eyes a mirror soul"!
Eyes can tell more than 1000 words!
My eyes shine for pleasure when I read your letters.
You force me to smile and rejoice lives! From the moment of ours acquaintance I feel absolutely differently!
I cannot describe my feelings words! Feelings which at me are, it is more than simply words!
In one of my last letters I have written, that my mobile phone cannot make international calls.
Today I have learnt, that I need to connect service of trunk calls.
My phone has been given out me on work, therefore I should write the statement addressed
to the director with the request to allow to use to me service international calls!
I will try to make it as soon as possible that we could communicate by phone. I hope the director will allow
to connect to me service "international calls".
As soon as I will make it, I will inform at once you on it, I very much wish to hear your voice
and I hope that we can soon speak on the phone with you.
If you not against I wish to set some questions!
You have dream and what your most treasured dream?
you the romanticist? you like to surprise your girlfriend ?!
I dream to meet a man with whom I will be the rest of my life! I believe in the sincerity of feeling and love!I'm looking for true love!
How you think, there can be our meeting was not casual?
I think this is true, and everything in this world, by fate, destined to meet his soul mate!
I will finish now my letter, I hope you found it interesting? I have to get back to work!
I with impatience wait for your following letter.

Good day ******! how are you doing, what's new?
I am very glad to your letter!I with a smile have read your letter and  in your words I feel sincerity!
Your letters give to me more than you can present to yourself,
I don't know how to describe this feeling with words, it's more than just interest!I feel that I'm drawn to you like a magnet!!
This morning I have woken up with thought on you, and it was amazing!
during a breakfast I looked at an empty chair near to me! I thought of our joint breakfast! How you like such idea?
I want to admit to you, I often think of you!
I want to know as much as possible about you, I wish to know about you all! My curiosity does not have a limit:)
I have an important question for you.
you have correspondence with anyone besides me? it is very important to me!
I have correspondence only with you in my life you're the only man!
even in everyday life I do not have relationships or friendships with men!after we met, I'm not interested in other men!
I wrote that in my life there were two men, but that relationship is over forever!
my heart was broken, and I don't want that to happen again!
you are the man I was looking for all my life!
I do not want, that between us there were secrets! Relations cannot be constructed on a deceit! do you agree with me?
I hope for your honesty! I very trustful woman, I do not want, that you have broken to me heart!
I trust you!
I appreciate honesty and sincerity, for me it is the most important qualities in the man!
I am serious about our correspondence! From your letters I see that at us is much in common and our vital purposes coincide!
there are still questions that bother me!
You prefer long relations? What relations you would like with me?
your sympathy and antipathy against women?
I think that between man and woman must be understanding, trust and physical attraction!
I want to love and be loved! woman's happiness is to find a man who will understand and support her!
I wish to be happy near to beloved man!
I wish to be proud of the man. I want, that my man was proud of me!
I want, that my man was a reliable support for me!
I wish to rely in all on my man!
These are my representations of the man of my dream!
What can I tell about myself, how about the woman???
I always say that I think!
I love a cosiness and cleanliness in the house.
I have always got used to look after myself! I always responsibly concern the decisions accepted by me!
I love kids!
I love flowers, I very much like orchids.
I like pets.
I do not love lie, I do not love when people contradict to themselves!
In the letter I cannot describe everything, that I wish to tell to you!
I prefer live dialogue when you look the interlocutor in the face, words are perceived differently!
Right  now  we  have no possibility to communicate through webcam,but soon I will buy the new laptop and we can speak on webcam,
we are going to have a direct conversation!
Let me finish my letter and back to work!
I will wait for your letters!
with kisses your Anita

Hello, ******!
I  waited your letter and with interest read that you have written!
I feel that our friendship develops into something more!You agree with me?
Earlier I had feeling of curiosity.
Now I have a feeling of liking  to you  and even it is more!
I cannot pick up correct words to describe these feelings!
Yes, you are right that there should be chemistry between us so that relationships can be formed .....
but I already feel this chemistry when I communicate with you, it seems to me that you are a very close man in spirit to me.
I could not write to you on Saturday, because our office moved to a new room
and on Saturday we had a move and I just physically could not write to you.
I did not have access to my laptop, I was engaged in the move and transferred my stuff to the new office.
Our office is expanding a bit and so we had to rent a new large room.
I spent this weekend very well and I even went to the cinema for the film "Bohemian Rhapsody"
and I really liked this film, it was very interesting, did you see it? I advise you to watch it!
I have good news today.
I talked to my chief and she has told, that my vacation will soon.
I should finish the begun business and then I can have a vacation.
When there will be your vacation?
I with impatience wait the vacation, we can agree about a meeting.
what do you think?
You can arrive to Russia for our meeting?I think you will like Russia!
Or we can plan a meeting in your country?
I think, that both these ideas demand discussion!
My feelings develop together with our dialogue!
my feelings to you it is more than simply friendship.
words can not describe my feelings for you, my feelings are more than just words!
Earlier I did not represent, that letters can cause such feelings and such desires!
what you feel?You agree with me!?
I always say that I think! I sincere with you, I wish to share with you everything, that occurs in my life!
From the very beginning of our dialogue I asked you, that you would be sincere and now I trust you.
I have a sensation, that we are familiar with you throughout the whole life.
I do not have any secrets from you.
I see our future together! you want, that I was a part of your future?
I really think we should take the next step in our relationship!
I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
I am valid, very much I wish to see your country and your way of life.
I should see it my eyes and I think, that we with you will have happy time together.
Today I will send with my letter of a photo , you can always notice that I have a smile on face when I think of you.
I do not understand, that with me happen, in me all has turned over, the world became another for me.
I even more often start to understand, that I think of you more and more.
I become happy when I see your letters! Your letters give me a charge of good mood for all day!
I hope, that you understand me...
I very much appreciate ours with you dialogue.
you do not represent as I is happy, when I see your new letter!
I ask you to think well of my offer, for me it is the important step! I having concealed breath will wait for your letters!
With my letter I send you my kisses! I hope my kisses will reach you!
I will finish my letter with thoughts on you:)
Yours Anita!

Hello ******!
I waited anxiously for your answer, I wanted to know what you were thinking about my proposal and that you would answer my proposal!
Last night, I had a dream, in my dream we were together, my dream was so real that when I woke up this morning, I thought that you near to me!
thoughts about you and our meeting  more and more visits my mind!I think that our meeting is the following step for our relations, our meeting will give answers to all questions, and will help us to understand better how our relations in the future will develop!
I thought a lot about our meeting and I understand that such a chance comes only once in life! But, this step demands the big responsibility! You agree with me?
I cannot describe words my feelings and emotions!I cannot find correct words and describe, all that is felt by me! My feelings overflow me, I never felt anything similar!
our relationship moved to a new level, and I feel that our relationship turned into something more than just a pen pal!And I want, to make the following step!
Today to me have told that I will soon have holiday and I think that this best time to plan our meeting! I was not in holiday 1,5 years  and  my holiday lasts 45 days and I think that it time will be enough that we could, all to plan!
I look at things really and I am ready to make the following step to our relations! I am ready to meet you, I do not wish to miss this possibility!
I like our correspondence, but communication on the Internet cannot compare to a real meeting! You agree with me?
I ask you only about one: promise to me that you will care of me!? My feelings not a toy and I ask you about honesty and sincerity!
I think the first thing I have to do is to assess my capabilities and to know the price of my trip!
first of all, I want to know how much is the plane ticket! tell me what is the nearest Airport to your home?
I wish to look cost of tickets on the Internet!
I do have a lot of questions: what things I should take and whether I can stop in your house? You will be my guide? You will meet me at the Airport? You are ready to this step? I should know your thoughts concerning our meeting!
I wonder what will be our meeting and how you see our meeting?
I think, that our meeting will be unforgettable and will open to us boundless possibilities!
If our meeting this that that we want both, in the near future I plan to collect the necessary information for my travel and I will inform you!
So far, I just can not tell you the dates of my stay in your country, it will be clear closer to the time when I will be in Moscow!
Yesterday I was in shop, I have seen a beautiful card and have bought to you this card! I have thought that to you will be pleasant if you receive my card! But, I do not know your full address and how correctly to issue an envelope!
Write me your address and then I can send you my card,  my photo and my  gift, to make you feel nice!
I give you my address if you too want to send me a card.
My home address: Postcode 403874
ulica Lenina, 12
apartment 53
Volgograd region
My name: Anita Vasileva
you must issue an envelope in this format, as I wrote to you! (write how I should properly arrange an envelope for you) ok?
I will finish my letter, today at me it is a lot of work, I with excitement will wait for your letters!
I send you millions my sweet kisses!
With love yours Ana!

Hello ****** :) How are you?
Each time when I see your letter, on my person appears a smile!
Your letters help to brighten up my day and my loneliness!
I am very frequent think about you!I have started to notice, that I fall asleep and I wake up with thought on you!
With me never was anything similar!
You have given a life to new feelings which is at me! You have changed my life!
My thoughts about one thing, as soon as possible to see you, to feel your touch, inhale your fragrance!
I never retreat back to take one step backwards means for me to betray our love!
I will fight because of all the forces for the sake of our happiness!
I can not think about anything except you!
Love is the strongest feeling in this world!
I hope that my letter you will not get bored! I understand that my letter can not bring our meeting!
I hope my letter cheer you :)
Remember you are not alone in this world! I can not stop thinking about you for a minute!
Today I have for you good news!
I gathered the necessary information for my trip!
the first thing I should do is to contact the Embassy with the application for issuance of a visa!
Embassies are not present in my city.but, can I apply for a visa via the Internet!
The embassy is in Moscow and  if my application is approved at the Embassy, I will go to Moscow to get a visa!
In Moscow I will have additional interview with the visa officer!
Getting a visa is a time-consuming process that requires a large number of documents!
I asked for help in a travel Agency!
the travel Agency gave me a list of documents I need to prepare and we have chosen a suitable visa for me!
Together with the employee of travel agency we have decided, that the best type of the visa will be, the visa "Tourist".
Under this visa I can arrive without problems to your country.
using the visa «Tourist" I can move freely through the territory of your country from 30 till 90 days!.
I'm going to spend in your country 30 days, what do you think about this?
I think that 30 days will be enough, so we can get to know each other!
You agree with me?
I already filled and sent the online application form for the visa!
the travel Agency said that as soon as my application will be considered in the Embassy,
I immediately get a response! if I get positive response I will go to Moscow!
I have already prepared a part of documents which I will need to give in embassy in Moscow
and I will receive other documents within the next few days!
I took the first steps and I was overwhelmed with emotions and feelings!
I cannot believe, that shortly we will be with you together.
there is one important item: travel agency employee said may need a letter of invitation from you!
You can make to me the invitation if me it to be necessary?
I will let know if your invitation is required to me.
Right now I'm going to call the embassy to find out all the details !
I need to find out about the cost of paperwork and other details!
I'm sure that no one and nothing, will not prevent our meeting if we both want it!
You agree with me?
I told my mom about my decision, and my mom fully supports me! mom's happy for me, mom is happy that I met a decent man!
Today I have a very good mood ... I am so glad that I can see you soon,
and  I also want to please you with my photos especially for you, dear... I hope you will like it ;)
I will finish the letter! At me it is a lot of work, before holiday I should settle all affairs on work!
I will wait your letter!
I hope my news will force you to smile! I will inform you on each my step! I know, that at all of us it will turn out!
I wish you a good day!
I leave my kiss on your lips!
I will wait your letter, and until then I will think of you!
With love Anita!

****** my love!  can I call you my love?
My love  I with a smile have read your letter and I hasten to give you my answer!
today is my last day of work, tomorrow I'll be on vacation and I can totally dedicate yourself to our meeting!!
I with the big interest expect our meeting!
I am happy, because the destiny has given us chance to be together!
I think that this happens only once in our life!
Our meeting will give the chance to us to get acquainted better with each other and to develop our relations!
Today i have good news for you!
I received a reply from Embassy:
My visa application was approved and  I should go for interview in Moscow!
I have collected necessary documents for interview and Now all will depend on interview with the visa officer!
First of all,  I should visit personally embassy in Moscow to begin process of official registration of papers
and pass an interview with a visa officer!
Tomorrow I will go to Moscow, to begin  official registration of papers for the visa.
I wrote to you about the invitation, but for reception of the tourist visa, the invitation is not required!
Now I know what direction to go and what I need to do in order for us to be together!
Our meeting will happen very soon and our meeting will be unforgettable and romantic!
Yes, of course I really want to come to you and see you, I never lied to you and never this does not matter. so you should be serious about me :)
I will be very happy if I can live at your home, because in this way you and I can get to know each other much better. thank you very much for being ready to place me with you. It's very nice of you.
I understand everything you say about your past connections. In the life of everyone there are failures.
From the mistakes of the past, you should always extract a positive experience and not repeat mistakes in the future.
Perhaps our communication with you now will be the beginning of a great love for all life!
Please do not recall the past. I also had a relationship in which I was disappointed.
I loved a man with all my heart, and he left me and did very badly ...
I'm sure you're different. I think that you are a very caring man!
Between us there are sincere feelings and I am assured, that our feelings will grow.
I know, that ours with you feelings are mutual and these feelings are real!
My world have changed, when I have met you, I no longer feel alone!
I realize that there is a person in the world who understands and supports me and this person is you!
I never felt anything similar!
I smile every time I think about you!
I was in shop and have bought to you a gift!
I think you'll like my gift!
I will present to you my gift in day of our first meeting!Ok?
You cannot present to yourself as I wish to meet you!
I would want that our meeting was unforgettable and I will make everything that our meeting remains in our memory for all life!
I want, that you were happy!
I wish to be the most beautiful for you! I wish to be the most desired for you
I did not have relations from the man more than 3 years! When I have met you, I have understood, that our meeting, it is my destiny!
I believe that between us there will be a big passion and we can construct beautiful love! I very much it want!
Our meeting with you is a big step forward!
I always listen to the heart, and my heart says, that together we will be happy.
What do you think about this? Do you agree with me?
My family are happy, that I have got acquainted with you and now we plan to be together!
I want, as soon as possible to be near to you!
I do not wish to lose any day from my vacation!!!
Our meeting, is the best way to get acquainted with each other!
I very much miss on you and I think of our first meeting with a smile, at me now pleasant excitement!
I hope my news will make you happy!
I send you millions my sweet and hot kisses!I'm sure my kisses reaches your lips!
I will finish my letter with thoughts of you and i with excitement shall wait for your letters!
With love Anita!

****** my love!Today the big day!
Today begins my journey and   I am very happy, that soon we will together!
I overwhelmed with emotions and feelings! I cannot pick up the necessary words to describe these feelings
and emotions!My emotions are running high, my feelings overwhelm me,I'm really happy!I think you understand me!?
I am confident, that our emotions  and feelings coincide!
You for ever in my heart, you have filled with its love, you force to fight it more strongly.
Which I test feelings to you are fine, I when was not such happy!
You have presented to me love, you have filled emptiness in my soul, I am grateful to you!!
I know, that you my man whom I waited all life, you became for me sense of all my life!!!
You have presented to me a new life, you have shown, that in this world there is a love!
Right now I on work, I have come for work what to receive documents which will be necessary in embassy for visa!
At me on work very cheerful collective, fellow workers have wished me good rest.
I am assured, that this vacation will be the best vacation in my life. But the most important thing, that we at last will see each other!
I with impatience wait for ours with you a meeting!
After a few hours my bus to Volgograd
From Volgograd, I will go to Moscow!
I've never been to Moscow :)
For me it will be an interesting trip!
In Moscow, I will have an interview at the Embassy.All goes how we planned!
My family is very happy for me! To tell the truth, mum to worry about me!
Mum asked to write the letter as soon as I will arrive to you!
I promised to mum that I will send to mum our with you a photo.
If my daddy was still live, daddy would be very glad, that I have met the man of my dream.
Our meeting, it so is romantic! I am ready to fly by through half of globe that we were together!
It is similar to a dream and when I will wake up we we will be together!
I trust you, I do not doubt sincerity of your feelings. I know, that near to you I will be in safety!
Soon, very soon we will together, only you and I!
While I will be in Moscow I'm going to need your moral support, I ask you write me every day, your letters are very important to me!
today I am planning to buy a new laptop, and we'll always be in touch and I hope we will have a lively dialogue!
I will write you my every move, I will keep you up to date on the whole process!ok?
I did not manage to connect international calls on my mobile as it is long process! I do not wish to waste time!
I think, that I will find a way to call to you from Moscow!ok?
I should hasten, at me not so it is a lot of time !!
before I finish my letter, I once again ask you to write: home address, # phone and full name this information is needed at the Embassy!!
At me still affairs much! I will write, as soon as I will arrive to Moscow!
i miss you! i think about you!
See you soon my love!
I send you my most sweet and hot kiss!
With all my love your Anita!

****** my love!
I want start my letter with the good news!
This morning I have safely arrived to Moscow! I rented a small room in Moscow
and the mistress of the room is a very nice woman! So do not worry about me, here I feel safe!
Now the main news: I successfully passed the interview at the embassy!
I got permission to get a visa, I got international medical insurance for all occasions, I paid a visa fee,
I paid a state fee, now that I give tickets to the embassy, I will get a visa!
but,  my expenses were higher than I originally thought, and I can not
afford to buy plane round-trip tickets! the cost of round-trip tickets $ 880, and I do not have this money! I do not know how to tell you,
but I have to ask for help from you, and I'm very ashamed to do it, it's humiliating my principles,
but I do not know any other way out of this situation!
I tried to find money on my own, but the banks in Moscow refused to issue a loan because I do not have a residence permit in the city of Moscow!
I also asked for help from my mother and sister, but my family said that they gave me all the last money so that I could make my meeting with you,
and they can not help me anymore! and now our meeting is in your hands!
I understand what I'm asking of you, but I'm asking you for help not for yourself, I ask you for help for our meeting,
for our future, for the sake of our love!
I understand how my request sounds, and I hope I will not push you away from me by my request!
I hope for your understanding and your help ?!
You can send your help to my Bank account.
To transfer funds, you will need the following information.
Last name: VASILEVA
First name: ANITA
Middle name: EDUARDOVNA
Beneficiary Bank: Bank VTB (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Beneficiary’s account: 40817840411094005832
Address  of  the  recipient - My  home address:
ulica Lenina, house 12, city Kamyshin, Volgograd region, Russia, 403874 RU
This information will be enough so that you can make your transfer.
I hope for your help, and as soon as you help me, I'll buy tickets for the next flight, get a visa
and we will be together to fulfill all our dreams and desires!
I apologize for my request again, believe me, for my part I did everything that was in my power and now our meeting is in your hands!
We have to do one last step and we will be together but  this step we have to do together!
let me finish my letter, I'm very tired today and want to rest!
I will wait for your letters and answer you as soon as I have a rest! ok?
with my letter I send you all my love, from heart to heart! I send you millions of your kisses
And I also send you my photos, a video from Moscow and a photo of my passport, where you can see all my data!
Sincerely yours Anita

Hello my dear ****** ... I have read your letter. I am very pleased that you are ready to buy tickets for me.
After I read your letter, I again appealed to the embassy and consulted with the consul. I would be very happy if I managed to do everything as you told me, but the consul objected to me and said that due to the recent exacerbations between Russia and the West, new nuances have arisen in the work of the embassy.
They cannot give me a visa until they are sure that I have the originals of the tickets there and back. If you buy tickets and I take them, it will be electronic options. They are not suitable for obtaining a visa, and if I go personally to the airport and buy tickets there, it will be originals. They are suitable for obtaining a visa! And I will also need to submit to the embassy the originals of the receipt and receipt of the ticket purchase, and you just can’t pass it on to me, understand me?
This is all done to ensure that Russian citizens do not go abroad and do not stay in those countries where they are leaving on quite in search of a better life. In Russia, there is now a large outflow of citizens from the country due to the deterioration of the standard of living. This is a big problem.
My dear, if you do not trust me, then I want to offer you an alternative and invite you to me in
Moscow I will not be upset if I do not fly to your country, but I will be glad if you fly to me. For me it doesn’t matter where I am, for me it’s important with whom I am I want you to be with me. I constantly imagine the moment when we see you for the first time. As soon as I see it in my thoughts, my heart stops and I start to get goose bumps. You have no idea how much I want to spend our first dinner by candlelight. I do not need restaurants and various gifts and entertainment. I need your warmth, to feel protected, because you are with me. I want real female happiness! To love and to be loved.
 I want you to know. You are the person to whom I opened fully and trusted. Please do not use it, and do not try to hurt me. I am a very vulnerable person. I want to care for you and when you come tired home. Do you massage. Stroking your hands ... your hair ... I want to kiss you gently on the lips ... I want to sink in your arms. To be a welcome girl for you. I think about how we fall asleep in our bedroom and I press against you putting my head on your chest. And I wake up early in order to make you happy with your morning breakfast in bed.
I promise you! I give you my word! That all of us will be good if we make more efforts for our meeting with you! I will do everything to keep our hearth of love, to bring only happiness and a smile to our relations with you. I promise...
Yes, I think about all this. Maybe I'm a little naive ... But I believe in it, and this faith gives me the strength to cope with all the difficulties.
Forgive me if I'm too annoying or annoying.
I just want to be close to a man. My man is you.

Your little and defenseless Anita.

Hi my dear ******, I do not know where to start my letter, I am very upset and sadness and longing for my soul.
Today, I thought and understood after your letter that I fell in love with the person who left me in the lurch, that is, one with such a problem.
I never thought you were capable of that. I trusted you with all my heart and soul, and now I feel abandoned and useless to you.
When we met you, I confess to you, I didn’t trust you, but as time passed, you could gain confidence and you did it so that I started
trust you with all your heart. Now I have feelings for you and these are real feelings and you cannot even imagine how painful it is to my soul.
There are many difficulties in life, but when I could not think that I would face such a situation that I could not solve everything myself.
I told you that I’m not rich and I don’t have a lot of money, I understand that it’s not your fault that I couldn’t calculate expenses for arrival,
but I told you that I had already spent a lot of money for our meeting. I bought a laptop to write to you from Moscow, how would we exchange
letters if I didn’t have a laptop with me. I bought it specially so that we could write to each other while I was in Moscow.
I spent money to arrive in Moscow, I also spent on processing my visa, as well as on my residence in Moscow. Do not you understand that the city
Moscow is the capital of Russia, everything is very expensive here. But I did not think that there would be such a big expense, because I was only thinking about you at that moment when I was going to Moscow.
My dear, I really want to come to you and you know about it, but I do not know how I can solve this problem alone, I do not ask you for extra money for expenses,
I just asked you for tickets. If I hadn’t bought a laptop, then I could have bought these tickets, but without a laptop, we would have lost our connection with you.
My dear, I really can not find this amount, I can not come to you if you do not help me. If you have distrust of me, then tell me about it,
I need to know what you think about me. I was raised in a decent family and from early childhood, my parents brought me up, that cheating is bad and
Only the meanest people cheat, my mom and dad always told me that a person should be sincere and kind, since only such qualities as
kindness and sincerity really decorates any person. I am sincere with you! For your sake and our meeting, I threw everything that surrounds me!
I have not done this before for anyone. Do you know why??? Because I have real feelings for you, and I don't want to hide my feelings,
I think about you every day and I dream to be in your arms, only I can call you cute !!! It seems to me that between us there is a special connection
which I do not want to lose under any circumstances! I feel that you are the person I have been looking for all my life and for your sake I am ready to go to the ends of the earth !!!
I'm really looking forward to our meeting, I imagine how I will get off the plane and you will meet me at the airport! From this day happiness will begin in our life with you !!! Do you want it???
I'm dreaming about that!!! My heart jumps out of my chest when I introduce our meeting! There is so much passion and tenderness in me that is waiting for you, my dear !!!
I am ready to give you every last drop !!! You are the closest person to me !!! Do you understand this ?????? Now I do not know how to solve the problem with the purchase of tickets,
the embassy is waiting for when I bring the tickets, as they must be assured of the dates of my departure to your country and arrival back, so for this I must have two tickets,
why you do not study it yourself, because I am telling you the absolute truth. If you do not want or are afraid to help me, then I propose to meet in Moscow!
It doesn't matter to me where our meeting will take place! If you do not want me to fly, then let me know when you arrive,
I will meet you at any airport in Moscow! For me now there is nothing more important than our meeting! Now you see how seriously I take this!
I tell you everything from my heart, because you are in my heart, dear !!!! Please make a decision! I am ready to make any your decision about the place of our meeting! I am looking forward to your letter!
Many passionate and tender kisses to you from your one and only !!!

My darling ****** !!! My love, It's a bit cool in Moscow now.
Now, as soon as I had the opportunity, I immediately ran to the computer to check the letter from you.
Last night, when I went to bed, I was visited by many thoughts about how we would spend our time and how happy I would be if my
the dream came true and I am with you!
I am very glad that we met. For me now there is no greater happiness than to love you, to be your beloved.
Feel your support, warmth, care. You are my most beautiful and dear little man in this world. You are everything that I need in life for happiness.
I can completely trust you. Now I understand that no matter what happens, I have the most important person
who will never leave me, will always support me and give good advice ...
My love, I am very glad to hear that you want to help me with money. I want to tell you that I am not
I need the money that I spent here rent an apartment, and in the money that I spend on registration
all the necessary documents, I only ask you to help me with the tickets ...
Believe me, I am very ashamed that I ask you for this money, but I can do nothing ....
I understood that you can send help !!! I have never received money from other countries
but I heard a little about these translations! OK! I am glad that you will help!
I will send you again the data so that you are not mistaken!
I send you the information that you will need to transfer money via bank transfer:
Last name: VASILEVA
First name: ANITA
Middle name: EDUARDOVNA
Beneficiary Bank: Bank VTB (PJSC), Moscow, Russia
Beneficiary’s account: 40817840411094005832
I found out in the bank and they told me that I could get your help without problems within 1-2 days after you sent.
Darling, please, let's never quarrel, betray each other. My love, we must understand each other
support and take care. We went through a lot together, we still have a lot to do together.
I love you and want to you.
Everyone knows about my feelings for you !!! My heart in your hands! Please do not break it !!!
I want to give you my passion, tenderness, love and a million sweetest kisses !!!
Waiting for good news from you.
I wish you a good day!
Your Anita.

my love ******. Today in Moscow is cold weather.
My mood has gotten better. Every day I wake up and hurry to check my mail.
But I don’t always succeed as I’ve already written to you that the woman’s apartment owner almost always sits on the Internet and I have to wait until she releases the network cable.
Now I got the opportunity to write to you.
it does not take a day or an hour for me not to think about you and about our meeting.
That night I did not sleep for a long time and thought about you. I thought about our first meeting and how wonderful it will be, finally to cuddle up to you. Feel your warm and strong hug.
I am very tired of being alone and I really miss you. I think about you all day and all night. The thought of separation keeps haunting me.
I want to get on a plane as soon as possible and fly away, leaving all these problems behind.
I want to believe that it will happen very soon.
I believe that you will not leave me alone with this problem and I am sure that you will do everything to make our meeting real.
My dear, you asked me what I want to get your help.
I think that there is not much difference, because in any case, if you send me help, as a result I will receive money in rubles in the bank.
Money will be automatically converted into rubles when issued in the bank!
880 dollars is approximately 60,000 rubles, so I will receive approximately 60,000 rubles anyway. You can send me help in any currency.
As always, I will look forward to hearing from you. Because with your every letter, you make me happier.
Your kind and warm words make me the happiest woman on the planet. I am always very glad to receive from you your words of love and support.
You are the man I have been waiting for all my life.
You, like a ray of sun, burst into my gray life full of bustle and problems.
You filled my life with bright colors and I bloomed with you like a flower.
Thank you for making my life bright and filled with love. Now I will finish my letter.
I want to say again that I love you. Write me as soon as possible.
Your Anita!

My dear ******, I received your letter and I want to inform you that I still do not lose hope that we will
together. Today I want to tell you about my dream. I want to share it because he was so
romantic and beautiful. When I woke up, I had a big smile on my face.
My dream was about how we met and how we spent our time. I dreamed how you met me with
a bunch of flowers and smiling. I ran down the ramp and before jumping into your arms I threw my bag on the floor and
hugged you tightly. I cried for joy. Then I looked into your eyes and you into mine. We were so close to each other.
to a friend that even felt the warmth of our bodies and our breath. You held me by the waist, and my hands were with you
on shoulders. Our faces were a couple centimeters apart, and of course we could not resist and drowned
 in a passionate and tender kiss. It was so beautiful.
Then we went to your home and on the way home we talked and laughed. When we came to you,
 you invited me to the house. Then in the evening, when the sun went down into the sunset, you brought me to the shore where you spread
the bonfire and we sat down beside it and took refuge under one blanket. We drank red wine with you and you gently me
hugged. At that moment I felt the happiest. But then I woke up and lay in my
beds, and imagined that I dream to wake up from your kiss in the morning. I understood that I feel for you
the warmest and sincere feelings.
I also understand that this can never happen due to the fact that I do not have the opportunity to buy
tickets, because I have no more money. When I think that this may not happen to me
it becomes very bad and sad. I understand all this, but I still really want to be with you and I think that we
must seek a solution.
At the embassy, ​​I am constantly being asked when I can provide tickets, but I do not know what I will tell them and answer.
My dear, I hope you had a good day and I want you to know that I am yours and I am waiting for your help. I
I will hope and believe that we will be together, because I have come a long way and only for you and
for our happiness.

Hello ******.
How do you?
Today the weather is very good and the sun is shining with its bright rays.
What weather do you have?
I am very glad that I met you on my life path, but we have one problem that we have to solve together.
Understand that I did everything to come to you, but I did not think that the visa and the design of the forms would cost so much.
This meeting is very important for me.
I understand that you have a problem with money now, but understand that you are my only hope for our meeting with you.
I spent a lot of money, nerves, effort and time in order to be only with YOU and I only do it for YOU!
Now I’m in Moscow and at the embassy the consul tells me that my visa is almost ready and I need to show him the tickets in order to come to you, my dear!
Do you want me to come to you ???
I am very bored and sad here without you.
During our communication I was very used to you and I think from you every minute.
I really want to give you my warmth and affection.
I want a warm and family hearth in your house.
I will cook you a delicious dinner and I want to teach you to cook your signature dishes.
I really want you to also teach me how to cook my signature dishes.
Believe me, I did everything I could and now my destiny and our future with you depends only on you.
Understand that I do not want my vacation to pass without you and you are very dear to me.
You are the ideal man that I really need!
I am very grateful for the fate that brought me together with you!
I really hope for your help and I understand that you are now very hard with money, but understand that you are the only hope that you will be with you together.
I look forward to your letter and your news.
I send you the sweetest kiss my dear and I hope that you will not leave me in the lurch!

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