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Ekaterina <>
« on: November 12, 2018, 07:47:08 AM »
Name: Ekaterina
Age: 39
City: Kstovo, Russia

Hello my new friend ******!!!
I am pleased that I can write a letter for you.
I am Fine, how are you?
First of all I want to apologize for my delay in writing. I
uncomfortable in front of you that I make you wait for my answer. I know you're waiting for
My quick answer. I had a lot to do at my job and I did not have
the possibility to check the mail. Now I have free time and I decided to tell
more about yourself. I hope you will have free time to read my letter?
Now a little about me:
My name is Ekaterina. I am 39 years old. I live in Russia. City Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region.
Currently I engaged in the search for happiness in his personal life over the Internet. Since
real life, I had a few bad experiences building relationships.
Men around me were not suitable for me. They would just not serious
relationship. I really want to create a warm family couple. There are more reasons why I do not want to marry
Russian man. Lots of Russian men drink alcohol in large quantities,
do not respect women, do not relate to women seriously afraid of responsibility. It
I do not like. I want to find a man who will love me, respect and
with understanding. I will be very glad if you would be such a man. But
Now I want to be your friend. Having friends can be anywhere in the world. And already
It will show what will happen in the future.
Currently, I work in the "house of the elderly." I help people who
I need my help. My work is not too rich. But I do not complain about it. I
I can financially provide for themselves and help their parents. My father and my mother did not
work. They are on state maintenance (retired). state
my parents pay a certain amount of money per month, which they
You must have lived. I live with my parents in a two-bedroom apartment. Relationship with
parents are very good. We understand each other very well. I always
I listen to the views of my parents, because they are very wise people. I am very
love them!
By decision acquainted with a man from another country, I approached very seriously. I
I understand that there are differences in culture and language. It does not scare me. I'm good enough
I know English. I can read, understand, speak in English.
I dream so much about creating a family. It makes me pursue new goals.
The difference in age so I do not scare. I believe that the main in man - the soul,
inner world. The rest is not so important! I'm ready to change radically their
life, and start a new life. The changes do not scare me. I also understand that there
The problem is that we live far away from each other. I am aware of all the difficulties. I long
while a small amount of money put aside. I believe that it will help me to make
a meeting with a man with whom will develop relationships. But talk about it yet
too early. I think you understand what kind of man that I am and my purpose in life. If I
interested in you, I have great pleasure I will wait for your reply. I
He told about itself. Now I wanted to know more about you and your life. Tell me.
I'm curious to know all about you. I'll check email often to get your
answer. I would like to see more of your photos.
I wanted you to write to me as soon as possible and often. And talked more about themselves.
P.S. I am sending you photo. My photo was taken at the lake.
I promise to give my new photos in another letter. I hope you will enjoy.
Sincerely, Ekaterina

Hello ******.
I am very glad that you responded to my letter.
After reading your letter, it seemed to me that you are an interesting person.
But you need to open more, without fear of anything.
When I write you a letter, I open my soul. I never lie. I write only what really happens in my life.
I don't want to hide anything and try to please you "forcibly". I want to stay on my own and try
Build your future with a man who will respect and appreciate me. About love
it's too early to talk. I believe that the word "love" is a very valuable word. And I will say a word
“Love you” only when I am fully confident in a man, and when
there really will be real feelings!
And now I have a few questions for you, to which I want to hear the answer.
(honest answer):
1. Your full name?
2. Place of birth and residence?
3. Have you been married?
4. Do you have children?
5. Do you want to have more children?
6. How serious are your intentions in building a relationship with me?
7. Can you come to Russia to meet me?
8. Who in the family should be the leader, and under what conditions?
I would be very interested to hear the answers to these questions. On these issues I will be able to
understand how much we have in common! I do not think that people should be absolutely
similar with each other, and with the same interests. I think everyone should
complement each other. Such a relationship, I think - the ideal. Since such a relationship
interesting and durable. Namely, such a relationship, I want to build!
A little bit about yourself:
As I said in the previous
letter, I work in the "nursing home". I help them in their lives. I am very
like my work. Every day I go to work with great pleasure. After
work I go home, take a bath, have dinner. The rest of the time I am doing useful
rest. Tuesday and Friday are the days I go to the gym (I do
gymnastics). On weekends I usually meet with
with our friends, and we go to the theater or to the cinema, or just walk through our
wonderful park of culture and recreation.
Now autumn is coming and winter is coming. Most of all I love spring and summer.
In the spring a very wonderful mood. And sunny weather, as well as summer.
Of course, I also love winter, but when it is not very cold. And in Russia winters are very cold.
Well, autumn, this is capricious weather and it rains constantly. But there are pluses in this.
In the fall season is usually fungi. I really love to pick mushrooms. My parents have
small house near the city. And there is a forest nearby.
I like to spend my free time in the country.
It probably seems to you that I have a wonderful life in which everything is already there? But it is not so!
All my friends already have a second half that they love, but I don’t. But now I have a friend
which is very far from me - YOU! And I want with each letter more
and learn more about you! I am a very energetic girl with a good sense of humor. BUT
inside, I am overwhelmed with tenderness that I will ever be able to give to my beloved
man I want to love and be loved! Write me more about yourself, I really want
get to know you better Ask me questions what you want to know. I will be happy to answer them.
At this point I will finish my letter, and I will look forward to hearing from you!
I send you 2 photos when I went for mushrooms. And one more photo that was taken in the summer.
Please send me more of your pictures.

Hello you my dear friend ******.
I am very glad to receive your answer! And this means a lot to me your letter, and to learn more about each other.
I truly believe in you and in you. I am extremely pleased that you, too, our acquaintance and communication is a pleasure.
I want to tell you so much about myself and learn a lot about you.
I graduated from the State Medical University in Nizhny Novgorod, I received one of the most prestigious entities in Russia and
I am considered not a bad specialist in the field of pediatrics. But since there is no work in this area for me,
then I have to work in a nursing home. I am also loved and appreciated at work, like my colleagues,
so are my old patients. Yes, I wanted to tell you that I know English quite well,
as she studied at school for many years, and then at the University. I can communicate quite freely on it,
without much difficulty. I did not think that it would be useful to me, but life proved the opposite.
Now I communicate with you and myself am amazed all the time. True it happens to me or not,
what a friend is writing to me, a man from another country. And that we so easily found a common language and understand each other perfectly!
I want to say that I can make a lot of spelling mistakes, but I think that you will quickly help me correct and
we will communicate without any problems.
I want to tell in this letter about my family and relatives
So, I am the only daughter of my parents. My mother gave me her beauty, and my father gave me intelligence and decency.
So that they will never be ashamed of me.
My mother is Alexandra Sergeevna, she is 65 years old. Turned on March 7th. She's retired. Previously, she worked as the head of the city library.
My father Gregory Afanasyevich, he retired, he used to work as a bus driver. He is already 69 years old and he is increasingly engaged in gardening.
As I have already said, in our country there is not a big plot and there is a house there. Near the river and forest.
I love to go there for the weekend.
Also a cat lives with us. Her name is Sonya. She lives with us for 6 years.
I am sending you a photo with my cat and also a photo of my parents.
The dog that is in the photo, she died that year.
I look forward to your letter.

Hello my dear ******.
I thank you for writing to me. I am very pleased to receive, and especially to read your letters.
With each new letter we will know each other more and more. I like it very much and you are attracting me more and more like a man!
I am glad to this event. I think we should start trusting each other more and more. I think this will be a big step in our relationship.
In this letter I will tell you a little about my city, and I want to give an idea of our future relationship with you,
which I want to develop in a good way! My city Kstovo is not very big, but not very small. The population of our city is approximately 60,000 people.
We have a lot of attractions - beautiful streets, squares, parks, squares and much more.
The most famous sights of our city are: monuments of worthy people, military and also famous writers. There are also churches, a museum.
I can very long talk about the sights of my city Kstovo. But it's time to go to our relationship with you.
Since this is the most important thing that interests me. Our city is very good, but there are no decent men here.
All Russian men do not respect women and believe that a woman has no right, and all Russian men are mostly alcoholics.
And I need a man with a rich inner world who will love and respect me. I think you are such a person. Because men from abroad respect women.
I'm right? You are so? Do you respect women? I am 39 years old and I think that I need to create my own family, home!
I have been saving money for a long time, and now I have enough to
come to you in the future. I do not want to rush things, but I think that in order to get to know each other better, you need to meet face to face.
But this will happen only when we mutually want it! If we decide, then I will come to you, or you can arrive in Russia.
This will be a very serious step in our relationship, which we will talk about later! I believe that in relationships not only love is important,
but also trust and understanding. A man should be at the head of the family, but he should consult with the woman, accept her advice, criticism,
discuss the problems mutually. I can completely take all the housework on myself. I love to cook,
I will cook you such dishes that you forget about bachelor food. I will also work to support our budget.
I hope that I don’t scare you by asking these questions so quickly.
I am sure YOU are the man that I need, I hope for reciprocity. But of course this is just my opinion of you. But time will tell.
We will have plenty of time to get to know each other in our letters. At this point I will finish my letter,
and I will wait for a response with great impatience! I send my friendly kisses in this letter. And I send you my 2 photos in a red dress.
I would like to know the same about your city. It would be great if you send some photos of your city in the same way.
I will be glad to see your city, your home.

Hello my lovely man ******.
Finally, I have the opportunity to write you a letter. I am very glad to receive your warm letter that cheers me up.
To me, all your letters are uplifting. We seem to know very little, but I have already become very attached to you.
It simultaneously scares me, and at the same time makes me happy.
It scares me because I am very much afraid of falling in love with you, and my love will not be divided.
I sometimes can not understand you to the end. I can not understand your feelings that you have for me.
I ask you to be completely open to me, and say only what you really feel to me.
It will be much easier for me to communicate with you. I hope you take my advice and be more trusting and open to me!
I hope so! I am very glad that I have you! You are very close to me spiritually. It is very easy for me to communicate with you.
I told my girlfriends that I found a very interesting man for whom I have very great sympathy.
They were glad to hear this, as my friends want me to be happy. By the way, my friends say hello to you.
I told them that our sympathy for each other is very large and can develop into a great and pure love.
I hope you remember what I said in past letters about the word "I love you"? You know how seriously I take this word!
And it seems to me that very soon I can tell you this. I do not want to “look” very far into our relationship with you, because
I am afraid to “jinx” everything that happens between us. But I really want our sympathy for each other to grow into LOVE!!!
The weather outside is good, the sun is shining. When I was walking down the street,
I saw how a car hit an elderly woman at a pedestrian crossing. People who saw this accident immediately ran up to the woman and
began to help her. But the woman had a broken leg and she could not walk independently. Someone from the people called an ambulance.
When the doctor arrived, the woman was loaded into the car and taken to the hospital.
But the man who hit a woman in a car, he did not even get out of the car. He fell asleep.
As it turned out, the driver was drunk driving. I was very sorry for an elderly woman.
But I am happy, and I can’t be spoiled by anything, because I have YOU!
I have a dream that I want to fulfill.
I want to spend my vacation with you. I believe that if we hold it together, then no one can ever separate us.
And our love will be eternal! If all this happens in real life, and we have the opportunity to meet, then
I will do everything possible that depends on me. I will do all the documents for the trip in the fastest possible time just to be
with you! But I again look too far. I like to dream. Since in dreams you can do whatever you want, and there are no obstacles!
I'll finish my dream on this. Do you like to dream? Or are you used to living real life? I'll tell you more about myself now.
I love to read everything you write to me! How are you? What do you do in your free time? What is your mood? I hope you are doing well,
and you often think of me ?! One day at work, I saw a man who brought his mother to me to work.
I asked him why he did that, but he did not answer me. It seemed to me that he did not love his mother,
and decided to just get rid of her, so as not to care for her. As I have at work, basically, only older people who have no relatives
who would care for them. I talked to my grandmother. She is a very open, interesting person.
I don't understand where people like her son come from. She gave all her youth, her health, her love to her son when she raised him.
And he did it. I prized such people. I love my parents very much, and I will never do this way with my parents.
A lot of interesting things can be found on my work.
I like my work very much. I would be sorry to part with my work if I ever come to visit you. But for you I am ready for anything!
I did not notice how time flew by. I will send you a photo with my girlfriends. I hope you enjoy my photos!
If you have the opportunity to send me your photos, then I will be very happy.
I hold you tight and kiss you!

Hello my dear ******.
As usual, I'm glad you wrote to me. Always glad to read your letters.
By the way, my parents and friends are asking about you all the time, how are you? How do we communicate?
All the time they joke that it’s as if we are already a real couple. My parents wish you good mood and health.
By the way, what is your time zone? Here in Kstovo, it is considered exactly the same as in Moscow.
Unfortunately, I do not have Skype to call you. But we can also talk further by e-mail to get to know each other better.
And I would like to see more of your photos.
I always miss you a lot and when I am at work and did not write you a letter, I want to quit my job,
as soon as possible to read your letter or wait for the lunch break and read your letter and write the answer to you.
I really want to be with you next. Write to you and read your letters. Therefore, I ask you
understand me and do not be offended. I will try to answer you as soon as possible.
You are very dear to me. I do not want to lose you and your friendship. You are a very nice person
just a wonderful man. I want everything to be good with us. I believe in you with all my heart,
that you are not like all that you have already become part of my life.
When I receive your letters and write you an answer, I see you, and it’s as if I’m talking to you.
When the weather is bad or the mood is bad, your letters help to live and I forget about everything bad.
I feel warm from your words, I smile and fly all day happy!
Today my best girlfriend Elena - Birthday. She work together with me.
We live next to her in the neighboring houses and have grown up together since childhood.
I love her very much and this is my best girlfriend. We know everything about each other.
We don't have any secrets between us. She always wished me only happiness, just as I did for her.
We will go to her house and congratulate her with friends. I already bought her a gift.
This is a beautiful dress. I know in advance that she really like it.
She wanted to buy it for a long time and dreamed about it, and I will give it to her.
It will be a very pleasant and unexpected surprise for her.
But unfortunately this evening will be a little sad for me since I will be alone and you will not be able to be with me,
I would not really like that. I would introduce you to my friends and have fun with you.
I would dance and laugh. All my friends will be with their husbands.
I will think of you and miss you. But you will be in my thoughts and it will be easier for me!
I dream that you make me the happiest man on earth.
But for this we must be together. I'm really looking forward to it. Promise me that we will be together!
Promise me that you will think about me every day! I'll be waiting for your letter.
Your Ekaterina Forever

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