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« on: October 15, 2018, 01:57:07 PM »
Hello & Welcome to

It's awesome that you referred (hopefully unharmed) to our  community forum.

Our mission is to name, blame & shame fake identities and scam cases by publishing case documentations

But now, please start by adding  here, all available  relevant detailed case data  (show list below)

By publishing/documenting your information (what doesn't mean pure retelling your story), you are going to preserve others from harm, and exactly this is the spirit and purpose of the collaboration our forum, as this forum is only able to achieving his object in collecting as much information regarding scam as possible.

Basically we are gleaning here such case data and evidences like this:

  • all data affecting "his/her" profiles (address of / link to "his/her" profile, Nicknames, content of profile, a screen-shots and used in profile photos)
  • all contact data (nicknames, Names, e-mail, messenger, phone numbers)
  • all received messages as text  (copy and paste)
  • all received from this person photos, copies and documents

Please always use a complete anonymous publishers name.

Publishing such case documentations you will help all "his" potential victims and also it will damage the criminal subjects, acting behind this fake identities!!!

To start with publication or answer please click now on "Reply" button in menu of that topic above or at the bottom

to attach photos please refer to "Attachments and Options" and select the photo from your computer

To contact us, write

Thanks a lot for your commitment
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