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Nadezhda Orlova <>
« on: October 22, 2018, 09:39:54 AM »
Name: Nadezhda Orlova
Age: 35
City: Tver, Russia, 7 Nikitina Per., apt# 12

Hello again!!! I wrote to you few days ago as you can remember. How are you? let's start dating!
My name is Nadezhda as I have already written. I am 35 years old...
I describe myself as an optimist. I always think the sun will shine tomorrow I am happy most of the time
and love making people laugh... I am caring, thoughtful, trustworthy and loving.
I'm looking for someone who wants to take the time to get to know me through email correspondence
and an open sharing of the head and the heart first through email, chatting and then negotiating
a meeting in person if we both remain interested. I'm willing and able to relocate to where ever i find my twin soul.
I am waiting for your response....
Bye for now

Hello again!!! Thanks for response... Let's using e-mails because it is suitable for me...
I use computer and internet access in Internet Library where I use computer in my free time.
That's why I can not write a reply to you fast and often as you may understand.
I just want to let you know that all international phone connections are forbidden
by our government. That's why I can not use any phone chats like Whats App, Skype, Viber
and phone calling also due the political situation in the world now!!! Russian government
monitoring all international incoming and outcoming connections by phone due the political
interests. Just understand me correctly please!!! Therefore all known messengers can not
guarantee any confidentiality. So the only way I can contact with you is e-mail connections
in Internet Library. Just understand me and let's continue using e-mails OK???
I bet you want to know I live in Russia in city Tver... I speak Russian and English
that's why I am writting to you in English. I think it is better for you to understand me...
I like to hang out with friends, go to movies, and go to parks, things like that...
On my 35 years old I am single still... My height is about 169 cm, weight about 68 kg. I keep my body fit.
I am here on net just looking for new friends or suitable man to share life probably. Will see in future...
Life is too short and I am here not to play some drama or waste time...
By the way I do not care about our age and distance difference absolutely.
Please write to me more about yourself... What are your favorite things to do?
Ask me anything you wish. I will answer everything you would like to know.
Here are my new pics for you... Hope to get yours in your next reply too...

Hi again ******. Thanks for your reply.
How are you? As for me I am in good mood because have some free time from work and have chance to write to you again.
I am working a head accountant in local market. I like my work but sometimes very busy and tired but OK it is life!!!
I am living alone in small flat. I have never been married before and do not have any kids. But I like kids...
As for family I have mom living not far from me this city also. My mom is 55 years old but she looks much younger.
I love her because it is the one person of my family for this time. I do not have any brothers or sisters.
My daddy died in 2015. He had got in car accident and next day he had died in hospital of loss of blood.
But time flies imperceptibly and I have reconciled to his loss.
Anyway as optimist by mood I continue to like my life, work and motherland but I am out of political wars and intrigues...
I have been in several cities of Russia and have lived in Malta few years ago for working purposes.
Do you like to travel? Where have you been? Which most places did you like in the world or in your country may be?
So write to me more about yourself. Let's find common themes.
By the way I added your e-mail to my contact list so I hope you will do the same so our letters will be not lost.
Here are few photos of me again. Hope you like. Also more your photos would be pleasant for me...
Oh I must finish my letter... Bye till the next time... Nadezhda

Hello ******!!! Nadezhda is here again!
As you know I am using internet in library. It is not so fast but quite good...
But please do not think about me badly. I have only real and serious intentions in our contact.
I am not going to ask money from you for any reason. Please do not think such way about me.
You have interested about my religion.
I believe in God but I can not say about myself that I am religious
woman, but I usually visit church 1 time a 2-3 months. I am Christian Orthodox religious.
I hope you read my letters with no problems. I studied English on Malta as I have mentioned.
I lived there few months as we have had different seminars and English lessons with my co-workers.
That's why I know English as to speak as to write. It is not exellent but enough for communication as I think...
I am single still as I have mentioned before. I can not find good male for myself.
Here in Russia it's very difficult for making new beginnings even because many men
drinks alcohol and rough with girls. So to find good male here is really difficult.
Therefore I am here and using internet to try to find some good male or just a friend.
I have few friends although they quite good people.
We frequently meet with them on a camping and we have a rest, play
volleyball and badminthon, hearing music and just talking with each other.
OK here are some photos of me with my friends. Hope you like...
And how does you and your friends have a rest?
Do you have alot of friends or few good friends as me?
What kind of things do you like do for fun?
OK bye for now and waiting for your reply...
Your friend Nadezhda

Hi again dear friend ******.
Sorry again for taking so long to write back to you...
Just want to let you know I have communicated with two man on internet before.
But right now I am not interested in them. I stopped to write to them few days ago.
Because one of them was some nervious and have asked nudes photos
in every letter which I would never do. Other male was not interesting for me
as a male absolutly because he was rude and angry. As I have already written
I am not looking any mind games or dramas. So that's why I want to write to you only.
Because you are very pleasant and interesting for me as just a friend.
I like your life position and your views on some things...
Also I feel like we know each other for a long time already...
I just want to let you know that I am trustful for you.
That's why I decided to let you know about my past internet contacts.
Sorry but my last relations makes me some carefully in finding friends...
OK I think you like to know my Birthday is on March 14, 1983.
I am Pisces in astrology signs. What's yours?
Do you believe in astrology at all?
As for my favorite holidays are my Birthday and New Year Ave.
What's holiday do you like the most? What holidays do you celebrate?
You can see more pics of me here. I hope you will like them!!!
I love to laugh and make people smile. Hopefully I'll be able do that for you someday.
I think it will be really good if we would meet in person one day...
Oh I must hurry up to go to work now. So till the next time I am writting to you BYE,
Your friend Nadezhda

Hi again my friend ******. Thanks for reply! How are you today?
Sorry again for taking so long to write back to you.
As for family I have mom living not far from me this city also.
My mom is 55 years old but she looks much younger. I love her because
it is the one person of my family for this time. Because my daddy died
in 2015. He had got in car accident and next day he had died in hospital
of loss of blood. But time flies imperceptibly and I have reconciled to his loss.
I have never been married before and do not have any kids. But I like kids.
I do not have any brothers or sisters.
Usually I work 5-6 days a week. I have not much free time here.
Yesterday I left work some earlier and went to home and decided to
clean my room. I just like to live in cleaned rooms. I like to keep my
apartment cozy and comfortable. Also I like home cleaning process.
And do you like your home? Do you keep it cozy???
By the way what kind of food you like mostly? Can you cooking?
As for me I like cooking very much. Most of all I like to make sushi, salads
and soups. Also I can make some russian meals. But also I am good in
making sandwiches and burgers at home. Like to use fresh ingredients only.
It would be so pleasant for me to prepare my favourite dishes for you.
I think it would be good to meet each other in person one day.
By the way what's about if we will meet in person? I can come to you if you do not mind.
I have had expirience in visit another country in the past as I have already mentioned.
So I will see what can I do... What do you think about it? Let me know please...
Really you are very interesting person for me as friend.
So feel free to write more about you and your lifestyle.
I am so happy that internet helped me to find such good friend as you.
I will wait your reply soon. Plus any kinds of your photos will be pleasant for me.
Here are few on mine again. Hope you like them too... Nadezhda

Hi my dear friend ******.
Thanks for reply again. I am so happy to write new letter to you today!!!
How are you??? Hope you have wonderful day!!!
As for me I am in good mood today. Because today I have some free time
from work and I am writting a letter to you now. I like your letters, please write
as more about yourself as you can. You make my life more interesting and happy!!!
These days I am still trying to learn what I need to do and to have to come to you.
First of all I must register an international passport as I know.
I have had it few years ago but term has expired and it is not valid now so
I must update it. I have already given some papers documents to update
my international passport couple days ago and will see what happen there soon.
I am waiting a reply about it from travel agency. I will keep you informed about it.
I can reach you in a couple of weeks already. If you do not mind of course.
Can you show me some beautiful places in your area when I would reach you?
I think it would be really wonderful to visit good places together.
But send me your postal address. It will help me to organize trip with no mistakes.
By the way here is my current address just in case you are interesting to know
Nadezhda Orlova, 7 Nikitina Per., apt# 12, Tver, 170042, Russia
Today I am sending some more pics of me for you!!!
It was made in city Anapa in the Southern part of Russia...
Most Russian likes to go to there on vacations. I like too...
I would be happy to get pics of you in your next letter also if you do not mind of course.
Please keep in touch. Bye for now... Nadezhda

Hi again dear friend ******!
I was some busy last few days for the reason to make everything
to organize our meeting. And as a result I am so happy to let you know
I have very good news for us!!! I just came back from travel agency
few minutes ago and good news as I got international passport!!!
I paid for it on my own 13385 russian rubles. Just in case you do not
understand how much it's about 203 in $ US currency. But it does not matter...
I am just so happy that I have current international passport I could visit you!
And it might come true as I have already learned! I hope you are happy to know this news also!
So when I will have more free time I plan to learn more about my visit to you...
I have already had expirience of getting student type of visa in the
past as you know when I visited Malta for English lessons. So as I know
I can activate my student status to any country with no any difficulties.
I know how this process works step by step. Student visa will be easier to
get for me than any other types because I have certified English degree.
I understand this process will take not just one day but will learn how to make it faster.
I will keep you informed about everything what I would learn.
But to plan my trip to you better please send me details of the
nearest international airport to you or some of them so I plan my trip with no any mistakes...
So what's airport name or code??? Let me know it in your next letter, OK???
OK here are some more photos of me in bikini. I hope you enjoy them.
Send me any kind of your pics also if you wish...
OK I must go to work now... Bye till the next time... Nadezhda

Hi again ******!!! I did not get any comments from you about my last
letter... Did you get it at all? Simply last time I sent detailed
letter about how can I visit you but I need some money help from you.
I need in about 17820 Russian Rubles (or in some other currency 275 in $ US)
for my visa registration payment for visit you.
So can you help me with it? Let me know please!!!! Simply I do not know what
to do and to think because I do not have any words about it from you.
Once again I am adding a copy of my international passport here so you could
see my current document... Did you get it before?
Few steps for our meeting I made on my own as you can see I have new
international passport and now I need your financial assistance for
the next important step to our meeting...
I just can not make everything on my own... It is not so easy for me...
Please keep me informed... I am waiting for your new letters...
bye for now... Yours Nadezhda

Hi my dear friend ******.
I understand may be these days you are getting so many words from me...
But I am only explaining everything in details. I just want to meet you faster
while we have this chance we must use it. I mean I still need your money help
for payment visa registration process. It is really very important to pay it sooner!!!
Simply if I would not do it in these 15 business days embassy
will stop this process at all and I could not register visa in the
next 2 years because they would note me in list of not payability person
and would get a negative answer for registration next time if I decide to do it.
I really feel so bad myself to ask this money from you but I do not have any other way from this problem now sorry.
I still have to pay 17820 russian rubles or it is the same about 275 in $ US for visa processing.
This price is total for all procedure of getting for student type of visa which is better
than others because with student visa I would get some social grants in your country so
I will not bring you financial problems in future. Also I would have a place to live in campus
in your country for 90 days minimum if you can not get me in your room.
So that's why student visa is the best as it has more privileges...
I hope you will try to assist me by money faster so I might pay for this purpose.
Travel agency recommended me to use international money transfer systems Western Union or Money Gram.
As I learned all you need to send money transfer via these systems are my full name and location only.
I have already sent to you a copy of my passport so you can take my details from there.
OK my full name is NADEZHDA ORLOVA from city TVER country RUSSIA if you ever need in it.
I am so afraid to loose this chance to reach you while it is still possible!!!
I have already done everything possible with money for register my international
passport to visit you but now really it is not everything in my power...
OK here is some pic of me for you again. My friend helped me to make it.
You can see me here holding current international passport in my hands!!!
I made this pic special for you just to show to you one again I am real for you
and I made few steps for our meeting myself already!!!
WE must fight with problems for OUR meeting together!!!
Bye for now. Once again sorry for big letter. I just want to write all details...
I will wait for your next letter... Yours Nadezhda

Hi again ******!!!
Please understand one simple thing!!! I am asking your money help for
payment for my visa registration process now. This is the first thing
I must do. Because I have limited days for payment. Later we will discuss
about tickets. Who knows may be some later I will have some money
saved myself for trip but right now I do not have any money for visa
payment. I could sell few things of my jewery. I have gold and silver jewerly
so I could sell them in future! We must solve problems as they come step by step.
Now I must pay for visa processing first. So please help me by money for it now.
I have some limit term for make a payment for it as I have already explained!!!
So that’s why I am asking you to do it faster. So while the process of registration
would go we will be able to discuss more about the best date of my visit.
I still have to pay 17820 russian rubles or it is the same about 275 in $ US for visa processing.
OK you have interested about details for money transfer.
As I have already learned you may use money transfer system calls Western Union or another one Money Gram.
All you need to do is to find their nearest office which must be in your local bank or post office or
in some big market. Then you need to register your money transfer under my full name and location.
OK here are my full details:
First name: NADEZHDA
Last name (surname): ORLOVA
Postal address: 7 Nikitina Per., apt# 12
City: TVER
Zip Code: 170042
Country: RUSSIA (Russian Federation)
Once your money transfer would complete you will get confirmation transfer number.
I will need to know it to pick up your money here with no any problems so do not forget to let me know that number.
I will wait for good news and details about money transfer from you soon.
Or just current copy of money transaction receipt from you would be enough as I think.
Yours Nadezhda

Good day my dear friend ******!!!
I am so sorry again that I can not write more letters to you as often as I wish...
Sorry again but just understand my situation about not having an own computer and
I can use it in Internet Library just when I have some free time out of work...
How are you today? What's new with you? How is weather there?
I keep reading your last few letters over and over again, and keep
telling myself you are real and all for me!! I can't wait to hold you
and squeeze you and kiss you!! I am lying here on my bed today and
dream about us. I am so tired to be alone and to be alone in bed.
I am so tired that I did not have sex for a long time.
I want to come true all my sexual fantasies with you!
I want sex in different poses and styles and places! Will you help me with it?
I hope YES!!! But we just meet first! And then I hope we will have
non-sleeping night... We must believe both and it will really happen soon.
So pity that money problems stop our meeting. But I hope for your assistance still...
By the way is very important thing as a student I will not need any customs money.
So please do not worry about it!!! I have already learned about it. Visitors under
student visa does not need any customs approving money.
Please write to me new letters about how are you there...
OK I must go to work now, I have little time
so bye till the next time... Yours Nadezhda

P.S. Here are few pics of me from sea vacations. I hope you will enjoy them...

Hi ******!!! I still do not have any new letters from you, but why?
I am worry about you and also I god some sad news about visa
processing... You know I just want to write this letter to you just to remind you
that I have very little time to pay for my visa registration.
I have been informed today that I have only 5 days for payment! And no more!
As I have already explained to you if I would not do it so the process of
registration will stop so will stop my plan to reach you for the next
2 years at all. Because Embassy would not allow me to have visa next 2
years in future because I would be mention as insolvent citizen.
It is law and I can not do anything against law. So let's not miss this chance.
I am so afraid to understand that we will not meet at all.
So please find way to get that money somehow faster these days.
They give me only these 5 days for purchase!!! Sorry asking but try to
send this money help sooner. I still need in about 17820 russian
rubles to pay for it which means about 275 in $ US!!!
May be try to borrow money or something else if you do not have it now.
I will give you this money back to you if you need as soon as I would
reach you. I promise!!! Trust me please!!! I will have money by selling
my jewerly if it would be necessary just can not do it in such short period.
I can not find this money myself faster, so that's why I am asking money
help from you ******. I am just waiting for your money help...
Sorry may be this my letter to you some chaotic or nervious but try to
understand me correctly!!! It was a real shock for me to get this
message from travel agency and you can see my time is limited and it
is rule and it is not in my powers to change this rule so help me soon
please... We can be together in few days already just this step
must be done.
Yours Nadezhda

P.S. Also here is a copy of e-mail message which I have gotten from my travel
agency where has explained situation. Please read it and try to
understand my situation and why I am asking money help sooner...

Hi again ******!!! We must hurry up! 2 days left before payment deadline!
I mean every minute I became close to the moment when I might pay for my visa
registration. But I am in no position to do it. I hope for your money help still!
I am so tired from my hard daily routine. I am so tired to be single here.
I am so tired from these idiot russian males who do not care how
to make woman to be happy. I would like to be there with you.
Please try to find way to help me this money. I have already tried
all ways to save it myself or borrow it from somebody but with no luck.
I did not get my salary still. Must have it but later only. But travel
agency needs me to pay it faster as I have already mentioned...
If it would be only necessary I will return this money to you. It will
not be so fast and easy I know. But I am ready for difficulties...
I would work there in your city and will earn some money. Just do not
leave me now!! Just give me a chance to reach you and prove that I am real...
There are a few steps left... We are so close to our meeting!
You must understand political situation in the world now and we must hurry up while
I have chance to get visa now! It's fact! Possibly in a few days might be too late.
We could be together so soon but now it depends on your money help only.
I still need in about 275 $ US only! I will take about other things for our meeting.
I am so afraid to loose this chance to get visa now and meet you finally.
Because if not now I will not be able to have it next 2 years.
Oh, I hate these laws... But I can not change it... Please do not let me down!
We must be together! We both deserve happiness! Let's try to build it together!!!
We could celebrate Christmas and New Year together.
Anyway I am waiting for your next letter... Yours Nadezhda

P.S. Here is one more photo for you again... I could be there with you in a few days

Hi my dear ******!!! Thanks for your reply.
You have interested about what kinds of food I like. You know mostly
I like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, salads and russian borsh (soup with beet),
I am triyng to use fish and chicken from meat, also like japan sushi,
and of course tasty pizza and pasta but not often. Sometimes grill foods also.
Like an ice-cream in hot summer days!!!
How are you today??? I hope your are in good mood.
As for me nothing change here, I work, I meet friends, I visit my mom.
My life was so sad and not interesting last few years and now I am
so happy that I have found you. Something changed. I like it so much.
And now I feel some new power and enegry to live in future.
I want to come to you, I am so afraid to loose this chance to come to you.
The time is running out and and please try to help me somehow faster.
Hate these rules and so pity for me that I have limit days for payment...
That's why I am forced to ask your help. Can you help me still???
Just want to be with you there care about you and do everything together.
By the way what do you like for breakfast mostly??? Just want to cook for you...
Last days I think alot about you, about us, about our first meeting...
I just want to be there with you and just prove how real I am but
distance and these problems against us. Anyway I believe in our happy story...
OK here are photos of me again. I hope you like them!!!
Wish you good luck... and bye for now... Yours Nadezhda

Hello again ******!!! Some sad because I do not know what to think about our situation...
I am not sure still do you really have no way to send funds to help me with for processing
to visit you or are you just find reasons to not help me at all??? Very pity...
But OK I will try to pay for it myself somehow... I can pay for visa myself!!!
As I plan to sell some gold jewerly which I was going to use for trip but OK
I will pay for my visa registration first because I must finish payment today as
I have been informed my travel agency. So in a couple of weeks I might have current visa.
Are you happy now??? I hope!!! Will you still wait me and want our meeting also???
OK I will keep you informed about my papers status if you are interested still...
Bye till the next time... Nadezhda

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