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Laila <>
« on: October 22, 2018, 08:51:14 AM »
Name: Laila
Age: 32
City: Voronezh, Russia

Hi ******,

I'm glad you answered my message. I want to meet you.
I hope we have an interesting conversation.
This is my first acquaintance on the Internet. I'm a little shy.
I have never had friends from another country and did not communicate on the Internet.
I do not know what to expect from a person on the Internet and how to communicate.
I never believed that this way you can meet a man.
But I decided to try. I hope it will be an interesting conversation.
You are an interesting man for me and I want to know you better.

My name is Laila, I'm 32 years old. My height is 172 cm, my weight is 54 kg. I am a doctor.
I live in Voronezh, Russia. Do you know this city? Tell me about your city.
I am a lonely girl, I have never been married, I have no children.
I have no relationship, since I can not find a decent man.
I want to build a serious relationship, I do not need adventure.
I think about the future, about marriage, about children, so I am looking for a decent man.
I had a relationship, but I was disappointed in them. Now I am in a new search.
I thought I should try to search using the Internet in another country.
There are no decent men in my city, they are all egoists. They only think about themselves.
Therefore, I turned to a dating agency with the hope of finding my destiny.
I hope we can get to know each other better. I hope for your reciprocity.
I believe that we can find a common language and it will be interesting for us to communicate.

Please feel free to ask me questions.
What do you want to know about me? Ask any questions.

I attach a photo to my letter. Do you like my photo?
I finish my letter. I will be waiting for your reply.
Your new friend, Laila.

Hello my friend ******. I gladly receive your message.
You know, I am very glad that you answered me. I am very pleased.
I never thought that I would communicate with a man from another country via the Internet.
Especially this one with which I will be very pleased to communicate. You're just a miracle!
Thank you for your photo. You look great in the photo! Can you send more photos?

You probably noticed that my English is not very good, but I can read and write.
After I finish learning English, it took some time.
I realized that without practice I began to forget some words.
Therefore, if you do not understand my some words, I will forgive forgiveness for mistakes.
When communicating with you, I will remember the words and learn English better.
I studied at the medical institute. I studied at two faculties at the same time.
Therefore, I can work in two professions. Pharmacist and pediatrician.
But in the end, I decided that I would work as a pediatrician. This is a children's doctor.
I examine and treat small children who live in the area of ​​the city assigned to me.
I really like my job, since I love children. And I watch them grow up.
Tell me about your work? How do you feel about your work? Are you satisfied with your work?

After work I like to go to the pool to swim. I like it.
I walk to the pool twice a week. So I keep my form.
Every morning I start with a run. I like to run in the morning.
While jogging, I watch the sunrise, I see nature waking up.
This is a great feeling, it gives me energy. It is useful and beautiful.
Also, I often go to the gym to support my figure.
I like to read books. My favorite writers are Leo Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
Also, I like listening to music. I like different music.
It can be pop, rock or electronic music.
I like to watch various films. I have already reviewed many films.
I like comedies because I like to laugh and have fun.
I love to laugh, but in my life there are few such moments.
I also like horrors, but I’m afraid to watch them alone.
I would like to have a beloved man next to me, with whom I am not afraid.
I miss a man with whom I will feel safe.

I want to know you, because you are very interesting to me.
You can ask me everything you want. I will answer you.
Now I will finish my letter, but I look forward to your reply.
Your friend, Laila.

Hello my friend ******! How are you? What is your mood today?
I'm fine, only today was a tiring day at my job.
Nothing special, but I'm tired. But this day ends.

What plans do you have for tonight? Maybe something interesting?
I will spend tonight at home with my grandmother.
I think I need to tell you about my grandmother, about my family.
It's hard for me to talk about it, but I only have a grandmother. I live with her.
My parents died when I was 4 years old. They had a car accident.
It was a terrible period for my grandmother, but she managed and brought me up.
My grandmother used to work two jobs to support me.
But now I have grown up and I can stand up for myself and my grandmother myself.
I do my best to help my grandmother, she is now retired.
So, my grandmother's birthday is tomorrow, today we will be preparing with her.
It will be a holiday at home, where there will be few guests.
We will prepare some festive dishes from Russian cuisine.
Do you know any dishes from Russian cuisine? Maybe you tried something?
My childhood grandmother taught me to cook, so I am a master in this business.
I am sure that you will like my food, especially Russian cuisine.
Have you ever tried dishes from Russian cuisine? For example, Soljanka or Borsch.
Today, I will cook Pelmeni. This is a dish of dough and meat.
Of course, they are sold in stores. But my grandmother and I will mold Pelmeni ourselves.
Maybe someday I can make this dish for you.
What kind of cuisine do you like? What dishes do you prefer?
In Russia there is a saying, the path to a man lies through his stomach.
Do you agree with this statement? : D I think this is partly true.
Since every girl should be able to feed her man.

This will finish my letter. But I look forward to your reply.
I would be glad if you can send me a photo.
Your friend Laila.

Hi ******. How are you? What is your mood?
I am very pleased to read your words. I like your compliments.
Of course, I like your photos. You're very beautiful man.
You are the prince I dreamed of. I think we will look good together.
I'll think about skype, but it's hard for me to implement it at the moment.
I'll try to think of something. Good?
I am a religious girl, I often pray to God.
Soon there will be Christmas, which I would like to celebrate with you.

How was your day? This morning was terrible for me.
I woke up later than necessary, so my morning was in a hurry.
Yesterday my grandmother and I sat up late, so I went to bed late.
I slept a little, but I had time to come to work on time.
I had to do without breakfast. It was a difficult but fun morning.
If you saw how I was going, you would not be able to keep laughing.

****** what time do you wake up How does your morning usually go?
My morning starts at 7 am, as a rule. at 9 am I have to be at work.
I am lucky that my work is near my house, 15 minutes on foot.
If the weather allows, then I go for a run in the morning. I like it!
Of course, after a run you need to take a shower. After a shower, I make breakfast.
As a rule, I make light and quick breakfasts. Most often it is egg dishes.
It can be scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes or regular sandwiches.
In the morning I like coffee with milk. What do you prefer in the morning? Tea or coffee?

After all the preparation I go to work. I can go to work in different ways.
If the weather is good, then I can go to work on foot. It is very close.
Or use public transport, but I don't like it.
I do not like places in which a very large crowd of people in a confined space.
And in the mornings, as a rule, many people go to work by public transport.
Therefore, there are always a large number of people.
At some moments I regret that I do not have a personal car.
But I do not know how to drive, I do not have a driver's license. Do you have a driver's license?

Today I had a tiring day at work.
But when I read your letter, I forgot about fatigue.
Your letters help me to be stronger. Thank you for that!
After our acquaintance, I began to think more about you.
Our acquaintance brought a lot of positive emotions to my life.
You breathed new life into me. I thank you for it!
Now I will finish my letter. But I will wait for your answer.
I am sending you a kiss. Your friend Laila.

Hi ******. What is your mood today?
I am glad to receive your letter. I waited all day to see your letter.
You have no idea how much joy I feel when I see a letter.
My mood is getting better, I forget about all the problems.
Your letters give me positive emotions, I know you closer.
I hope that I also bring some joy into your life.

At work there are different situations. There are always a lot of people in the hospital.
Each person has his own unique character, his own view of something.
Sometimes there are patients with impulsive temper.
It is important to find an approach to each patient, especially if they are children.
Today, there was one boy in the hospital who was 7 years old.
He behaved quite noisy, shouted, interfered with other people.
The boy did not understand that next to him are sick children.
They need peace and quiet. Other people asked his mom to calm him down.
But his mom didn't care for that. She just sat and did nothing.
At the request of other people, she abruptly answered, so as not to teach her what to do.
It is good that they did not stay in the hospital for a long time and soon became calm.
Unfortunately, such situations are quite common in hospitals.
This day was morally tedious, now I just want to relax.

After such tiring days, I like to relax in the bath.
I prepare a bath with aromatic essential oils. You know it?
There are various essential oils that are added to the bath.
They help keep my skin in order, as well as relieve fatigue.
This is a great way to relax after a tiring work day.
I have an ordinary bath at home, but I always wanted to buy myself a bath with hydromassage.
But they are quite expensive and take up more space than a regular bath.
It would be interesting to have a large hydromassage bath to fit together.
What do you think? We could take a relaxing bath together.
It looks seductive, right?

It is very easy for me to share my thoughts with you.
I love to correspond with you, talk about the past day.
I don't want to look into the future, but I hope
that our relationship will become something more than a simple correspondence.
Now I have to finish my letter. But soon I will write to you again.
I send you my kisses. Your friend Laila.

Hello my friend ******. I awaited your letter with great impatience.
And here I can again read your letter. I am very happy about it.
I recently got free at work, so I can write a letter.
Today, I waited all day for the moment that I could write a letter.
It gives me a lot of pleasure to communicate with you. You are very interesting to me.

I spent yesterday evening at home, watching a rather interesting film.
I want to share my impressions of the film, but I do not know if you watched it.
"Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." This film was released in 2017.
I was going to watch this film for a long time, since it was in an Oscar nomination.
And I like the acting game Woody Harrelson. This is a very interesting actor.
In fact, in this film you intuitively want to take one of the parties.
But the film does not divide into "bad" and "good", but gives the right to decide the viewer.
The whole movie I was sitting, not looking up from watching this movie.
The director does not get bored, and the plot is very much delays you.
Have you seen this movie? If you have not watched, be sure to look.

Yesterday, my grandmother told me one thing that I really liked.
She said that I had changed a lot, became more cheerful.
It feels like my life has changed and become even brighter. She's right.
My life changed because you came to it, beautiful prince.
You changed my life, added more joy and happiness to it.
I want to thank you for that. And what has changed in your life?
I ask you to answer, only honestly and sincerely.

Today I send you my photos with my cat. Her name is Venera.
Animals help us cope with loneliness, do you agree with me?
I like it when the Venera wakes me up. She comes and licks me.
These pleasant, warm touches give me a smile.
Of course, this can not be compared with when you wake up from the kiss of a beloved man.
I would like to wake up from a kiss, and see breakfast in bed. It's romantic!
But it is possible and vice versa, I cook breakfast and wake my man with a kiss.
Would you like to wake up from my kisses?

Now, I will be finishing my letter. I will wait for your reply with impatience.
I send you my kisses. Your friend Laila.

Hi ******. How are you? What is your mood?
Nice to receive letters from you. I noticed that I started thinking about you more often.
I wonder ... Can I miss a person I have never seen before?
Sometimes I get the feeling that we have known each other for many years.
Perhaps we were familiar in the past life?
We are women, more emotional and tend to listen to our feelings, intuition. lol

I increasingly think about our correspondence. We met through the Internet.
Perhaps we would not notice each other on the street?
But thanks to the Internet, we met and continue our correspondence.
I take seriously our correspondence. For me, this is not a game or a flirt.
Each of my letters is a part of me, my thoughts and feelings.
With each letter we get to know each other more and more.
I would like to know more about you, because you are very interesting to me.
I completely trust you and want to tell you about my dream.
Now, my main dream is to find a beloved man, get married.
I want to see next to me a reliable, caring, loving man.
I am ready to do anything for such a man, I want to cook him breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I want to wake up next to my beloved man, kiss and hug him.
My past relationship brought me a lot of suffering, but I forgot about it.
Now, I want a normal relationship, built on pure love and passion.
Yes, I had a complicated relationship that ended over a year ago.
At first everything was fine, but then he began to linger at work.
I waited for him at home, cooked dinner, but sometimes he did not come home.
Later I found out that he has another girlfriend. He betrayed me.
It was hard for me to believe it. I could not imagine such a betrayal.
I think the biggest betrayal is treason.
If a beloved man deceives, then I can not live with him.
Therefore, I want to build an honest relationship built on trust.
If there are any problems, then you need to solve them together, right?
I met you, I think you are a good and decent person.
I think we can manage to build a real relationship.
I like you and I want to meet you someday.

Now, I will be finishing my letter. But I will wait for an answer.
I always think about you, about what we can do.
Your friend Laila.

Good afternoon my dear ******. Today I have a good mood.
However, in recent days, I always feel good.
I think this is due to the fact that you have entered my life.
Reading your letters, I noticed that they became more open, kind.
In the letter you try to convey a part of you, a part of your thoughts.

I did not tell you about my best friend? Her name is Tina.
We have known her since childhood, I can not even remember how many years.
Today she invited me to go along with the women's clothing store.
Recently, we rarely get somewhere to get together.
I was glad to spend time with her, we talked with her, went shopping.
She promised to come visit me in the coming days.
I told her that I met an interesting man.
She is happy for me and wishes us successful communication and happiness in the future.

Today, Tina and I decided to have a coffee, after a shopping trip.
When we sat, I paid attention to the next table.
There sat a guy with a girl. As I understood it was their first date.
It was seen from the side that they were embarrassed. Before, I would not pay attention to them.
But now, I immediately imagined how we are sitting, talking and drinking coffee.
In fact, lately I often associate you with me.
More often, I present some moments that we do with you.
It can be a simple dinner at home, a walk in the park or a first date.

Today, I decided to reread our past letters. I noticed that we have changed.
I like these changes. I had a long-forgotten sensations and thoughts.
I am glad that these feelings returned, communicating with you.
I noticed that I was writing you a letter with a smile on your face.
It is very easy for me now. I have a good mood and the future seems bright.

I hope to see your letter soon.
Your friend Laila.

Hello my dear ******. How are you? What is your mood?
You know, your letter warms my heart again.
I can’t put into words what I feel when I read your letter.
Your words truly give me much pleasure.
I hope you are happy with my letters.
I am glad that we met. You are an amazing person.
I understand that I can tell you everything because I trust you.
I feel that there is some connection between us. And I am happy to understand that.
You are a very interesting man for me, so I want to know everything about you.
Sometimes I imagine that my life is completely different.
I imagined that I was born in your city, and would have met you.
When I read your letter, I feel that we are alike.
We have a similar attitude towards life, towards people, we have a common language.
Perhaps if we met in reality, we would be a good pair.
However, I was born in Russia and I can only dream that we will meet.
You are the only man who wrote me such beautiful and sincere letters.
During the time we communicate, I noticed some good character traits in you.
Such as: tenderness, sensitivity, care. These are good qualities.
I think you could be the "perfect man" for any girl.
Never lose your temper. You are an attractive man to be happy with.
Always remain the same responsive and gentle person.
I am sure that life with you is truly a miracle.
I realized that no matter how old a man is, if he has a heart, soul and mind.

In my letter I will send you my photos again.
I will finish the letter. I hope you are not bored reading my letters.
With respect and love, your friend Laila.

Hello my dear ******! I am glad to receive your message again.
You can not imagine how much joy I feel at the same time.
I am pleased to know that I am interesting to someone.
It gives me confidence!
I think I changed after meeting you.
My colleagues began to notice some changes in me.
My grandmother informed me that I seem pretty happy.
I myself do not notice this, but from the side it is better to see my changes.
It is thanks to you. I hope that I also bring joy into your life.

I want to write to you about what I dream and what I want to achieve in life:
1. First I want to find a beloved man.
A man with whom I can dream, plan a future together.
I want to share every day of our lives, to remember every beautiful moment.
I want to fall asleep in his arms, wake up in his arms.
I would never want to give up on him. (Do you want to be my man?)

2. If I move to another country, I would like to find a job.
But the same work that I do here in Russia. This is a children's doctor.
I think my work would bring me enough money
so that I and my man have a good family budget.
And also, I would pay a lot of attention to the family, the household, as it should be the right girl.

3. Also, I would like to open my dance school in the evening.
I love to dance and I like to teach other people to dance.
But for this occupation would have to spend free time from work.
I do not know if I will succeed in the future, but I would like to try.

4. I dream that children always live in their homes with their parents.
My colleagues and I often visit an orphanage to help them.
We collect some money to buy the necessary things for the shelter.
This could be clothes, shoes, toys, stationery or anything else.
Sometimes we have some fun for them on Sunday.

Do you have any dreams Could you tell me about it?
I would love to read your dreams and plans for the future.
You know, after meeting you, I often started thinking about visiting your country.
Since now I have a huge incentive for this.
I had not thought about traveling to another country before.
But after meeting you, I started thinking about it more often.
I would be glad to visit your city. Would you give me a guided tour of this?

Now I will finish my letter. It turned out pretty big.
I will be waiting for your new letter with impatience.
Your friend, Laila.

Hello my dear ******. How are you?
I am always glad to receive your new message. I love to read your letters.
In your letters, I feel warm, affection. This is a wonderful feeling for me.
I have a feeling that I have to spend much more time with you.
But lately I have too much work. It saddens me.
I am sorry that I am not able to write a letter for you very often.
My work takes a lot of time. But I will try to write to you more often.

My dear ****** reading your letters delights me.
I do not know how to explain such joy. But I always wait for your letters.
I am very impatiently checking my mail when I sit at the computer.
My life is filled with new meaning, new impressions and romance.
I am grateful to the fate that she brought us together. My desire for you is enormous.
I never stop thinking about you. You entered my life so quickly.
You captured my heart and my thoughts. But I like it.
I can not think about something else, all my thoughts are only about you!
A couple of months ago, if anyone told me that I would fall in love with a guy on the internet,
then I just laugh. However, there are miracles in the world.
One act can turn the whole life, is not it?
The life of two people who have never even met each other in reality.
I decided to meet on the Internet, although I doubted it.
Now I do not regret it, because I met you.
You are the most beautiful man, you are the perfect man for me.
You make me think about meeting with you one day.
I do not know when this can happen, but I really want to meet you.
We are familiar quite recently, but it seems to me that I have known you for a long time.
It is very easy for me to communicate with you. I feel some connection between us.
I am sure that we could find a lot in common between us if we met in reality.

Now I know that I want to meet with you once in order to know exactly my feelings.
I will wait for your new letter, hoping that it will amaze me again.
Your friend Laila.

Hello my dear ******. How are you? What is your mood?
Every time I check my email, I hope to see your letter.
When I see that you have a new letter, I am overwhelmed with emotions.
You fill me with the energy that I need. It's fine.
Every time I start reading your letter, I dream.
I dream that we do something together with a smile on my face.
However, I understand that these are just dreams, that this is not real.
After all, we are with you in different countries and there are many kilometers between us.
What do you think would happen if we decided to meet soon?
Do you want me to come to you? For example, next month.
The fact is that I will have a vacation and I will be free from work.
I thought, why not spend this vacation with you.
During this time we could get closer, get to know each other even better.
I think this is a good idea that we can implement.

This morning I took a walk and thought about my life.
To be more precise, I thought about you and me, about what we can expect in the future.
You are a very interesting man for me and I want to see you.
I remembered the situation that occurred at the beginning of this year.
We have a custom in Russia. It may seem a bit strange.
On New Year's Eve, many people make a wish,
when the chimes announce the coming of the new year.
They write a wish on a piece of paper, set it on fire.
Ash put in a glass of champagne. Champagne is drunk along with the remnants of the ashes.
This must be done at a time when the chimes sound 12 times.
If all this is done in time, then the desire will come true.
It's pretty funny to watch people who do that.
Many people do not burn paper and people eat it. This is very funny.
But this time I decided to try to do the same and did it.
I made a wish - to find a man. "Man" in the full sense of the word.
The person with whom I will connect my life, with whom I will have a strong relationship.
And so, my wish came true, I found you. It's fine.
Now I really believe in destiny, and I believe that sometimes wishes come true.
Therefore, I began to think about coming to you, if you do not mind.
Now I will finish my letter. I will be waiting for your answer.
I send you my kisses. Sincerely, Laila.

Hello my dear ******. How are you?
Recently, there have been so many changes in my life.
But I am glad of these changes. I think this is just the beginning.

I want to tell you that my life changed when you entered it.
I think I found a man who could make me happy and that I would take care of.
You are in so much for me. You are a guiding star in my life.
If we are destined to be together, then I gladly accept this fate.

I feel that I fall in love with you, with your letters. It's a pity you are so far away.
We can do a lot together, we can change our lives.
We can become happier. I want to meet you soon.
I want to study what a man you are in reality.
I think you are the best man I once knew.
In the past, men I knew only used me and caused grief.
But now I met you. You never hurt me and grieves.
However, you are far away. It is not fair that we were born in different countries.

My dear ******, I'm glad you support the idea of ​​our meeting.
This is a great joy, but you also need to prepare for this.
We need to discuss some details for the organization of our meeting.
Tell me which airport is near you.
Later, I will find out the details of the trip to you and let you know the details.
I hope that my savings will be enough for the trip.
I have some savings I’m willing to spend on a trip.
When I find out all the details, I will inform you about it.
What kind of parents are you talking about? Did you not read my letters? My parents died.
Therefore, I cannot ask my parents for money.

Now I have to finish my letter. I need to finish some business.
However, I am pleased with those moments when I read your letters.
Think of me, because I always think of you!
I will be waiting for your answer.
Yours sincerely, Laila.

Hello my dear ******. Thank you very much for writing me letters.
Your letters bring me a lot of joy, I feel happy.
All this thanks to you, my dear ******. Thank you very much.

When I read your last post, my admiration knew no bounds.
You are the dream of every girl! I am very glad that I know you.
You treat me and my messages with such trepidation.
I really appreciate your attention and the plans that you have regarding me.
Your freedom of action will amaze even the most callous people.
Romanticism and all your undertakings are simply invaluable to my quivering heart.
Reading your messages, I completely plunge into the sea of ​​events experienced by you.
For me, the insane happiness that we could find each other.
But how can one understand true feelings, appreciate love and affection through messages?
If you never meet, do not chat in the real world?
Besides having some plans for our possible meeting someday.
In the coming days I will go find out information about my trip to you.
After reading all your letters again, I’m serious about this step.
Having set myself a goal, I try to walk towards it unswervingly.
I am sure that only in this way, you can achieve in life, the desired happiness and well-being!
After all, nothing is impossible. Do you agree with me, my dear ******?
I know that you also share my thoughts and will be glad to meet you.

As I said, in the coming days I will find out about the trip.
As soon as I have free time, I will find out all the information.
I would like to clarify one more question. Can I stay in your house?
We can spend more time with each other to get to know each other better.

I would like to write a lot more to you, but my time does not allow me.
I always try to reread your messages several times.
However, I can forget to answer some of your questions.
If I do this, then remind me of it.
Best regards, Laila.

Hello my dear ******. How are you? What is your mood?
I am glad to welcome you again. You make my day joyful.
Your letters give me a smile to my face.

In my life, nothing new has happened in recent days.
I still attend work, spend the evenings alone or with my grandmother.
However, there are more joyful moments in my life.
Every day, I have one moment, he is the most joyful among the rest.
This is your letter. Your letter always gives me a lot of pleasure.

When I met you, I wanted to find a decent man.
I wanted to communicate, which I lack in my daily life.
I wanted to communicate with a man who fully understood me.
With whom I will have similar interests and we could talk about everything.
Now that some time has passed, you and I recognized each other.
I understand that my feelings are becoming stronger every day.
I am very attached to you, you are very important to me. It's true.
Yesterday, I thought a lot about you, about soulmates. You know, I understood one thing.
We have a common fate with you. I think we are made for each other.
Therefore, I am convinced that we need to meet soon.
Before that, I had some small doubts, but now I am ready to meet.
Especially since soon I will have a vacation at work and I can come to you.
It gives me great pleasure to write you a letter.
I know that as soon as my letter is sent to you, you will soon read it.
In my every letter, I put my love, my devotion, my soul.
I know that when you read my letter, your heart will shrink.
From the fact that we are far from each other. All day you think about me.
Is that so? I'm right? I think of you always, every minute.

My dear ******, I am ready for a serious step in our life with you.
Tomorrow, in the morning, I will be free from my work.
Therefore, I find out the details of the paperwork for the trip to you.
I am sure that we need to meet soon.
We will have time to discuss the exact date of the meeting, the most important documents.
Therefore, tomorrow I will find out all the details and let you know about it.
Now I will finish my letter. But I still keep thinking about you.
I send you my kisses. Your love is Laila.

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