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Name: Polina
Age: 35

I want to wish you a merry Christmas and wish you a good time.
First, I want to tell you a little bit about myself.
My name is Polina and I am 35 years old. I'm from Ukraine. I am a student of the financial University with a degree in Management and financial control.
I'm going to your country in a little while, and I'll be glad to have a friend.
I want to tell you right away that I earn money by dancing a Striptease. But I've never slept with men for money. In the strip club where I work, men can't touch girls, I only get naked Topless.
I hope that my work does not contradict your moral principles, and we can continue our communication. I don't mind sharing photos.
I also don't mind intimate photos, but of course I won't post this at the very beginning of Dating.
I do not know any information about you, and I would be interested to know more about you. Tell me, what city do you live in? I will be happy to learn more about your country.
I hope that you will also send me photos in your next email.
See you soon, Polina.

Good afternoon, ****.
It's very nice to meet you.
I'm glad you don't judge me for doing a Striptease. In Ukraine, it is difficult to find a man who will not condemn a woman for this profession.
Have you ever been stripped before? Maybe one day I'll do a Striptease for you.
As promised, I will tell you more about myself. I am half Armenian by nationality. I live in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, my height is 170 cm, and my weight is 59 kg.
I'm an orphan and I've never seen my parents, my parents gave up
I was taken to a shelter right after I was born. I've never tried to find them, there's no information.
In our country, the state helps orphans and immediately after,
as soon as I received my primary education in an orphanage, I entered the University for free.
The state also allocated me an apartment, which I live in now, it is a small apartment, but it is enough for a comfortable life. I live alone in the apartment and I own it.
****, have you ever been to Ukraine? I think you have a question for me, why am I looking for a person in your country?
In the future, I want to move out of Ukraine permanently, get an internship, find a normal job, because I don't want to keep undressing for money.
Now I'm not looking for something serious, I just want to meet a man
with whom you can have a nice conversation, go to a movie, a Museum, a cafe or just stay at home to make love.
In any case, let's see what our communication will lead to.
I'm graduating from University, it's my last year, and now I have to practice in your country.
My documents should be ready soon, first I will be in the capital of your country for 2 weeks. Of course, I will be provided with free food and housing, Ukraine will take care of everything.
I am attaching some more photos of me to this email and waiting for your photos too.

Hi ***
Today I will tell you more about the program that I will fly to your country. You know that I live in Dnepropetrovsk, but my nationality is Armenian, not Ukrainian.
Our nationality is not so numerous, about three million people and they are scattered throughout Ukraine and other countries.
All ethnic groups always help each other, and even in your country there is a state program of assistance to citizens of Ukraine with Finno-Ugric origin for the preservation of cultural heritage and language. And I got into this program.
Representatives contacted my University after learning about my progress, as well as the fact that I was an orphan, and they decided to offer me an international student exchange and work practice.
But also out of several students in the competition, I win a grant that includes paying for a visa and tickets, plus$ 7,000 for expenses during my stay in your country.
I can spend the money on my own and receive it upon arrival in the United States. I will need to come to the capital and get the money from the Embassy.
I will only be in the capital for 2 weeks, when all the formalities are completed, and when I get the money, I will be able to choose a city for my practice and have a place of my practice in Economics and management.
Of course, the choice is not accidental, I will be given a list of organizations that can take me to practice. But I already know that I can choose almost any city. All movements are also paid for by the program.
What can I say, I was very lucky! And I am grateful to the people who work in these organizations and try to give people a chance for a better life, to Express themselves and their potential. I just can't believe my luck :)
I hope it wasn't all boring for you, I just wanted to find a friend in your country.
But I think I found something else!
I'm already starting to pack some things that I need to take with me. Do you like this outfit? Would you like to see me in it when I dance for you?
I kiss you, ****

Hello my dear ****.
Now I'm very busy preparing documents for the trip and I also need to go to work on the night shift. Very little free time.
I don't make a lot of money dancing a striptease, but I have enough money for food, cosmetics, clothes and so on.
The paperwork is still in progress, so I can't tell you the exact date of my arrival, but as soon as I know, I'll let you know.
Today, when I was preparing the documents, I imagined how we met in a restaurant, drink a couple of glasses of wine, have a nice conversation with each other.
After a wonderful evening, we go to my hotel, where we will have an unforgettable night. I've never had sex with a foreigner. Have you ever had sex with an Armenian woman? Women of my nationality have very hot blood :)
I don't drink a lot of alcohol, but I can afford a glass of wine or champagne, and I don't smoke tobacco.
I'm so ashamed that I didn't have time to answer you right away. I hope you can forgive me. And to earn your forgiveness, I'm sending you new photos. It's much better without a dress, isn't it? Can you take photos that might turn me on?
I kiss you, Polina.

My sexy ****!
This night I will work the last shift in a strip club, because this week I'm already flying to Kiev.
Last night I thought about you and imagined our first sex.
At this time of year, I have a great sexual appetite and often masturbate.
I like to have sex several times a day, when I come to your country and we meet, I am sure that you will be able to give a lot of pleasure in bed.
I like short foreplay, I take it as a game. First we can talk over a glass of wine or champagne, we get to know each other a little. First I want a little tenderness, I want to feel your kisses on my body. Afterward, I like wild sex, saying dirty words so you can slap my ass, holding my hair in your hands.
What is your favorite sex position? What's the most extreme place you've had sex?
I will send you with this letter my rather candid photos. I have prepared for the trip and I like it when my bikini area is clean-shaven.
I hope you like my photos and please don't show my photos to anyone else, this only applies to the two of us and I don't want my photos to be seen by another person.
I love making love and I really want you right now. ****, I want you so much! You can't even imagine!
I love to do blowjob, I love oral sex, so I want you to lick my pussy, I like the doggy style pose, and I also love the top position. Do you want me to be your rider?
Probably my favorite position is when you take me from behind. You'll grab my hair and spank me. I want our first night to be the most passionate.
I think sex in relationships is very important, many families break up because a woman stops surprising her man in bed.
And I hope that maybe we will understand that we are made for each other and unite in life, time will tell.
If you want, I can make a video for you and send it in the next email.
And I really hope to see your answer soon.
Lots of hot kisses and hugs!
Your Polina.

Hello my sexy ****!
I have great news! I ended my career as a stripper here, yesterday I had my last working night at a strip club.
I am so happy that my documents are ready for the trip and today I am leaving for Kiev. My bus to Kiev will be in the evening, so I need to have time to collect all the necessary things, pack my luggage and not forget anything.
It is difficult to describe in the letter what emotions I feel now before my first trip to another country, before our future meeting, I have a strong excitement. In Kiev, I will receive the remaining documents, I need to fill out some more paper, I will write you a letter from Kiev.
I've read a lot on the Internet about your country, traditions, holidays, food prices, real estate, and so on.
In Ukraine, $ 7,000 is a lot of money, but not so much money for your country.
I will receive this money as soon as I arrive in your country and can dispose of it.
I have already said that I need to be in your capital for 2 weeks and there I will receive money at the Ukrainian Embassy. I will also receive all instructions regarding my practice.
We could go to a nice restaurant to celebrate our meeting. Is that what you want? Then we can go for a walk, you will show me the beautiful places in your city, and then I would like to get to know you better!
I hope you understand what I mean :) I think that we are waiting for a hot and unforgettable night, we can make love all night.
Write me your phone number, when I arrive in the capital, I will get the number of your country and immediately call you.
I want to see you as soon as possible. I'm so turned on by the thought of all this, so many thoughts. How do you imagine our meeting?
I must finish my letter. I will write you all the information about my flight as soon as I arrive in Kiev.
I'm sending you a video email with this, just like I promised. I'm very eager to see you.
I hope to see your answer when I arrive in Kiev, I will not be able to write to you before!
Wish me luck! I miss you!
My kisses, your Polina.

Hello my dear ****.
I arrived safely in Kiev and am happy to see your letter.
Now I am very sad and hard to say that it looks like we should stop our communication.
I'm in a lot of pain right now, and my eyes are full of tears. I don't want to lose you, but I don't see any other way out. I have a small problem, but if it is not solved, I will not be able to come to your country.
The problem is a small amount of money, but I'm ashamed to ask you for help, so I thought that we might have to stop texting. I don't want you to think badly of me.
*****, I tried to solve the problem myself, but it didn't work.
I'm afraid that you won't listen to my problem and won't be able to help me.
You have become a dear person to me, to whom I feel a special attraction. Now I'm at a loss, afraid of losing you and my future life forever.
I don't know what I'm going to do right now, but I don't think you can help me solve this problem.
Now our meeting is under threat, and I can destroy my future in your country, because it is also important for me to get an internship, after which I can get a normal job in your country.
I was so stupid that I thought I'd meet you soon and start my new life! The problem is that I have a debt for the apartment, I had to pay utilities on time.
In Ukraine, a law was recently adopted that if a citizen has money debts in the government of Ukraine, he can not leave the country, he will simply be arrested at customs.
This law was adopted due to the fact that people take loans from banks and then do not pay, do not pay for housing, so that people can not hide from debts in another country.
Before I went to your country, I had to buy some things that I would take with me, a suitcase in which I would carry my things. I needed to clean up before our meeting, get a manicure and pedicure, buy cosmetics.
In general, I have no money left to pay for utilities and now my debt is$375. I don't have much cash on me, about$ 125, but I need another$250. Can you help me with $ 250?
Now I can't continue my journey because of the debt, first I need to pay the debt, I will have an official document confirming that I can easily leave the country.
I tried to find money, but in Kiev I have no acquisitions, no friends, I also tried to get money from the program on which I go to you. But I was told that they would pay all my travel expenses, but not my debt. You're the only person who can help me. If you refuse me, then my future will be ruined, and most importantly, I won't be able to meet you. I really hope for your help, I promise that I will return the money to you as soon as I arrive in the United States and receive $ 7,000 at the embassy. But first I have to come to the USA. I really hope for your help!
There is a Western Union fast money transfer office near the hotel where I am staying ( Can you make a money transfer through this service soon? For a money transfer, you need my full name Polina Kobzar, which you can see in your passport, and my address of residence: Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Yuriy Savchenko Street, house 96, apartment 25.
I only need $ 250 and the problem will be solved. My flight is the day after tomorrow.
Please try to help me, I have no one else to turn to. I'll be waiting for your answer.
Your Polina.

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