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Name: Olha
Age: 35

Hello *****
First, I want to tell you a little bit about myself.
My name is Olha and I am 35 years old, I live in Ukraine. I am a student of the financial University with a degree in management and financial control.
I'm going to your country in a little while, and I'll be glad to have a friend.
I want to tell you right away that I earn money by dancing a Striptease. But I've never slept with men for money. At the strip club where I work, men can't touch girls, I only get naked Topless.
I hope that my work does not contradict your moral principles, and we can continue our communication. I don't mind sharing photos.
I also don't mind intimate photos, but of course I won't post this at the very beginning of Dating.
I do not know any information about you, and I would be interested to know more about you. What city do you live in?
I hope that you will also send me photos in your next email.
See you soon, Olh

Good day *****
I'm glad you don't judge me for doing a Striptease. In Ukraine, it is difficult to find a man who will not condemn a woman for this profession.
Has anyone ever stripped you before? Maybe one day I'll do a Striptease for you.
As promised, I will tell you more about myself. I am half Armenian by nationality. I live in Dnipro, Ukraine. My height is 163 cm and my weight is 49 kg.
I'm an orphan and I've never seen my parents, my parents put
me in an orphanage right after I was born. I never tried to find them, there is no information.
In our country, the state helps orphans and immediately after I received primary education in an orphanage,I entered a free University.
The state also allocated me an apartment where I live now, it is a small apartment, but it is enough for a comfortable life. I live alone in the apartment and I own it.
Have you ever been to Ukraine? I think you have a question for me, why am I looking for a person in your country?
In the future, I want to move out of Ukraine permanently, get an internship, find a normal job, because I don't want to keep undressing for money.
Now I'm not looking for something serious, I just want to meet a man
with whom you can have a nice conversation, go to a movie, a Museum, a cafe, or just stay at home to make love.
In any case, let's see what our communication will lead to.
I'm graduating from University, it's my last year, and now I have to practice in your country.
My documents should be ready soon, first I will be in the capital of your country for 2 weeks. Of course, I will be provided with free food and housing, and Ukraine will take care of everything.
I'm going to dance as a COP tonight. Would you like me to arrest you? :)

Hi *****
Thank you for your photos. Today I will tell you more about the program that will take me to your country. You know that I live in Dnipro, but my nationality is Armenian, not Ukrainian.
Our nationality is not so numerous, about three million people and they are scattered throughout Ukraine and other countries.
All ethnic groups always help each other, and even in your country there is a state program to help Ukrainian citizens of Armenian origin to preserve their cultural heritage and language. And I got into this program.
Representatives contacted my University after learning about my progress, as well as the fact that I was an orphan, and they decided to offer me an international student exchange and work practice.
But I also won a grant from several students in the competition, which includes paying for a visa and tickets, plus $10,000 for expenses during my stay in your country.
I can spend the money on my own and get it when I arrive in Canada. I will need to come to the capital and get the money from the Embassy.
I will only be in the capital for 2 weeks, when all the formalities are completed, and when I get the money, I will be able to choose a city for my practice and have a place for my practice in Economics and management.
Of course, the choice is not accidental, I will be given a list of organizations that can take me to practice. But I already know that I can choose almost any city. All movements are also paid for by the program.
What can I say, I was very lucky! And I am grateful to the people who work in these organizations and try to give people a chance for a better life, to Express themselves and their potential. I just can't believe my luck :) I will be happy if you become my first friend in your country.
Today I was choosing things that I should take on a trip, recently I ordered underwear in an online store. Do you like? I would like to know your objective opinion.
I kiss you, Olha
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