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Gulnur Zhakupova <>
« on: October 22, 2018, 08:49:06 AM »
Name: Gulnur Zhakupova
Age:  30
City: Semey, Kazakhstan
Email: <>, <>, <>, <>

Hello my friend ******!!!
As you probably already understood, Gulnur writes to you. I am very glad to receive your letter.
I apologize for the delay in my response, but I think this is the last time.
I am really very happy with what you wrote to me!
In addition, I hope that my E-MAIL was a big surprise for you as well as for me!
This is true?
I want to tell you why I decided to use the Internet! The fact is that my friend Galina,
I found a future husband through the Internet! Her husband's name is Ethan, and she moved in with him to live in Australia!
Galina and Ethan are very happy together! I see and I know how much they are happy, and I am very happy for them!
You probably have a question right now: Why didn’t I find a man from Kazakhstan?
I will be very serious and frank, and I will tell you that I had a friend from Kazakhstan from my City and I loved him very much!
But he found another girl for himself! I also know that he loved to drink alcohol very much,
how many people in Kazakhstan, maybe you know about it !? I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes!
I just have no bad habits! I also want to refer this to my friend Galina!
She also has no bad habits, and the people of Australia and Europe really appreciate it in women, as well as themselves!
Do you respect women? Galina chose her friend Ethan from Australia, as she can speak and write in English,
and I also like she can speak and write in English, and I also, like her, decided to find a man from abroad,
and when I saw your profile, I immediately decided to write to you.
So, I really want to tell you a lot more about myself! I am 30 years old, my zodiac sign is Aries,
I was born on April 7, 1988 :) What is your birthday?
By nationality I am a Russian girl. My religion is Christianity. I believe in the God of Jesus.
I have never been married and I have no children. I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful. Here are a few definitions.
which can be told about me by my friends and relatives - kind, cheerful, intelligent and intelligent,
purposeful, sociable. Now I want to tell you about the city where I live! :) The name of my city is Semey.
Semey is located 770 kilometers from our Kazakh Capital - Astana.
Semey is one of the beautiful cities of Kazakhstan. And I love my wonderful city very much!
In our city there are a lot of beautiful streets and sights. You probably know
What happens here in Kazakhstan is often cold, and our weather often causes people to wear warm clothes !?
Tell us about your weather! My favorite season of the year is summer! When a very bright sun and heard the singing of birds!
It's very romantic! Do you like summer? :) I also really want to tell you about my education.
I  studied  at  the  State  Medical  University  of  Semey City. And I
graduated from university in 2010, it was at the university that I learned English well,
and I can speak English without problems! But I think that I will still make mistakes !! =)
And if we sort these errors together, then I will be able to know English even better !!!
I hope that you will not refuse to help me ??? :) Therefore, forgive me in advance if I make mistakes !!!!
Will you forgive me? :)
I also want to say that after the completion of the university, I received a diploma in "Pediatrics".
But unfortunately I could not continue my medical career, because here in Kazakhstan,
as in many other countries, it is very difficult to find a good job in my specialty.
And now I work as a waitress in a bar, although I am a doctor by training ... I really like working at our bar,
and our visitors are very nice people. I also want to tell you that I have access to the Internet!
The computer, which is located in the office of our boss, in our bar. The fact is, I don't have a computer in my house,
and I have to use my boss's computer.
I wrote so much! I did not think that I could tell and write so much to you!
I finish my E-Mail to you. I will be grateful if you also tell about yourself!
I would like you to tell me about your family, is it really your big family?
Oh my friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 55 kg and my height is 173 centimeters!
Also write me your weight, height, tell us about your city, where you live, I have never been in other countries!
And I will be very glad to know more about your country!
I hope to see your answer soon! I add my photo and I hope you find it attractive! :)
Bye Bye!!!
Hope to see your answer very soon !!!!
Your new friend from Kazakhstan, Gulnur.

Hello, friend ******!
I am very glad that I received your letter again! I am very interested to read this letter,
Thanks to them, we learn more about ourselves! And I know more about it.
My friend ******, you probably want to know about the nature and purpose of our correspondence?
I think I decided to meet you on the Internet,
Thanks to my friend Galina, whom I met with a foreigner a year ago, as I said.
******, maybe even in the future we will be together, I want you to know that my marriage is very important!
And it is very important for me! Is that important to you too?
And if we think about it, we must consider it reasonable.
Because marriage is much more! Do you agree with me?
I hope you will agree with me, and this is also important for you. Tell me about it, right?
My dear friend, ******, and I want to talk about my family.
I am my mother, Olga, and my father is Sergey.
I also have my sister Masha. My sister Mashe is 21 years old.
My mother is a shop assistant, and my father is a factory engineer.
My sister Masha - a student recognizes a lawyer.
Our family lives without scandals and conflicts, we have very good relations and mutual understanding!
Our parents gave us a good education. I am very happy and proud of my parents!
I also want to say that I live with my family in the same apartment.
And I think parents should know about my friends! And of course
I told them about you ******! I hope you do not mind?
I told them that you are a good person and they were very positive when we met!
I have a happy family, my parents, I want to find a decent man, and I was pleased with him!
I also said that I worked as a waitress in a bar in Semipalatinsk. This is a good and decent bar.
I am very interested to learn more about your work and what you do in your free time.
In our free time, with friends, walking around the city, we sat together in the dining room.
I really love my girlfriend! Especially my best friend is Galina. She is my sister, but unfortunately my city, and I miss him very much.
Galina I worked as a waitress in a bar. Galina visited Ethan in Australia; she returned to understanding her feelings.
They lived together for three months in Australia. And then they returned to Kazakhstan! Galina tells Ethan, who is really going through his house and his parents!
I really want to meet my parents! In Kazakhstan, about 2 months, and then decided to return to Australia.
And I am very good, as if Galina thought. The parents were happy to meet Ethan and see their daughter with their beloved husband.
They are very happy, they love each other and are a little jealous of Galina and Ethan! :-)
I said regret that I have never been to other countries! This time I was still in my country and in my city!
I would be in another country, I think it would be very interesting!
******, I have to fill out my letter, I hope we can continue the conversation.
And tell me more about yourself! I will try to inform you in the future, if possible, by e-mail!
I hope you understand my questions and answers. I want to know more about your country,
Tell us about your family and friends.
Hope you get an answer soon. I have a nice ******!
Your friend Gulnur!

Hello, friend ******!
How are you? :-) Thank you for your letter, I waited impatiently!
****** I think it's great to write for myself
thanks to our listings, we will learn more!
I am very interested in our correspondence, it is very interesting to know what your life and your country look like!
I was glad to read your letter!
I hope that I will be interested in common interests, for example, listening to music in Russia and abroad.
I like to listen to Russian musicians from the following groups: BI-2, Spleen and even some groups.
Have you heard of these bands? Among foreign artists I listened to Bon Jovi, U2, Scorpions and Elton John.
Actually, I wanted to hear good music. What do you like about music?
I would like to know about it. Tell me please, ok?
From the movies I saw comedies, fantastic films, romance.
But I have a great impression on the movie “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”.
I hope you saw the movies? But it was especially impressive after the movie "Patriot"
The main actor is Mel Gibson, who describes the war between England and the United States.
The film clearly shows patriotism and love for the country! This is a very important feature.
he must have everything in the world! Indeed? ******, I hope you watched this movie
and you have a great movie to watch.
In my opinion, Mel Gibson is playing a very talented actor! I like to watch the movie "Dangerous Friends",
This is a very sensual and informative film for all young people. I liked the movie “Me, Me and Irene Again” with comedian Jim Carrey :-)
I hope you watched this funny movie :-) I liked the movie "Planet of the Apes",
In my opinion, this is a very interesting film. I also want to say that I like reading books,
especially writers of Russian literature: Pushkin, Tolstoy and Chekhov.
But I really admired the Dark Tower by Stephen King, I think this is a very interesting book,
where the main character of Roland is a man with determination, he enters a dark tower,
And I like the quality of Roland: the definition! I think this is an important human function.
I hope you agree with me? What are your favorite foods? Potato chips, various soups,
I also love meat, and I don't want to hide it :-) Do I like fish and chicken?
I also like pizza, especially pizza with cheese. I like fruits and vegetables, there are a lot of vitamins.
****** want to cook? Very good option, my family and my friends are very happy with my food :-)
I would also like to talk about your favorite sport, for example sports, do you like sports?
In the winter, in the summer, I was skiing and cycling. I also wanted to play volleyball. But first of all I like aerobics,
I think my friends and I study in my free time in aerobic classes,
that this sport helps to keep the body in good shape. I would also like to say:
I like to dance another dance! Have you ever danced with a girl? :-) It is so attractive and beautiful!
You want to dance with me! :-) It will be great! Maybe we will dance with you in the future, it will be unforgettable!
Oh my hobby! She rather collects beautiful women's magazines about women's lives.
For a short period of time I have a large collection of several magazines.
I would like to tell you about my dreams. My dream is to go to the future, it would be great and interesting.
But I want to say that our family did not have a car, and it is very expensive for us,
but our father said that in 3-4 years we can let our family buy a car,
and maybe I can learn to drive. Can you teach me in the future? :-)
******, by the way, my parents ask me :-) And I told you about my parents.
You are a good and decent person, my parents are happy to meet through the Internet and our relationship.
Parents want us to have a good relationship in the future! And, probably, in the future we will be together, and I am sure that we will have a wonderful couple :-)
I want to live abroad, and the only person I trust is a person who does not deceive me! You understand?
But remember ******! We need to know as much as possible! It is very important for me!
As I said, we need to know more about our sheets.
I also want to say that I can talk to you on the phone, and I hope that this is a good idea!
I have a great desire to hear your voice, ******, and I hope you will hear my voice too!
Send me a phone number?
I can not believe that I wrote you so many letters.
I hope you are interested in reading and learn more about me! I will be grateful
Or write me in the list below your interests, interests and music that you prefer?
Which films? What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue and calm me down!
By the way, my parents, my sister and friends asked me to tell them "Hello"!
****** will be waiting for a response! Send me an email as soon as possible!

Your friend Gulnur !!!

Ps I do not want to disappoint you, but I did not think about going to you! It would be frivolous and stupid to go somewhere without knowing a person! I want to meet you better! Get to know you! no need to rush to the meeting! Let's get to know each other better!

Hi, my dear friend,******!
I'm so glad you have your letter again! My day was very good when I saw your words.
Unfortunately, in our bar I had bad experiences with a bad customer.
He poured a lot of vodka and I still had obstacles. He always wanted to hug me,
and he told me an offensive word. In the end, our security and the police threw him out of the bar,
and my mood was terribly bad. It was only when I saw your message that my mood was much better!
******, do not worry about serious cases with bad clients, okay? Now, everything is good!
My dear friend,******, I see that we are more and more interested,
is very good for us because I am a very good and good friend like you!
I am very interested in you, my life is much better than I met you!
You are a very good friend, you can understand, and this ... it is very important to me in my life. You see that you believe me
and I also think that you and I think that it is very important for our friendship! I hope that you understand me.
I want to tell you that I believe in God that I am a Christian, as I said.
I prefer to go to church next to my house. Our church is a very nice place.
In this church priests sing beautiful songs and like them very much. He really cares
especially when I'm in a bad mood. And I want to tell you
even letters reinforce me, I feel it is ******.
Some of my colleagues know I'm communicating with you. They told me that they are very good and very happy!
I would like to know your full name and address for every crisis situation in your life. Do you want to send this information?
My director said that his computer will soon stop working
and maybe we will not be able to communicate with each other! I think God will not allow it.
I sincerely hope that we will continue to meet with ******!

I will give my home address and my full name only in my life!

Here is my information:
First and last name: Gulnur
Surname: Zhakupova
City: Semey
Index 070000
Street: Pavlova 74-33

Do you keep this information on paper for any occasion?
At this point, I will return the letter. Today I am very tired and I hope to understand that.
I am waiting for a response from ******.

"Hi" from my colleagues!

Gulnur is your best friend.

Hello ******!
I received your letter and I am glad that I see your words!
The mechanic went to the computer,
That's why we fixed all the errors on our computer, and now we can deal with it without any problems.
I want to tell you that your messages have become an important part of me,
They helped me a lot and thanks to them I'm still in a good mood!
When I get a message, I forget about the bad mood,
on my face he just smiles and is very warm in my heart.
Now he can not live without his message. You can see what I'm writing to you, and I'm talking about myself,
and we'll find out more about ourselves. I think it is very important to us!
Today is warm at this time of the year :-)
I want to say that I love summer, I like it very much,
because I'm leaving this season and it's very good :-)
I would like to spend the holidays with family and friends. I like to walk in the woods. Do you like to walk in the woods?
There is also a river nearby, and the place is very romantic!
We collect all our backpacks, we have a large tent, we take the necessary food and travel together.
I like. They especially like the river! My father loves fish, but I'm not a fisherman :-)
As soon as I tried to catch a fish, I immediately caught a small carp :-)
I was so surprised, but what about you and the fish? Do you like fish?
I believe that food is produced in nature, much better and healthier than at home!
It's basically an ear. We also consume fish. These are sprats in tomato sauce.
Very tasty character. I like camping in ******.
How you spend your holidays? Tell me, right? I would be interested.
Hi,******, my friends are still asking me :-) I told them that you are a very good person,
I want to tell you that some of my friends are a bit jealous of me,
because I am a good person like you! But I did not pay attention to their jealousy.
My colleagues asked me to send me presents?
I told them it was not important to me. The main contribution for me is your good contribution and you.
I want to tell you ******, I will think about you more and more, and maybe I will come to you, we feel that our relationship is more than
friendship, do you agree with me, my favorite ******?
I feel it in my heart and soul because now I can not live without my letter, I am still waiting for you to write!
Well, I'm done with you, I'll think about you before you go to sleep! I give the word "hi" from my family!
We are waiting for you!

I'm thinking about you ******,
My kiss and embrace
P.S My dear friend! I wrote to you that I use a computer at work! I do not have a Facebook and Skype registration! I would like to know you better and I am very interested to know what kind of person you are! Let's continue the communication by email. I wrote you my full information in the previous letter! First and last name: Gulnur
Surname: Zhakupova
City: Semey
Index 070000
Street: Pavlova 74-33

Hi, my dearest ******!
I want to tell you that I am very happy to see your letter !!!
I've only been thinking about you all these days and nights. I am waiting for your warm messages for me,
I want to tell you that now I can not send you an email without you and your feelings!
What you send by e-mail
so important to me is part of my life and a source of my pleasure in my life,
I want to tell you that the appearance of you is now an important part of my lonely life,
Your messages give me great happiness and pleasure in my life. I am telling you my words with sincere concern,
and my regards to you, ******. I also want to stress
what I thought about our feelings and came to the conclusion that we were created for ourselves!
That night I did not sleep well because I thought about us, about our knowledge on the Internet,
about your warm messages, and above all about you! I thought
only about you ******,
I want to tell you that I can not live without you, I want to tell you that I fell in love with you,
I love you, my dearest ******! It happened so quickly and suddenly, I did not even expect it, honey,
it's so sensual for me, I can not live without you. I LOVE YOU !!!
I feel the greatest feeling for you on earth and this is my love for you.
From our news I see that we are not indifferent to each other, I hope you will agree with me, my man!
I sincerely hope that you feel the same wonderful feelings for me! I have tears of happiness ...
That night I cried because this happiness is for us because if we want we can be together,
we can have a happy family in the future, I want it so much,
because I can not be alone without you, ******,
many of my friends have been married for a long time, they always asked me before we met,
why can not I find a man for myself, I could not answer their questions, but I told them that I wanted to find him very much,
but I can not begin any intimate feelings with any man without feeling the warmth from him. But I want to tell you
what I feel for you, I feel all my love for you !!! I want to tell you
what I said about my feelings of love to parents and friends. My parents told me
that they are very happy for us, my dear ******.
I saw great happiness in the eyes of my mother and my father. They said they hope
that I made the right choice in my life and hope that we will be happy together, honey,
they also asked me where we would live together. I told them that I would like to live with you in your country,
they understand that they will miss me and I will miss my family, but on the other hand they will understand that it will be better,
if we live in your country, because they understand that now in Kazakhstan there is a difficult life situation.
I hope you do not mind what I told my parents?
I think you also have the same ****** feedback!
I really dream about working in my profession, for the sake of our happy future, our children and our family.
My parents greet you and wish us our future family happiness and mutual love !!!
Honey, I'm so happy for us! I want to tell you that I love you very much, and not when I betray you!
My family and my friends are very happy about us. Besides, I would like to ask you the main question, I think
that it will be honest on my part, my beloved.
Do you have other women in the ****** correspondence? It's so important to me, I hope you understand me,
because I love you and I do not want you to write to other women. I want to tell you that I do not write to other men,
with the exception of you ******. I do not want another man, because I love only you!
But above all, I do not want any other woman to try
steal your love from me, ******!
I'm telling you this very seriously! It's very sad to think about it,
if you have a fellowship with other women and you cheat on us in our relationship,
tell the truth, do you write to other women? We must trust ourselves
one of my favorite ******!
As to my work at the bar. Of course, I will not work in this job if we live in your country,
but you can see that I devoted all my time to this work and never had free time!
I believe that if I have found my love and a future man, I must completely change my personal life,
because I am a woman and I must have my own family life. Whether
will you agree with me ******?
I think that my colleagues from the bar will miss me, but we will not forget about each other.
I can also send them e-mails from your country. My dear, how are you looking at it? I want to tell you
that I miss you very much and I want to tell you that you were at the forefront of my life,
than my work at the bar.
I love you ****** and I can not live without you, I decided that I should be next to you, my favorite.
It is necessary for me.
I  love  you  so  much,I  will  try  to  find  out about the necessary
documents for my future arrival to you, my ******, I hope you are not opposed to this?
I will try to find out in the near future. My love, I hope you have a great desire to meet me !?
I want it so much, honey, I love you, I miss you so much, I can not hold back my tears.
I will wait for your response, ******. Big "Hi" from my family and my friends to you!
All my kisses, I want to melt in your arms, Forever Gulnur!
P.s My dear friend! I wrote to you that I use a computer at work! I do not have a Facebook and Skype registration!
I would like to know you better and I am very interested to know what kind of person you are!

Hi, honey for ******!
I received your kind words and your answer to your last letter, my beloved!
Beloved, I love ******, in my last post, I told you about my love for you.
I could not hide my love for you, the souls made me feel what I have to say about my love for you,
because it is so difficult to hide behind tight feelings, I love you, my man.
I love you and I want to tell you, please, do not let me get rid of those feelings and emotions.
Unfortunately, we can only communicate over the Internet, I really want to see you.
I want my beloved! Our e-mails combine love and feelings with each other,
Our message concerns our salvation from all difficult and boring things. I want to tell you, darling
I can not without messages, I need your letters!
They really meant a lot to me! And I'm my favorite ******!
My love, I want to say that my parents and my best friends are very happy about us,
They still ask about you, about your feelings for me, and I'm not afraid, I will tell them about our feelings of love,
because I do not want to hide my love for all of you, I have found the meaning of life, I love you and I miss you! FAVORITE
Honey, I want to tell you that my colleagues from my job are also very happy with us!
But one of the servants told me very much
His name is Adiya, he is 43 years old. She's not a good woman, she's gossiping about me,
I'm not a woman because I think you'll like ******,
it's not good because they talk for the last time,
when Kazakhstan was before, and people did not have internet! They saw reality
not just a computer! I was very disappointed with the word Adiya,
because I think it is not,****** does it? I think you can choose a woman
or a woman can choose a person if she wants to be reciprocated and really love each other.
I think we have a general feeling of love, and this is better
When people love each other, I think it is an important fact of love.
In fact, my ******, our feelings will come back? I am thinking about our news.
I also want to say that Adiya is not a husband, she lives alone,
that all people do not deserve their attention because I think we are talking about a very high opinion!
He thinks all people are fools, that is ... his opinion.
I do not know why they think so badly, why?
I think people like Adiya are very stupid. I do not think you can say about this man!
I think this woman is selfish, I think that you will agree with me on this matter.
But I do not want to talk about this woman because it's so boring to me. Excellently? I just want to talk about us, honey.
I want to tell you that my parents are so happy that we met again and talked with you!
I talked about my arrival to you and I want to tell you how you say
My parents were so surprised that he asked me if I really came to you,
and I said that I can not live without you and I decided to be with you,
****** and dedicate your life.
Mom and dad agreed with me because they understand that I can not live without you and when he told me
they made love when they were young! I want to tell you that he asked my parents,
I told you hello! They want a happy and happy life together!
My dear ******, I have some good news! I want to tell you
Today I talked to Galina. The fact is that she is a good Aunt Galina, Tatyana in Almaty
that he can help me with information about my arrival to you! I would also like to say:
Tatyana's aunt, Galina, immediately helped when Galina and Ethan met on the Internet when Ethan wanted
Galina came to him in Australia. Aunt Tatiana, Galina, helped to get all the information she needed to prepare the documents for Galina,
who is supposed to come to Australia to Ethan. This aunt works at a travel agency in Almaty.
This is very good for us because it helps me in all important details,
Information about all necessary documents for my trip,
I love ******.
Galina tries to talk to Tatiana on the phone in the coming days and ask me all the important information!
Galina and Ethan say "Hi" and I hope we will be together soon! They are so happy
and happy that my love for us. I also want to say that it is so good that Galina and Ethan,
and because we're on the Internet, I think the Internet is a helper for all Internet users who can not find any information
and it is very important that people love the internet. I love you honey,
I am convinced of his love for you and I want to tell you that every day I want to be with you more and more,
I love you, I can not live without you, my dear! I need you so much, I love you !!!
I am willing to use all my strength for our meeting. I think we have to meet
because we need them to get to know each other better. The meeting will help us take important steps in our lives. Do you agree with me?
I am determined to meet you. I agree with you as soon as possible I inform you as soon as I have the necessary information.
I am glad that I met you. I understand that I can not hide the tears from the meeting. They simply do not pay attention when I cry on the day we meet.
Excellently? Do you promise me? I want to feel the touch of my beloved hand. Your feelings about what I need. I want to feel your concern.
Then I will be the happiest woman in the world! I will try to make you the happiest man in the world!
I think that our meeting will be the first step to a happy life !!! Make our lives happy and long, I would like the unity of our hearts to be strong!
I want to take care of you, I want to love you with all my heart. I do not want to be offended in our lives.
Without this you can not be satisfied, so we have to overcome all the difficulties on our way. Our love must overcome everything!
In addition, in the days to come, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I want to go to church, I have to thank God, because we found ourselves,
darling, thank God I know that God will help me become my ******, about which I I know my favorite for this is your e-mail, I will be waiting for other emails from my great love and willingness to be with you!!!
You should know, I am very happy when I read your messages, my beloved! I will love you and I want to be with you as my love, as soon as possible !!!
Kisses and cuddles, your love Gulnur.

Hi, my favorite man, my ******!
I'm so happy! I received a letter from you, it is such a joyful joy for me
to get the love you need for me, your words warm my soul very much.
******, I love you so that I can not live without you without my love.
You and your messages are so needed for me. You are an inseparable part of my life, my love.
I'm talking about it very seriously and consciously!
In the last days, when I close my eyes before going to sleep,
I present our meeting with you ******, I can not wait for this moment,
when we meet at the airport, dear, I want it very much!
I am the happiest woman in this world because we met
, the most expensive ******!
My dear, I want to wish all people that they love each other,
because I checked this feeling with you, it happens so fast and over the Internet,
I want to tell you my love, all people who want to find a man or a woman
then this man or woman will surely find their love, I'm sure that
because I considered you my love over the Internet and we love each other, and I know
that our love is the most precious feeling of all feelings that exist on this little blue planet.
My dear, I love you so much, I miss you so much, dear, I want to be with you, my man!
My favorite, I want to tell you that my friend Galina tried to talk with her aunt Tatiana, who is in Almaty,
ask her for all the necessary information on my arrival to you, but I want to tell you
that it was a pity for me that Aunt Tatiana was not at the moment when Galina called her.
But Galina told me that she will soon want to call Tatiana in Almaty, in the near future, maybe tomorrow!
My parents and I are sure that Aunt Tatyana will give us all the information about my arrival to you, my love.
I can not wait to be together, I miss you terribly, my dear!
I could not sleep last night, I thought about you all the time, ******! Before my letter,
in my head came a lyrical thinking about you, my love. I found one lyric poem on the Internet,
I want to tell you that I like this poem and I want to show my great love for you in this poem,
I hope you will love this feeling and a poem for you, my beloved,

--- SO MUCH - (author: Steve Forsythe)

SO FAR .....







I hope you like this poem, I often think about you my favorite,
This  is a poem from my heart, filled with our love for each other, my
My love, time and again I want to tell you that my parents are very happy about us,
that we will be together soon. My mom and my dad are asking about you all the time, and I understand from their words that they love you,
like a son! My sister Masha is asking me all the time :-) Also a big "Hi" from my family to you, my Dear!
Also, I want to share my problem with you in my work, it's Adiya again,
Waitress in our bar :-( I want to tell you that I heard from Adiya, cursing words in my direction.
As you remember, I told you before, Adiya thinks very badly about our love!
It seems to me that she envies us, agree with me?
She said that all men promise women a happy life and love with words, and she said that you are no exception.
She told me that you only say beautiful words to me,
and that you will not be able to make efforts to meet us, and she also said that all men are men,
which promises EVERYTHING, but according to actions, men are weak people. She also said
that you will not do anything for our meeting, darling, it was insulting to me :-(
I cried for her words, told me a dirty lie!
She thinks about everyone very badly, I do not know, I do not understand her! Why does he think so?
I want to tell you that I do not want to work in this bar because it becomes unbearably bad because of Adiya.
I want to tell you that Adiya is also a distant relative of the head of our bar, he knows our director well and is against me.
Adiya told our director that he would forbid me to use my computer to correspond with you,
she said that the computer is not for feelings of love, she said that the computer is just for the job needs!
When  I  heard  that, I cried. Why is Adiya so bad for me, for you and
for me, my love? Why? : (I do not understand this, honey, I want to tell you that I can not oppose Adiya because he is a relative of the director of our bar.)
I spoke to our director. He said that I should not pay attention to Adiya, but on the other hand I do not object to Adiya,
because  he  is  relatives,  he  told  me  I  can  use  a  computer to
communicate with you, my dear ******,
because he is a good man and he said something he understands my love for you and told me that he has a good wife he loves and he also spoke
I would like to write to you my dear messages, but he will tell me he will not act against Adiya, he said that maybe
Adiya would put moral pressure on me, he said that it would be better for me if I did not work with Adiya in one bar,
and  I  want  to  quit my job now, my favorite, I do not want Adiya to
insult me I do not want to work in this bar with this bad woman Adiya,
my favorite, I do not want to hear her insults! I want to tell you that my mother and my father calmed me down after Adiya's words.
I cried on my mother's arms. My parents told me everything would be fine because you and I love each other,
and Adiya and no one else can interfere with our love, when we're with
you, love, they also said it would be better if I leave the bar work and I have to prepare on my arrival to you.
My parents told me that they were outraged by Adiya's behavior, especially my dad was very outraged.
He  does not want to offend his daughter. My parents are sure that you
will be a good husband for me, and that you never offend me,
I told my parents that you can not speak and do bad things like Adiya.
My dear ******, please tell me that I have never insult me, my dear, I trust you, I do not want you to break my heart!
I love you very much, I really trust your feelings that I love, I can not do without you,
I can not! I want to be with you forever, I love you and I miss you It's terrible for you, dear, I hope that we will gather all life forces,
thanks to which we will love together soon.******. I love you and I miss you so much! Well, let me finish my letter on this,
I want to tell you that I will wait for your answer with great pleasure. Oh, time after time "Hi" from my mother, my father and my sister for you, my dearest!
I just think of you ******, I want to be with you as soon as possible, your love Gulnur.

Hi, honey ******!
I'm happy to see your letter! Today, I learned everything about our meeting.
I want to say that today I corresponded with my girlfriend Galina by e-mail.
Galina told me that she was on the phone with Aunt Tatiana for my coming to you.
Galina said that I need to make a visa, passport and health insurance document, as well as several other documents.
All necessary documents will be ready within 10-15 days after payment, because Tatyana will help me prepare these documents in an expedited process.
I can be in your country for 90 days, but if it's more convenient for you, I can go home earlier than 90 days.
And also, if we decide to marry during these 90 days, I can stay with you forever. I hope that you understand me ...
This possibility probably only happens once in a lifetime! I love you very much and I dream about our meeting.
I want to see you, my beloved man.
I want to say that I need your help ******.
My love, I do not know how to tell you, I am very embarrassed and I do not feel good in front of you, but I need 350 euros to register my documents.
For this money I have to make a passport, a visa, I must also undergo a medical examination and pay for insurance,
for going abroad to your country.
If you help me with this money today, I think that the day after tomorrow I will be able to go to Almaty to Tatyana to start the process of processing my documents.
Also, my love is ******, Galina told me that you will need some information from me to send me this money.

My full details:

First and last name: Gulnur
Surname: Zhakupova
City: Semey
Index 070000

Today, on the way to work, I went to "MoneyGram", it is an instant money transfer system.
The operator of "MoneyGram" convinced me that the money transfer is very safe and fast.
In addition, the operator explained to me that when transferring money, you will have to provide my full name and country. This data will be enough.
My dearest ******, I want to ask you. Can you help me with this money?
In addition, I will need to know important information from you.
After sending money via MoneyGram, I will need to know the secret transfer number (this is the money transfer control number (MTCN)).
You will have this number on the confirmation that the operator will provide you.
My dearest ******, you should know that this information is very important to me.
Without this MTCN, I will not be able to get money from you that is
necessary to make my arrival to you, my dear ******.
Honey, I fully understand that it's a lot of money, but I do not have anyone to rely on and that's why I have to ask for help.
When I am together, I will be looking for a job by profession and I will devote myself completely to our happy future.
My favorite ******, I love you very much and we will be together, I'm sure. I dream about our meeting at the airport.
I am sure that I will cry when I leave the corridor
and when I see you in my ******.
And these tears will come from our happiness. I close my eyes and imagine this happy moment.
Honey, I dream about how we will live together, when we go for a walk together, holding my love in my hands.
I want you to show me your homeland, places where you like to go and where you want to spend more time.
I also want to meet your relatives and close friends!
I want to be with you very much, you are my greatest love in this life
******! I love you and I miss you!
I want to tell you that I talked to my parents about us, especially about my arrival to you.
I want to tell you that my family has so many happy smiles for us and they accept our feelings of love with you.
They are so happy because we love each other very much.
They just told me that we would be happy together and wish us a lot of happiness together!
They see my feelings and my happiness from our love for you and they understand me that you and I should be together and wish us great love!
Big greetings from the family for you.
******, please, accept love from my parents, they love you as their sons!
Today I was in the church, I did not go for a few minutes. And I prayed for us that we would be together and that nothing could separate us in this life!
Well, honey, let me finish my email, I will be your answer!
Your love is eternal ... Gulnur.

My love ******!
Now the end of the working day.
And I'm going home now.
I did not have much time to read your letter. And I will read your letter next time.
I just want to tell you my thoughts .. ok?
I want to share with you what is in my heart now ...
I hope you understand me correctly ....

But I want to talk about the important now. Please read my letter and tell me your opinion on this. OK ?

1) What do you think about relationships from a distance?
My opinion is. I believe that long-term relationships on the Internet have no future.
Because you can write 1000 letters. But over time, interest can pass. And can kill any love, indecision or distrust.
And I think that one meeting can decide the future. Therefore, I believe that a long relationship on the Internet has no future.
I think we need a meeting.
I really do not know what to write in my letters. You can write the same thing. About love, how was your day, everything else ...
But over time, this will bother. I hope you understand.
I just reason rationally ... And I think I'm right. If we write 1000 letters to each other, it will not change anything.
We need a meeting ....
I think that meeting is important, because only looking to a person in the eyes can understand his soul.
One meeting will replace any letters and telephone conversations ... I hope you understand ...

2) Why can't you talk about specific dates? Why can't you tell the exact date when we start making our meeting?
If we plan our meeting. So we must have a concrete plan.
We must set a goal and go to it. For example, if you say the exact date, I can prepare here without any problems.
Do all the necessary things, agree with Tatiana, make some documents and finish all the affairs here by a certain day.
I hope you understand me, my love .. And I hope in your next letter, you will say the exact date ... ok?
In any case, I will be waiting for you to answer my question ...
Please give the exact date when we begin our meeting ...

3) And I also believe that if you have any unresolved problems. This is not a reason to postpone our meeting.
I think that any problems are not scary. And we must try to solve them together.
The problem may be delayed. And this problem can destroy our relationship.
Therefore, it is better if we meet this problem together. We will solve it !!! Do not worry, I am not afraid of problems !!!!
I grew up in a poor family. And any problems, I used to solve together !!!!
Therefore, I hope that now you understand. That it is not necessary to postpone our meeting due to problems ....
I hope you understand ...

And please do not be angry with me for this letter. I'm not trying to be angry, or make you angry.
I just thought a lot these days. I thought about our relationship.
I reasoned rationally. And with a sober head! And I think you will agree with what I think about our meeting ...
Please tell me your opinion. OK ?

And remember . I love you ! And I send you a million kisses !!!!!!
And I really miss you too! And I want to hug you as soon as possible ...

Your  Gulnur

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