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Natalya <>
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:59:54 AM »
Name: Natalya
Age: 33
City: Pskov, Russia

Hello ******! I think that it will be better for us to talk personally and get to know each other. Thanks for answering me. How are you? How are you feeling? I will be very glad to our communication, our acquaintance. It is very nice that you paid attention to me). I have a desire to meet you. I really hope that our further communication will develop, and we will know each other. I am in a good mood, I am in perfect order.
I would like to clarify from the very beginning so that there aren’t any disagreements. I live, and I myself am from Russia. My city is called Pskov. You can look at the map on google, where to find my city in Russia. I decided to look for my man from another country, because I decided that it would be better for me. Now I hope I was lucky because I met you). I have no desire to meet a man from my country. Because men from Russia are not willing to build a family. And I believe that for true love there is no distance, no matter where in the world we live, we can meet, fall in love. After all, for love there is no limit, no barriers. After all, you don’t know where your soulmate lives. I believe that there is no obstacle in the distance. ****** What do you think about this? I hope that this will not be a barrier for you, and we will continue! Moreover, if two lonely people want to achieve success, relationships, want to be friends, then achieving such goals, distance will not be a problem when.
Now about me). I am a free girl, without a relationship, without any obligation. I have not been married, unfortunately I have no children yet. Probably because, I have not met a decent man. What about you, are you a free man? Have you been married? Do you have children? If you have children, then I do not mind, and this does not in any way prevent us from building relationships. I have no bad habits. I do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol. Do you have any bad habits? I am 33 years old, my birthday is August 10 (will be 34) 1986. According to the horoscope I am Leo. When's your birthday? My height is 171, weight 53. I have a higher education, I graduated from the University. I speak English. I myself am calm, energetic, charismatic, cheerful, sociable, kind, economic.
My goal is about our communication with you. First of all, I want to get to know you, but I have the most serious attitude to our connection. After all, I want to build a long, stable and real relationship. I am a serious girl, and my intentions for our connection are only serious. ****** I rely on you, and really hope that you are a serious man who has only a serious attitude to further relations. And the distance will make our connection even stronger, more interesting, and the distance can be overcome at any time. I agree?
I am sending you my photos, I hope you will like me, and you will really be interested in our future communication. After all, only time will tell what lies ahead. ****** tell me more about yourself so that I recognize you too. Good? Send your answer and your photos. I will wait for your mutual response. Have a nice day. Natalya