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Tatyana <>
« on: July 09, 2020, 08:52:16 PM »
Name: Tatyana
Age: 31
City: Kaluga, Russia


Dear, thanks you for your letter. I am glad to that you have written
to me. I shall hope that in the future, we shall be very good friends,
and can and more. I do not know what to tell in my first letter
because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. But I
shall try, write good letters to you. Please not be too strict to my
mistakes in words, the language - not my native language. But I
Assume, that I know it well. You have not told what is your name?

I am very glad to receive your photo. For me so it is pleasant to see
it, that you understand, that I very much wish to see your person as
it is possible is more often. I very much want that you sent me your
photos more often, because at you such courageous features. You such
beautiful man you are not similar to one of men which I know here in
Russia. You very beautiful man and for me it is a little strange, why
you remained till now one and are compelled to search to yourself for
the girlfriend on the Internet, I think, women in your city are blind
that do not notice you. I think, if you lived in my city I think I
would not pass by you when would meet you in the street. Your person
instal in me confidence, that you can protect any woman from any
danger. I would like, that near to me there was such person.

I have no own computer of the house. I use the Internet on work, or in
the cafe Internet. And here there is no program Skype. And
unfortunately we cannot speak through Skype yet. But probably further
I could call to you from post phone. It will be very good. Well, my
name - Tatyana. Me 33 years. My birthday on May, 27th. My height 168
centimetres. My weight 54 kg. I live in city Kaluga. It known city of
Russia. Kaluga - very much beautiful city. I have finished medical
university. Now I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within
3 years. It was very much interesting and in the same time
responsible. I was happy to give health of people, to help them. Many
things depend on me during actions. I think in The future I will be
capable the surgeon to become independent. You think, what it - good
dream? Probably that I shall work in Clinic, as the basic surgeon.

I live one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Sometimes I
feel like very lonely in my house. Perhaps, for this reason I have
decided to get acquainted with you. I have the house, work, friends,
but I cannot tell that I am happy. I hope, that we shall write many
letters to each other. I hope that you are interested in our dialogue,
as I. You can tell to me about all of you that you want. I shall be
pleased to know all about your life. I understand that tastes differ,
but I hope, that my image will be pleasant for you. I hope, that you
will write to me soon. I thank you Beforehand. With the best regards.


PS. I will wait your photo in the following letter.

Hi ******,

How you today? I hope that all is good. I also am happy today because
I have the letter from you. I very happy. Now I work, and I write the
letter to you.

And so, I did not write to you about my family. I think that you
should know about it. I have been given birth also grown in Kaluga.
Now I live here. I do not remember my father because he did not live
with us. I was grown only by my mother. We were the best friends, we
were very much the friend close to the friend. But my mum had a cancer
of a stomach, and she has died when I was absolutely the little girl.
It was awful and incredible. I could not understand it for long time.
I was empty. Even now I remember my mum very much frequently. You
know, that I had very happy childhood. My mum and I went in park
together. We play together various games. We spoke much. Only through
several years I started to understand last, that she felt because I
had no father with me. But I have received news from other people,
that it was no mistake of my mother. My father (I cannot name his
"daddy") never loved my mum. Me has left her lonely when he has
learned, that my mum was the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for
her to bring up me. We lived only her tiny earnings. But we never
complained of our life we have solved all problems together. But we
were happy. My mum always spoke me, that I should marry the person
which I shall love. After death of my mum I feel very much alone
because I have no neither sisters, nor brothers. To be more exact, I
no any relatives.

But I have girlfriends. Elena and Marina. They are remarkable girls.
We can name us sisters because we are friends more than 15 years, and
we help each other. I - confident absolutely, that if I ask Elena,
Marina to help me they will never refuse. Our attitudes are very
strong, time has checked up them. Also In the summer for entertainment
I work in my small garden. But as a hobby it certainly flowers. Roses,
orchids, tulips, an aster and it is a lot of others. But main the
place in a garden has my favorite flowers, has raised also an orchid.
The hope you can sometime see it. I send you a photo of my
girlfriends. At the left Marina, and on the right Elena. I will wait
your photo in the following letter also. I hope, that you will answer
my letter. I also hope, that you are interested in our connection. I
shall tell to you more about my life in my ambassador of letters.

Sincerely yours Tatyana.

PS. Do not forget to send a photo in the following letter.

Hello dear ******,

How you? What is the weather today in your country? I hope all is
well. Today I have had a difficult day, but now I’m free and I can
write the letter you. I'm sorry for my previous letter. It was sad. I
did not want to make you disappointed. I hope you did not get offended
to my story about the mother. I have no own computer of the house. I
use the Internet on work, or in the cafe Internet. And here there is
no program Skype. And unfortunately we cannot speak through Skype yet.
But probably further I could call to you from post phone. It will be
very good.

Well, I want to tell you about my hobbies. I like listening to
different music. It depends on my mood and feelings. I like Joe
Satriane as well. I suppose he is a magnificent guitar player. I hope
you agree with me. I like the group “Dire Straits” very much. I like
“Pink Floyd”. They are not similar to any others. There are a great
number of popular musicians abroad. But I remember Russians as well.
May be you heard about the Russian group "Spleen" or "Chaif." But I
think the most famous Russian group abroad is “Gorky Park”. Probably
you've heard about it. They had a great success at the beginning of
90s. I like going to the cinema very much. Now days a lot of foreign
films are on the screen in Russia. Foreign cinema is widely spread in
Russia. I like such old American films as Gladiator, Brave Heart. Mel
Gibson is a good actor.

My health is the most important thing for me. I do not boast. My
health is really good, and I always try to be in a good form. I every
morning, try to spend as much times as possible in the open air. I
have no car and I take a bus. I have been living in the conditions of
rather cold winters and damp autumn since my childhood. Such of
climate helps to toughen my health. I do not smoke and do not take
alcoholic drinks. I prefer a healthy way of life and I'm proud of it.
Sewing and knitting are my hobbies if it's possible to say so. I also
like to spend my free time gardening collect berries. I love to ski
and to skate in winter.

I can speak about my hobbies for a long time. But I also want to say
that I do not like some things. I do not like artful and envious
people. I hate when somebody deceives. I do not love cruelty and
roughness. I'm not interested in people, who prefer to spend their
time drinking alcohol. I also do not like bad untasty meal and cloudy
days. I shall be glad, if you tell about you many various things for
me. I want to know about you more and more. Because you my Friend. You
agree? Friends always should know well each other.

Your Tatyana...

Hi my ******,

Yesterday I was in a bad mood. It was rain all day long. I’ve already
told you that I live in my own house. It’s very beautiful and
comfortable, but it’s too old. I’m disappointed that during the rain
water goes through the aperture in the roof and makes the house full
of water. I asked a specialist’s help, and he tried to repair some
parts of the roof many times but it didn’t help, because necessary to
repair the whole roof, I have to change the roof. And yesterday I come
to the conclusion that I have to do it as soon as possible. My
girlfriend Marina promised me to help. She always helps me. I’m very
glad to have such a girlfriend. She is very close to me and we often
spend time together. Marina says that I need a man who will help me
and who will really love me. You know I really feel lonely very often
but I believe in god luck. I believe in God, he always helps.

I don’t remember if I told you or not about my dog. Its name is Chipa.
He the boy. To him 1,5 years. He is very handsome. I like to play with
it, I like to feed it, so I like to take care of it. Chipa is very
tender, and it loves me too. Every evening it meets me near the house.
You will laugh at me, but I must be sure that somebody or something
waits for me in the house, no matter if it’s just my dog. I heard if a
person has a pet in a house and if he takes a good care of it the
person is a very good house keeper. Probably during week I will
prepare for future house repair. I’ll look for people who will help me
with it. I imagine my house after repair It will be very cosy and
nice, if everything will go well. I’m sorry, probably my letter is

I send you photos me with my favorite dog Chipa. You have animals? You
can send your joint photo? Tell me, if something will be interesting
for you. I’ll tell you it in detail. With best regards.


Hi my dear ******,
Thank you very much for your letter. It brightens my day. I hope that
you have the same feeling when you receive my letter. And of course, I
enjoy our correspondence and I am serious.

Age not so important question for me. More important thing for me -
private world. in qualities, in beauty of the person, wisdom and how
much interesting it for me. I think, that with the years the person to
become only more cleverly. And it has rich life experience. I wish you
to ask about one that you did not worry because of our age difference.
First of all, I wish to find such person with whom we will understand
each other. I wish to find such person with whom I will be ready to
get married. I want serious relations. I do not want that our
correspondence interrupted because of such small problem as an age

I consider you to be my friend, I think that you understand me in lots
of things it's easy for me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask
me any questions you want. I think that trust is very important for
the relationship, if both of the partners want the relationship to
grow. No relationship can be strong without it. Thank you for being
honest with me and from my side I can say that I will be honest with
you also. I think we should try to tell each other as much as we can.
I would like to know you better from inside, because you seem very
interesting to me, so I have a question for you: What qualities do you
appreciate in people the most? In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness,
kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I
also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role.
That's why I think that 100 trust should be between man and woman,
they should be able to say every single thing to each other, share all
their joys and sorrows. If they have a problem they should try to find
a salvation together. What do you think? What is your opinion? And
feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer you with great pleasure.

I will be looking forward to your letter!!!!
Sincerely Tatyana...

Hi my dear ******,

Even though we are far from each other, in my dreams we together. We
are walking together at some nice place in and saying tender and warm
words to each other. I feel that you are very special to me. You know,
I don't think that the outside beauty is the most important thing, you
can be beautiful for some time, even the most beautiful. But in some
years this beauty will go away, there will be other people who will
look better. I think that the real beauty is inside your soul. The
person should be beautiful from inside, in my opinion. Don't you agree
with me?
******, I see in you the person who I can talk easily with, who is
interesting for me. I would like to know your soul, I would like to
know everything about you. I see that you are not playing with me or
joking. Many of our thoughts are the same, our values are very close
and we are looking for the same things. I see that I can establish the
emotional connection with you. I can talk to you on any topic. It's
very easy for me, it seems like I know you for a long time. I like
your thoughts about life and relationships between man and woman. By
your letters I can say that you are a decent man with serious
intentions. I like that in you. I think that we are even a little bit
alike in that. I am also serious about our correspondence. I like to
read your letters and I think that I will really like to talk to you
in person, you seem to be an intelligent and well educated person.
OK ******, I am finishing my letter now and I hope that you are having a
great day. I am thinking about you and I am really happy that we've
met. This thought makes me smile. Hope to hear from you soon.

With hugs Tatyana...

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