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Svitlana <>
« on: July 02, 2020, 11:02:10 AM »
Name: Svitlana
Age: 36
City: Kharkov, Ukraine
Emails:  <>, <>, <>,

Salutti ******!
First of all I want to express my appreciation for a letter. I reply you from my work address. I find this more convenient for me, because I monitor
my mail box in the morning ! I have a computer only at working place. But unfortunately I have no a computer at home. Just recently, I establiched resume
on the website of the international dating club . During this short period of time I received a great deal of messages. They were shocking! At one point
I thought that only freaks and liars are registered at online marriage clubs. Someone begged me to send them my nude pictures, other men wantedhinted at only sex.
Even a married guy sent me an email, offered to be lovers in a secret behind the back of his wife! That's appalling!Oh my god! I haven’t even replied
to such emails. I do not understand such kind of thinking In my resume I stated clearly that I’m going to find a real relationship with a unmarried man.
Forgive me for telling you such things, but I was really terrified by this situation in general. I want to believe you are different man and we have the
same desires. Please write me back the letter as soon as possible if you want to continue our acquaintance. I’m interested to get to know some information
about you, your living place, your work, hobby, family situation. It would be nice to see some of your pictures. I will send you another email later where
I I want to tell you in detail about my life in order to pique your interest! ))) I ask you to reply to this email so that I know that you have got and read it.
I don’t want to bother you with a long letter so that you won’t be bored)) Hope you have a perfect day today! Look forward to get you answer!!!
All the best, Svitlana

Hello ******!
Well, I'm writing to you again this day. I want write you about myself more information.
I guess that you won’t be bored because of my ter and it will be interesting for you to read. My name is Svitlana.
My date of birth is 18 August 1984. I am thirty-five years old and I'm unmarried. My friends gave me a short name as Sveta.
Kharkov is a city where I was born, Ukraine. It is is a bigcity. I like to spend time actively: I play sports, I like
long walks in the park, In winter I like to skate. Also my hobbies are camping and spending time in the countryside. I am a open-minded girl
and I like my self-development. I know French, German and English. I grew up and work and Kharkov. I finished the Medical University with
a degree in Dentist. I dream to own my laboratory for Prosthetics. I've worked really hard to become a well-trained dentist. I try to reach
all my plans in life. In the world today it is necessary to be a high level specialist. Some time ago I had trained in Israel, the United States and Finland.
During the last years many things have developed in medicine. I guess that from my life story you have learned that I work a lot and have not
a lot of free time. That's why, it is a real problem for me to find my man. That’s why I decided to try to build relationships via mailing.
I suppose that it is possible to find a nice man in the internet and I like writing letters. One can realize a lot of things just from several
letters, I hope me letter did not get you tired… I just want you to be honest to me, if you like my letter. I appreciate honesty in relations
and communication. I would like to get to know some information about you, if you don’t mind of course))) You can ask me any question you want
to know about me or my life) I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I hope we can be more than friends.

P.S. I would like to ask you a very important question – Are you dating someone? I am seeking for my man and I do not want to interfere the other
people's relations.
Thanks and  take care have a nice day. Svitlana

Hello my dear ******!
I am very glad to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention! I am very pleased with it.
How are you today? How is your mood? I hope everything is fine.

Frankly speaking today I had a very busy day, I had so many thoughts in my mind and I'm full of strange but pleasant emotions!
I want to share them with you and now I’m going to describe you what happened today. Today I woke up early in the morning. Bright
sunbeams made me open the eyes. They filled my room with light and woke me up, because my bed is situated near the window. I got up,
took a shower, went to the kitchen, prepared my favorite breakfast of omelet, a salad of Caesar and coffee. When I was eating I realized
that I was worried about something. In fact, everything turned out to be very simple, don’t you think so my darling ****** ?

 Yesterday, in my letter, I told you again about my idea of relationships and about my personal life. Hope you understand my intentions
and plans for my future))) I wanted to come to work earlier and check my mailbox. I was very frightened by the thought that there was
no answer from you. I usually go to work by public transport and in your city it is a real challenge! All busses are overcrowded, all
people are in a hurry and sometimes I can hear the indignant shouts of people that they were crushed by someone… But I like the morning
as it is)) It always brings news, good mood and new expectations!
 ******, today at work I realized that I will soon have an important stage in my life. Tomorrow I’m going to take part in a competition
among medical professionals and the best candidates will receive grants for training and professional development. Such events take place
in our country every year. Such grants give the opportunity to free-of-charge training abroad in order to acquire a new experience. I told you
that I have already got such grants for several times and I had an internship in Israel, the US and Europe. So today I tried to finish my
work as soon as possible. I think that I’ll go to the gym because it helps me to concentrate and express my thoughts correctly. This evening
will be dedicated to the preparation of my presentation because I really wish I can get this grant. This grant gives the right to choose
the country the winner wants to have there practice and a clinic, where one will be trained and work. Now I need to finish my letter and
I hope that you are not resent… you understand that tomorrow there will be a very difficult and extremely important day for me! But I will
be forward to see your letter tomorrow)))))
Sincerely yours, Svitlana

Hello, my dear ******!!! It's a great pleasure to get an e-mail from you!
I can see that you didn't read my first letters carefully. My father left my mother and me when I was 7 years old and I haven't seen him since.
My mother died of cancer 2 years ago. I have no siblings and as you can see I am alone. Therefore, nothing keeps me in Ukraine.

How are you? How is your day today? I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top.
Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better. Last night I had a dream about our real first meeting. It was very
romantic and unforgettable! We had a picnic by the sea and enjoyed the sunset... ****** I miss you! I would like to spend as much time as
possible with you! You have become a very close person for me, and I hope that we won’t stop at this stage of our relations))) I think that our letters,
emotions and feelings that we express in them became our background for something really serious and very important, don’t you think so?! Sometimes
I regret that we have not met earlier! Of course I understand that we live in different countries, and it was a problem for us to meet earlier)))
But we finally found each other and I don’t want to lose a chance to be with a right person!))
Now I am very grateful to fate and my first letter to you that we have found each other in this big world. I'm sure that we can be happy together!
My heart is open to you now. I hope that you will not break it, cause I trust you and I believe your every word. I hope that our relations will develop
and grow into true love. I promise you to be always sincere and honest in my feelings. I don’t want to play games, because I am looking for serious relationships.
I think that I have feelings to you, but so far I can’t correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl ...)
 Now I have such feelings, that in my head everything is turned upside down and I am full of bright emotions!))) And all these things happen because
of you ****** … I’m loving to read your letters, and I’m reading them with anticipation what is going to be in the end))) Than I read it again
and again several times. I almost forgot to tell you good news! One of the jury members told me that I presented a perfect presentation so I have very
good chances to get this grant. Can you imagine?! I was in the top five! So I am quite nervous and worry about the results, but thoughts about you keep
me from going crazy… ******, you settled down in my head, my soul and my heart… Sometimes I can’t even believe that it is happening to me!))))
I am just happy now and want to share all my feeling and emotions with you! It is difficult to explain, but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning
in my life .....What do you think about it?
Now I need to go home to cook food and I guess I’ll watch a good and kind movie. I wish you a wonderful sunny day and will be looking forward to get
a new letter from you!
I kiss you, yours Svitlana

P.S. Honey, I think that we have become much closer to each other and I want to hear your voice! Could you please give me your mobile number and then
I can call you from my work. Ok? And please don’t forget to write the phone code of your country to avoid mistakes when dialing.

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