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Larysa <>
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:01:37 AM »
Name: Larysa
Age: 29
City: Mariupol, Ukraine
Emails: <>,  <>

Hi ******. I am very glad to see your letter. I'm sorry I didn't answer
you right away, but for some reason I found your email in the Spam
folder, so I didn't see it right away. I'm very happy to meet you.
Thank you for answering me. Now new acquaintances are the best thing
that can happen to me. Because being locked up alone, in an apartment,
on self-isolation - it's terribly boring. I don't remember how long I
have been on self-isolation and I have less and less classes for the
near future, and maybe more.I have already Reread all the previously
purchased and unread books. I do sports every day, as I have all the
necessary equipment for training at home. So it could be anything.
Even a 5-liter bottle, with water filled, will do for comfort) Every
day, not once, I prepare those dishes that I have long wanted to make,
but I always did not have enough time for them. What is happening in
your country now because of COVID-19? How do you spend your day
sitting at home? Let's share some tips, maybe we will be very useful
to each other. Because every free minute, I start thinking about
what's going on around me and I get very upset. How do you feel about
this? Are you worried, afraid, or indifferent? I am, frankly, very
much worried and afraid for the future that lies ahead of us. I am
very jealous of the owners of their own homes, because you can find
much more to do and entertainment than within four walls and less to
think about what does not depend on us. I'm glad to see your photo.
You are a very handsome man. I am glad that we can continue our
communication and get to know each other a little better. I want to
say right away that I'm not going to make any plans for the future.
Now I am glad to meet you, our fast friendship and hope for ease and
mutual understanding in our communication. And of course, I am
interested in what is happening in another country at this difficult
time, because I do not trust the media. In General, I would be happy
to have a good friend. But, our life is unpredictable and we do not
always know where it will lead us... In the last letter, I told you a
little about myself, so I want to add a little more information so
that my portrait in your view is a little better. My name is Larysa, I
am 29 years old, I have my own store that sells women's clothing. It
doesn't make much money, but it's enough for me to support myself.
Sometimes I even managed to save money for a vacation in another
country. What wonderful times they were! I miss the sea terribly. I
would love to just sit on the beach and just listen to the sound of
the sea for a long time. I am not married and have no children. If you
are interested in learning about my family and my personal life, I
will tell you in the next letter. Because I don't know if you're
interested yet. I live alone. Before that, in a life where there were
always some things to do, I did not feel that I was so alone. But now
it feels like never before. I have a higher education in Economics. I
speak several languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, Italian and
German. Friends call me a polyglot ( probably it is), and I, in turn,
just like to learn something new. So now I am very interested in how
things are going in the current situation around the world. How are
things with us? We are quietly coming out of self-isolation and many
organizations are starting to work. Many people still wear masks, but
I have a negative attitude to this, since the lungs do not receive
oxygen. I don't wear a mask and I don't think it can protect me from
the virus. But this is my personal attitude to this and I do not
impose anything on anyone. We are past the difficult times when small
businesses suffered. People were without money for several months
because they could not work. Many have mortgages and loans, monthly
payments for an apartment, expenses for children, for food, but no
money. It was a terrible time , but now everything is falling into
place. The state still made payments to the main part of the
population and this is good news. How are things in your country? I
read on the Internet that prosthetics and rallies were held in the
United States. I was very concerned for all American citizens. But
unfortunately, right now I don't know what's going on there. I would
really like to see no one get hurt. We all have to support each other.
I'm sorry if I bothered you with my letter. I'll probably finish my
letter. It already seems very long and tedious to me. I can't imagine
how you reacted when you opened it) I will finish my letter and wait
for your answer. I hope that you will tell me a little more about
yourself, whatever you feel you need to tell me. I will be very
interested to learn a little more about you and see more of your
photos. Have a good day and a great mood. Till tomorrow. Larysa.

******, my friend Colin. I am very glad that you answered my letter. I
am glad that we can communicate, share good mood and information.
When, as not now, the people should finally unite and understand that
we are one. From birth, we are given a name, religion, nationality,
and race. And we live our lives protecting someone else's identity.
Therefore, understanding all this, I have no prejudices against
another person because of: skin color, religion, social status,
etc.the main thing Is to be a person and stay until the end of my
days. I say this to the fact that everyday people very often resort to
an opinion formed from political relations and begin to see ordinary
people who do not affect the political relations of countries in the
world. I hope I didn't frighten you with my statement. How are you
doing? How is your mood? How are you doing? I'm already trying to
think less about bad things and drive away thoughts that can destroy
me. Fear is the most destructive feeling. What needs to happen will
happen. In this video, as I promised, I want to talk more about my
life. At the moment I am free, I have no husband, no children, no
serious relationships. I had a relationship that lasted 10 years and
ended mutually a year ago. It was my first and only relationship that
I hoped to keep for the rest of my life... as the saying goes: "if you
Want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." Nothing can be
planned,life is unpredictable. My ex-man honestly said that he had
stopped loving me, had grown cold towards me and did not want to waste
either my time or his. He met a girl much younger than me and fell in
love with her. I did not judge anyone and I believe that he did the
right thing, like a real man, telling me the truth, not deceiving me
and not cheating on me. He said that I deserve respect, so he can't
deceive me and wants me to be happy, too. Generally, to believe in "I
will love you until the end of my days" is not relevant now. But, I am
an opitionist and I believe that I will still meet a man with whom I
will be happy for the rest of my days and who also, like me, believes
that it is useless to change partners and that we are the creators of
our own happiness. You can be happy with one partner for life. Which
is what I wish for everyone. And I wish you to be the happiest person
in this world, to love and be loved. I guess I'm a naive romantic?
Well, never mind. As for my parents, I have a mother whom I love very
much and wish her and all parents good health and longevity. My father
died when I was 7 years old. My mother has never been able to meet a
man she loves as much, so I spend most of my time with her. I have no
brothers or sisters. What else can I tell you about myself? I don't
know what you would be interested in, but I will answer any of your
questions. So, let's move on to the exchange of information) What is
the current situation in your country? I have already said that I live
in Ukraine, in the city of Mariupol. Our country has experienced a lot
in recent years, and I am sure that your country has heard about it.
In our country, we are gradually introducing a distance learning
system and remote work at home. Shopping centers are closed, and mass
and cultural events are not held. Mostly all closed. But people
continue to live normal lives, go out, walk, ride bicycles, play
sports in the fresh air, go out of town to cottages with relatives and
friends. In fact, we do not know the actual number of infected and
dead from this virus. The strangest thing is that all the other
diseases that people were dying about suddenly disappeared. Rumors
that the second wave of the epidemic is coming in the fall frightens a
lot of people. Rumors that bill gates is preparing a vaccine frightens
people, and the fact that vaccination will be forced even more. I hope
that all this is a rumor and we will soon return to our usual life. I
really hope that everything will be fine and we will all live a happy
life. I will finish my letter. I hope that it was interesting,
informative and useful. I would like to say again that I am very happy
to meet you and we will be able to continue our communication. I like
to exchange letters with you. I'm sorry that I often can't do this, I
try to spend less time on the Internet. I will wait for your answer. I
wish you a good day. Larysa.

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