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Irina <>
« on: June 29, 2020, 09:56:02 AM »
Name: Irina
Age: 35
City: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Emails: <>, <>, <>

Hello, friend,
How was your day? I expect everything is well. I wrote you a second mail. As promised. The day before, after I explored your mail and answered it, I thought for long what to refer you about myself.
In the evening, as I finished labor, my workmate and I attended to a cafe to chat and have a tee. We oft do this after a laboring day. I told her that I received the mail from you.
She was upset, Alla took back me that previous time, I had some liars written to the messagebox, who just would like to have fun wrote to me in the message.
I instantly responded that it is necessary to afford a person a possibility, not entirepeople are equal. Notably, I don't owe anything and I don 't begfor something.
Which means I can finish the conversation anytime. I simply get approach to my mail at cabinet. I don't have a PC in the flat. I am sorryhuman who relies devices.
I launched to get Alla, tell me how best to correspond about myself, what to tell? She shortly replied me I should write the verity. This is the simply option to build a ordinary conversation.
She in addition told that she would help me create a great photo. There by the complete verity is about me. I am already 35 years old, my natal day is 20.08.1984. I was born in Ukraine, in the city Dnepropetrovsk.
It is an industrial city in central Ukraine. Here I was born, spent my childhood and diplomaed from medicaluniversity. Yeah, I labor in private dentistry, I'm a dental technician, I work with dental prostheses.
I received global scholarships some bouts, and I studied in Europe, the USA, every day, I chose the destination myself, it is allowed by the conditions of the competition.
I was constantly engagedin conducting science and obtaining modern attainments. Yhan you area ware, I have a interesting biography. Unluckily, it has always interfered with my personal life.
Every common man demands a caring wife. I accepted this recently. It was difficult for me to meet novel person. I don't accuse anyone except myself. Eventually, science is not a female affair.
I realize that I require to change my life. Allthis kept to an acquaintanceship in internet. Corresponding messages is actually so romantic. There is an ability to convey your ideas.
Maybe for now will be fairly. I shortly told about myself as a female. If you read regardfully, you can probably realize my personality. I'm sorry wether there is nothing special about this mail.
I will tell about myself in momentslittle by little. I will await for your respond.
P.S. I ask you to endeavor to reply my mails daily. I understand that this is not lightly. You can comment on something about me. At least tell me how your day went.


Hello my dear friend, How past your day friend? I hope everything is good with you? I am very happy to get from you answer. It shows your interest.
Thank you, I really liked your photo. Now I want to meet you even more.
May be my last letters is not suits your questions, I just wanted to describe myself to you. I hope you will understand that it is not easy to open yourself to someone new.
friend today I want to add some details about myself, and my character, so you can understand am I interesting for you or not.
I will try to tell you my attitude about modern world and technology. Let’s devote this day for me and you to describe each other’s opinion what we like in the world, in the opposite sex.
In this way we can understand what to wait from each other. I hope you don’t mind friend. I don’t know if it will be interesting for you that my height is 170 centimeters, my weight is 58 kg.
I love animals but I hesitate to have them at home. Because all my day I spend at work, and pets needs a lot of time and care about them. I like to read books, mostly classical and scientific literature, in films I love romantic comedies.
My favorite color is green, and of course like every women I like flowers, my beloved flowers are lily. I don’t know my father, he left us when I was small, so said my mom. I don’t know why I didn’t ask her.
May be he just show his sickness, or he just find another woman who he loves now and with whom he is happy. My mother had been died from cancer several years ago.
It was very hard period of my life. That is why I totally devote myself to my job and to my study and my development.
As you can understand friend, there is nothing what will hold me in Ukraine. For a long time I am dreaming to live and work in different country.
But I didn’t meet a decent man for whom, I could turn my life around, that is why I still live in Ukraine.
Firstly I have negative attitude to all social networks and mobile applications. I think that humanity is degrading from this.
It is so stupid and vulgar to write short messages, and get quick answers. Just to ask how are you?? Or what are you doing?? It looks so corny.
There is no sign of interest or attention to the women in it. Another thing when you are getting a real big interesting letter.
Here we can see that your opponent spent his time and showed respect to you. While reading the letter you can admit the intellect of your interlocutor. 
You will have all day to articulate your thoughts and wishes. You will have time what to answer. That is why I read all my correspondence at work.
That is why I don’t use smart phone not to be like these primitive people. This is my principle position. I will not change it! And I ask you friend to respect my decision.
And I will not come back to this question again under no pretext. I tell it one time. Next I will just ignore all inquiries. Of course like every women I want to have family.
I understand that relationship is always big work for both! It is constant search for compromises. So what means for me family and relationship???
I am sure that family is happy and strong when there is balance in it. Man is a head of the family, he is support and confidence for others.
When woman is sure in his man, she will always keep the family to the end. She will be faithful and caring, and will do her best, so all members of her family be satisfied.
I don’t understand modern society. Men totally stopped achieve women. Where are courtships? Where are feats? Where are some presents and tokens???
Everyone is going to some equality, this is dead end, it will kill all humanity. When I worked in Europe, I saw such a terrible picture, that in café, everyone pays for himself!!!
Men for the most part become weaker than women. Most of them leave woman along with her problems. Don’t try even do something!!! Tells decide your problems yourself!
Now is not about the money, but about banal respect and the manifestation of a masculine character. Every woman appreciate, when a man tries to do something, tries all variants!!!
As soon as man just says I can’t do it, I will not do it, decide it yourself – this is the END. From here start all problems. From this happens all treason. This is natural selection.
It’s like in wild nature, as soon as male shows his weakness and indifference, directly he loose respect.
The same here, as soon as the woman forgets, that she is wife, mother, mistress and homemaker, directly lose interest in her. And immediately start looking a new one for himself.
I hope friend you will agree with me! Or you have another point of view about it? I wonder to know about it. I will appreciate if you will write to me every day. I will try to do the same.
I think always we can write to each other how passed our day! Or tell your opinion about some question or situation! It’s not so hard to spend 20-30 min per day.
Take your mind off everything and write a letter! Today I made a big letter, I ask to find power in yourself, and read the letter to the end!)))
And also to tell me your opinion about modern world! What means for you relationship??? Also what repel you in woman??? In a word write me how you see a normal family and normal relationships!
I will wait on your answer. Your new friend from Ukraine, Irina

Hello  ******,

I'm very glad to receive your new letter, thank you very much for your attention! I am very pleased with it.How are you today?How is your mood? I hope everything is fine.
******,can I expect to see your pictures in the next letter ok?
Frankly speaking today I had a very busy day, I had so many thoughts in my mind and I'm full of strange but pleasant emotions!
I want to share them with you and now I’m going to describe you what happened today.Today I woke up early in the morning. Bright
sunbeams made me open the eyes.They filled my room with light and woke me up,because my bed is situated near the window. I got up,
took a shower,went to the kitchen,prepared my favorite breakfast of omelet,a salad of Caesar and coffee.When I was eating I realized
that I was worried about something.In fact,everything turned out to be very simple,don’t you think so ******?

Yesterday,in my letter,I told you again about my idea of relationships and about my personal life.Hope you understand my intentions
and plans for my future)))I wanted to come to work earlier and check my mailbox.I was very frightened by the thought that there was
no answer from you.I usually go to work by public transport and in your city it is a real challenge!All busses are overcrowded,all
people are in a hurry and sometimes I can hear the indignant shouts of people that they were crushed by someone…But I like the morning
as it is)) It always brings news,good mood and new expectations!
 ******,today at work I realized that I will soon have an important stage in my life.Tomorrow I’m going to take part in a competition
among medical professionals and the best candidates will receive grants for training and professional development. Such events take place
in our country every year.Such grants give the opportunity to free-of-charge training abroad in order to acquire a new experience. I told you
that I have already got such grants for several times and I had an internship in Israel,the US and Europe.So today I tried to finish my
work as soon as possible.I think that I’ll go to the gym because it helps me to concentrate and express my thoughts correctly.This evening
will be dedicated to the preparation of my presentation because I really wish I can get this grant.This grant gives the right to choose
the country the winner wants to have there practice and a clinic,where one will be trained and work.Now I need to finish my letter and
I hope that you are not resent… you understand that tomorrow there will be a very difficult and extremely important day for me! But I will
be forward to see your letter tomorrow)))))

Sincerely yours,Irina

Hello ******,

How are you? How is your day today? I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top. ****** tell me what you think? I want to call you.I want to talk with you and discuss our letters with my progress in my work.
Give me your Phone Number and the full country code.******, my religion is Christianity. You know me a little unpleasant. But you didn’t even read all my letters. I do not have parents. I’m even a little annoyed that you are asking me all this now? My name at baptism is Irina. It's a great pleasure to get an e-mail from you!How are you?How is your day today?I hope that you are doing well and your mood is on top.Every morning I wake up thinking about you and my mood immediately gets better.I hope that our correspondence will develop.I promise you to be always sincere and honest in my feelings.I  ****** I don't want to play games,because I am looking for serious relationships.I think that I have feelings to you, but so far I can’t correctly express my emotions. It seems to me that I behave like a little girl...)Now I have such feelings,that in my head everything is turned upside down and I am full of bright emotions!)))

And all these things happen because of you ******…I’m loving to read your letters,and I’m reading them with anticipation what is going to be in the end))) Than I read it again and again several times.I almost forgot to tell you good news!One of the jury members told me that I presented a perfect presentation so I have very good chances to get this grant. Can you imagine?!I was in the top five! So I am quite nervous and worry about the results,but thoughts about you keep me from going crazy…You settled down in my head,my soul and my heart… Sometimes I can’t even believe that it is happening to me!)))) I am just happy now and want to share all my feeling and emotions with you! It is difficult to explain,but it seems to me that a new stage is beginning in my life....What do you think about it?Now I need to go home to cook dinner and I guess I’ll watch a good and kind movie.I wish you a wonderful sunny day and will be looking forward to get a new letter from you!Your,Irina

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