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Viktoriya Bogdanova <>
« on: June 26, 2020, 09:59:05 AM »
Name: Viktoriya
Age: 35
City: Saratov, Russia

Hello again!!! Thanks for reply and photos... Let's using e-mails because it is suitable for me...
Usually I use internet on my work but it is not easy as boss do not like when people use internet in individual purposes...
Also sometimes I use computer and internet access in local library in my free time.
That's why I can not write a reply to you fast and often as you may understand.
I bet you want to know I live in Russia in city Saratov... I speak Russian and know English also...
My Birthday on November 28, 1984. I am Sagittarius in astrology signs. My height is 173 cm, weight 68 kg. I try to keep my body fit.
On my 35 years old I am single with no kids still. I am here on net just looking for new friends or suitable male to share life probably.
I like spending time with friends, to go to cinema and theatre, or just walking in parks and other easy things like that...
But last days pandemia is everywhere and most days everyone needed to stay home as you know. How has the pandemic affected you?
So I decided to use internet seaching for companion because having not much free time to look for friends or mates
in real life because my work takes time. Life is too short and I am here not to play games or some drama or waste time...
Just want any real relations. By the way I do not care about our age or distance difference absolutely. Will see in future...
Please write to me more about yourself... Ask me anything you wish. I will answer everything you would like to know.
You have asked from me about having Skype but sorry but I can not chat with you
this way online because it is very expensive service here in internet library.
Just understand I am paying money for every minute of my internet access therefore
any kinds of online chats are expensive for me. That’s why I am writting letters.
Here are my new pics for you... Hope to get yours in your next reply too... Bye for now... Viktoriya

Hello again. Thanks for your response and photos.
How are you? As for me I am in good mood because have some free time from work and have chance to write to you again.
Life here is slowly coming back to normal. Restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, hotels are opening slowly. It is good that people are
returning to work as all people are really tired of staying at home! But anyway everyone has to wear a mask in public places.
As I am having high education in economical and financial sector I am working an accountant in local market.
I like my work but sometimes very busy and tired but OK it is life! No time for tears at all...
As a typical russian woman I spent my saved money for clothes and body care. Just want to stay good looking woman.
I have tried myself as a model in the past but now my age 35 years old do not let me continue this way. Fashion likes young.
I am living alone in one-room flat. I have never been married before and do not have any kids. But I like kids...
As for family I have mom living not far from me this city also. My mom is 62 years old but she looks much younger.
I love her because it is the one person of my family for this time. I do not have any brothers or sisters.
My daddy died in 2015. He had got in car accident and next day he had died of loss of blood. But I have already reconciled.
Anyway as optimist by mood I continue to like my life, work and motherland but I am out of political wars and intrigues...
You know I have been in several cities of Russia and have lived in Malta few years ago for working contract.
Do you like to travel?
Where have you been?
Which most places did you like in the world or in your country may be?
So feel free to write more about yourself. It's interesting for me to know. Let's find common themes.
By the way I added your e-mail to my safe contact list so I hope you will do the same so our letters will be not lost.
Here are few photos of me of different places and times. Hope you like anyway. Also more your photos would be pleasant for me...
OK I must finish my letter... Bye till the next time... Viktoriya

Hello again!!! Viktoriya is here again!
Just to remind for our contact I use internet at work and in library sometimes. It is not so fast but quite good...
You have interested about my religion.
I believe in God but I can not say about myself that I am religious
woman, but I usually visit church 1 time a 2-3 months. I am Christian Orthodox religious.
I hope you read my letters with no problems. I studied English on Malta as I have mentioned.
I lived there few months as we have had different seminars and English lessons with my co-workers.
I am single still as I have mentioned before. I can not find good male for myself.
Here in Russia it's very difficult for making new beginnings even because many men
drinks alcohol and rough with girls. So to find good male here is really difficult.
Therefore I am here and using internet to try to find some good male or just a friend.
My thinkings about the future is clear. After some past experience with males from Russia,
I want to forget the sadness after separating. Now I am in an age that I want to settle down.
For that I am looking around the world to find my lifetime partner forever. There's
no matter for me about age or the social status or status of education of my futured partner.
Simply he must be open minded, friendly and honest. That's all of critical attributes of his character.
I can not write that I have many friends. I have few friends but they quite good people.
We frequently meet with them on a camping and we have a rest, play
volleyball and badminthon, hearing music and just talking with each other.
Also I like some outdoors activies such as cycling, tennis, swimming, roller skate and skiing in winter...
I do not smoke. As for drinks I can let to myself some dry wine or champine on holidays.
Do you have any good and bad habits?
And how does you and your friends have a rest?
Do you have alot of friends or few good friends as me?
What kind of things do you like do for fun?
Feel free to write anything about you. I just want to know you better.
I am not perfect woman and do not looking for ideal male as you know.
Just want to meet simple honest man having a twin soul.
But please do not find problems in our age difference. I do not care about it
because age is just a number and I am just looking for a good male and I think
age difference isn’t a criteria in dating at all. In my opinion good male might
be good man in any age. Just stop looking problems in our contact!!!
OK here are some photos of me with my friends and my sport life.  Hope you like...
Bye for now and waiting for your reply... Your friend Viktoriya

Hi again my friend ******.
Sorry again for taking so long to write back to you...
I am single still as you know. I can not find good male for myself.
As for my past relations I have had a boyfriend 2 years ago but he have
left me to other girl because she was rich. Now I have no boyfriend also...
Just want to let you know two males have contacted with me by e-mail last few days.
But I will not write to them. I do not wish to contact with them at all.
Because one of them was very nervious and have asked my nudes photos
in every message which I would never do at all!!! I am a self-esteem woman and
to send nude photos in internet considered as bad opinion in our country.
Other male was rude and angry and have tried to insult me a some bad woman as I am russian only.
So bad opinion to Russians these days due political intrigues in the world.
But what's wrong in me if I am living in Russia? What's my fault?
I just want to continue to write to you only. Because you are interesting for me as just a friend even.
I feel like we know each other for a long time already. I just want to let you know that I am trustful for you.
As you know I hate lie or dramas or any kinds of bullshit. Life is too short and I have no time for it...
Sorry but my last relations makes me some carefully in finding friends...
Most males says so much words here just for reaching sex and no more...
On my opinion sex is important in good relations but it is not the first thing...
I just want to find my twin soul. I want to share what I have with one special person...
By the way my favorite holidays are my Birthday and New Year. Just to remind my Birthday is on November 28.
What's holiday do you like the most?
What holidays do you celebrate?
Any traditions?
By the way you can see more pics of me here. I hope you will like them!!!
I love to laugh and make people smile. Hopefully I'll be able do that for you someday.
I think it will be really good if we could meet in person in future...
You are interesting me as a person and I like your life views that's why I like to write to you...
Oh I must hurry up to go to work now. So till the next time I am writting to you BYE,
Your friend Viktoriya

Hi again dear friend ******.
Thanks for reply! How are you today?
Sorry again for taking so long to write back to you.
Usually I work 5-6 days a week. I have not much free time here.
Yesterday I left work some earlier and went to home and decided to
clean my room. I just like to live in cleaned rooms. I like to keep my
apartment cozy and comfortable. Also I like home cleaning process.
And do you like your home?
Do you keep it cozy???
By the way what kind of food you like mostly?
Are you good in cooking?
As for me I like cooking very much. Most of all I like to make fresh salads
and soups. Like to use fresh ingredients only. Also I can make some russian meals.
But also I am good in making sandwiches, burgers and cakes at home.
Sometimes I visit master classes in cafe and kitchens to learn some recipes.
So feel free to write more about you and your lifestyle.
I am so happy that internet helped me to find such good friend as you.
I feel so easy myself to open my soul to you!
I like to write to you and discuss common themes with you.
I think it would be good to meet each other in person one day in future.
I bet you agree with me that a face to face meeting would help us in our dating better.
What's about if we will meet in person?
What do you think about it? Let me know please...
Some borders begin to open slowly these days after quarantine. I can find out situation if you are interested.
I have had expirience in visit another country in the past. So I will see what can I do on my budget...
I will wait your reply soon. Plus any of your photos would be pleasant for me!!!
Here are few on mine again!!! Hope you like them too...

Hi dear friend ******.
Thanks for reply again. I am so happy to write new letter to you today!
How are you? Hope you have wonderful day! As for me I am in good mood today.
Because today I have some free time and I am writting this letter to you now.
I like your letters. I like to discuss with you and be heart open...
Just imagine I could reach you in near future probably. If you do not mind of course...
And it is not just some dream but I need some time to see what can I do on my own.
I must find out everything in details step by step as such things do not decide fast.
Can you advise to see some beautiful places in your area when I would reach you?
It would be really wonderful to visit good places there together.
I wonder what your culture is like to look at the sights and landscapes of your areas.
I would like to feel new senses but unfortunately I can't do it alone. Can you be my guide?
By the way a couple of days ago I was some busy because I am still trying to learn
all possible ways to visit you. In this covid-19 pandemia situation I must do everything with no
mistakes as borders are opening slowly with some limits for visit. As I know non-tourist flights
are available these days only. Available business flights, student flights also flights for the change
of residence or care for a sick relative. But first of all I must register an international passport.
I have had it few years ago but term has expired and it is not valid now so I must update it.
I will see what can I do in future and will keep you informed about everyting.
Today I am sending my postal address just in case may be you are interesting to know:

Viktoriya Bogdanova, 72 Pugacheva St. apt# 23, Saratov, 410056, Russia

Please also send me your postal address. It will help me to organize trip correctly.
Or let me know details of the nearest international airport to you or
some of them so I plan my trip with no any mistakes. So what's airport name or code?
I have some saving funds so I am ready to use them to orginize our meeting.
Today I am sending few old simple photos of me! With no make up on me. Hope you like them anyway.
Were maden in city Anapa in the Southern part of Russia...
Most Russian likes to go to there on vacations for sun and sea enjoying. Me and my friends like too...
I would be happy to get your pics in your next letter also.
Your letters make my days more interesting and happy! Please keep in touch.
Bye for now... Viktoriya

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