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Karina <>
« on: June 25, 2020, 11:12:18 AM »
Name: Karina
Age: 35
City: Serov, Russia

Hello ****** !!!!  Very happy to see your answer.
I'm glad you didn't ignore my letter ****** !!! I am very pleased to meet you.
My name is Karina. I'm 35 years old. I was born on April 10, 1985.
My height is 168 centimeters. My weight is 58 kilograms. I am of medium size)))!!!
By the sign of the zodiac Aries. I live in the city Serov, Sverdlovskaya region.
If you're interested in finding out more about my town, you can go online.
I  thank you for your photo!!! I am very pleased that you reciprocated
I  will be very glad to see your more photos from your life!! So I can
see how you live and get to know you better!!! I will also try to send
you photos!! I hope you like them!
****** I am very interested in meeting you closer and getting to know each other better.
****** I hope you can also tell me a little about you.
To start dating, it will be interesting to find out any information.
I'll wait for your answer!
Hope to get a quick email!
I wish you a good day! Respectfully Karina!!!

Ps: I will be very glad to see your photos!!!

Hello ****** !!!!
It's very nice to see your answer!! How are you doing? How's the weather?
I hope everything is fine!
****** communication with you makes my mood better!!!
I'm very pleased to get your photo. YOU are a very sweet man!!
You  know,  I'm  really  glad  you  reciprocated and also sent me your
photo. I'll try to please you with my photos.
After  all,  thanks  to  this, we will find out and see what we are in
I'm  sorry,  but  unfortunately  I  can't communicate with you in real
time. I don't have msn or skype.
Because I don't have my own personal computer to communicate with you.
I use my friend's computer, and if possible the computer at my job.
It's sad we can't chat with you and see each other on camera.
But we can get to know each other better through letters and share our
photos from life.
I am already happy that I have the opportunity to communicate with you
through letters.
Or as an option, I can call you! we could hear each other and talk!

I want to tell you a little bit about myself. I worked in a beauty salon. I was a massage master on a vacuum machine.
I didn't do a hand massage. These are various roller and vacuum machines for massage.
I also take a part-time job as a makeup artist. I make up girls for the holidays. Sometimes I take a job at home.
You have to work as much as possible to feel independent.
Unfortunately, now the virus is getting harder. You need to believe in the best!!!
Like I told you, I live in Serov City. I'm not married and I've never been married.
I have no children. Perhaps fate has not yet given me a man with whom I can spend the rest of my days.
In general, I would like to meet a man for a serious relationship. I don't want games wasting time.
Because I'm not a little girl anymore.
Are you only looking for a friend for communication or short meetings?
I'm interested in finding out. I think it needs to be solved now, so that then there are no unpleasant moments.
In general, I would be interested in learning as much about you as possible!
I will also try to write more about me!!!
****** I'm finishing my email! I'll wait for your answer!!
I wish you a sunny day and a good mood!!!
Respectfully Karina!!!

Hello ****** !!!
How are you doing? How's your mood? I hope it's okay!
I'm very happy to see your letter! I'm glad I can write you an answer again.
For me, it is great happiness that you and I communicate and exchange letters!!!
I'm very happy to get your photo. It's really nice of you to please me
with your photos.
I  try  to  send you photos from my life too so you can get to know me
I continue to work hard as before!
Today I have a few girls signed up for massage and in the evening two girls will come to my house for makeup.
By the way, I hope you got it right about my job.
I only work with girls. This is a vacuum massage to tighten the skin and clean the Cellulite.
I have nothing to do with erotic massage!!! I immediately warn you about it!!
****** today I'm going to the gym tonight. I try as hard as I can
engage in sports more often. It's good for health!! I have
a few photos from the sports hall from training and I will definitely send them!!
******  This is a little hard to answer quickly. But I always try to answer you as soon as possible.
I'll wait for your next answer!! I have to finish my letter!!!
I wish you a good day and a good mood!!!
Your Karina!!!!

Hello ****** !!!
How are you doing? I hope everything is fine!!!
****** you know that I try to write to you as often as possible, but sometimes I can't do it.
I'm always waiting for your letter and I hope you're waiting for my letters too!!!
I am very happy to see your letter and write you an answer!

****** I was thinking about you and our acquaintance! It's true! I hope you thought too!
I have a question for you ****** .
I'd like to know your plans for the future! How do you feel about me?
Do you have any serious thoughts about me?
****** I ask you this question because I don't want to waste your and my time.
We're adult adequate people and I want to know your thoughts. I really ask you to write me the truth.
I've made a lot of mistakes and burned, so I don't want to suffer again! Hope fate gave me you to be a happy woman!!!
****** I hope you understand me correctly. I want to be sure of a man who will open up to serious communication.
I guarantee the truth and sincerity from myself.
I am an adult girl and I want a serious stable relationship built on the truth.
In general, I am very happy that on the Internet I met you! I really like talking to you!!
You are a very nice man and I am very interested in reading your letters! By the way, this is a literary genre!!)))
****** I will end my email.
I'm sending you my photos!!! I hope you like them!
I wish you a good day and a good mood!
Your Karina!!!!

Hello ******!!!
I am very happy to see your letter!!! How are you doing ******?
I hope everything is fine!!!
******, my grandparents are already in heaven. My parents are alive. I to them
told me I knew you. They really hope we have
You're gonna be fine!
My last relationship ended about two years ago!
I want to tell you a little bit about myself.
I like any girl who loves flowers. My favorite flowers are roses and lilies.
My favorite color is pink, turquoise. From clothes, I wear black and red colors.
In general, I just love good clothes like any girl!!))
Lower white I love red and black.
I love reading books. I like to read world literature. I love Russian classics.
I also like to watch interesting adventure films in the evening!
What kind of movies do you like to watch? I love going to the movie theater. Skating is one of my favorite activities. I also love skiing in winter!
I think this is a good cultural holiday!
I like to go to music concerts. But unfortunately, I have not been there for a long time. Music groups with concerts rarely come to my city. Speaking of a hobby. A hobby for me is my job! I like making girls more beautiful! Massage I improve their physical appearance! When making makeup they become more beautiful!!))
****** I try to walk more. Because movement is life. As you know, I go to the gym. I try to follow my figure! I sent you photos from my classes in past letters!!!
I think I'm in normal shape))).
****** I told you a little bit about myself to get to know me better!
I want us to be closer to each other with every letter!
I'll wait very long for your answer! I will try to answer your letter as soon as possible!!!
I wish you a good sunny day and a beautiful mood!!!
Respectfully Your Karina!!!

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