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Stasya <>
« on: June 22, 2020, 11:21:16 AM »
Name: Stasya
Age: 32
City: Tver, Russia

Hello there ******! I'm happy that you just has written me. I am hoping you may
find the time to write me again, so we will learn each other better. Thanks for
pictures! It very much was pleasant to me! About thirty days earlier I
registered on the internet dating company "New Hope". I given them 500 rubles
and they gave me your e-mail. Rubles is our money. 500 rubles is about 10 Usd. I
could not write to you for almost a 30 days. I was in a doubt if I was set to
find a other half for a partnership. But right now I made the decision to
message you and find out more info about u. I wanted to get more info about you
on this dating service, but they have already been closed for almost 2 weeks.
But Im happy that these people gave me a real e mail of yours. They could've
trick me and supply me a non-existent address. These people failed to say on
which web-site they had your email. I hope that this may not be a problem. As
well as I don't mind ten us dollars, since it's a small price tag for a new
friendship or something more. That dating website provided me 2 more emails in
addition to yours. I written to them last week also. But all they wanted was my
unclothed photographs. So I could not reply to all their messages and also
erased their addresses. I really hope you are definitely not like all of them
and we may start a decent a friendly relationship. To me this is the first
practical experience of online dating. I do not know just where to begin. I'm
Anastasiya. But my friends call me Stasya. So call me Stasya please. I'm thirty
two years. My bday is on November 12, 1987. I live in Russia. I stay in place
called Tver. It is a quiet small town in the region called Tverskaya oblast,
Russia. Just ask and I will tell you regarding my city more. Tell me regarding
your city please. The range in our time doesn't actually matter. You may get
everywhere in the world by airplane in a number of hours. I'm single and never
married. My past relationship completed last year. I have no children. My dad
and mom reside in the very same place in somethink like 20 mins of walking from
me. I have no cousins or sisters. I will inform you about my family members
afterwards. I have a job in a cosmetic store. Apologies if I usually do not
reply immediately. Its due to the fact that I do not have a pc home, I write to
you from job. I am saving money for a pc and definitely will buy it in the
month. Then I can compose more frequently! About man I am looking for. My man
must be kind, intriguing, and comfy with him self, tolerable, intelligent, and
confident. A person who likes to have a good laugh and is entertaining!! Someone
to be a best friend, lover, and most importantly, between us should be mutual
respect, and shared support. We will be like-minded and truly feel very comfy
with each other. I really do not know what more to state. Tell me more about
yourself. What are you doing for fun? What are you doing in your spare time?
Maybe little about your job. I actually hope this is the beginning of a
fantastic friendship and much more! All romantic relationships begin with a
friendly relationship. I hope that you are really serious about the start of
this friendship. I don't wish to be an alternative option, and so on. I do not
have precious time for games. Do not waste my and your precious time if you
don't want to have a truly serious romantic relationship in the nearby future. I
send you my photographs. I wish you will like them. I will await your mail. Have
an excellent day.

Your friend Stasya.

Hi ******! I'm thrilled to receive your answer! Thanks for your pictures. You
very good looking!! I do not have a computer at home. I'm writing from work. So
my access to the Internet is limited. I cannot use skype. I've learned English
language at the school. Starting from the 5th grade, everyone was given the
option to learn The english language, German or The french language. I selected
English. Immediately after the school I went on to studying English
in college. Furthermore there I studied advertising and marketing. I am going to
to tell much more about me personally and my character. Perhaps i am
old-fashioned, but I am a passionate in my mind! I feel that every individual
are passionate inside. Someone hides it, but i don't. I like a good sense of
humor. In people I value trustworthiness. I think that without it, a friendly
relationship or a really serious bond can not be developed. I don't like liars.
Especially individuals who are lying, while I know the facts. Often it's
really funny to look at anybody who comes up having a story, but I already
know the truth. I trust in real love at first sight. I love to listen to
comments to myself. I am not distinct from some other females here ha. I believe
in romance, yet I'm definitely not a little girl. I soberly look at everyday
living and all difficulties. I realize that the partnership is the work of the
two lovers! ******, I fully understand that we know one another not so
perfectly to ask such questions, still Im interested in your
opinions on life. What is most essential for you in everyday life? What do you
interested in in a woman? Perhaps some exciting tale from your life? I've got to
go to work right now. I hope you are going to have a fine working day! I will
simply wait for your mail. Be careful.

Your friend Stasya.

Hi there ******. Thanks for your pictures. You very good looking!! Im glad to
receive your email! Every day we get to know one another even more. Your letters
are something new for me. This is a brand new experience! A day or two back my
life was boring and dull. But my life became lighter as soon as I received your
mail! It really is just like a light at the end of a tunnel. ******, thank you
very much for it! ****** thank you for your answers about your family! I
appreciate it! It helped to get to know you closer. I want to talk about the
family members. How many relatives you have? How frequently see one another?
What are your relationship with them, if it is not a secret? Don't answer
questions if you don't want my dear. I'll fully understand. I'm the only child
in my family. I'm a loved baby for my mom and dad. My mother and father tried to
have a baby me for a while, although they failed to succeed for a number of yrs.
Parents were both absolutely healthy, yet mom could get pregnant with me after a
several years of not successful attempts. My mother's name is Sveta. I was born
when she was thirty-six years old. Right now she is 68 years old. My father's
first name is Alex. He is 75 years old. They are both retired. In my years as a
child I frequently was doing some fishing with my daddy. I do think that my dad
wished to have a son and that is the reason why I was fishing. ha. But I liked
it. I had a happy childhood and Therefore i'm grateful for this. They live close
to my flat. Just 20 or so mins walk. Also I have a few uncles and aunts. All of
us visit each other once a yr or two years. Some uncles and aunts reside in
abroad. My uncle works in various places all over the world. I don't know the
details, but I know the fact that he previously worked in canada and usa and in
many euro places, also in Australia. With my mom and dad I go to park at times.
I also like to skating and skiing with close friends. I made a decision to try
the internet for dating, because my close friend found her husband on internet
Two years back. Currently she's expecting a baby and they reside in Australia. I
think the net is surely an perfect choice to find a spouse for a really serious
connection. I am just not interested discovering a male in Russia. There are
lots of drinking alcohol people along with men who do not respect women. Also it
is because of my bad practical experience with my ex boyfriend. I'll speak about
him in the following letter. Right now I must finish my email. I look forward to
an email from you. Wish you a excellent daytime.

Your Stasya.

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