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on: June 18, 2020, 02:28:40 PM
Name: Tatyana
Age: 32
City: Divnogorsk, Russia

Hello ******
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my letter. I want to
apologize right away if I can not immediately answer your letters.
Unfortunately I do not have my own computer at home, I have to write
to you from a working computer. I found your email address through a
marriage Agency "Magic love " I provided the marriage Agency
information (indicated the country and age) I had to pay the marriage
Agency for this a little bit moneys'. After filling in the
questionnaire took a few days. Agency provided me with your email
address. That's how I found you. This is a new and unusual experience
for me on the Internet. But I will try to write you a good letter . Do
not be too strict to my mistakes in words, English is not my mother
tongue. And I hope to improve poor level of English while
communicating with you. Now, if you don't mind me telling you a little
bit about myself. My name is Tatyana To me now 32 years. My birthday
is September 10th. I was born in 1987. year. My weight is 54 kg with a
height of 172 cm. I live in the provincial city of Ukhta is a city in
the Republic of Komi of the Russian Federation. The population is 99
680 people. You can see all the information in Google. I finished
medical University. My education will consist of 3 levels : school,
College, University. I studied for 18 years. All 18 years I he also
studied English. I work as a second surgeon in a small clinic for 4
years. We practice General Surgery - this is a section of surgery
focused on the abdominal organs, including the esophagus, stomach,
small intestine, large intestine, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and
bile ducts, also often the thyroid gland I'm proud to be helping
people . Many things depend on me during surgery. I think in in the
future, I will be able to become an independent surgeon.. I live
alone, have I don't have kids and the man she loved.. Sometimes I feel
very alone in her apartment. It is for this reason I decided to meet
you . I like to play sports (most likely, you will notice it in my
photos). Twice a week I go exercise at the gym for keeping fit. My
workout consists of (aerobics, treadmills, yoga) I'm for a healthy
lifestyle:) I have there are no bad habits such as (alcohol, Smoking
and drugs). Eat do you have bad habits ??? What else can I tell you
about me? I prefer all music regardless of genre (rock, jazz, pop,
etc.) I like to watch movies about love, Comedy, fantasy. I'm not so
love hits, which show the stage of violence. My favorite color is
orange) What else would you like to know about me? ?? Ask questions
(only I am asking ask ask me adequate questions), I want to say at
once that I am a good girl and I won't to do naked photos. .I am a
woman with self-esteem! I hope you won't laugh and we will write a lot
letters to each other. I hope you are interested in our dialogue. What
are you expecting a woman?? You want a woman to be your partner.
lives?? Maybe you're just looking for a friend or a mistress ?? It may
be are you looking for a mother for your children ? Which made you
answer mine. previous letter, just interest?? Or just a courtesy?? Or
maybe be something else? The distance between us is a problem for you?
I hope, that our communication will continue. Tell me about your
preferences on woman. I'm sending you some pictures of me and my life.
I serious in my intentions so please show me your devotion. P. S.
Uuuf, I finally finished this letter. I wrote this letter with great
inspiration and tried to tell as much as possible about me. .))) I
wish you a good and kind day !! I hope to hear from you soon,

Hello ******
Unfortunately I can not use Skype, I do not have my own computer. If I
use Skype at work, my Boss will be very unhappy.
How are you? Thanks for the photos.I liked your pictures.
I’m very glad that you decided to continue our communication.Now I
work,and write the letter to you.******,I was thinking of what I can
write more about me.But I did not write to you about my family.I think
that you should know about it. I was born in a small town of Ukhta (Russia)..
I live here.****** I do not remember my father because he did not
live with us.I was grown only by my mother.We were the best
friends.But my mum had a cancer of a stomach, and she has died in
2009 .Year was horrendous for me.It was awful and incredible.I could
not understand it for long time.I was empty.Even now I remember my mum
very much frequently.You know,that I had very happy childhood. Only
then, several years I started to understand,that she felt, because I
had no father with me. But I have received news from other people,
that it was no mistake of my mother.My father (I cannot name his
"daddy") never loved my mum. He has left her lonely,because my mum was
the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for her to bring up me. Buy
to me of a dress and toy.We lived only her little earnings.But we
never complained of our life - we have solved all problems together.My
mum always spoke me, I should marry the person which I shall real
love.I hope you understand,that memory of my mum very important for
After death of my mum I feel very much lonely,because I have no native
sisters and brothers.****** but I have my best girlfriend Natalya and
Marina.oooh I will send you a photo my friends and my Mom.
My mother's name was Rima ..They are remarkable girl.We
can name us sisters because we are friends more than 15 years,and we
help each other.Do you have a best friend?I want to tell you about my
hobbies. My mother also loved flowers very much. Now I care for them. .I raise
flowers.Roses,orchids,tulips,an aster.Do you have any favorite
hobbies?I can describe my individuality as sunny,active, open-hearted
sincere person with stable moral standards.******,i want to know you
much better because you are attracting me in what you say. How much
time are you in search of women?****** have you or any of your friends
ever had communication experience with women from Russia in reality or
internet?What do you think of my character? Do you like my
personality.What you do not like in me?Yours, Tatyana

Hello ****** !!

The day is wonderful today and I’m in high spirits and how are you? I
hope all is well. Today I’ve woken up early in morning.I got
up,showered,went to kitchen, made breakfast from eggs,open
sandwiches,yoghurt and coffee. Later I really enjoy cooking . I really
love Russian cuisine. But sometimes I can afford something from
European dishes. One of my favorite Russian dishes is of course our
national soup called Borsch. It is made from beets, cabbage, potatoes,
onions, carrots and of course a little meat. I went to job.I used to
get to job by public transport but in mornings it’s nightmare really
to use it - so many people, transport is overcrowded and everybody
hasten.****** I told my girlfriend Natalya about you.She is happy that
we write letters to each other.Natalya says that I need a man who will
help me and who will really care for me. I had a bad experience with a
man. We broke up 2 years ago. He was the only one in my life, we met
for 5 years. The first 2 years he was very nice looking after me, I
wanted to marry him. But unfortunately he changed dramatically, he
often began to drink and when he came home drunk he raised his hand to
me. I lived in fear, he often cheated on me. I cried constantly, I
wanted to escape from him, but I was afraid that he would kill me. He
promised if I ran away he would find me. I asked God at least one
chance to start my life again. I asked the god to leave him. The Lord
heard me and he took me away from him. One day he came home and said
that he had found another girl and that he wants to leave me. I was
very happy. After his departure, I promised myself that I would never
again be with a man from Russia. They are very rude and they think
that they are always right. They do not consider it a bad thing to
raise a hand on a woman. They think that all women deserve it. For a
long time I could not decide to look for a new relationship. Now I'm a
little calmer and decided to go on the Internet dating. And now we met
with you. You know I really feel lonely very often but I believe in
god luck.I believe in God,he always helps.oooooh I don’t remember if I
told you about my dog.It's name is Chipa.He the boy. To him 4 years.
Chihuahua is a companion dog. Believed to be the smallest dog in the
world I heard if a person has a pet in a house and if he takes a good
care of it the person is a very good house keeper.I belive it.I never
tried to describe to somebody my character in the letter.And I have no
idea how to do it.But if there is anything you want to know,I will
tell you with pleasure of course.I really can tell that I have the
kind heart,and I'm the good listener.I'm an absolutely kind person
though at the same time I'm a proud woman;I always appreciated
sincerity,honesty and frankness;I'm a loyal person and I always have
respect to people.I'm able to forgive and I do not recognize anger.All
this are the obvious features of my character,-the features,which I
self can see in myself.I want you to learn me more,because I as well
would be glad to learn more about you.Ask me any questions you wish in
your turn.I will be happy to answer them.Your, Tatyana

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