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Gerl Tatyana <>
« on: October 19, 2018, 11:31:11 AM »
Name: Gerl Tatyana
Age: 37

Hello ******...

Forgive me for answering your letter late. But your letter was in the
trash (spam). I don't know why it happened. Maybe it's some mistake
... My email filter may not be configured correctly. Everything's fine
now. I added your address to the" good mail " list. and we can safely
continue to communicate...if you want? I think you want to know me. If
you didn't want to know me, you wouldn't have texted me. Right?

I'm sorry, but I can't give you my phone number. I don't think we know
each other enough to exchange numbers... I don't mind talking to you
on the phone. Please do not take this as a refusal because a little
later I will write you my phone number. You agree..? I think we can
start here and learn more about each other first...

You know, I was interested in reading your letter. I hardly know you
at all, but today during the day I thought of you..."Answer" or " not
answer?"I will be open and confess... I already had a little
experience of online Dating. You're not the first person I've tried to
write to. Before you, I tried writing to a few men. But I was full of
disappointments... One man only wanted sex. Another wanted to see my
erotic pictures. Of course, I immediately stopped the dialogue with
them. Because my intentions are serious.

I don't know what to say in my first letter because I'm new at this.
This is something new and unusual for me.... I live in Russia. It's a
little far away from you, but I hope it won't interfere with our
communication??? I read that on the Internet there are people from all
over the world!!! What you think? Perhaps you don't want to talk to me
anymore? But if you're willing to talk to me.. ?? I will tell you more
about myself in my next letter. Deal?

I won't write much today. I'm just curious to hear your thoughts on
the matter. I want to know what you're looking for???? A serious
relationship ? or just flirting? I hope you're serious and I'd like to
get to know you. Tell me something about yourself..... and ask what
you want to know about me?

I look forward to your reply and photos.

With respect Tatyana.

Hello ******!

Today I have a letter from you !!! I think we know each other now?
Hihihihihihih..... I'm glad we can continue our fellowship. I am very
pleased that you took the time to write me back.

Now I know you're a serious man. Now I know you have a desire to
communicate with me. That's very good.. I will be happy to talk about
myself... I don't think we should hurry. I think we should take slow
but steady steps. Right? You don't have to be embarrassed. I'm a
simple girl... I am 37 years old. I don't have children. I've been
in a long relationship with a man, but it's all in the past now....
It doesn't make any sense to me now..

I live in Kolomna. It is an ancient city of Russia. It is one of the
oldest cities in the Moscow region. There are many temples here..
monasteries and monuments. Our city is truly rich in its glorious
historical past. If you want to know more, ask me or look at google. I
think that in you can find everything! You agree?

I have a simple job to do. I work as a beauty salon administrator. His
name is "Persona." You can also see it on google ... if you are
interested ?? All day I just sit in a chair and taking calls.....
making appointments...... organize the work of employees.....
Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's tiring.... I'm sending you a
picture of my workplace. Now you can see where I work! .. I think that
there is enough information about me for today... I hope I didn't bore
you with my letter.

Tell me, what made you get acquainted through the Internet?
What happened to your past relationship? I'll finish my letter on


Good day ******!

I'm so glad you keep writing to me.. Today, I had trouble sleeping,
and fatigue prevents me to Express my thoughts. But still, I'll try to
give you a normal answer..

I think that many people have one reason to look for a
partner on the Internet? You think so? There have been some important
stories in my life, but the most important one is past relationships.
The last relationship with a man lasted almost 6 years, but
unfortunately we did not come to a good finish. One day I just got
tired, Packed up and went to my mom's!!! You ask why? It's simple...
I'm tired of melting his ice. I'm tired of warming our relationship
with just my fire..

No!!! In the beginning, everything was fine. We lived like normal
people. Work, trips to parents, trips to nature, trips to cinemas. But
a few years later, I noticed that it is no longer the fire that was
before. His feelings cooled. I was trying to save our relationship. I
tried to communicate with him more. I tried to surprise him in the
kitchen. I gave him more space. I did everything in my power to make
sure we had a really meaningful relationship. I tried to create all
conditions to make him feel comfortable in our house. But all this he
did not appreciate. The more I tried, the more he moved away from me.
He started yelling at me more and more. To blame me. Make a claim. I
think he just stopped loving me and I couldn't stand it.

After a few years of loneliness, I decided to look for a new
companion. On the advice of his girlfriend Marina, I decided to try to
get acquainted with a man on the Internet. I was ready to start over.

Tell me, how do you see your new relationship? What would you like
from them? Of course I'd be happy if you could tell me what you think
about it...

I'm finishing my letter for today.

See you tomorrow........

I could not write to you yesterday because I had to visit my
grandmother because she needed help. Hope you didn't miss me too much.
I returned recently and immediately hurried to write to you.

Well its been another day of our lives. How was your day? I've had a
simple day. There were few visitors. I guess everyone was busy with
their work. I was a little bored, but I had time to remember our

I'm very happy to see your answer. I was very interested in reading
your letter and learning something new about you. I appreciate your
honesty. I think that if we always write each other frank thoughts and
answer questions honestly, that's the only way we can build a good
communication and go forward leaving the burden of the past behind. Do
you agree?

Now I'd like to tell you how I see my future relationship. I'd like to
have a normal relationship in the future. I don't want to fight over
nothing. I don't want to take your privacy with your friends or anyone
else... I don't want to interfere with your hobbies. You know? I think
that if we act together, there will be harmony and understanding in
our family. Don't you think? Can't a man and a woman have a common
passion? I think they can! After all, the meaning of a couple is that
they share everything. Right? For example, you will wash clothes...
I'll be nice to her.... You'll be buying groceries at home.. I'm going
to cook... We will walk in films. In one word-be together and in
joy... and sad. I think that's normal... If you disagree, then tell me
your opinion.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi my dear ******,
Thank you very much for your letter. It brightens my day. I hope that
you have the same feeling when you receive my letter. And of course, I
enjoy our correspondence and I am serious. I consider you to be my
friend, I think that you understand me in lots of things it's easy for
me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask me any questions you

I think that trust is very important for the relationship, if both of
the partners want the relationship to grow. No relationship can be
strong without it. Thank you for being honest with me and from my side
I can say that I will be honest with you also. I think we should try
to tell each other as much as we can.

My relatives can't think about our communication because I haven't
told anyone about it. I think it's too early to tell anyone. I think
it might be a while before others find out.

I would like to tell to you about my plans for my future. All my plans
Are connected only with one, but I do not know as you it to tell. I
very much Wished to find the favourite person. All my thoughts are
directed to that that To find which person I will grow fond all my
heart and which will answer To me reciprocity because I think love
always should be The mutual. I wish to connect all future with this
person therefore. That I know that there is nothing better than to be
with the favourite person. I know that I I will be happy with such
person. I am assured that we with it will be Are happy and will plan
our future together. I wish to tell to you, What is the thoughts we
are directed that with my favourite person Let's get married and will
plan then our family: how many we want Children as we them will name,
it is the most pleasant plans about which I I can dream only.
I would like to know you better from inside, because you seem very
interesting to me, so I have a question for you: What qualities do you
appreciate in people the most? In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness,
kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I
also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role.
That's why I think that 100% trust should be between man and woman,
they should be able to say every single thing to each other, share all
their joys and sorrows. If they have a problem they should try to find
a salvation together. What do you think? What is your opinion? And
feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer you with great pleasure.

I will be looking forward to your letter!!!!

Hello ******...

I was waiting for your letter. I was very happy when you wrote. I
enjoy talking to you. Learn something new about you. It makes me feel
very good. I feel like you're a very special person to me.

I believe in God. For me it is easier to communicate good luck when I
am in church. Now ever less people which believe in God on the
present. It seems to me that, people start to be self-hypochondriac
and proud. It can lead to the bad termination of a way of each person
separately. I do not say that each person should know all bible. I do
not know the bible completely. But it seems to me, that the relation
to belief in the God should be responsible and serious.

******, today I had a very busy day. There was a lot of headache with
customers.....Uffffffffff..... I'm exhausted... It was all because my
work colleague was doing nothing on time. He doesn't take his job
seriously and I don't like it very much. I don't like to put anything
off until tomorrow. I do everything in time. I think it all depends on
the education of the person. I had a good upbringing. I owe it to my
mother. She was very strict with my upbringing. She taught me to do
everything on time, and I'm so used to it.

******, I want my future family to do everything in time. Why put off
for later, what can be done now? Right? After all, because of the
elementary trifles can be a big problem. It proves life experience. If
you disagree with me, then tell me your opinion about this? Sorry I'm
sharing with you. their workers problems. At work, I have no one else
to tell it.. So I decided to take the pressure off and tell you. I
thought you'd listen to me??? If you don't like it, then tell me and I
won't write you about the job anymore. OK?

On that note, I want to finish my letter. I'm tired and I want to
rest. I hope you understand the meaning of my letter. I'd love to hear
your thoughts. I want you to tell me about your daily life, too.… Can
you tell me about your problems, too? I will listen to you.

See you soon.....

Hello ******..

I had a good one today... I would even say an easy day. Was little
work. There were hardly any customers today. Perhaps there were
magnetic storms in space today?? ...he..he..he..he... (I'm
kidding).... I didn't even know what to do. My colleagues were busy
with their own Affairs. someone was in your smartfone, someone web the
tablet, and someone just had a break from work.

I'm tired of idleness and opened the Internet search engine I've decided to study your country. I found some
articles on the Internet about your country.. your culture... I read
about your mentality... I was interested in learning a lot about your
country. I was able to see many beautiful sights of your country.
wow..... for myself, I learned that in your country there are many
interesting and beautiful places... Ahhhhh... I'd like to go there one

What places do you like to visit? Personally, I like to learn
something new.. Last year I visited Turkey. It was my first and only
trip abroad. I sent you photos that were taken during my vacation... I
hope you enjoy it..?? Of course, there are many beautiful places in
Russia.. Like the capital of my country.. Moscow... It's beautiful!

******, if you're interested. You can find a lot of interesting things
about my country on the Internet... landmarks... culture.... and many
other. This way we can learn more about our cultures.

On this I want to finish my letter

Good evening ******!

I do not know as you to answer your question because I never travelled
from Russia earlier and never thought over a trip so far from my
house. Certainly, when I have come to Internet cafe to start to search
to myself of the friend that I thought that once we will need to meet
and he will probably ask me to arrive to it, but I did not think that
it will be so soon. I thought that we need to learn at first each
other as it is possible is better. I know a little about you and I
think you so know about me a little. I think to us it is necessary to
think a little and then to solve and plan more seriously ours with you
I will meet my dear.

Another day is over. What's new? I couldn't sleep much yesterday, so I
had a weird day today. It all started with little things... At first I
overslept because I didn't hear the alarm clock. I had only Breakfast
and did not even have time to wash the dishes. I ran to work faster.
But because of the bad weather, I was late for my work because traffic
in the city was slow. But there was nothing wrong with that.

I'm home... I made dinner and washed the dishes that I didn't have
time to wash in the morning. When I did all this, I listened to the
radio and thought about life... And I thought.. - Ehhhh... if I had a
man, maybe I wouldn't have overslept the alarm....?? He'd Wake me up
and even wash the dishes I didn't have time to wash. Of course to live
in paired very well... How do you feel about housekeeping? I think
that in a relationship a man should help a woman and share all
responsibilities equally. It would be convenient for both.. and fun...

For example, I know a few men who can cook... they love doing that. My
colleague Irina's husband is just "the king of the table"... I tried a
lot of dishes that he cooked and I want to say that it was very

No, of course I don't require my chosen one to be a cook.. =)).. It's
not necessary. But if he could at least wash the dishes.. and use the
iron! I would have been very happy! Hihihi... ******, tell me how do
you imagine it? Tell me what you think about it... I'll be

Your Tatyana.

Good evening ******...

I've had a hard day today. There were a lot of customers and so there
was a lot of work. Pfffffffffffffff.... I'm tired.... Probably today I
would not refuse your help☺... Ahhhh... I'm sorry you're not here....
I went home after work. You know what happened to me? On the way home
I met my friend Olga on the advice of which I decided trying to meet
on the Internet, and I met you... I remember did you tell you about
her at the beginning of our acquaintance? I was so happy to meet you.
Her too. We haven't seen each other... We accepted the decision to
move to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate our meet and talk about
life. Do you like Japanese food? We ordered a rolls and green tea. I
noticed she was strong. changed. She was very happy, she was
beautiful. mood. I asked her what was the reason for her good mood?
She told me she met a man from another country. Their history similar
to ours. But the difference is, she met him on her work. She herself
works as an English translator in construction company... They
communicated on the Internet like us. Imagine!!!

I was so happy for her. She told me she recently went to guests to
him. To get to know him, to get to know his culture, country. See how
he lives. She told it all like this. emotionally, I couldn't stop her.
=))))... Ohhh... I'm so it's nice that she found happiness... ******
I think we can take an example.. You think so? This once again proves
that for creating a relationship has no boundaries... Distance is just
numbers... you you agree?

******, we communicate with you not the first day. I like you a lot.
I I noticed we had something in common.. What you think? ******, I am
very I hope that between us there is something serious and one day we
we'll arrange our meeting. You agree?

I'll finish my letter now... I wish you all the best... Tatyana

Hello ******...

I'm waiting for your letters every day. When I see him, my heart
starts to beat faster. In my head there are 1000 questions. What did
he write, is he tired of me? When I begin to read the letter, I calm
myself and read it several times. After reading the letter, I begin to
write the answer in my head...

I understand your feelings ******, because you were deceived! It's sad
to hear, because this the girl was a bad person! I do not know why she
did this to you. In any case, she exchanged love for money. It's her
choice, but I think you're worth more than 1000 euro. In the
beginning, I was also afraid to get acquainted on the Internet,
because I saw on TV one show in which they told how some men offer
Russian girls go abroad to work. They say they want them marry, some
girls agree and go there, but then they are met in and they take all
the documents from them. They are forced to sell their love not paying
no money !!! It's horrible. It is very sad for me to understand that
such people exist in this world. I do not know what to tell you about
fraud, I just want to you say that you can trust me because I really
want to find for yourself half the heart. The girl who deceived you?
Why do you think she deceived you? Maybe it's just that something
happened to her? I do not defend it, but I just try to think
objectively. In any case, she has already spent her money, which she
received from you, but she lost much more. She lost a good man!

Today I had some not usual day. I had a strange feeling. I've never
felt this way before. Something is definitely happening to me. When I
see your letter, my head goes off and I think only of you. My pulse is
racing and my heart is starting to beat faster. When I see your photo,
I imagine myself hugging, snuggling up to you....feel your warmth.....
but it's just my thoughts....

I think how to be with you and see you with my own eyes for at least
one moment. But I don't know how to do it. Because I don't have wings,
and I can't come to you to give you a kiss. I'm so happy I met you.

******, I feel like my life is changing and this feeling comes from my
heart. I began to devote more time to my beauty. Spend more time in
front of the mirror. I'm doing this for you. I think I'm in love with
you. But I'm not entirely sure yet.

It's not the first day I've known you. And for myself, I have already
made some conclusions. I understand you're sensitive, sincere,
reliable. I like those qualities I found in you. They draw me to you.
But I'm so sorry that we're thousands of miles apart....

******, do you have similar feelings? Tell me, open your heart to me.
Are there any changes in your life after our meeting? My head is just
thinking about you right now.

You gave me a new life. filled my heart with happiness and love. Maybe
it's fate?

I hope you'll tell me how you feel about me, too. I wanna know. Tell

The whole 💋💋💋 and hugs,❤ yours Tatyana...❤

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