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on: January 28, 2020, 08:45:34 AM
Name: Olga
Age: 31
City: Ulyanovsk, Russia

Hello  ******!! Thank you for your answer! I want to say thanks for the
photo.  I  like  your photo, I think you're an attractive man. And I'm
glad  to  met  you.  I just found your letter in the spam box. I don’t
know why your letter got there, but now I have added you to my contact
list,  so now your letters should no longer be in the spam box. Please
do  the same so that my letters do not end up in your spam box, and we
can  safely receive each other's letters, okay? I'm sorry, but I don't
have  the  ability  to talk on Skype because my phone not support such
programs.  I  want  to talk about the situation with my cell phone. At
the  moment I have the simple phone Nokia 101. You probably don't even
remember  how  it approximately look like?? I can say that there is no
touch  screen and absolutely no program. The reason is that two months
ago  my  Samsung  was stolen along with my purse. I went to the police
but  it  yielded  no results. Thus, I was left without a modern phone.
So,  thanks  again  for  answering  my  letter!!! Now we can start our
acquaintance!  Where  to  start  my story about me?? It turns out that
this  is not an easy task;))) First of all, I want to admit that I was
a  little  worried  whether  you would answer my request for dating or
not! In the recent past, I already tried to meet a man on the Internet
using  a  dating  agency.  But  this  was unsuccessful, and in fact it
turned  out  that  these  men were not interested in finding a serious
relationship   or   were   only  looking  for  an  exchange  of  naked
photographs. I hope that this time I was lucky and you are looking for
a  serious  relationship???  I don’t want to waste your and my time. I
want  you  to  honestly  admit  to me if you are looking for a serious
relationship or are you not interested?? Please be sincere with me!! I
was already seriously injured 1.5 years ago in real life, and I do not
want  to be hurt again. Then my man betrayed me! He cheated on me with
another  woman  not  long  before  we were supposed to get married. It
seemed to me that my world had collapsed and I could never trust a man
again,  but time heals... and now I have found the strength to believe
in  love again. But still not in love with a man from Russia. I became
smarter.  That  betrayal helped me to see and make sure that in Russia
most  men  really do not respect and do not value their women. I did a
lot  in  my past relationships to ensure that my man was happy, but he
did  not  appreciate  my  care. I realized that all three years of our
relationship  I  was  only  his cook, a cleaning lady, but at the same
time I never received true love, care and respect! After much thought,
I  decided  to  try to look for happiness on the Internet. I read many
articles  about  how  Russian  women  find their second half through a
dating agency and live happily with a man who truly knows how to value
and  respect  a  woman.  I  think  that  each  of  us has the right to
happiness,  right???  And  who  will  build  happiness  for  us  if we
ourselves do not do it with our own hands?? Maybe everything that I am
writing  to you now is not entirely interesting to you, but I think it
is  very  important  to  explain  to  you at the very beginning of our
communication  about  what  kind of relationships I am looking for and
why I am looking for these relationships on the Internet. I think that
you  do not mind if I start our acquaintance with the fact that I will
talk  about  why I'm here?! So, as you should have already understood,
my  goal  is  to  find  the  right man with whom I can build a serious
relationship  and  be  happy  together. I think everything sounds very
simple,  right ?? But at the same time it is a very difficult task. If
you  are looking for the same thing as me, then we should try to start
our  communication,  and  only  time  will  tell where this will lead.
Personally,  I  always believe in the best! Well, I think I'm really a
bit  carried away by stories about the past. We should not live in the
past,  but  in  the present, right ??? So, thanks again for writing to
me,  and  now I want to talk about myself. My name is Olga!!!! I am 31
years old and I live in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk. My height is
173  centimeters  and  my  weight  is  71 kilograms. I have never been
married,  although  as  you  understand from what I wrote above, I was
close  to  this.  I  have  no  children.  I work as an accountant in a
clothing store, but sometimes I help salespeople on the trading floor!
I  will  tell  you more about this in my next letter! I do not want to
bore  you with long letters, so I think it would be logical if in each
subsequent  letter  I talk more about me. And I ask you to follow this
principle  just  as well. Please tell me more about you in each letter
and don’t forget to send me your photos. It seems to me that this will
make  our  communication more interesting. Do you agree?? I don’t want
our  communication  to be like a profile. But at the same time, I will
be  happy to answer all your questions. I think it’s worth immediately
telling  you  that  I  lead a healthy lifestyle. In the past, I played
volleyball,  skied  a  lot, and even practiced figure skating. But now
the  work takes me too much time, and I do not have the opportunity to
exercise  regularly.  But  despite  this,  I  often  go to the pool to
maintain  my  figure  in  good  condition.  I will send you some of my
photos that I took last summer in one of the parks of our city. I hope
you  like  my  looks?  In  addition,  I like to read books, watch some
movies and cook. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I will discuss
all  this in more detail in my subsequent letters. Of course, provided
that  you  will be interested in this :)) In any case, I hope that you
will not leave my letter unattended. I will be glad to see your answer
tomorrow.  And  immediately  I  want to apologize that my letter was a
little  long. But I tried to write to you what I think is important to
learn  from  the  first  letter so that then we could move towards our
goal  if it coincides. I promise that in the future I will try to make
my letters shorter!! Waiting for your answer! Sincerely, Olga

Hi ******!!! Thank you for your answer! I'm glad you answered me today.
This  means  that you are interested in a serious relationship, and we
can continue !! I sincerely hope that every day our communication will
grow  and develop. We will write letters to each other and answer each
other's  questions.  This  is important because this is the first sign
that  we  are  interested in each other, right?? That is why I want to
answer  your  questions  right  away.  I'm sorry, but I don't have the
ability to talk on Skype and WatsApp because my phone not support such
programs.  I  want  to talk about the situation with my cell phone. At
the  moment I have the simple phone Nokia 101. You probably don't even
remember  how  it approximately look like?? I can say that there is no
touch  screen and absolutely no program. The reason is that two months
ago  my  Samsung  was stolen along with my purse. I went to the police
but  it  yielded  no results. Thus, I was left without a modern phone.
******,  after  I  wrote  you my last letter, I thought for a long time
about  if my letter interested you?? Or didn’t you even read my letter
and delete it after you read only half? Perhaps I should not have been
so  open  and  immediately  wrote  in  the  first letter about my past
relationships??  I  really tormented myself with all these questions!!
But  then  I  reassured  me  with  the  thought that frankness is most
important!!  If  from the very first letter we tell each other what we
think  and  feel,  then  it  will  be  more  correct than we will hide
something, right?? The past is an integral part of our life, and it is
impossible  to  escape from the past. The past cannot be changed!! But
we  can  always  find the strength in ourselves to accept our past, as
part  of  our  lives  and  continue  to  move forward, despite all the
failures  in  the  past!!!  Unfortunately,  for  many people, the past
becomes a ballast that makes it difficult to build the future. This is
not correct. Therefore, I boldly tell you about my past failures. I do
not want to have any secrets from you. ******, I want you to understand
that I am very serious about our correspondence. I don’t have time for
games!  I  am  very limited in my time, because I have to write to you
from  my  workplace.  The  fact is that the Internet Service Provider,
which  won  the  tender  to connect my house to the Internet, suddenly
went  bankrupt,  and  at  the  same  time  lost all the money that the
residents  of  my  house,  including  myself, collected to connect the
Internet  to  our house. Now legal proceedings are underway if we must
again  collect  money  to  connect  the  Internet  to  our home or the
Internet  Service  Provider must return this money back, and we should
already contact another Internet Service Provider. When the court will
pronounce  the verdict, and when the Internet Service Provider returns
the  money to us, I do not know yet, but I will believe that soon. But
while  I  will  write to you from work. I will try to do it regularly,
but  if  suddenly  I can not answer you right away, then please do not
worry!  I  will  always answer you when I have some free time at work!
******,  I  think  that  you will not mind if today I devote most of my
letter  to  the story of my work. Of course, I will touch on the topic
of  my  family  a  little,  but  I  will  talk  more  about this in my
subsequent letters. I do not want this letter of mine to be as long as
my  previous  letter. I am afraid that so my letters will quickly bore
you, and you will close my letter, as most of my classmates closed Lev
Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace”!! By the way, this is my favorite book.
But  now the story is not about that, but about my work. So, I work in
a  clothing store. And as I wrote to you in my last letter, I hold the
position  of an accountant there, but also help sellers on the trading
floor.  I  like  my main job as an accountant, but I also like helping
other   women  choose  clothes  and  be  beautiful!((((((  It’s  worth
mentioning  that when I graduated from the University and received the
education of an Accountant, I couldn’t find work in my specialty for a
long  time.  I  worked as a hairdresser for several years! I did women
makeup and hairstyles, dyed them hair! In general, I did what I do now
-  I  make  women more beautiful!!)) Of course, I was sad that after I
spent 5 years studying Accounting, I had to work in a hairdresser, but
in  Russia after graduating from the University it is always difficult
to  find  a  job in the specialty! As a result, only half a year ago I
was  lucky,  and  I  found work in a clothing store where I work right
now!))))))  I really like it here, but at the same time I'm constantly
busy,  and  I always return home very tired!! I live alone! My mom and
sister  live  in  the  village. Unfortunately, I do not have more free
time  to  talk  about my family, but will I do this in my next letter,
okay??  Please  tell  me  about your education, about where you had to
work. What difficulties in training and work have you encountered?? It
will  be  interesting.  I  hope my letter didn’t tire you too much?? I
tried  to write a short letter, but I feel like I got a little carried
away  again. ))) I wish you a good day and wait for your answer if you
are not bored with me.)) Olga

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