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on: July 24, 2019, 07:59:21 AM
Name: Elena
Age: 34
City: Samara, Russia

Hi, my new friend ******!Thanks for your  message!
My old email sometimes bears crash. I write to you with new email. Write to me here.
I am new to this internet and dating scene.
First of all I want to apologize, that I did not answered you for
a long time. Please do not be angry with me. Unfortunately I had
no opportunity to write to you sooner. Please forgive me for a delay. I
hope you are not offended. I hope you will write me and will not hold
evil. I am very glad that you have answered my letter. Thank you that you
have found time for answer. I do not know what to write to you in my first
letter because I never wrote letters and did not get acquainted on the
Internet before. But I think will be correct if I will start to tell about
me from the very beginning because I was first, who has written first
letter. I really do not know as far as my life is interesting to you, but
I think, if something will be not interestingly for you, you will tell me
about it. Probably I should begin my letter with the most important thing
as I have not told to you about it in my first message to you. Probably
you will be very much afflicted when you find out that I live not in your
country. But I very much hope that it does not frighten you, because
I the same lady like many other ladies living in the different countries.
I the same person with heart and soul. And if your interest is not limited by
distance or borders, I really will be very glad. My country is Russia. Our
country is located on continent named Eurasia. Russia is very big state(country)
and occupies very big area. Capital of Russia is Moscow. I was born and I live
now in village Borskoe. In Russia the village is a small settlement
in which just a few thousand, or a few hundreds inhabitants.
Probably if you want to have the best representation about where I live,
I should tell to you that my village is located close to the big city
named Samara. It's our regional center.
Very big city. Samara is located on distance of
850 kilometers from Moscow. In the childhood I dreamed to be
a ballerina or figure skater. But at conscious age my interests have
changed. When I has appeared before a choice - where to receive higher
education, I have understood that I want to be a economist(bookkeeper).
I always showed big interest to knowledge of this area. On this, at that time
I already knew absolutely exact that I will be bookkeeper, and I do not regret
about my choice. My education consist of three steps. School - College -
University. I began to get education in the comprehensive school. After
I finished it I entered the  college. I finished it with excellent
results and entered the  University. I work as a bookkeeper. Very interesting work though many
my girlfriends disagree with me. I already spoke you that my name is
Elena. But in Russia actually each name has some forms, for example
such as - the reduced form or the diminutive-caressing form or pet name.
On this also my names is - Lena or Lenusik . ****** I
to share with you my pictures,   My height is 170 cm-5 feet 7 inches. My weight  is 57 kg- 125 pounds.
My  birthday is on the 17th of October 1984. I am 34 years old.
I understand that all people have various tastes and interests,
but I sincerely hope that my picture and my appearance will
be pleasant for you. But if my appearance doesn't conform to your tastes
and interests, I will understand you, of course. I the optimist at heart
and it's frequently helps me in my life. I already adult woman, and I look
at a life with a philosophical shade. But as though I did not try to
inspire myself that I absolutely happy woman, I cannot do it. I have good
friends, I have work and an house. But there are things without
which people cannot be happy. And for me it's not material things, but
spiritual. I have written to you the first and it means that I am ready to
share with you my thoughts. I am very glad and grateful to you for that
that you have answered me because I have decided to take only one chance
in dialogue through e-mail. And if my letter to you would remain without
your answer, I think I would not use this way second time. Anyhow, I hope
that you, as well as I, have interest in our dialogue, and I will wait
your answer. In the end of my letter I want to ask you the most banal
questions. I want to ask you what music you like, what movies you prefer
and have-whether favourite movie. These questions are really interesting
for me because I like American movies. I with
pleasure will tell to you about it in my next letter if you really want to
learn more about me. Do you like your job, ******? Have you ever had
experience in correspondence with a friend from other country? Maybe you
more skilled in this plan than I'm? I thank you for your answers
beforehand. If you do not want to answer these questions, please do not
answer. It simply my female curiosity.

I am sorry once again that I did not answer your letter for a long
time. Forgive me, but I had no opportunity to take advantage of a
computer. I will explain to you later - why. With the best regards.
P.S. By the way your message went to my spam folder and to me have
recommended to place you in a "favorite list". You can too place me
in a "favorite list". And all my messages will always get in yours inbox.
Probably these days. I cannot answer quickly. I shall be in official journey.
Do not lose me. I shall answer as soon as possible.