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on: July 17, 2019, 08:10:37 AM
Name: Darya
Age: 31
City: Cheboksary, Russia

Hi ******. I'm glad you answered my message. I hope that our acquaintance will be interesting for us :) I asked you to write me a working email. But this is not very convenient for me and therefore I will write to you from here, this is my personal email and here nothing will prevent me from seeing your letter.
I thought about how to start our acquaintance and what to tell you about me. But now I can not concentrate with thoughts, because I'm worried a little.
I think our communication will be enjoyable. I would like you to send more of your photos and answer my questions sincerely. I love sincerity and truth. Whatever it is.
I send you my photo and I hope that you will like it :)
I look forward to your reply, and I hope that we did not meet with you by chance.
Your new friend Darya.

Hi ******. Nice to receive your letter. ******, I was thinking about whether you would write to me or not. Therefore, I am glad that you have not forgotten about me. :)
I hope that we will get to know each other better and will also be able to write each other more often, even if only once a day.
And thanks for your photos, you seem like a very humble man with a mystery) But I really like your smile. I feel warm, or like you said chemistry.
I wanted to write you about me in detail today. I was born in the city of Cheboksary. And I live right now in Kazan. You may have heard about this city because of the World Cup that was held in my country. We have a great distance between us, but I don’t want it to be a reason to end our conversation. If we have a desire, then we can perfectly communicate in letters now and we will see how our relationship continues. If we want to meet later, we can think about it together. We live in the modern world, and this should not be a problem.
I work as a manager at the plant of innovative technologies. This is the largest plant in my country. I like my job. I need to work hard to provide for me and help my parents. Sometimes I have to work on a Saturday. I often have to go on business trips around the country and I like to travel. Where do you work? Are you writing to me from the office or from home? Can you answer my email so often?
Now I am 31 years old. My birthday is March, 13. I am a serious and decent woman, so I also want to find for myself a good man for a serious relationship. My height is 172 cm. My weight is 63 kg. My favorite flowers are rose. My favorite color is blue. I have no bad habits. I am lonely and never married. I do not have children. I have a calm character. I live alone, separate from my parents. I am an independent woman and I am used to doing many things myself in this life. I am the only child in the family. I do not have brothers and sisters. I think this is the very first thing you wanted to know about me. If I am interested in you, I will write to you more about me in the following letters. Ok?
Can you tell me more about you? Why are you looking for online dating? What are you looking for in a woman? What do you expect from dating a woman? I would like you to answer my questions sincerely. As I said, I love sincerity and truth. Whatever she was. I am really interested to learn about you. So write to me. I'll wait. I hope my answers are clear to you. You can also ask any questions. I will answer it without any problems. I have attached some of my photos and some photos of my city to the letter. Hope you like it. I am waiting for your answer and your photos.
See you soon, Darya.

Hello, ******.
It's great to see your letter again. :) I was looking forward to your letter. How do you? How was your day? Hope that is good :).
I want to thank you for the photo you sent me.
You look like an attractive and pretty guy.
Thanks, as you write to me more about you.
I am interested to learn about your life, your thoughts. It is important for me to have an open conversation so that we can make it interesting to talk.
You probably had to grow up early and take on the role of a man and a protector, because you had to take care of the women who surrounded you. Your desire to study music and art sounds so romantic ... And I'm so sorry to know that the child could not afford it. What now? Have you ever thought about starting a study now?
I know so many stories about foreigners adopted by Russian children, but I have always been interested in what they are doing such a long way. And now I probably would know the answer. Maybe you will tell me that? After all, there you also have children without parents, right?
I carefully read your letter. Therefore, I want to tell you that I am only looking for a solid relationship. Flirt and friendship do not interest me. I need a relationship. I like calm, serious, honest and fair men. A man I can love.
I hope that you do not communicate with other women in parallel. It is right?
Because I do not have a conversation with other men.
Previously, before I met you, I tried to get acquainted with only one man from the site, but he behaved inadequately. He sent me his naked photos. He asked for my naked photos from me and said that this is ordinary politeness and trust, but I consider this unacceptable in letters! He constantly asked and insisted our conversation with skype. I know this program, I do not have the necessary equipment on my computer and it is also important for me to get to know a person well in order to have a pleasant conversation with him through video chat. I immediately stopped writing to this man and this left an unpleasant aftertaste in me. I think this man was crazy about sex. In my opinion, a normal man does not ask for nude photos from a woman on the Internet.
I like to write with you and it is important for our conversation, as we will try to talk to each other more about ourselves.
I think that you and I will not be boring and obsessive for each other. Relationships and conversation should be easy.
For me there is no difficulty in talking and I like to talk and I think that this is an opportunity for us to get to know each other better.
Will you agree with me in my thoughts? :)
******, I want to say that I don't speak English very well, but I can speak English. When I studied at university I studied English and therefore I have a little ability to speak this language, but I also use a translation program to write to you.
I love cats and dogs. I have a dog. My dog's name is "Sherry". :)
I also have 2 best friends: Katya and Marina.
I am interested to learn more about you. Maybe you could tell about your friends or how you spend your free time.
I also want to say that I have a bad attitude towards alcohol or smoking. I have never smoked in my life.
Now I have already written you a great letter and I hope that you will not get tired of reading my letter :)
******, I will wait for an answer from you and hope that you will write to me soon.
Have a nice day, ******!

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