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Angela <>
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:14:47 AM »
Name: Angela
Age: 44

Hello ******.
How are you? Everything is going well for me, I am happy that I receive your answer, and I hope that we can continue our acquaintance?
I am writing to you from work, so I can not quickly answer. But every day I will try to write an email, so I do not have other applications and programs, because I use a working computer at work. I work in a beauty salon, do makeup, hair, and much more related to beauty.
I am 44 years old, my height is 168 cm. My eyes are brown, the light of my hair is white. You can see the photo better. I live in Russia, so I want to say directly, I am looking for a man for a serious and stable relationship, maybe even look for a future husband and move in with him forever and build a family and relationship. I hope that you are the man I was looking for, and everything will be fine with us.
Tell us about your work? What language do you know? Your hobby?
I am sending my photo, I hope that you will like it, and do not forget to send your photos, I am waiting!
Have a nice day!

Hello ******.
I am glad to receive your letter, thank you for continuing to reply, I hope that we can become friends and our acquaintance will bring more joy and pleasure.
You are interested in me, so I want to learn more about you, about your lifestyle, your hobbies. Send me more photos so I can have an idea your appearance is ok?
I studied English, a little German. I use a translator so that you can understand me correctly, and it will be a good experience for me to learn your native language.
I live Arkhangelsk region city Mirnyi.
I hope that you will not be frightened by the distance between us, and we can communicate with you every day. I write when I have a break from work, the computer is working, so I will try to write letters every day. You are a good person, but I want to know more about you, I hope that you can open the door to your heart and inner world for me, and we can become friends and have true love in the future!
Yes I am a Christian, I go to church. I also want to love and make love. And I really miss the male heat.
Tell my friend ******, what is your favorite movie? What book have you read lately? What kind of music are you listening to ??? Why do you search for a woman through the Internet?
I wish you a nice day, send my photo and wait for your reply.
Your friend Angelika.

Hello my friend ******.
Thank you for your answer, it makes me happy and warms.
Everything is going well for me, the weather is also good, but your letter warms my heart and I am glad that I can get to know you in every letter closer.
My mother gave birth to me, not Jesus, I am a Christian, this is my faith. I did not think about going to you, I first want to know you closer. I hope that you will talk about you ok? So why do you need my last name? You first start talking about yourself, will I also talk about myself ok then?
I am glad that you tell about yourself, about your life, it helps me to have an idea about you, and I ask you not to forget to send your photos, and more details about you ok?
I like listening to POP music, I like classical music, I like many directions, it all depends on my mood, I mostly listen to the radio.
From films I like to watch a novel, a comedy, and some TV shows. From the films I like Titanik, where they show that there are real feelings, it does not depend on what kind of person you are in society! I love to watch films about love, relationships, perhaps this is happening, since I myself look for love and relationships, and I want to have my own family, next to a man with whom I will be fine.
My days are almost always monotonous and sometimes very similar, so I feel lonely. I started searching for a man on the Internet quite recently and you are the first person to whom I write letters. I'm tired of looking for a man in Russia, because everyone is cheating and cheating. Men in Russia do not respect women. There are men who are different from everyone, but this is only a rare exception. Unfortunately, at the moment I could not meet a man with whom I could build a relationship. Every woman is looking for a man on whom you can rely and with whom like a stone wall. When I read your letters, it seems to me that you are a person from another planet.
I like our communication with you. You have a different outlook on life and what is happening around. I want to know your opinion about our communication my friend ******. Do you like chatting with me? I wonder why you are lonely? How long have you been looking for women on the Internet? Tell me about your family? I will be waiting for your next letter. Do not forget, please answer my questions. Your messages bring me much joy and pleasure. Sending my photo, I hope you like it. Angelika.

Hello Friend  ******.
How is your day, what's new? Thank you for your letter, I like that I have a friend with whom I can correspond every day.
I did not find a man with whom I can live together and live together until the end, so I hope that you and I have a common future.
I tried to install skype on the computer, but the boss saw and swore at me, and said that he would see such a job again, there would be a fine, and then they could fire me. I promise that I will write you letters every day, and the other does not work.
I had a husband, I started to live with him, he was polite, caring, liked everything, but then he started drinking alcohol, and I found out that he started cheating on me when they were quarreling, he hit me in the face, after I was afraid to build relationships, and therefore I’m alone, but it’s impossible to live like this, every person should have the second half in life, so I hope that we can build relationships and have strong love in the future. With my ex it was not possible to build a family, love children, so now I want to start a new life, I hope that it works with you.
I want to talk about my family, I have a mom and dad, they live 80 km from me in the countryside, in the countryside, they have their own small farm, where they keep a cow, geese, chicken, sheep. I try to visit them every weekend, help them and just be near them. I am alone in my family, I have no brothers and no sister, so parents give me all the love and upbringing, I’ve always been cultured and honest, so please first of all we don’t cheat, and always write the truth for me very important.
How did your parents raise you? And are you proud of them?
I did not say that I met your parents, but I think that I will inform them about this soon, they will be glad, I think. They want me to be happy, and believe that there is a man with whom I can connect my future and become the happiest woman next to a man who has an honest, noble, kind heart.
I will be glad to also find out about you and your life and ask you not to forget to send your photos ok?
I will sincerely wait. A good day!
Your friend Angelika.

Hello my friend ******.
How are you doing today? What is the weather like?
I am very glad to see your letter, and every day I wait and am glad when I receive it, I am glad that a friend like you has appeared in my life! You are an interesting person, and I am ready to get to know you closer, I hope that everything will be fine with you.
Everything is going well for me, I found free time at work and I am writing my answer to you. I hope that my letters help you to make you happier, just give me an honest answer, ok?
Are you interested in chatting with me? Do you want to know more about me? If yes, then I am ready to tell you about myself, about my life, I want you to get closer, and this will be a step forward in our relationship.
Do you have a lot of friends? And you have true friends you can trust? Or not such people?
I have a friend, her name is Tatiana, I often meet with her, walk together, and send you a photo with her. Just yesterday we met with her and I said that I have a man like you ******. She was surprised, but she said it was very good, and maybe in the future I can meet with you, and it will be the real and honest love that I deserve. She asked me to convey warm congratulations to you, and wished you success and that everything would work out with you and me.
I understand that it’s too early to talk about feelings, love, because I know you little time, but during that time I changed my mind about friendship via the Internet, I didn’t understand that you can recognize a person through letters, through a photo, and I’m glad that in my life there is a friend like you, and I like you very much.
I have no more true friends, only friends and colleagues, so the closest people now are my parents and my friend Tatiana for me. And I understand that in this life you will disappear without close people. Therefore, I hope that everything will be fine, and I will have the second half of my heart in the future, without which I would be very lonely and boring life.
My dear ******, you’re running into me, and I want to have a strong relationship, strong love, and most importantly, to have a common future! I hope that we can achieve this, and the best will be waiting for you and me ahead!
Tomorrow I do not work, I will go to my parents tonight and be there. Tomorrow go to the cemetery, remember your loved ones who are no longer alive. Therefore, tomorrow will be a holiday. I hope everything will be OK! I'll be back to work on Monday, so please don't lose me ok?
I sincerely wish you a good day and will miss you and wait for your letter and photo.
Your dear Angelika.

Hello my dear ******.
How is your day today? What's new?
I am happy to receive your letter, thank you very much.
Everything is going well for me, my mood is wonderful and I am happy because I receive your letter, thank you very much.
Thank you for the information on how I can take a vacation, but first I want to know you better, I hope that you will talk about your life and also send a photo ok?
I want to tell you about myself that I like to skate, ski in the winter, in the summer I try to run, I like to play sports, I send photos today, I hope you will like them.
You can also tell what sport you like, and what can you do in your free time? I believe that we should talk more about ourselves, about our own life, in order to open the door to each other’s heart, and I will be glad to know about you, your lifestyle, your character, your traditions and culture. You will get me into trouble, and it will be interesting for me to learn more details about you, I hope that you will not be lazy and write big letters ok? I like them, and I'm glad I can answer you every day.
In my free time I like to read books, I like to read novels, I also like to sing in karaoke, I hope that in the future we can meet and sing some song together? You can sing, I will be pleased to try it with you.
I want to know you closer, I am ready to tell you about myself, about my own life, if you have any questions, you can ask, I will always try to answer, because it is important for me that you read my letters and answer honestly, and I will respond mutually ! You probably understand, if I try, I write you a letter from the heart, send my photo, but in return I get a small letter and where you ignored my questions and photos, then my mood drops, so please try to answer my letters because they help get you closer and maybe it helps to build true relationships and love.
My dear ******, just do not forget my questions, and tell more about yourself ok? You can also write, what kind of flowers do you like? When is your birthday? What is the sign of the zodiac, and write religion, what role does ok play in your life?
I sincerely wish you a good day, I will wait for your letter and new photos!
Your princess Angelika.

Hello my dear friend ******.
What is up today? What is your weather like? Everything is going well for me, and when I receive your letter my mood rises high, and I am happy that there is a man like you in my life! I hope that we have a common future, and where we will be together and we will build a happy family.
Thank you for your kind words and for telling so much about yourself. I think you have a good job and you are just a good person. Also, thanks for your photos, I'm glad to see you always. Yes, I think that in October we can meet, and all the more there is time to get to know each other closer, I hope that everything will be fine and we will have strong relations.
The weather is good, the mood is also high, because I am glad to read your letters, and get to know you better every day. I know you a little time, but I feel that we have a lot in common, and there are different characters that we lack. Because a man is never perfect, and when a man and a woman are together, they will be one. And I want to have a man next to me, with whom I can be like behind a stone wall, I can have strong support and protection, and most importantly, I will give my tenderness, affection, care and love. I hope that everything will be with us in the future, but I want to know you more, I hope that it turns out.
I like field flowers, every season is different, in spring I like yellow flowers, dandelions, snowdrops, in the summer I like rose, lily, in the autumn dahlias, jasmine. I love all the flowers, because they give us joy, happiness and smile. I love nature, and always try to take care, because it now needs our help, I hope that everything will be fine!
My birthday will be on August 28th, so my zodiac sign is Virgo.
I believe the sign of the zodiac, but I am sure that our future depends on us, and we will manage to become the happiest couple on the planet!
My religion is an Orthodox Christian, I go to church sometimes when there is an opportunity, because I believe in God. But I load my head there, it's in my heart, and that's enough for me. I am sure that you and I have a lot of interesting things that we can learn every day. I will be happy to get you closer and build true love. I want to trust you, I want to believe you, and I want to never have a lie, a deception between us, because they cause pain in our lives, believe relationships and destroy love. Therefore, I am in front of you as a white sheet, and I promise that I will never deceive you, and always speak the truth, and you promise?
Tell my dear friend ******, are you still looking for another woman on social networks? Or am I the only one? I want to be alone with you, because I do not communicate with anyone other than you, and I want to build my future, love and relationships with you. I chose you and hope you chose me.
Today I send a photo, I trust you, and I hope that you will like it.
Your princess Angelika.

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