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Lena <>
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:10:44 AM »
Name: Lena
Age: 30
City: Borovichi, Russia

Hey ******! Sorry for delay! I don't have a computer at home, I write from work.
I did not have access to the internet at work. Im grateful that you just wrote
me. Thanks for your pictures. You very good looking!! I'm hoping you may find
the time to message me more, so we will get to know each other far better.
Around a month back I registered in the internet dating program "New Hope". I
paid them 500 rubles and so they gave me your email. Rubles is our money. 500
rubles is around 10 US dollars. I didn't write to you for pretty much a thirty
day period. I doubted whether I was prepared to look for a spouse for a
partnership. However now I decided to write to u and discover more info
regarding u. I wanted to find more facts about you in this dating service,
however they have already been closed for pretty much two weeks. But I'm glad
that they gave me a proper e-mail of yours. They could've trick me and give me a
non-existent address. They failed to say on what web site they had your e mail.
I believe that this is not a problem. And also I don't mind 10 us dollars, due
to the fact it's a small price for a completely new friendship or something a
lot more. That dating site offered me Two more addresses besides your own. I
wrote to them the other day also. Unfortunately all they wanted was my bare
pics. So I did not answer back to all their emails and actually deleted their
addresses. I really hope that you'll be definitely not like these individuals
and we can easily start a good friendship. For me personally this really is the
very first practical experience of internet dating. I do not know exactly where
to start. My name Elena. But friends call me Lena. So call me Lena. I'm thirty
two yr old. My bday is on November 12, 1986. I live in Russia. I stay in city
called Borovichi. It is a quiet tiny town in the region called Novgorod oblast.
Just ask and I'll tell you about my city much more. Tell me regarding ur city
please. The long distance in our time doesn't really matter. You can get
anywhere in the world by airplane in several hrs. So i'm single and never
married. My very last partnership was over last year. I don't have any kids, but
I love them. I tend not to have a position that I need to have little ones in
the future anyways! I agree to give birth to 1 or 2 kids, if my future man
desires it. I will be a lovely mother. Yet we can as well live happily with each
other without any children, if he does not desire kids. My dad and mom live in
the exact same city in twenty mins of walk from me. I do not have brothers and
siblings. I will inform you regarding my friends and family later. I have a job
in a cosmetic store. Sorry if I will not answer instantly. It is due to the fact
that I don't have a computer system at home, I write to you from job. I'm saving
money for a computer and will purchase it in the month. Then I can write much
more frequently! Regarding male I'm searching for. My gentleman must be
easygoing, interesting, and comfy with him self, tolerable, intellectual, and
self-assured. A person who likes to have a good laugh and is fun!! Somebody to
be a best friend, partner, and especially, in between us must be mutual respect,
and mutual support. We will be compatible and feel extremely secure together. I
really don't know what more to talk about. Tell me more about yourself. Exactly
what are you doing for fun? What are you doing in your free time? Perhaps very
little about your work. I truly wish this is the starting point of a great a
friendly relationship and a lot more! All romantic relationships begin with a
friendly relationship. I hope that you are really serious with regards to the
start of this a friendly relationship. I do not wish to be an alternative
choice, and so forth. I really do not have time for games. Do not throw away my
and your time if you don't want to have a serious connection in the near
potential future. I send out you my photos. I really hope you'll enjoy them. I
will await your email. Have a fantastic time.
Your friend Lena.

Hello ******. Thanks for your pictures. You very good looking!! I'm happy to
receive your message! Each day we get to know each other better. Your letters
are some thing completely new for me. This really is a new knowledge! A couple
of days past my days were boring and gray. Now my days became lighter when I
received your mail! It truly is just like a light at the end of a tunnel. ******,
thank you for this! I would like to talk about your friends and family. Just how
many family members you have? How frequently see each other? What exactly are
your relationships with them, if it's not a secret? Don't answer things if you
do not really want my darling. I'll understand. I am the only child in my
family. Im a adored baby for my mother and father. My mother and father
attempted to have a baby me for a while, however they failed to succeed for many
yrs. Parents had been both absolutely healthy, but mother could conceive me
after a several years of unsuccessful tries. My mom's first name is Sveta. I was
created when she was 36 years old. Now she is 68 years old. My father's first
name is Alex. He's 75 years old. They're both on pension now. In my childhood I
often went doing some fishing with my dad. I believe that my dad wanted to get a
son and that's why I was do some fishing. lol. However I liked it. I had a happy
years as a child and I am grateful for this. They live close to my flat. Only
something like 20 mins walking. Additionally I have many relatives. All of us
see one another one time a yr or two years. Some uncles and aunts are living in
abroad. My uncle works in different countries. I do not know the facts, however
I know the fact that he previously worked in canada and usa as well as in
various european places, also in Australia. Together with my mother and father I
visit park at times. I also like to ice skating and skiing with good friends. I
decided to use the internet for online dating, simply because my friend found
her man on internet Two years ago. Currently she's pregnant and also they live
in Australia. I believe the internet is definitely an best option to obtain a
mate for a truly serious connection. I am not attracted in finding a guy in
Russia. You will find lots of alcoholics and guys who don't respect ladies.
Additionally it is mainly because of my awful experience with my ex-boyfriend.
I'll talk about him in the next email. Right now I need to end the letter. I
look forward to an email from you. Have a excellent daytime.

Your Lena.

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