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Elvina <>
« on: July 04, 2019, 10:06:39 AM »
Name: Elvina
Age: 42
City: Irkutsk, Russia

Good afternoon or evening ******.
I do not know what the time difference between our cities.
What city do you live in? I will look on the Internet!
My name is Elvina. I live in Russia, in the city of Irkutsk! My height is 168 centimeters.
I work in an environmental center! if you look at the map of my city, then you will see proximity to Lake Baikal!
This is the largest lake in the world, and of course there is the most beautiful nature here! a lot of criminals who steal forests, so we cooperate with the police.
I am 42 years old, I was married for 10 years, but we could not have children, therefore a divorce. The problem is not in me, do not worry.
I am looking for a good man who will respect and love me and most importantly, I am ready to leave Russia and ready to move towards my man.
I will not write a big and banal letter, if I am interested in you, then I am waiting for an answer and photos.

Good morning ******!
I want to tell you to send me photos in every letter! I want to get to know you better. I live alone, I have no children.
I lived with a man for many years, but we didn’t manage a family, so I decided to find a man older than myself and leave Russia.
I turned to an international agency to find a man. They gave me a few emails and I decided to try it, why not? I am ready to start a new happy life.
I want to warn you right away that I do not have intimate photos. I am a supporter of adequate communication.
I want a raised man. I do not want a rich man. It is important for me that a man be kind and have prosperity so that there are no problems in life.
I am no longer a little girl and I want stability.
I am also ready to work in another country and help my man!
I send you my photos and wish you a nice day.

Good morning ******, I'm glad to receive your letter! Have you been looking for a woman on the Internet for a long time? I already tried to communicate on the Internet, but nothing good. Many men simply ask for intimate photos or try to talk about sex. I do not understand why they need a woman from Russia.
My parents live not far from Irkutsk. They are already old, mother 70, father 72, they are retired. I try to visit my parents every weekend.
I  ask  you  to  tell  more about yourself. I think I will give you my whatsapp number when we get to know each other better.
I can speak English well, I would also like to learn other languages ​​once.
I send you photos from winter time.

Good evening ******!
I'm glad to receive your letter. I'm sorry I can't write you big letters.
I have very little time, because I spend a lot of time at my work, so I don’t have a hobby or hobbies right now.
I am tired of living this way and therefore I want to change jobs and life.
I am looking for a man with a strong character. I do not like when a man complains about the problems of life.
I work as an environmentalist and we protect nature. Often we go to the conservation area to check the fire condition.
In the spring we plant new trees. My work is often in nature, so I can write a letter only once a day.
I have no social networks! do you often chat online? Write me more about yourself, send photos!
I will finish the letter, because I have to go now.
Have a nice evening!

Good morning ******!
How are you ? Today I received a letter from an unfamiliar man and he wrote to me that I did not exist and he even wrote another name, not mine.
I am surprised that many people do not understand with whom they communicate.
And is it really so difficult to distinguish a real woman from a false bride ?? Men write to young girls 25-30-35 years old and hope for a relationship!
I think it is very stupid. Why does a young girl need an old man ???
I think that it is necessary to think adequately and really and then there will be no deceptions.
I would not want to continue this topic, but I still need to show respect and patience.
I am no longer a girl and I want a serious relationship.
My parents no longer decide anything, so I myself choose my man.
Ahead the weekend and I'm going to go to my parents.
They always have a lot of housework and garden work!
what are your plans ?
waiting for a letter

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